Shimmer Me Box: January 2018 – Winter Wonderland



New stuffs on the blog today!  First time reviewing the monthly Shimmer Me Box, and I swear I feel like a fancy lady.  I’m always grateful for new opportunities, and normally I’m pretty cool about it.  You know, calm and rational and able to be out in public.  But then you go tossing a bunch of SHIMMER in the mix and I can’t even pretend anything normal is happening right about now.  I’m a noodle leg-y mess and we haven’t even started yet.  If we make it to the end of this blog, it’ll be damn near miracle.  I’m sure the Shimmer Me peeps are sooooo glad they’ve asked me to blog for them today cuz my professionalism clearly is at an all-time high.

That was a mess of a paragraph, trust me, I KNOW.  But I’m just so dang excited to share all this shimmery goodness.  So let’s begin, shall we?  WE SHALL!  It’s about to get suuuuuper pass-out-y in here, just so you know.

See?  DEAD.  Hope you’ve got your smelling salts handy, cuz we’re in the midst of a dire situation.

Each Shimmer Me Box is themed so the theme for January is Winter Wonderland.  Y’all know I struggle in winter – the coldness and dreariness and non-sunshiny-ness – but despite my unsurprising lack of love for all things under 70-degrees, I am totally down for a box of blue and purple nail polish.  Especially these.  Seriously, y’all, you might as well check your jaw at the door lest you be picking it up off the floor about 27 times and exercising completely by accident, a thing we take not too kindly to around here.  Cuz I don’t sweat like a lady, that’s why.

Along with our regular box participants (Native War Paints, Tux Polish and Colors by Llarowe, if you’re new), there is always a different featured brand each month.  This time it’s the lovely Carolina with Colores de Carol, and OMG who wants this box like a trillion times more now than ever before?  Like, we’ll just end the blog here and you can go tossing Shimmer Me boxes in the shopping cart with your eyes closed cuz NOTHING ELSE really matters at this point.

Fiiiiine.  I’ll be a proper blogger today.  Here’s your quick rundown of the goodies.  And guests shall go first.  I may no longer be anything resembling a sexy lady (due to the extraordinary amount of drool buckets in progress), but I’ve still got my manners.  Lessss go!


DESCRIPTION:  A turquoise blue with gold shimmer and scattered holo glitter

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat

Welp, might as well start off with a showstopper, I guess.  The shimmer in this one is absolutely glorious!  It practically glows, and I am literally beside myself with happiness.  Formula is smooth and easy and a pure nerdy pleasure to apply.  Two coats isn’t even fair cuz a billion seems more satisfying.  Good thing I have 87 old copies of US Weekly to catch up on or else I’d never get away from this nail polish.


DESCRIPTION:  A purple to hot pink thermal with blue and pink shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat

So much overachieve-y down below!  Here’s an anxiety attack between a glass of ice water, a hand towel and racing against the clock, culminating in these 4 simple shots that don’t even touch the approximately 9,397 other photographs sitting in my deleted folder.  Blogging is hard, you guys.  SO. HARD.

First the warm:

Now the cool:

And then macros in transition because I am nothing if not professional:

I swear, if y’all not buying this after all that crazy I just went through, welllll .. I’m sure there’s an etiquette book out there somewhere with your name on it.  I try, you buy.  That’s how this thing works, people!

But also, OF COURSE you are buying.  Cuz NO ONE does Crazy Nail Lady quite like you.


DESCRIPTION:  A black holographic jelly with red shimmer, scattered holo and blue micro flakies

OPACITY:  Another two coater! I sense an epidemic.

Dominique never fails me.  When a Tux package is on its way to me, I don’t even have to wonder if I’ll love it.  Cuz Tux = LOVE each and every dadgum time.  This vampy wintery shade captures perfectly my mood from November through February:  dark, brooding (basically a big ole cranky pants) but with tiny moments of joy so I’m still allowed around people.  This polish is my Winter Spirit Polish, if there ever was one.  Dom gets a horn toot, cuz while I’m not saying she made this color just for me, I’m also NOT not saying it.

For those who need actual blogging-type informations (a rarity in here), formula is spectacular as usual.  Long applicator wand, so polish can/will drip down and flood your cuticle if you’re not aware ahead of time and expecting it, so consider this your advance notice.  Apply naturally but don’t be lounge-y about it.  AND NOW YOU HAVE LEARNED SOMETHING.  This blog is amazing.


DESCRIPTION:  A dusty blue to nude-y gold thermal with bronze and blue flakies, gold shimmer and scattered holo

OPACITY:  Again with the two coats.  No one is surprised.

This polish gives me a dire case of the Grabby Fingers.  I don’t know what it is about it.  Perhaps the lovely blend of the two colors, maybe the fact anytime bronze-y things are around I get a bit swoon-y.  Or just the flakies in general, which voodoo me good about 97.38765% of the time.  But Brian and Amanda made a beautiful thing, and I swear you’ll love it and hoard it and cherish it forever.  Perfect way to end this blog if you want my opinion. (You do; otherwise, why are you here?  Other than catching up on a whooooole lotta nonsense, that is.)

Formula = good.  Application = good.  All of it = magical perfection.  All other points are moot.

Here’s just the warm state:

Here’s just the cool state:

Finally, macros in transition to seal the deal.  GIMME:


See?  Winter = bearable, about 23% more at least.   And good news, guys:  this box is available now so no waiting this time!  Engage: Shopping Hand.  You’ve got var var important business to do.

Price of this box is $36 plus shipping, so about $40-ish.  Approximately.  Give or take.  Soooo totally helpful information, I know.

Pre-order runs until Saturday, January 20 at 11:59pm EST.  I don’t know what all you’ve got planned for the day, but I’m pretttty sure buying this box is at the top of it.  RIGHT?  Right.  Cuz after the pre-order is over, the polishes are gone and delaying your own happiness is like 27 levels of some kinda RUDE.  So go now and be good to yourselves!  You deserve it.  I MEAN IT.

Where to buy:

The linky loos!  Connect with the Shimmer Me Box:


Fan Group – where you can submit theme ideas, inspiration photos and vote, vote, vote.  Come be a part of the fun!

Later, loves!


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