Colors by Llarowe: Late Summer 2017 Collection 


Calorie counts on menus ruin everything. Since when was gravy on things not a very good diet decision?  Hubby ate only half his chicken fried steak while trying to conserve calories, and a part of me died a little. Then I ate what he didn’t cuz I have a gravy problem. Ugh.

Aside from all that, though, we were eating at IHOP after work on a Friday cuz if there’s two people you definitely want to party with, it’d be us.  In my defense though, I actually made effort and went INTO a restaurant instead of just going through a drive-thru like usual.  That’s worth a lifetime of bonus points, surely?  Cuz most of the time my eating-out scenarios involve whichever restaurant can hand me food in a sack from out of a window.  If I have to go in and walk with my legs and be all proper in public, chances are I’ll just starve instead.  Martyr much?  Bahahahahaha.

YES.  Times a billion.

Super fan girl alert!  Leah Ann (and her cohort, Bea) with Colors by Llarowe contacted me asking if I was interested in swatching a few polishes for them.  Seriously, what kind of trick question is this?  OF COURSE I WOULD.  Then I peed a little.  Not even ashamed.  And look what they sent me:


Gah!  Who’s acting completely normal now?  NOT THIS LADY.

This is the Late Summer 2017 Collection, a 6-piece set of dreamy, drool-y, noodle leg-y polishes that’ll have you an unattractive blubbering mess in no time.  Cuz there’s only so much sexy to go around while your tongue is lolling about outside your body.  But we’ve been through this before.

If you’ve never had a CbL polish, this is a very good starting point.  The colors are so rich, the formulas are perfection.  I reattached my jaw at least 18,000 times while swatching these.  They’re sooooo good!  You’re gonna need to spend some money today; at this point, there is no choice.


DESCRIPTION:  A light lilac base with scattered and linear holo, holo prism flake, iridescent shifting glitters and aqua shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats

Yep, I started with this one and then passed the hell out almost immediately.  Ooopsie.  But look at it.  It’s ridiculous.  The flakies got me, guys!  They got me good.


DESCRIPTION:  A reddened hot pink base with pink and red shimmer and ultra micro iridescent glitter

OPACITY:  Two medium coats (or three, if you go thin)

So bright and fun!  I had such a hard time trying to capture the shimmer, though.  There’s about 5,247 deleted photos of this one in my phone as proof.  In person, it’s much more evident.  And it’s such a striking contrast.  I lub it lots!


DESCRIPTION:  A bright medium deep turquoise glowing holographic with green, purple and blue flame

OPACITY:  One coat, practically; I did two for safety

Here’s where the smelling salts come in handy.  One freaking coat!  Doh!  For all the people who have better things to do in life instead of paint nails for 17 hours like a crazy person, this polish is your jam.  27 bottles, and in the cart she goes!


DESCRIPTION:  A charcoal grey glowing holographic with pink, plum and blue shift

OPACITY:  Basically one coat, but I did two again cuz CANT. STOP. POLISHING.

CbL NAILED the color on this one.  Looks exactly like street lights reflecting on wet pavement.  Leah Ann, you get a horn toot!


DESCRIPTION:  An army green glowing holographic with blue, purple and pink shift

OPACITY:  Again with the one coat; again I did two

Do I even need to say it?  There’s a GREEEEEEN one in here, and now my brain’s stop holding my mouth closed.  What is breathing?  What are words?  How the rest of this blog is getting written, we’ll never know.


DESCRIPTION:  A bright light blue crelly with intense pink to gold to red shimmer and a scattering of holo

OPACITY:  Two coats

The last one, and we’re going out on a big ole exclamation point.  This shimmer is CRAZY, and it looks so beautiful against the lovely blue.  Wallets are officially flying out of purses, just so you know.


This collection will be available for a 24 hour pre-order beginning August 1st at 12pm MDT, which means if there was ever a time to freak the FRACK out, now would be it.  Seriously, set approximately 17 alarms cuz waking up from your August 2nd lunchtime nap, sad and CbL-less, is a situation no one wants to be in.  Get on it, boo boos!  I MEAN IT.

Price for each bottle is $11 except for the hot pink one – she’s $9.  All utterly and completely worth it.  So click here and be happy.  And then send gift cards of gratitude, cuz who is the best dadgum enabler of all the enablers who’ve ever enabled?  I’m not even answering cuz you already know.

More clicking opportunities!  Connect with Colors by Llarowe:



Fan Group

And in case you’re curious, only 7,397 more blogs to go!  YOU. CAN’T. WAIT.

Later, loves!


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  1. You’re definitely my new favorite blogger. Even if you didn’t swatch like a boss (Which you definitely do), your posts have so much personality in them. You seem like a really funny, awesome person. 🙂

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