Why read this blog?  Because I’m in it.  My name is Dianna and I’m pretty dang interesting.

Just kidding.  Unless you too get a perverse kind of thrill from marathon couch-lounging, you may wonder what is the point of my life.  Well it’s to wear all the makeup and hoard all the nail polish, of course.  But first … some history:

Never took my makeup off for at least 27 years.  I mean, I was the epitome of low-maintenance.  I’d wear mascara for days until it eventually just crumbled off my eyelashes.  My makeup bag was practically dented in and hollow.  It was a sad state of affairs, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Then suddenly, a light went off when I was almost 40 years old.  If there was ever a time to justify spending all my allowance on skincare and makeup, it was now.  So I joined a couple of beauty product subscription services, and that solved that.

Fast forward to just a few months later, and I had an arsenal of products I never dreamed I’d own, plus a little bit of knowledge thanks to YouTube makeup gurus.  In addition, I’d learned I didn’t have dry skin like I thought before, I had dirty skin ~ and that’s a big difference.  Now, I dare you to rub your hands on my cheeks and not be impressed.  At least, I always am.

Then the nail polish reared it’s pretty head.  For the longest time I had a blasĂ© relationship with nail polish.  I could take it or leave it, and when I did take it, I didn’t care about it that much.  I mean, I’d leave polish remnants on my nails for weeks cuz I just couldn’t be bothered.  Then one day, out of the clear blue, I discovered I could be bothered.  I got a tiny clean-up brush, a little bottle of acetone, and 800 new bottles of nail polish.  I could polish for the rest of my life and never run out.

And from there, a new obsession was born.  This blog is evidence of that obsession, and serves as proof of my insanity in case I spend all my husband’s paycheck on nail polish. Ooops.  Not my fault. Clearly I have a medical condition. 

So enjoy my friends. Hopefully you appreciate my photos, maybe even buy some stuff that you, too, can love. But most of all, I’d love it if you laugh. There’s gotta be a true purpose to this lazy, silly, crazy life of mine. Making others smile might be it.