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Shimmer Me Box: January 2018 – Winter Wonderland



New stuffs on the blog today!  First time reviewing the monthly Shimmer Me Box, and I swear I feel like a fancy lady.  I’m always grateful for new opportunities, and normally I’m pretty cool about it.  You know, calm and rational and able to be out in public.  But then you go tossing a bunch of SHIMMER in the mix and I can’t even pretend anything normal is happening right about now.  I’m a noodle leg-y mess and we haven’t even started yet.  If we make it to the end of this blog, it’ll be damn near miracle.  I’m sure the Shimmer Me peeps are sooooo glad they’ve asked me to blog for them today cuz my professionalism clearly is at an all-time high.


Colors by Llarowe: Winter 2017 Collection 


Now that our one and only trick-or-treater has come and gone, I suppose I’ll just sit here staring at a crap ton of candy that I CAN’T FREAKING EAT.  Ugh.  Let’s just say, the sheer amount of willpower happening over here is downright superhuman.  In fact, I’m not sure I’m even ME at the moment.  A facsimile of me, maybe.  Cuz at any other (normal) time, I’d have empty Kit Kat wrappers strewn allll across the table by now.  UNASHAMEDLY.  Quick!  Are we in the right blog?  Cuz seriously, I don’t even know.

I shall distract myself with polish.  I mean, it’s either that or a bowl full of Whoppers, and prettttty sure that’s not how skinny works.  Miss Leah Ann from Colors by Llarowe sent me a whooooole lotta pretty to share with you today!  If you like rich, vibrant color and general yummy deliciousness, you better have yourself a seat and your smelling salts handy: it’s about to get serious.


Gah! Who’s acting completely normal now? NOT THIS LADY.

This is the Winter 2017 Collection, a set of 6 gorgeous shades full of holo and flakies and noodle legs GALORE!  Plus, as an added effortless bonus, there are THREE one coaters in here.  And, well … you had me at effortless.  Cuz who’s got time to spend eons lounging around painting nails all day?  I mean, I DO, but other than that, practically no one.  Oh, you and your fancy life. (Or me and my sad one. Booooo.)

Quick rundown of colors, then I’ll meet you at the bottom. Weeeee!


DESCRIPTION:  A medium plum glowing prismatic holographic with strong orchid flame

OPACITY:  One dreamy coat

OMG, do you hear angels?  I hear angels.  This is quite possibly the prettiest purple that ever lived.  EVER.  If it somehow accidentally ends up on all the surfaces, no one is surprised.  


DESCRIPTION:  A deep blackened copper multichrome with deep green/copper/black shift and intense green shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats

AACK!  We got a green one.  I know it’s not primarily green, what with the added shifts and the sparkle bits, but I’d say we’re close enough.  We swoon anyway!

Also, “sparkle bits” is a technical term.  I’m sooooo good at blogging, you guys!


DESCRIPTION:  A sheer violet jelly topper with copper/red to green flakies

OPACITY:  Three coats

This one is a layering polish, intended to go on top of a colored base to add some extra fancy.  I did not read my press release before using it (responsibilities!) so here is three coats over naked nails.  Mostly opaque and just as lovely.  With edible flakies.  Prolly.  I dunno.


DESCRIPTION:  A deep navy multichrome that shifts from royal blue to bright green with prismatic holographic flakies

OPACITY:  Another spectacular one coater

Well if that first green one didn’t do you in, here … lemme fix it.  This thing is FREAKING GLORIOUS!  More shift, more sparkle bits, and at least 27 levels of drool-y type scenarios.  Who’s still ladylike?  CERTAINLY NOT ME.


DESCRIPTION:  A deep blurple glowing prismatic holographic with lavender flame

OPACITY:  Gettin’ braggy with her one coat

This one is similar to the first one, a sister polish if you will.  Same glowy goodness, same probability of an accidental surface painting incident.  Someone needs supervised!  (Probably me.)


DESCRIPTION:  A deep plum grape with prismatic holographic flakies

OPACITY:  Two luscious coats

Well if we’re gonna end this blog, might as well go out all swoon-y and proper.  Quick! Lick the screen while no one’s looking. Now act natural.

Good job. Seriously, if you came here for the rational behavior, you’ve picked a horrible day. 


We’re all gonna need wheelie carts to get out of this blog at this point.  Legs aren’t working and neither is brain.  Where is Leonardo when you need him?  (Seriously, WHERE IS HE?!)

Colors by Llarowe never disappoints and Leah Ann certainly delivered for us once again.  Ready to buy some stuff?  Well then, lesss go … Your shopping deets:

Full set of 6 polishes will retail for $63

Individual bottles retail for $11 each

The shop opens tomorrow, November 1 at 12pm MST and will stay open until November 8 at 12pm MST.  After that date, the shop closes until the first week of December and you’ve just prolonged your happiness for no dadgum good reason.

Where to buy:  http://www.llarowe.com

More click-y things!  Connect with Colors by Llarowe:



Fan Group

That’s it!  I’m off to not eat candy (again) and be about a billion pounds shy of SUPER MODEL. Resuming Polish Pickup duties tomorrow so be sure to check back!

Later, loves!


Colors by Llarowe: Multichrome Madness Custom Quad


Current status: vacuuming the polish peelies out of my car door handle hole before I go get an oil change cuz I reallllllly don’t feel like getting caught being a weirdo today.  Seriously, can I ever be normal, like even just for a little bit?  I mean, at least put them in a baggie instead of out in public for all the judgy eyes to see.  Cuz even though when I look at my tiny peelie collection and my heart swells a little like I just witnessed my children being superstars (which obviously, KINDA DID; duh), I’m well aware most people wouldn’t understand.  Although as a child I had a friend whose father hung all his trucker caps along the ceiling on little hooks in just about every room in his house, so BASICALLY who is the weird collector now, then?

Still me.  Oh well.

Who’s in the mood for a Polish Emergency today?  Cuz multichromes are happening, but only for about seven more days CUZ I AM THE BEST BLOGGER THAT EVER LIVED.   In my defense, though, I’m pretty sure Polish Con lasted approximately 18 years, and surprisingly blogs don’t write themselves.  Ugh.  Let’s get to the polish then, before the things are no longer the things.  Take a look at these beauties:


Yes to all of it, just so you know.

FOCUS, y’all! Miss Leah Ann from Colors by Llarowe is in the spotlight for September, and she has created a most awesome custom quad exclusively for the members of the Multichrome Madness group on Facebook. Time to check your jaw at the door, cuz picking it off the floor about 18,000 times is just too much effort on the weekend.

Here’s your colors:


DESCRIPTION: A blackened vampy purple based multichrome which shifts from deep purple to blue to magneta with blue to green shimmer

My swatch shows two coats plus top coat. Not pictured is the drooling maniac it belongs to. 


DESCRIPTION: A bright aqua blue based multichrome which shifts from blue to green to lavender with shifting flakies, scattered holographic and prismatic holo flake

Another perfect two coater, but I could’ve gone hardcore Polish Mountain with this one. Do you see all that flakie business? DO YOU SEE?!  I swear, I’m trying to stay a lady but there’s a sweat bead mustache ruining damn near everything.

Quad favorite, by the way. Might as well be a little flakie Leonardo considering how much I love it. 


DESCRIPTION: A magenta purple based multichrome which shifts from magenta to purple to red with hot pink to red to gold shimmer

My swatch shows a luscious two coats and four fingers of Jolly Rancher goodness. Cuz I swear I’d lick this one if the judgy eyes weren’t so lurk-y. SOCIETY. Boooooo. 


DESCRIPTION : A royal blue based multichrome which shifts from blue to green to purple with bright blue shimmer, scattered holographic and prismatic holo flake

An ocean of lovely. I want to swim in a big tub full of this one. COMPLETELY NORMAL BEHAVIOR, in case you’re curious. It’s so dang dreamy!  Plus flakies, which make everything better. Skinnier and prettier too, prolly, and lord knows I need a skosh of that. GIMME.

Oh, and two coats once again. Basically effortless. 


To order, you gotta be a member of the Multichrome Madness group on Facebook. Click here to join, then head over to the CbL store by clicking here. This quad is only available until September 30, so if you can’t go now – although WHY NOT?! is the actual question – be sure to set some alarms so you don’t miss out. Cuz who wants to wake up October 1st so very sad and quad-less? CERTAINLY NOT YOU.

Single bottles retail for $11 each, which is a pretty good deal considering how much we’d pay for magical happiness in a bottle.  Plus, it’s the Multichrome Madness group’s one-year anniversary, and what better way to say THANK YOU than buying a crap top of multichrome?  Approximately no better way, so go get your pretties, then.  Cuz you’re a smart, decisioning kinda lady that’s why.

And now, more linkies for clicking.  Connect with Colors by Llarowe:



Fan Group

Short and sweet tonight, although it still took eons to write. Ugh. One day I’ll get really good at this, I swear it.

Later, loves!


#TeamAddieMae Benefit Box


GUYS. Remember that time when we bought some polish and donated to a good cause all with the click of one tiny button? As in, best display of zero effort EVER?! Well, let’s do that again.  I have a BIG TIME clicking opportunity to show you today.

Kiley, the maker behind 2-Bit Polish, needs our help! Her 7-year-old daughter, Addie, was recently diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor.  Naturally, a small portion of the indie nail community – inarguably the most kindhearted bunch of magicians you’ll ever know – has rallied together and come up with an awesome collaboration box in an effort to raise money for Kiley, Addie and their family.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of any better reason to spend some money today. A legit no joke justification-type scenario just landed in your lap, y’all!  Take a look at what you’re getting:


Adeline Mae was born a beautiful and healthy little girl. Now fast forward 7 years. Addie came home from school shopping with her family on July 31, 2017 with a headache. Her parents, Michael and Kiley, did what all parents would do and felt her forehead – and that’s when they noticed the muscle tension in her face. After visiting the emergency room, they were immediately flown to Vanderbilt Hospital in Tennessee. Tests were done and they were given the worst possible news: Adeline Mae Underhill has Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) – terminal brain cancer.

Addie was given 6-9 months. Right now, she is going through radiation treatment in hopes of shrinking the tumor and giving her a little longer to live. Radiation is their only hope! DIPG is inoperable and does not have a cure. 

This benefit box is to help raise money for the Underhill family so they can spend every second with their baby girl and not have to worry about how the bills are going to get paid. If a clinical trial became available, this donation could potentially help pay their way in.

— Courtney, Co-creator of the #TeamAddieMae Benefit Box

There are 10 indie makers who have joined this box to bring us nail polish (yay!) and loads of other fun goodies (more yay!) so get your shopping hand ready. And drool buckets, for SAFETY.

Polishes first:


DESCRIPTION:  A deep, rich blue with pink hue and shimmer

OMG. Have you ever?! (No you have not.)  What a gorgeous, glowy, dreamy blue!  One swipe of this and no more ladylike composure for you. Tongues are lolling, everywhere

I did two coats, although one was almost enough. Ultra smooth application.  Hands-down perfection.  


DESCRIPTION:  A bright purple with iridescent shimmer, silver holographic shreds and purple/blue shifting microflakies

All you purple lovers, FOCUS!  This one’s got your name written allllll over it!  And Lindsay made it, so of course we want 27 bottles.

Formula was pretty sheer so I did three coats here. Easy application, and shimmer for dayyyyys. 


DESCRIPTION:  A blackened purple with silver, gold and copper galaxy glitter, rainbow micro shreds, purple shimmer and a rainbow of crystal flakies

I won’t lie: I kinda wanna eat this one.  Except SOCIETY says no. Ugh. But what if – WHAT IF?! – it’s the juiciest most delicious blackberry thing ever invented and we’ve just been sitting over here being normal and whatnot?  I mean, what is the point in life if we can’t lick some nail polish every now and then?  I ask you, WHAT IS THE POINT?! 

Two coats here, but could’ve done infinity. 


DESCRIPTION:  A turquoise blue crelly with unicorn pee pigment, pink/gold shimmer, chameleon flakies and sprinkle of holo

Look at this beauty! I am so drawn to this cheerful blue shade; it makes me so happy just to look at it. Then Leah Ann goes and throws some shimmer in it, and OMG, it’s noodle legs to like the trillionth degree. And look at those little flakies peeking through .. gah!  We lub it lots, oh yes we do. 

Three coats here, although two might be okay for some.  


DESCRIPTION:  A bright pink jelly with pink glitter and silver and purple holo glitters

Young women will dance and be glad … I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow. 

— Jeremiah 31:13, Holy Bible, New International Version (NIV)

What a glorious way to end this polish parade. Seriously y’all. If you’re still on the fence at this point, well basically the fence is no place for a lady.   Soooo .. 

I love this polish. It’s simple and pretty, elegant with a skosh of flashy.  The jelly formula is sheer so it took three coats for me, but it applied smooth and gloop-free. Can’t ask for much more than that! Well, unless it comes with a side of Leonardo, that is. 

Are we done?  NO. Here’s a quick rundown of the box extras:


Welp, you want every last bit of that.  For real, this box is soooo good! And the smells that come out of it when you open the package? Super swoon-y!


DESCRIPTION: Beautiful pieces of pink and white bath bubblers made with butters and oils for softening your skin and relaxing


DESCRIPTION:  Unicorn nail decals and a #TeamAddieMae vinyl sticker to display on your Helmer, car window, school locker – anywhere!


DESCRIPTION:  A moisturizing lip gloss with very light shimmer, made with coconut oil, aloe oil and vitamin E to replenish your lips ** contains nut oils **


DESCRIPTION: A cuticle oil rollerball that smells of freshly baked, rich vanilla cake made with pure cane sugar decorated with creamy white frosting


DESCRIPTION:  Heart-shaped bath soap made in an assortment of colors and scents


DESCRIPTION:  A beautifully decorated wax melt with sparkle and detail almost too pretty too melt


This box is available now through September 25 and retails for $50. The majority of proceeds will go to help Addie and her family, which makes getting this box all the more worth it. 

Where to buy:  http://monthlyawarenesspolishbox.bigcartel.com/

More important clicking to do:

Facebook Group

GoFundMe Page

More info about DIPG can be found at http://www.defeatdipg.org.

Later, loves!


Colors by Llarowe: Late Summer 2017 Collection 


Calorie counts on menus ruin everything. Since when was gravy on things not a very good diet decision?  Hubby ate only half his chicken fried steak while trying to conserve calories, and a part of me died a little. Then I ate what he didn’t cuz I have a gravy problem. Ugh.

Aside from all that, though, we were eating at IHOP after work on a Friday cuz if there’s two people you definitely want to party with, it’d be us.  In my defense though, I actually made effort and went INTO a restaurant instead of just going through a drive-thru like usual.  That’s worth a lifetime of bonus points, surely?  Cuz most of the time my eating-out scenarios involve whichever restaurant can hand me food in a sack from out of a window.  If I have to go in and walk with my legs and be all proper in public, chances are I’ll just starve instead.  Martyr much?  Bahahahahaha.

YES.  Times a billion.

Super fan girl alert!  Leah Ann (and her cohort, Bea) with Colors by Llarowe contacted me asking if I was interested in swatching a few polishes for them.  Seriously, what kind of trick question is this?  OF COURSE I WOULD.  Then I peed a little.  Not even ashamed.  And look what they sent me:


Gah!  Who’s acting completely normal now?  NOT THIS LADY.

This is the Late Summer 2017 Collection, a 6-piece set of dreamy, drool-y, noodle leg-y polishes that’ll have you an unattractive blubbering mess in no time.  Cuz there’s only so much sexy to go around while your tongue is lolling about outside your body.  But we’ve been through this before.

If you’ve never had a CbL polish, this is a very good starting point.  The colors are so rich, the formulas are perfection.  I reattached my jaw at least 18,000 times while swatching these.  They’re sooooo good!  You’re gonna need to spend some money today; at this point, there is no choice.


DESCRIPTION:  A light lilac base with scattered and linear holo, holo prism flake, iridescent shifting glitters and aqua shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats

Yep, I started with this one and then passed the hell out almost immediately.  Ooopsie.  But look at it.  It’s ridiculous.  The flakies got me, guys!  They got me good.


DESCRIPTION:  A reddened hot pink base with pink and red shimmer and ultra micro iridescent glitter

OPACITY:  Two medium coats (or three, if you go thin)

So bright and fun!  I had such a hard time trying to capture the shimmer, though.  There’s about 5,247 deleted photos of this one in my phone as proof.  In person, it’s much more evident.  And it’s such a striking contrast.  I lub it lots!


DESCRIPTION:  A bright medium deep turquoise glowing holographic with green, purple and blue flame

OPACITY:  One coat, practically; I did two for safety

Here’s where the smelling salts come in handy.  One freaking coat!  Doh!  For all the people who have better things to do in life instead of paint nails for 17 hours like a crazy person, this polish is your jam.  27 bottles, and in the cart she goes!


DESCRIPTION:  A charcoal grey glowing holographic with pink, plum and blue shift

OPACITY:  Basically one coat, but I did two again cuz CANT. STOP. POLISHING.

CbL NAILED the color on this one.  Looks exactly like street lights reflecting on wet pavement.  Leah Ann, you get a horn toot!


DESCRIPTION:  An army green glowing holographic with blue, purple and pink shift

OPACITY:  Again with the one coat; again I did two

Do I even need to say it?  There’s a GREEEEEEN one in here, and now my brain’s stop holding my mouth closed.  What is breathing?  What are words?  How the rest of this blog is getting written, we’ll never know.


DESCRIPTION:  A bright light blue crelly with intense pink to gold to red shimmer and a scattering of holo

OPACITY:  Two coats

The last one, and we’re going out on a big ole exclamation point.  This shimmer is CRAZY, and it looks so beautiful against the lovely blue.  Wallets are officially flying out of purses, just so you know.


This collection will be available for a 24 hour pre-order beginning August 1st at 12pm MDT, which means if there was ever a time to freak the FRACK out, now would be it.  Seriously, set approximately 17 alarms cuz waking up from your August 2nd lunchtime nap, sad and CbL-less, is a situation no one wants to be in.  Get on it, boo boos!  I MEAN IT.

Price for each bottle is $11 except for the hot pink one – she’s $9.  All utterly and completely worth it.  So click here and be happy.  And then send gift cards of gratitude, cuz who is the best dadgum enabler of all the enablers who’ve ever enabled?  I’m not even answering cuz you already know.

More clicking opportunities!  Connect with Colors by Llarowe:



Fan Group

And in case you’re curious, only 7,397 more blogs to go!  YOU. CAN’T. WAIT.

Later, loves!