Road to Polish Con Week 11: Noodles Nail Polish + Contrary Polish



I’ve lost the charger to my keyboard case on my iPad, so guess who’s writing this blog by poking the screen one finger at a time like a dadgum crazy person? Ugh. Booooo. Needless to say, this one will be short and sweet, cuz effort on a Saturday? LAME.

Welcome to Road to Polish Con Week 11 y’all! This week we get two sparkly beauties to love and hoard like super hardcore. I kinda feel like stopping the blog right now cuz y’all know you’re buying whatever it is whether you like it or not. However, because PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER EXTRAORDINARE, here’s a crap ton of pictures for your swooning pleasure.

OMG, this blog is amazing. Here we go!

Before I get started – alas, extra iPad screen poking, i.e., going the extra mile, i.e., bonus points better BY-GOD be coming – I feel I should mention Week 10 of the RTPC series is still available. But only until 11:59pm tonight, which is quite possibly the most POLISH EMERGENCY that ever Polish Emergency’ed. So if you need to have yourself a mozy real quick, click here.

Okay, now FOCUS. We’ve got a lovely new Noodle and for the first time on the blog, a gorgeous shade from Contrary Polish. Did you just squeeeeeee out loud in public like a proper loon? Cuz I sure did.

Shall we? We shall! Get your scroll on, boo boos …


DESCRIPTION: A magenta pink jelly with holographic flakies, holographic sparkle, rainbow iridescent glitter, purple metallic flakies and purple/gold shimmer

OPACITY: Two coats plus glossy top coat

I won’t lie. I kinda wanna lick this one. Might taste like crushed up raspberries, albeit slightly more poison-y, but sadly we’ll never freaking know. Cuz the judgy eyes are everywhere, guys. Society is ZERO fun sometimes.

Sooooo .. let’s drool instead. Privately, but still. More pics below!



DESCRIPTION:  A dark royal base filled with sparkly reddish brown/gold/green/blue multichrome shimmer and holo micro flakies

OPACITY: Two coats plus glossy top coat

For real, for a blog debut, I’d say Carrie done it up real good this time. It’s dark, it’s shifty, it’s an unattractive tongue-lolling-type scenario just waiting to happen. Seriously, can we ever be sexy, even just for a little bit? NO. WE CANNOT. Hope I’m still married after this, that’s all I’m saying.

But this nonsense below doesn’t help AT ALL. Excuse me while I sit here and cry over nail polish.


Who’s ready to spend a billion dollars? Cuz here’s your var var important ordering deets:

Price: $11

Shipping:  $3.50 for domestic or $11 international

Coupon:  Use code LOOKDIANNA to receive a free goodie with your order cuz we love free things, oh yes we do!

Availability:  Sunday, May 27 at 8am EST thru Saturday, June 2 at 11:59pm EST only (as in, 7 short days to get your life together)

Where to buy:

If you plan to purchase several polishes from the Road to Polish Con series, you have the option to have all your orders held until the end of Week 12 so you won’t have to pay shipping every week.  Use code LOOKDIANNAHOLD to get your freebies plus remove shipping charges from each order, then at the conclusion of RTPC, you will receive an invoice of one bulk shipping charge.  Your entire order will be sent once the invoice is paid.  If you don’t care for freebies, code FREESHIPMENT will also remove shipping charges, but who’s doing that one?  Only the crazy people.

And now, the linky loos!  Connect with Polish Con:


Facebook Group – where sneak peeks, info and Crazy Nail Ladies reside


Back with more Polish Con goodness in Week 12 where you’ll be first in line waiting with a wallet full of money. That’s called MANNERS, in case you didn’t know.

Later, loves!

▶️▶️ POLISH CON | June 16, 2018 | Crowne Plaza Hotel | White Plains, NY ◀️◀️

Tickets available now! For all the info, click here. Seriously. DO IT.

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  1. Well I hadn’t planned on purchasing week 12 but now I want both! Your blogs always crack me up and your photos are outstanding! Basically I wanna be you when I grow up! 😉


    • Awwww haha, what a lovely compliment thank you 😊 I’m not that great at being a grown up cuz I’d still totally have Mom make me a brown sack lunch for me everyday of my life LOL


    • Carbs = LOVE girl! Hubby and I are building a house plus I got a new extremely demanding job and I’m struggling to keep up with all my hobbies. Ugh. ADULTING. But I’m still at it, slowly but surely.


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