BLUSH Lacquers: Multichrome Madness August 2018



Soooo … let’s pretend I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth these past few months and just carry on with this blogging thing like EVERYTHING IS NORMAL. Shall we? We shall!

Okay, in my defense, things have been stupid busy over here. Hubby decides he wants to build a house, which is all fine and good, but did you know in order to sell the house you currently live in, you have to take all 3000 bottles of nail polish off the wall and act like NO ONE CRAZY LIVES HERE? Seriously, y’all, is this even worth it? My kitchen table being all kitchen-table-y instead of the Black Hole of Nail Polish we all know it really is.

Aside from all that, though, I’m getting a new house you guys! Including a room where Lazy, Level EXPERT doesn’t even begin to describe what is happening in there. Pajamas, yes. Starbucks, yes. Couch lounging like a dadgum champion, SO MUCH YES.

In short, the swatching and blogging thing has taken a bit of a back seat while I go wandering around Home Depot but on purpose this time. So the sheer fact I am writing this is bonafide proof of how much I miss every freaking one of you.

And now! POLISH. Our all-time favorite, BLUSH Lacquers, is in the spotlight for August, and Victoria made a glorious duo of vibrant flakie shifters exclusively for the members of Multichrome Madness on Facebook. I KNOW! Your best day ever just got best-i-er! Take a look:


DESCRIPTION: GREEN. That’s all you need to know.

Ugh … fine. It’s a silver/green shifting multichrome with hints of blue and purple at very extreme angles with red/orange/gold shifting multichrome flakies. As in MOST DELICIOUS THING OF ALL TIME EVER. It’s headed for the shopping cart, not gonna lie.

OPACITY: Two coats plus glossy top coat

Maybe you’ve guessed by the name of this polish that I might’ve had my hand in it somewhat. As a special August birthday treat to me, I was asked if I would kindly choose names for both of these polishes, names that meant something, names that said ME super loud and explicitly clear. So, PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER EXTRAORDINAIRE then. I mean, what else could it be?

Cuz I couldn’t name it Mrs. DiCaprio due to the unfortunate lack of fun that is my hubby. Booooo.


DESCRIPTION: A red/orange/gold shifting multichrome with hints of green at extreme angles (not shown, cuz BEST BLOGGER EVER, remember?) and gold/orange/green shifting multichrome flakies

OPACITY: Two coats plus glossy top coat

Name of this one is inspired by SOCIETY, cuz for some reason you can’t go outside with no pants on – and that’s just a DAMN SHAME.

However, in my heart, we call this one My Husband, Leonardo but quietly and to ourselves cuz, ya know, legal reasons and whatnot. BLAH. Seriously, if you can’t have a wedding dress in the car in case of accidental Leonardo sighting, then what is the point of life? I ask you, WHAT IS THE POINT?


And good news: it’s all available now! Here’s how to snag em:

1. Join the Multichrome Madness group on Facebook. It’s required. Click here;

2. Once your membership is approved, find the secret link and password located in the sales post;

3. Then toss polish in the cart with your eyes closed, cuz at this point, nothing even matters. WE WANT EVERYTHING.

Huh. Three steps to happiness. Who knew?

Now it wouldn’t be my blog without a little Polish Emergency thrown in. This duo is only available until August 31 at 11:59pm EST and then the polish goes away forever.  Panic is setting in, I can already tell.

Price for Professional Blogger Extraordinaire: $10

Price for The Judgy Eyes: $9.50

Price for both (which is what you’re buying in case you didn’t know): $19.50

Finally, some bonus clicking opportunities. Connect with BLUSH Lacquers:


Fan Group

Now go get your pretties!  Cuz I blog, you buy.  That’s how this thing works.

Later, loves!


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  1. Holy Crapsticks, a Dianna post! This is officially the bestest day ever (not just because of this post, that would make me sad. I also got a brand spanking new electric toothbrush today!!)!
    How I’ve missed your wit in my box (that sounds weird) and seeing your swatches! Congrats on your new home, that’s pretty damn exciting!


  2. These beautiful polishes are really quite the way to make your return! Glad to see you back :] To be perfectly honest, I would be just as entertained reading posts about your trip to Home Depot as I am about polish… you have a way with words! :]]]


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