Welcome to Snacks on Rotation ~ thanks for stopping by!  Grab some munchies, have a seat and READ ME.  I’ve got beauty products to love, hate or just tolerate mediocrely (shhhh, it’s a word; I looked it up), so relax and enjoy.

And then go out and buy some stuff.  As us junkies tend to do.

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  1. Hi…it’s Missi & I’m so damn stupid I didn’t realize that you had a blog I’m always on your page but did I bother even looking up and there it was…the link!! But it has nothing to do with snacks I’m shocked I love snacks, haha!! I loved your intro and I signed up for your mailing list so I’ll get tons of emails from you !!! I’m looking forward to reading all about your trials & tribulations into makeup AND LET’S NEVER FORGET nail polish ANDDD tons of laughs <– the best part, cuz I do appreciate a good laugh !! 😍😍😍


      • I loves nonsense…it’s my most favorite subject 😂😂😂 I just love your sense of humor…which I sooo need in my life. So happy I decided to look ⬆⬆ Thank you my friend ☺☺


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