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Scofflaw Varnish: Halloween LE Mini Collection 


Happy Friday y’all! Who else is lounging about wearing sweat pants with one hand in the Cheetos bag?  I mean, I’m not, but certainly there’s someone out there living my dream life.  Cuz that dang diet thing just won’t go away. Now there’s a calorie tracker involved – and I’m pretty sure at this point, getting out of this potato chip-free HELL will never freaking end.  Ugh.

So while I just sit here and downright starve to death, let’s look at pretty things. Drama level at an all-time high?  Prolly. But it’s either that or the Land of a Thousand Starbucks which apparently has been officially cancelled and deleted. Booooo.

Okay. Nail polish. Got more goodies from Finch with Scofflaw Varnish to share with you today.  Take a look at these lovelies:


Welp. If we can’t bury our face in a crap ton of Funyuns, we can fill our hearts with flakies instead.  Flakies make everything skinnier anyway. Or else I dreamed that. I dunno.

This is the Halloween limited edition mini collection, and I. STINKIN. LOOOOOVE. You know, I’m all for your typical oranges and purples and blacks, but this is a nice little change for Halloween polish.  Plus, I look like a hand model, sooooo … I’m not saying these are all magical perfection, but they’re probably all magical perfection.

Here’s your quick rundown of colors. Brace yourself for 27 levels of a swoon-y situation. Go!


DESCRIPTION:  A grey shimmer crelly with cherry red metallic micro shards, violet sparks and warm pink-carmine sparkle flecks and highlights

OPACITY:  Two luscious coats


DESCRIPTION:  A grey shimmer crelly with copper/green multichrome flakies, scattered holo and packed with a golden/copper/green shifting shimmer and flash

OPACITY:  Two coats here too; again, MAGICAL


DESCRIPTION:  A grey shimmer crelly packed with blue and silver sparkles, blue/purple iridescence and multiple shades of blue flakies and shimmer highlights

OPACITY:  Once again, two coats; I sense an epidemic


Who’s surprised those were all grey crellies?  ME TOO!  Seriously, sometimes nail polish is some straight up voodoo. Which also most likely explains the 2,397 bottles all over my kitchen table.

In other words, good news! You’re buying these. Here’s your shopping deets:

Full 3-piece set $30

Single bottles $10 each

And THEN! If you purchase the entire trio, you get a treat!  Free shipping within the US, which basically equals a legit justification-type scenario to like the trillionth degree.

Where to buy:

Now click more things! Connect with Scofflaw Varnish:



Okay, get on it, boo boos! This mini collection is available and ready for the shopping cart (in case you didn’t know).

Later, loves!


Emily de Molly: October 2017 Release


Another speed blog coming your way today.  Who’s excited for me to shut my yap and just get to the point sometimes?  (All of you, prolly.  Booooo.)  I reorganized my blog calendar a bit ago and discovered a big wad of drafts piling up on me all at the same time, so I figure if I don’t just get the hell on with it, we might be done with this thing in roughly 37 years.  I mean, I’m not doing anything important, but I figure the rest of you might.  Ugh.  You and your fancy life.

Also, hubby and I went on a diet so I’ve been wasting most of my time crying over the surprising lack of Cheetos.  And for some reason that doesn’t get a blog written.  LAME.

Okay, first time on the blog y’all!  Miss Hayley with Emily de Molly sent me her release for October to share with you, and I’m not gonna lie:  I fangirled for far longer than a normal person might.  I mean, she’s no Leonardo or anything, but judging by all the squeee-ing shenanigans happening over here, she must be pretty dang close.  Anyway, take a look at these beauties:


Uhhhhhhhhnnnnn.  No words, just moan-y throat noises from here on out.  How the rest of this blog is getting written we’ll NEVER freaking know.

There’s 8 polishes in this release in a variety of finishes and goodies.  There’s shimmer and flakies and noodle legs GALORE, all headed for the shopping cart in about 2.5 seconds.  Wanna see what you’re buying?  Then by all means, SCROLL.


DESCRIPTION:  A dark purple to red thermal with gold shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats

Now, look at this effort.  Full mani views of just the cool state (purple) and warm state (red) cuz who is the best dadgum blogger in allll the land?  I’m not even gonna tell you cuz you already know.

(Okay, it’s me.  I got scared you weren’t sure.)


DESCRIPTION:  A rose gold holographic with iridescent flakies

OPACITY:  Two coats

Legit jackpot flakie EXTRAVAGANZA!  Look at all that!  How this polish doesn’t cost like a billion dollars defies all the comprehensions.


DESCRIPTION:  A burgundy red to orange multichrome with gold holo glitter

OPACITY:  Two coats

OMG, this one!  These vampy reds are some of my favorites.  Mostly because they make my sad white sausages look less sad and sausage-y.  But then you go adding a crap ton of glitter on top, and so my brain has officially stopped holding my mouth closed.  I’m a walking pile of sex, in case you weren’t sure.


DESCRIPTION:  A light blue base with heavy green to pink shifting shimmer, iridescent and silver glitters and blue flakies

OPACITY:  Two coats

GUYS.  We got a green one!  Plus 27 levels of drooling scenarios.  Seriously, at this point I may never be normal again.  


DESCRIPTION:  A pink toned light taupe with heavy turquoise shimmer and silver flakes

OPACITY:  Two coats

This one was a surprise favorite, as nude tones don’t normally play nice with my skin tone.  But I think it looks absolutely lovely and practically begs to hold a tiny cappucino; it’s dainty and so sweet. Or if you’re having little sandwiches later, you’re already halfway prepared. Tea with the Queen? BRING IT.


DESCRIPTION:  A dark purple with green/purple/red multichrome shimmer and silver flakies

OPACITY:  Two coats

All you purple lovers, pay attention!  This one’s got your name on it.  (For real, I checked.)  Four fingers of grape Jolly Rancher goodness, and the sheer effort of keeping my hand out of my mouth is currently at an all time high.  For real, if you came here for the ladylike composure, you’ve picked a really horrible day.


DESCRIPTION:  A light pink with strong green to pink shimmer, iridescent flakies and fuchsia and silver micro glitters

And it’s DELICIOUS. I’m not usually one for paler pink shades, but the flakies, guys. The dadgum flakies! Everything else is moot. Two smooth coats and a thousand buckets to drool in. At minimum.


DESCRIPTION:  A purple holographic with pink shimmer, red to green shifting glitters and silver micro glitters

OPACITY:  Two coats

No sense in petering out here at the end.  Cuz this blog wouldn’t be proper without some purple holo in it. Who just died a little bit then? ME TOO!  And all that shimmery business?  DIED AGAIN.  Seriously, we gotta get out of here before we lose all semblance of a sexy lady.


GUYS. Trust me when I tell you how hardcore you love these. You do, I know it. Cuz we don’t just walk away from a basketful of kittens NOR do we walk away from new Emily de Mollies. EVER. Write it down in case there’s a quiz.  Here’s your shopping deets: 

Pretty Persona, The Plain Wall, and The Counting Order retail for $9.00 each

End of Seasons, Ever Sort After, and Stylish Cover Up are $10 each

Chase the Charmed and Land of Critique go for $11.00 each

But happiness is FREE, just so you know.

Where to buy: (US and international) or (Australia)

The linky loos!  Connect with Emily de Molly:



Fan Group

Okay, shop is open and so is your wallet.  Go get your pretties!  Then sit back, relax and revel in all your good decisioning.

Later, loves!


GlitterDaze: Vixen Collection 


If there’s one time where science absolutely cannot fail, it bygod better be on the day I get this stupid root canal.  Cuz if there’s like a one billionth percent chance of accidentally waking up during oral sedation, I’m almost certain I’ll figure out a way to do it.  I mean, if I can sprain my foot by stretching too hard while lounging on the couch, I’m pretty sure it all goes downhill from there.  UGH.  Universe, why you no love me? 

However, if I am forced to find a silver lining, I was told after-procedure care includes caffeine and/or milkshakes.  Sooooo … while I may be attempting to be on a diet, when the dentist says GO HAVE A STARBUCKS, you freaking go have a Starbucks.  Fiiiiiine.  Panic attack abated.  For now.

Got lots of swatching to tend to this evening, so let’s get this blog party started!  More gorgeousness from GlitterDaze arrived, and OMG you guys, the noodle legs are everywhere.  You like shimmery things? Flake-y things?  General yummy delicious-y things?  Well, here you go then:


YOU. ARE. WELCOME.  There’s no way you’re getting out of this blog without spending some money, I just know it.

This is the new Vixen Collection, a set of five spectacular jellies full of dreams and rainbows and 27 levels of magical perfection.  When I unwrapped these polishes, I swear I lost like 10 pounds by picking my jaw up off the floor like 18 times.  I mean, obviously I didn’t lose 10 pounds, but there was definitely a sweat bead mustache.  Not sure what that says about the state of my physical well-being, but it certainly means you’re buying this nail polish.  And who’s gonna argue with that kind of logic?  (Only the crazy ones.)

Okay, get ready.  Get the smelling salts handy, cuz it’s about to swoon-y in about 2.5 seconds.  Lessss go!


DESCRIPTION:  A bronze-y brown jelly with vibrant gold/green/blue shifting shimmer 


DESCRIPTION:  A teal green jelly with vibrant hot pink/purple/gold shifting shimmer 


DESCRIPTION: An orchid jelly with vibrant purple/blue/gold shifting shimmer 


DESCRIPTION:  A royal blue jelly with vibrant orange to green shifting shimmer 


DESCRIPTION:  A cool violet jelly with vibrant gold/green/blue shifting shimmer 


Still upright?  Just checking.

Each one of my swatches here show three coats.  Since they’re jellies, they go on pretty sheer for the first coat, but build up nicely after that.  Formula was nice and smooth and a pure nerdy pleasure to apply.  We almost had a Polish Mountain-type situation on our hands, except I’m not very good at goals.  Three coats and then pajamas, pretty much EVERY TIME.

This collection is currently up for preorder with a targeted ship date of October 26.  Each bottle is $12 and worth every penny.  All five in the cart, stat.  Or else we need to have a chat about your brain.

Where to buy:

More important clicking opportunities!  Connect with GlitterDaze:



Fan Group

Okay, go get your pretties!  After October 26, I’m not sure if they’ll still be available sooooo .. I’m not saying it’s a Polish Emergency, but it’s probably a Polish Emergency.

Later, loves!


The Holo Hookup: November 2017 – Galaxy


Jumping right into the polish tonight cuz apparently there is a sink full of dishes that needs my attention.  Although if you’re asking my opinion, well CLEARLY hubby is wrong.  However, in an attempt to stay married – and to keep the sandwiches coming – I will oblige.  I mean, I guess technically it was the agreement anyway, settled back in 2011 after it took roughly 18 years for me to cut an onion.  He cooks, I do dishes.  Fiiiiiine.  So quick blog for y’all cuz hubby is ZERO fun sometimes.

It’s time for another Holo Hookup!  The November one specifically, which doesn’t even sound right.  Cuz it was April like yesterday, I swear it.  Ugh, winter is lurking y’all. Send hives cream.

Okay.  Nail polish.  Lesss go!


Holo holo everywhere, and in the cart they go!  Weeee!

So this month’s theme is Galaxy, and the HH ladies brought us this gorgeous palette of blues and purples to fit the theme perfectly.  Did y’all’s cat ears just perk up, cuz I know at least a trillion people who are having a realllly hard time staying vertical right now.  I mean, I get it.  Polish makes you swoon-y.  But polish the color of a sky full of science-y things?  Basically a noodle leg EXTRAVAGANZA!  In fact, if it came with a side of Leonardo, no one would be surprised.

Here’s the inspiration photo:

Yep.  NAILED IT doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.

Our usual culprit of Glisten & Glow, Different Dimension and Cupcake Polish is here, and they brought with them a whooooole lotta international gorgeousness.  Cuz this month’s featured brand is Femme Fatale all the way from Australia, so if you’ve been waiting for the right time to pass the hell on out, now would be it.  We lub Femme Fatale in here, just so you know.  Sophie’s polishes are little masterpieces, and hoarding at least 2,387 bottles sounds about right.  Complete rational behavior?  NOT TODAY!

Guests go first, cuz we all sorts of classy.  Take a look:


DESCRIPTION:  A berry holographic with turquoise shine and scattered silver holographic microglitters

OPACITY:  Two lovely coats

Seriously, as if we weren’t drool-y enough today.  Ladylike composure = out the dadgum windows with this one.

And then there was nail art:

And I don’t hate it!  I mean, it’s not gonna win an award or anything but that is beside the point.  Used the Uber Chic Beauty 18-02 plate in case you’re curious.


DESCRIPTION:  A navy blue holographic with blue to green color shifting shimmers

OPACITY:  Two perfect coats

This one appears less navy more teal, but that’s just the green shimmers popping through.  Gah!  Told you there were science-y things in here.  Reading this blog suddenly got a bit more fancy.

More decent nail art:

Two decent ones in a row!  Whose blog are you reading, cuz it’s certainly not mine.

Layered stamping courtesy of the new Uber Chic Beauty 20-03 plate.  I somehow managed to line up the images pretty good this time, so if y’all got a horn handy, quick! lemme toot it.


DESCRIPTION:  A creamy periwinkle holographic

OPACITY:  Two luscious coats

Purple lovers, you seeing this?!  Sometimes you don’t need frills when a simple, lovely holo will suffice just fine.  Although a dire case of the Grabby Fingers is happening, just so you know.  GIMME.

Kinda cute nail art:

Mojo hanging by a thread, though.  Y’all know we can’t keep a streak going forever.  Although, I’m mildly relieved cuz I’m not ready to commit to being too good at anything. Cuz I fixed the work copier just ONE time back in 2008, and now apparently I am a copier repairman with a side of doing my actual job. No, the expectation of being an expert is just too much to bear sometimes.

Pretty leaves stamped on using the Uber Chic Beauty Lovely Leaves 2 plate, one of my official favorites.


DESCRIPTION:  A deep blackened indigo holographic with copper shimmer and tiny twinkling microglitters

OPACITY:  Two dreamy coats

Ummmmm, LITERALLY SPEECHLESS.  How the rest of this blog is getting written we’ll NEVER freaking know.

You know that mojo thing we were talking about?

Yeah, he gone now.  I dunno.  It’s not necessarily a nail fail, but kinda lacks inspiration.  However, dry brush skills are pretty much expert level, sooooo .. BONUS POINTS.  Bring it.

And now, more overachieve-y.  Nail art using all four polishes together:

For real, I don’t even know who I am anymore. How does this mani exist without a minimum of 18 stupid things on it? I’m starting to get suspicious, like perhaps I’ve been kidnapped and I don’t even know it. Who is doing this nail art, cuz it’s certainly not me. A facsimile of me, maybe.

Used the Lina Feeling Shapely 09 plate and I.  STINKIN’.  LOOOOOOOVE.  One of my favorite nail art-y things I’ve done.

Ok, now FOCUS.  Effort-y things are about to happen.  Because this is a galaxy-themed box, I attempted to do my very first galaxy mani.  I was nervous, y’all; there was SO MUCH sweat bead mustache on display.  Hubby had to straight up leave the room just so I could maintain a skosh of sexy and keep the divorce papers at bay.

And then I just dove right in:

I’m not saying anything magical just happened, but basically SOMETHING MAGICAL JUST HAPPENED.  I think it turned out adorable.  Get a good looksie, though, cuz the chances of ever recreating something like this again?  A crapshoot.

Oh, used the Bundle Monster BM-XL213 plate in case recreations are in order. (They might be this time!)


Pre-order for this box starts on October 21 at 9pm EST and will run thru October 28 at 9pm EST. Which means, you have just ONE WEEK to get your life together before the polish goes away forever. Are you properly panicked? Well, you should be.

Cost is $40 and shipping will begin November 17 or so. Click here for shopping! (Well, not right now. The 21st. As in Saturday. We’ve been over this about 17 times already.)

And now, the linky loos!  Connect with The Holo Hookup:


Fan Group

That’s it!  Set your alarms and put Post-Its on all your surfaces.  Cuz who’s waking up on the 29th, sad and holo-less?  CERTAINLY NOT YOU.

Later, loves!


KBShimmer: Fall 2017 Collaboration Collection 


Fitness app step count update: 297. Which means OFFICIALLY skinny may never come.  Ugh.  What’s a girl gotta do to lose some weight around here?  I mean, I just spent the past 7 hours straight painting and re-painting my nails, which is basically EFFORT to like the trillionth degree.  And despite the fact that 97.8465% of it was done while sitting in a chair, if body parts are moving then exercise is happening and so bonus points are coming in case you didn’t know.  Preferably a little quicker, though, cuz there’s a Full House marathon lurking, and well, the shows don’t watch themselves.  Nor gets a blog written, but that is beside the point.

Let’s talk polish! I received a ginormous swatch package from Christy with KBShimmer to share with you today.  There’s something for everyone in here, so y’all get your wallets out and your focus face on; it’s about to get suuuuper pass-out-y in about 2.5 seconds.  Lessss go!



For one, I don’t know how I managed to pose in exact symmetry a mere 14 times in a row, but that collage is LEGIT.  Seriously, the overachieve-y is at an all-time high right now.  Worth half a horn toot, at least.

Secondly, OMG who’s buying these?!  Gah!  KBShimmer does it again, gettin’ us all drool-y and unattractive.  If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, this right here is a good place to start.  18,000 bottles, and in they cart they go.  Weeee!

SO.  Fall 2017 Collaboration Collection, designed in conjunction with some awesome swatchers and bloggers.  YOU NEED.  The end.

Working with another person to create a polish based on their vision, their inspiration photo, is always one of the hardest but most rewarding things we do. That moment when you know you matched what was in their head, that is the best!

— Christy Rose, KBShimmer

The first two polishes shown are a couple of Christy’s own creations; after that, it’s a blogger EXTRAVAGANZA!  Plus (and because I, too, am a dadgum professional), I typed out all the blog links for ultra carpal tunnel-like scenarios.  Soooo, you better get to clickin’ cuz it’s the right thing to do.

Here’s your as-quick-as-14,767-polishes-can-be rundown of colors.  Enjoy!


DESCRIPTION:  A softly pink, near copper linear holographic

OPACITY:  Three coats, but the last coat was mainly to see how deep the color would get


DESCRIPTION:  A creamy butterscotch

OPACITY:  Two yummy coats; could easily eat my own fingers if SOCIETY wasn’t so judgy


DESCRIPTION:  A deepened olive jelly filled with orange/green/gold shifting glitters

OPACITY:  Three thin coats, plus it’s GREEN so of course we lub it lots

COLLAB WITH:  Holly / Miss Holly Berries


DESCRIPTION:  A light grey with violet shimmer and rainbow metallic flakies

OPACITY:  Two coats, three if you’re crazy; obviously I did three

COLLAB WITH:  Michelle / Ehmkay Nails


DESCRIPTION:  An emerald green/indigo purple/navy shifter filled with holo glow flakies

OPACITY:  Multichrome is happening!  I’m sorry, what is your question?

COLLAB WITH:  Judy / Beauty Judy


DESCRIPTION:  A rich brown filled with copper and gold holographic microglitters

OPACITY:  Two surprisingly good coats considering all that glitter; she’s lovely!

COLLAB WITH:  Gaby / LacquerLoon


DESCRIPTION:  A teal blue filled with holo glow flakies and a turquoise shimmer

OPACITY:  Two here too; smooth and dreamy

COLLAB WITH:  Alicia / Delishious Nails


DESCRIPTION:  A hot pink polish filled with micro golden flakies and shimmer

OPACITY:  I did two, some did three, but once I sprained my own foot from stretching on the couch too hard so clearly I do things wrong sometimes

COLLAB WITH:  Jen / My Nail Polish Obsession


DESCRIPTION:  A deepened olive with holo glow flakies and golden flash

OPACITY:  Two coats.  Another GREEN.  Best day ever, in case you’re curious.

COLLAB WITH:  Mishra / Nail It Lovely


DESCRIPTION:  A silver holographic glitter with pinky red shimmer that shifts to copper and gold

OPACITY:  Two coats plus one GIANT driving hazard.  SO. MUCH. BLING.

COLLAB WITH:  Amy / McPolish / Polish Etc.


DESCRIPTION:  A plum colored Mega Flame with hints of maroon and aubergine

OPACITY:  Two coats for extra sexy scenarios!  Or sweatpant scenarios, you know, if you’re me.

COLLAB WITH:  Lisa / Cosmetic Sanctuary



DESCRIPTION:  A sky blue creme loaded with a peachy copper shimmer

OPACITY:  Three coats; pure happiness in a bottle

COLLAB WITH:  Antoinette / aricedotcom




DESCRIPTION:  A terracotta creme filled with subtle copper shimmer

OPACITY:  Three coats.  This one’s going on ALL the surfaces, for sure.  Mine AND yours.

COLLAB WITH:  Valesha / Peachy Polish




DESCRIPTION:  A plum creme with hints of maroon and aubergine

OPACITY:  Two coats; a purple so deep it looks almost black in certain lighting

COLLAB WITH:  Sam / Sam Nailed It




Good news, y’all: all of these are available right now, so whatever excuse you had for not tossing a billion in the cart has been officially canceled and deleted.  Plus, this is the first collection featuring their all new 5-Free polish base, so if you’re not properly convinced at this point, I feel var var sad about your brain.  The deets:

Full collection retails for $120; single bottles are $9.25 each.  

Where to buy:

Stockists for international customers:  Harlow & Co (Canada) and Color4Nails (the rest of the world)

And now, more linky loos!  Connect with KBShimmer:



Fan Group

As always, thank you so much for reading all the way to the bottom. If it wasn’t for you, I’d just be in here talking to myself like a crazy person.  Or a crazy-ER person.  Either way.

Later, loves!


Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer: Fall Quartet 2017


In true ME fashion, I meant to get this blog up yesterday but I downloaded about 27 games onto my iPad last night and then didn’t move off the couch for all eternity.  Seriously, about that wasting-time thing:  LEVEL EXPERT.  But the black hole that is putting benches and fountains in your fake garden is legit no joke FOR REAL.  I did one little thing and normal brain function = OUT THE FREAKING WINDOW.  Next thing, it’s 5 in the morning and I’m buying paving stones and floating lily pads with my eyes closed.  In my defense, though, I’m suuuuuuper good at imaginary gardening.

CLEARLY, I am the saddest person in the world.

Soooo, let’s get to the polish before more stupid things come out.  I received a lovely quad of pretties from Connie with Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer to show you today.  In case you’re sitting around wearing sweatpants and doing a whooooole lotta nothing, spending some money sounds like your most logical next step.  Look at what you’re buying:


I see holo! I see glitter! I see jaws are dropping, everywhere.  

So this is the new Fall Quartet, four gorgeous shades full of yummy deliciousness that you’re gonna need at least 18,000 times over.  COMPLETE RATIONAL BEHAVIOR, though, in case you’re curious.

It doesn’t say anywhere that this quad is inspired by The Golden Girls, buuuuuut they share names with The Golden Girls and since I’m pretty much an expert in re-runs of tv shows from the 1980s, wellll, there’s a math equation in there somewhere if you’re so inclined.  Either way, though, it’s a lovely quad and a bonafide justification situation to like the trillionth degree. 

Here’s your quick rundown of colors.  Grab the smelling salts and prepare for extra ladylike scenarios! Drool is happening in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..


DESCRIPTION:  A black with various silver holo glitters

Bea Arthur played Dorothy Zbornak in The Golden Girls, and this polish reminds me of her salt-n-pepper hair.  And I don’t know if I just invented a brand new marketing strategy or what, but if you want this polish EVEN MORE NOW well then you are welcome.

OMG, I am soooo good at blogging you guys! 


DESCRIPTION:  A pink with gold and pink shimmer

Betty White played the character, Rose Nylund – and this color is the perfect representation for her.  Cuz her name is Rose and roses are pink sometimes.

Y’ALL.  I’m not saying I’m a rocket scientist, but I’m probably a rocket scientist.


DESCRIPTION:  A linear holographic in a sheer silver base with silver holo glitter, fuchsia sparks and iridescent glitter

Estelle Getty played Sophia Petrillo, the oldest of the group.  She was a feisty little mama with comebacks and attitude, and so naturally this polish gotta be IN YO FACE.  Seriously, it’s a dire case of the grabby fingers with this one.


DESCRIPTION:  A plum holographic with copper sparks

Rue McClanahan played the role of Blanche Devereaux, a flirtatious, sexy southern belle.  This polish is a glorious representation.  It’s basically my spirit polish, as y’all know where there is sexy there is me wearing an extraordinary amount of robe with one hand in a Cheetos bag.


Annnnnnnd we’ve officially passed the hell on out now.  Good lordt, they’s pretty.

For all my swatches, I did three coats for no dadgum good reason.  Cuz two coats was perfectly fine.  But this is what happens when you swatch at 2am on a work night:  the brain done goes away somewhere, I swear it.

The Fall Quartet is already up for pre-order right now thru October 20 at 11:59pm PST.  In case you don’t math well, that’s like 7 days to organize your life. Seventy Seven up top, people!  Here’s your deets:

Cost for the full four piece set $44

Single bottles retail for $11.99

Where to buy:

Now, these will still be available after the pre-order, but quantities will be limited. Although, who’s in the mood to take risky chances with their nail polish?  CERTAINLY NOT YOU. In fact, you’re first in line. Go go go!

The linky loos!  Connect with Seventy Seven:



Fan Group

I have a huuuuuge swatch day ahead of me, so I best get to it.  I’m determined to keep the iPad away, lest more fake gardening (and accidental real divorce) happens.  BEST BLOGGER EVER?  I say yes.

Later, loves!


Oogie’s Boys Trio: Illyrian Polish + Octopus Party + Crows Toes 


I’ve locked myself in this bedroom in an effort to keep the distractions away, but the cat just laid down next to me for no reason whatsoever, so how this blog is getting written now we’ll NEVER freaking know.

I’m trying very hard to ignore it, cuz as soon as I show too much emotion, whatever this is is over in about 2.5 seconds.  He’s very finicky with his love, even though I massage him and scratch his tummy and kiss him right on the mouth as ALL CATS EXPECT AND ENJOY.  Cuz who doesn’t want to be dressed in a tiny tuxedo and carried around like a baby from room to room?  I mean, I’d pretty much do anything if someone’s offering to do my walking for me.  You think I’m exaggerating, but I legit lived across the street from one of my jobs and still drove myself to work every morning.

Who’s officially the laziest person in allll the land?  I’m not even gonna tell you cuz you already know.

Ohhhhh, but the polish!  Do I have some beauties to share with you today!  There’s flecks, there’s sparks, there’s a thousand drool buckets on standby.  Take a look at what you’re buying:


Now, SWOON!  Seriously, if you’ve come for the ladylike composure, well you’ve picked a very bad day.  It’s soooo noodle leg-y in here already!

This is the Oogie’s Boys Trio, a collaboration between Illyrian Polish, Octopus Party Nail Lacquer and Crows Toes.  Ummm, three awesome brands, three gorgeous polishes, available all with the click of ONE tiny button?  Is Leonardo happening next, cuz BEST DAY EVER is clearly in full effect.

This trio is inspired by the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and apparently Oogie’s boys – Lock, Shock and Barrel – feed Oogie by sending bugs to him down a metal chute.  Sooooo, kinda like my house where sandwiches just appear out of nowhere.  Being married to a chef comes highly recommended, just so you know.

Enough chatty.  Time for nail polish! Here’s your quick rundown of the goodies:


DESCRIPTION:  A dirty oxblood/copper with holographic sparkle and small copper/red flecks

OPACITY:  Two amazing coats


DESCRIPTION:  A charcoal mauve holographic with gold flakies, purple/indigo shifting pigment and iridescent purple glitter

OPACITY:  Two coats again! Magic!


DESCRIPTION:  A deep, dank, murky green topped with blue, green and purple sparks

OPACITY:  Yep, still two coats.  Your best day just got best-i-er.


Want, want and NEED.  That’s your new motto.  Wallets are flying out of purses everywhere, I can already tell.

TIME TO FOCUS.  There’s a Polish Emergency in our midst.  Cuz the Oogie’s Boys Trio is on pre-order for FIVE DAYS ONLY, and if y’all got some hives cream handy, I’ll take a thousand.  And if you’re not properly panicked at this point, we need to have a talk about your brain.

Cost for this trio is $32 and is available in each maker’s store.  You also have the option to purchase individual bottles, although WHY?! is the actual question.  All three, in the cart stat.  However, just in case you choose groceries and electricity (and other adult-like responsibilities), then it’s $12 each for Illyrian and Crows Toes and $13 for Octopus Party.

Where to buy:

Illyrian Polish

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer

Crows Toes

Now go get your pretties!  You have until October 17 at 10pm EST and there’s NO WAY you’re missing out on this.  Cuz who’s waking up on October 18, sad and trio-less?  CERTAINLY NOT YOU.

More clicking opportunities!  Connect with EVERYONE:

Illyrian Polish:  Instagram ▪️ Facebook ▪️ Fan Group 

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer:  Instagram ▪️ Facebook ▪️ Fan Group

Crows Toes:  Instagram ▪️ Facebook ▪️ Fan Group

SO. MUCH. EFFORT.  Y’all better be clicking on those links.  Cuz after all this carpal tunneling, it’s the least you can do.

Later, loves!