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Road to Polish Con Week 11: Noodles Nail Polish + Contrary Polish



I’ve lost the charger to my keyboard case on my iPad, so guess who’s writing this blog by poking the screen one finger at a time like a dadgum crazy person? Ugh. Booooo. Needless to say, this one will be short and sweet, cuz effort on a Saturday? LAME.


Road to Polish Con Week 6: Takko Lacquer



Current status:  celebrating my wedding anniversary.  For year five, the traditional anniversary gift is WOOD, so not only did hubby book us in a beautiful treehouse overlooking scenic rolling hills and blooming things everywhere, but the popsicle stick Titanic with matching toothpick Leonardo that hubby SWORE he’d make for me is bound to make an appearance soon.  Except that it’s taking it’s DAMN SWEET TIME and patience is a thing for other people.  Ugh.  YOU GUYS.  I’ve stayed married a whole 1,825 days just for this moment, and that’s some kinda EFFORT if you want my opinion.  Plus, I shaved my legs and everything, and y’all know how useless I am once I lounge about in a bathtub for 2 and a half hours.


Polish Con New York 2018: Official Deets


While we wait for my next week in the Road to Polish Con series, I’ve got some general Polish Con information to share with you today.  Are you going? Are you thinking about going?  Well then, YOU FANCY.  Here’s all you need to know about the who, what, wheres.  FOCUS, y’all!  A copy/paste EXTRAVAGANZA! is happening in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..


Different Dimension: Polish Con Limited Editions and Collaborations


YOU GUYS!  We made it.  My 7,397th Polish Con blog in a row, written and posted BEFORE Polish Con even started.  And despite the fact I just spent two hours dangling my robe strings in front of the cat (i.e., distraction number one billion), it’s quite clear I’ve earned my Blogging License for real this time.  Excuse me while I carpal tunnel myself via a high fiving frenzy.  I’m a pretty big deal, in case you’re curious.

So now:  an award.  A prolonged pajama sesh is lurking in about 2.5 seconds, so lemme show you some nail polish before my body forgets how to function like a human.  I’ve got some GORGEOUS colors from Different Dimension to show you today, and then 18,000 bottles are headed for the shopping cart.  Deal?  DEAL!


First up are two Polish Con limited editions, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love them.  If they came with a side of Leonardo, well it would only make sense.  Cuz they are a best day made best-i-er, and now I want them on all the surfaces.  Mine AND yours.


DESCRIBED as a moss yellow jelly with added contrasting shimmer, Not in the Loop is quite possibly the prettiest ugly color you’ve ever seen.  One look at that green-y yellow goodness, and I damn near fell apart.  Drool buckets, everywhere. And then you go tossing in a bunch of insane red shimmer and expect me to act like everything is fine?  EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE. I’m trying to stay a lady, but the sweating is so dire.


DESCRIBED as a denim blue jelly with added contrasting shimmers, Where You Bean? is another example of how quickly things can turn.  Cuz I’ve just been sitting here minding my own business and being 27 levels of sexy at minimum then JUST LIKE THAT:  unattractive mess.  Seriously, I doubt the tongue will ever go back in at this point. 

You diggin’ that purple and golden/bronze-y/green-ish shifty shimmer?  ME TOO.  Also, I’m suuuuuper good at describing things.

Both of these polishes were perfect two coaters.  The formulas were creamy (so not really jelly-like as described – for me, anyway) and smooth and an absolute nerdy pleasure to apply.  I’m not even ashamed I just said that.

Next are two collaboration shades designed with two lovely ladies who are helping out at the Different Dimension table at Polish Con tomorrow.  Take a look at what else you’re buying:

Erlack! My mouth won’t stay closed already!  Seriously, I gotta get out of this blog before divorce-y things happen.  Cuz there’s only so much sexy to go around while your tongue is lolling about outside your body.


DESCRIBED as a light mint creme with pink shimmer, Lett’s Not Mintion It is a collaboration with Letticia – @LettsLooks_ on Instagram. Are you hot? Cuz I’m hot. I’m just gonna lie down and pass out for a quick second, okay?  BRB.  Let’s hope there’s an old fashioned Victorian fainting couch nearby. Specifically. Cuz I refuse to get unattractive on a futon.


DESCRIBED as a wine red jelly with holographic micro flakies, That Toddling Town is a collaboration with Christy – @hospitalhands on Instagram.  All I have to say about this one is nom, nom, nom! Flakies! Good gracious, I want to lie in a huge bathtub full of that. Is that weird? Prolly.

Two luscious coats for both of these as well.  Nail polish jackpot, I’m pretty sure.


All four of these polishes debut at Polish Con in Chicago this weekend, so if you’re headed that way, make sure you’re stopping at Missi’s table to toss polish in the shopping cart.  She has loads and loads of pretty things for sale – more than what I’ve shown here – and you’re gonna want one of everything.  Plus a crap ton of backup bottles, you know, for SAFETY.

NOW.  For all the rest us (as in, NOT going to Polish Con, being sad, kinda loser-y), Missi will stock these in her store on October 2 at 9am EST.  There is a possibility the limited editions will sell out at Polish Con, but if not – well, here’s your shopping deets:

Cost is $10 each

Where to buy: http://differentdimensionpolish.bigcartel.com/

And now, more clicking opportunities!  Connect with Different Dimension:



Fan Group

Whew!  DONE.  With hours to spare.  Whose blog is this?  Cuz seriously, I don’t even know.

Later, loves!


Painted Polish: Midway Merriment Trio (plus bonus!)


Considering the fact I’ve been in here blogging nonstop like Leonardo was standing there at the end of it, you’d think I’d be good and caught up and in the middle of a couch-lounging Full House EXTRAVAGANZA! by now.  Except NO.  The To-Do List is just sitting over there, multiplying itself like some kind of rude magic trick, all while I’ve skipped lunch hour nap time in an attempt to be a proper blogger and post things early for once.  Do you see all this efforting?  DO. YOU. SEE?  Seriously, if a Starbucks is coming, I’ll take a thousand.

Since we’re in a bit of a time crunch and I’ve already wasted 18 hours writing one paragraph, let’s jump into some polish. I received more swatching stuff from Painted Polish to review for you today, and if you’re in the mood for some glitter and holo and general yummy deliciousness, well then you’re about to have a VAR VAR GOOD DAY.  Take a look at what you’re buying:


Quick! Lick the screen while no one’s looking. Now act natural.

Good job. Seriously, if you came here for the ladylike composure, you’ve picked the wrong day. Ultra drool-y scenarios coming up in 3 … 2 … 1 …

This is the Polish Con limited edition Midway Merriment trio, a beautiful set of coordinated polishes in a pink, navy and gold color scheme.  Orrrrr, straight happiness poured in a bottle!  If you’re looking at these and somehow manage to NOT close your eyes and smile to yourself like an idiot, well then I am very sad about your brain.

The colors:


DESCRIBED as a white crelly loaded with light pink, gold and navy glitters both matte and holographic, Sideshows & Snow Cones is my absolute surprise favorite.  Cuz it’s white and it’s a crelly and those two things are scary sometimes.  But Lexi has the most AHHH-MA-ZING crelly formula – like, I think there’s actual science in there – and this baby is smooth and creamy and levels out perfectly in two beautiful coats.  

And now you want 18,000 bottles.


DESCRIBED as a clear base loaded with those same light pink, navy and gold glitters, Fairs & Funnel Cakes is the glitter twin to Sideshows & Snow Cones.  I did one coat brushed and one coat sponged and look how well the coverage is!  I did spend eons picking stray glitters off my skin, but that is beside the point.  Cuz sometimes I’m just not very good at nails.

Ridiculous macros on display:


DESCRIBED as a rose gold ultra holo with added silver holographic glitters, Carnivals & Cotton Candy is just a prelude to the noodle legs you’re having later.  Cuz how swoon-y is this?!  Gah!  Those of you heading to Polish Con need to stop by Lexi’s table and toss a bottle in your basket. And some back up bottles in case you lick all over the first one. As happens from time to time.

I did three coats for my swatch just to deepen the color as much as possible.  Two covered fine though, you know, in case you don’t spend 17 hours sitting around painting nails like me.  Although WHY NOT?! is the actual question.

And now, A BONUS!  A few weeks back, Lexi released this gorgeous blue dreamboat as part of the Road to Polish Con series.  It’s no longer available online; however, she is bringing a limited number with her to Polish Con.  Who just peed a little?  ME TOO!  I swear, all pretenses of sexy officially went out the dadgum window.


DESCRIBED as an ultramarine blue holographic with silver galaxy glitters and a pink/purple shinmer, From the Pier With Love is such a stunner! That pink shimmer peeking through?  DEAD.  And the sparkle out in the sun?  Complete freaking driving hazard.  Don’t ask me how I know.  Potholes are stinkin’ everywhere, though, in case you’re curious.

YOU GUYS. Don’t make me tell you what to do. Just toss this in your shopping cart cuz you were planning on it anyway. And now we are best friends, and you can continue to read this blog


If you’re headed to Polish Con in Chicago, make sure you’ve added these beauties to your shopping list.  And don’t forget, the Road to Polish Con shade is in limited quantities, so if you want it, you know what to do. Someone’s gettin elbow jabby!

And thennnnn! The online release is set for October 1 at 6pm PST.  The trio for sure; the RTPC one will be if there’s leftovers. 

Where to buy:  http://www.paintedpolish.com

I don’t currently have prices, but I’ve made an inquiry.  If/when I find out, I’ll edit this post.  PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER EXTRAORDINAIRE?  I say YES.

EDITED TO ADD:  Prices!  The Midway Merriment trio retails for $28 for all three. If you want single bottles, they retail for $10 each except for the rose gold holographic – she’s $12 cuz FANCY.  Also, the Road to Polish Con shade is also $10. But happiness?  FREE. 

And now, some clicking opportunities! Connect with Painted Polish:



Fan Group 

Later, loves!


Scofflaw Varnish: Polish Con Limited Editions


Ooooh, a blog in the middle of the day; how rare!  Someone MUST be having a crisis then, in the form of 7,397 blogs left to write and only 4 days left to write them.  From this day forward, consider yourself in the midst of a POLISH EMERGENCY to the trillionth degree.  One of these days, I’ll be a proper blogger, I swear.

But hey, there’s polish!  Finch from Scofflaw Varnish sent me a couple of beauties to share with you today.  They’re exclusive to the Polish Con event in Chicago this weekend, so if you’re headed that way, VAR VAR GOOD DAY doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario. Take a look:


Gah! So pretty!  If you’re spending the next 18 years with your tongue in a drool bucket, well that sounds about right.

Hold onto your noodle legs! Here we go!


DESCRIBED as a black jelly base filled with bright purple flecks, shimmer and sparks with glitters in various shades of purple and gunmetal, Thackery Binx is inspired by the movie, Hocus Pocus. 

Ummmm, purple lovers, you seeing this?!  Bad case of the Grabby Fingers is lurking, I just know it.

Swatch shows three thin coats plus two layers of top coat. Cuz there’s a glitter EXTRAVAGANZA! in there, that’s why.  Formula will get a bit goopy on you if you fiddle with it too long, so GET IN GET OUT and you should be just fine.  Although, I paint nails with my eyes closed, so what do I know, really?


DESCRIBED as a slate colored creme with rose gold flakies with violet blue shimmer, Karma Police is a surprise favorite for me. At first glance, you see something grey, but then you swipe one time down the nail, and HOLY MOLY there goes the ladylike composure, out the dadgum window.

First of all, flakies (dead). Then Finch tossed in a bunch of beautiful shimmer (more dead). Guys, I may never be normal again.

Swatch shows two coats except I could’ve painted this on forever.


Both of these shades will be available at Polish Con in Chicago this Saturday, September 23. If you’re headed that way, DO NOT leave the room without this duo in your shopping cart. Like one duo, plus 27 backup duos. FOR SAFETY.

If by some miracle Finch has leftovers, she will be putting them up for salesies in the Scofflaw store. Make sure you’re following all the social medias for an announcement. Your linky loos:




If all things go as planned, I’ll have another blog posted tonight, but we all know how that goes.  Home is where the pajamas live, and not much else gets done after pajamas. I’m gonna try though. Send Starbucks!

Later, loves!


Pretty Jelly: All That Jazz Collection + Polish Con Goodies


Blogging blogging everywhere, and bonus points are coming!  Weeee!  Seriously, guys, even I’m impressed by all the overachieve-y on display.  I think I’ve done like 7,397 blogs in a row, all while one eye’s been sleeping and with one hand in a bag of Cheetos.  Spelling Bee Champion of 1987, and now THIS. How I’m not married to Leonardo DiCaprio at this point is beyond all the comprehensions.

So in an effort to keep the blog train rolling, let’s jump into more nail polish.  I’ve got loads of goodies from Pretty Jelly to share with you today!  Take a look at what Liz sent over:


Now, swoon!  Cuz hers a pretty lady, that’s why.

This is the All That Jazz collection, a set of eight seductive shades inspired by the musical, Chicago.  Who’s in the mood for some holo and shimmer and super unattractive drool-y scenarios?  Damn near all of us, that’s who.  Quick rundown of colors below!


DESCRIBED as a black jelly with scattered holo, red multichrome flakies, red holographic glitter and aqua shimmer, Pop Six Squish is one of those polishes that you know you’re gonna like, but then you do approximately one swipe down the nail and basically you’ll never be normal again.  Ugh.


DESCRIBED as a silver holographic microglitter with red, gold and black micro glitter speckled throughout, I’m Gonna Be…Roxie is one of the nicest glitter bombs of all time.  For my swatch, I did one brushed coat and one sponged coat and and the payoff is legit no joke.  I mean, I’m still picking stray glitters off my body, cuz clearly I’m not very good at nails.


DESCRIBED as a moss green holographic with green to purple multichrome flakies and pink shimmer, All I Care About is Love is basically all your polish dreams come true.  It’s GREEEEEEN!  All other points are moot.

Oh, two coats!  In case you’re curious.


DESCRIBED as an indigo holographic with fine red and aqua shimmer, All That Jazz is jaw droppingly beautiful!  The color is not your typical blue; it’s just different enough to be special.  So vibrant and holo-y and noodle-leg-enducing.  How we’re still upright, the world shall never know.


DESCRIBED as a rich magenta holographic with pink shimmer, Give ‘Em the Old Razzle Dazzle is just that:  RAZZLE DAZZLE.  It’s four fingers full of Jolly Rancher goodness, although slightly more poison-y.  Do not lick.  DON’T DO IT!


DESCRIBED as a warm brown holographic with golden-green and aqua shimmer, Stay Away From Jazz & Liquor is an absolute perrrrfect fall color!  I’m such a sucker for browns, and this one is no exception.  So warm and cozy and Schnapps-in-the-coffee GOOD.  Excuse me while I close my eyes and sigh to myself like a crazy person.


DESCRIBED as a dark blue-gray holographic, We Both Reached For the Gun is your almost one coat dreamboat.  Of course, I do two coats out of habit and also cuz I have a nail polish problem.

Formula on this one is the thickest of the bunch, but it applied well as long as you don’t overwork it.


DESCRIBED as a blood red holographic, The Mistress of Murderer’s Row is probably my favorite.  Because it’s not exactly a red; there’s a skosh of brown in there, and we all know what happens when you toss in some brown.  Magical things, y’all.  With some smelling salts on top.  Ooooh, it’s getting suuuuuper pass-out-y in here now!

In addition to this colletion, Liz sent over some stuff exclusively for this weekend’s Polish Con event in Chicago.  Who’s going?  NOT THIS LADY!  Bah.

But in case you’re one of the lucky ones, here’s the Chicago World’s Fair Set:

And good news!  You’re buying it!

Each one of these beauties is a perfect two coater.  Formula = excellent.  Colors = swoony.  You = a melty puddle of goo.  If you came for the ladylike composure, you picked a horribly wrong day.


DESCRIBED as a deep violet holographic with red to green shift and multichrome flakies

I see holo!  I see flakies!  I see my tongue just lolling about so unattractively.  


DESCRIBED as a silver holographic with shimmer and multichrome flakies, Tesla’s Light A-Fair is an unexpected jewel.  It’s less basic silver, more silver plus jazz hands.   Which means, WE LUB IT LOTS.


DESCRIBED as an ultramarine blue holographic with vibrant red to gold shimmer, Spin the Chicago Wheel is hands-down the happiest blue in all the land!  If you somehow find yourself at Polish Con with just $12 left in your pocket, make sure this one’s in the shopping cart.  DO IT.  I mean it.


DESCRIBED as a multichrome holographic that shifts from garnet to orange with aqua/pink shimmer, Hootchy-Kootchy is sultry and fiery and 27 levels of sexy.  Your date night nails!  Or napping nails, you know, if you’re me.

OMG, is this blog still on?  Certainly we’ve been in here about 18 years by now?

Last polish is the VIP Exclusive.  Let’s end this blog with a bang, shall we?


DESCRIBED as a dusty periwinkle with fine orange shimmer, holographic shimmer and gold microglitter, Willis? Are You Sears? is such an elegantly pretty shade.  I just love the contrasting shimmer – you don’t see periwinkle and orange paired up that often but it definitely works so well!  Unique and lovely!  If this one ends up on all the surfaces, no one is surprised.


All the important deets:

The All That Jazz collection releases Monday, September 25, which is quite possibly the most advance notice I’ve given you EVER. Look at me, being a proper blogger!

Full collection will retail for $72; individual bottles are $10 each.  However, if you purchase the collection by October 2, you can get 20% off.

Where to buy:  http://PrettyJelly.com

If you’re headed to Polish Con this weekend, you can gain early access to this collection.  Plus all polishes are buy 5 get 1 free, and OMG, who’s excited?!

As for the Polish Con goodies, more important things to know:

The Chicago World’s Fair Set will retail for $40 for all four polishes; individual bottles are $12.  The VIP Exclusive polish will also retail for $12.

If any leftovers remain after Polish Con, they will be available in the Pretty Jelly store on September 25.  Link above, cuz I’ve done enough carpal tunneling for today.

Okay, one last bit of effort!  Connect with Pretty Jelly:



Whew!  Is Starbucks coming?  I’ll take a thousand.

Later, loves!


BLUSH Lacquers: A Polish Con EXTRAVAGANZA!


It’s probably a realllly terrible idea to attempt a blog while watching Dancing With the Stars, but Multi-Task Mode has been engaged and so quite honestly, I have no choice.  However, if my brain happens to go away somewhere, you’ll know exactly where it is:  having a Debbie Gibson-style 9th grade flashback complete with hairbrush microphone and awkward dancing.  Seriously, it’s a good thing hubby’s on a business trip, otherwise divorce is lurking if I’m not mistaken.

Quick blog for you tonight cuz time is running out, and I figure I need to tell you about the things before the things are no longer the things.  Polish Con is happening in a mere 5 days and I assume you’d like to know what you’re buying BEFORE the polishes go away forever.  Professional blogger EXTRAORDINAIRE?  I say YES.

Let’s get into it; lots and lots of goodies to share!  I’ve got everything you need to know from Victoria with BLUSH Lacquers, so put your FOCUS face on; there’s some serious business up ahead.  Here we go!


Purple lovers, pay attention!  All your dreams just came true.

This is the Magician’s Trick limited edition trio, three gorgeous purple-toned beauties inspired by the three acts of a magic trick.  Perfect two coat dreamboats!  You want these, oh yes you do.


DESCRIBED as a lavender base with a red shimmer and scattered holo, The Pledge is the beginning or first act of the magic trick where the magician shows you something ordinary.

Soooo … this one should be like a see-thru beige or something right?  Cuz this polish is NOTHING close to ordinary.  The shimmer in it is jaw dropping.


DESCRIBED as a plum base with brown simmer and scattered holo, The Turn is the middle or second act of a magic trick where the magician takes the ordinary something and turns it into something extraordinary.

Okay.  EXTRAORDINARY.  Yep, that sounds about right.  I’m always a fan of deeper shades as they play nicer with my skin tone, and then you go tossing a BROWN shimmer in there, and OMG, excuse me while I go pass out for a second.


DESCRIBED as a deep purple base with coppery-bronze shimmer and scattered holo, The Prestige is the third and most difficult act of a magic trick where the magician brings it back, because it isn’t enough to just make something disappear.

Unless you count Cheetos, cuz that one is totally worth it.  I’m not even gonna pretend I don’t have one hand blogging and the other in a chip bag.  Why skinny is taking so damn long, I’ll never know.

This trio is a limited edition for Polish Con, but any leftovers will be sold on the BLUSH website.  No restocks are planned, so if you’re headed to PC, there better be 27 trios in your shopping cart, otherwise you are WRONG.

The Magician’s Trick trio retails for $28 for the set or individually for $10.

Next up is the Polish Con exclusive shade.  Check out this gorgeous thing:


DESCRIBED as a robin’s egg blue base with pink shimmer, It’s a Breeze on the Trapeze is inspired by the bright sparkling circus costumes of trapeze artists.

Another perfect two coater!  But then again, Victoria made it so we already knew.  

This one will ONLY be available at Polish Con; no leftovers will be sold in the BLUSH store.  That means if you’re not able to attend PC, you better find a shopping buddy otherwise it’s a sad state of affairs for you.  Cuz we hoard ALL the BLUSHes ’round here, that’s why.

Cost:  $12

Lastly, there’s a FREE gift with purchase!  And who doesn’t love free things?  (Crazy people.)


DESCRIBED as a deep apple red holographic with bright red shimmer, The Archer and the Apple is inspired by William Tell and impalement art circus acts where an archer or knife thrower hits an apple target off a person’s head.

YOU GUYS.  If you need one good reason to toss a whoooole lotta nail polish in the shopping cart, this here’d be it.  I stinkin’ LOVE this red.  The shimmer in it creates the most amazing inner glow.  Plus a dire case of the noodle legs.

This polish is only available with the purchase of 5 or more BLUSH polishes.  It cannot be purchased individually, and once stock runs out, there is no substition gift with purchase offer.  In other words, head to the BLUSH table first.  You know, for SAFETY.

And don’t forget!  The Road to Polish Con polish I reviewed for you a few weeks ago will be available once again.  A refresher:


And in case you wanna check out my in-depth review of it (orrrrr, blog full of nonsense), you can click here

That’s it y’all!  For all you lucky people heading to Polish Con this coming Saturday, first of all, I only hate you a tiny bit. But also, make sure you add these beauties to your shopping list. DO IT. I mean it.

And in case leftovers are happening, be sure to follow BLUSH Lacquers’s social media so you don’t miss out.  Here’s the linkies:


Fan Group


As always, thanks for stopping by!  More pretty things tomorrow so come back and have your wallets handy.  Cuz this shopping thing we’ve got going on has barely gotten started.  Let’s spend more money!  Weeee!

Later, loves!


Glam Polish: Iconic Chicago Collection 


It’s Sunday, y’all, otherwise known as the last day to have booze in your coffee.  Make sure you take full advantage, cuz you’ve got five days ahead of you full of NO BOOZE regular coffee, which is quite possibly the lamest thing the Universe has ever done.  Well, that and business casual.  Seriously, was 7th grade Spirit Week NOT the best, most grade-A producing week ever, directly related to the fact you got to wear pajamas in public?  Let’s do more of that, then!  Pretty sure more spreadsheets get done while wearing a jumbo t-shirt and no pants at your desk.  OMG, an Employee of the Month award is lurking, guys, I just know it.

In the meantime, let’s look at pretty things!  Glam Polish is headed to the Polish Con event in Chicago, and these beauties are tagging along:


A bonafide flakie EXTRAVAGANZA!  Plus drool and noodle legs and other ladylike-type scenarios.

Polish Con in Chicago is coming up on September 23 so Rachel made this awesome Iconic Chicago collection exclusively for the event. Each polish is named after characters and movies from Chicago’s history, and I’ve listed them alongside each swatch. Cuz although I might be the most derpy-est person on the planet, occasionally I can also be a proper blogger – or at least make 18,000 attempts.

Here’s your color rundown. Brace yourself, cuz it’s about to get suuuuuper pass-out-y in approximately 2.5 seconds. Grab your smelling salts for SAFETY.  Lessss go!


DESCRIBED as an amethyst jelly with ultra holo glitter, fine holo microglitter, color shifting iridescent glitter and color shifting iridescent flakies

INSPIRED by a quote from the movie Home Alone

I did three coats on three fingers and BIZARRELY, just two coats on my ring finger.  I’m not even gonna tell you I was polishing with one eye sleeping, cuz quite honestly, you already know.  In any case, it looks pretty good in two coats but I believe three deepens the color somewhat.  Other swatchers got it opaque in two coats, though, so clearly I’m not very good at nails.  Bah.


DESCRIBED as a dark berry jelly packed with strong purple/green/blue shimmer and holographic flakies

INSPIRED by the Blues Brothers

Did two coats on ALL four fingers here, so I’ll take a horn toot if y’all not busy.  This one looks flat-out YUMMY, though; four nails of grape Jolly Rancher goodness.  Purple lovers, pay attention!  27 bottles in the shopping cart just makes sense.


DESCRIBED as a dusty lavender crelly with subtle holo, shifting multichrome flakies and gold, bright pink and rose holographic microglitters

INSPIRED by Al Capone

Only two coats for this one cuz suddenly we’re having a brief moment of mojo and things are working out perfectly. Of course, Glam’s formula is one of the best, most consistent formulas you’ll ever find, but in pure ME fashion, I tend to muck things up anyway. NOT THIS TIME!  Two coats and done. Weeee!


DESCRIBED as a blue tinted holographic jelly with ultra holo glitter and indigo/green/purple shifting iridescent flakies

INSPIRED by Chicago in general; it was named by one of the members of the Glam Polish Facebook fan group

This one is my absolute favorite of the bunch!  Two coats of dreamboat, and I’m the most unattractive mess you’ve ever seen. But it glows, guys; it simply glows. And my brain has just literally left the dadgum building. 


DESCRIBED as a bright violet packed with crimson shimmer and indigo/purple/red shifting multichrome flakies

INSPIRED by John Dillinger

WAIT. Now this one is glowing. Ughhhhhhhh. At this rate, we’ll never make it to the end of this blog. How two coats of this ever made it on my nails is a damn near miracle.  Cuz it’s hard to do nails while melting into a big puddle of goo.

Purple lovers!  How happy are you right now? (VERY.)


DESCRIBED as an intense holo with ultra holographic glitter, fine gold holo microglitter and a mix of three shades of color shifting multichrome flakies

INSPIRED by a quote from the movie, The Untouchables

Oooooh, party nails!  Or napping nails, if you’re me. Regardless, two coats so you can polish and then move on with your fancy life.


As I mentioned, this collection is made exclusively for the Polish Con event in Chicago on September 23, so if you’re heading that way, GET ON IT, BOO BOOS!  There’s a limited quantity available and you don’t wanna miss out.  If by some miracle there are leftovers, Rachel will put them in the Glam Polish store on September 29 at 2pm EST.  I know that’s roughly eons away with light years and eternities on top, so setting 17 alarms makes the most sense.

If you need tickets to Polish Con, you can buy them here:  http://polishconvention.bigcartel.com/information-about-events

If you need (to buy me) a Starbucks gift-card-of-gratitude, go here:  http://www.starbucks.com

You know, just in case you’re in a clicking mood.

To sum up, Polish Con go-ers are the luckiest people in the world.  However, the rest of us might get our chance!  Be sure to follow Glam Polish on all their social media for updates.  Cuz if leftovers are happening, who’s going to be first in line?  EVERY DADGUM ONE OF US, that’s who.  The linky loos:



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To keep up with all things Polish Con, join the group by clicking here.  And then get back in pajamas cuz GOOD LORDT all the clicking!  Y’all can officially lounge on couches for the rest of the day.

Later, loves!


Cruisin’ Into Polish Con: Glisten & Glow, Cupcake Polish, Different Dimension 


If there was ever a time to get your life together, now would be it.  Cuz another POLISH EMERGENCY! is headed our way and we need to get prepared.  I mean, imagine a surprise Leonardo sighting is happening and you don’t have your wedding dress in the car. Do you see? DO YOU SEE?!?!  So you miss out on this nail polish, and that’s practically the same thing. 

Well, almost. Cuz LEONARDO, that’s why.  You’ve read this blog before.  (Right?  RIGHT.)

But back to the emergency, i.e., point of this dadgum blog. The next Polish Convention event will be taking place in Chicago on September 23, and every week leading up to the big day, new exclusive Road to Polish Con polishes are being released.  Week 5 starts tomorrow, guys, and now you need to FOCUS.  A legit, no joke BEST DAY EVER just landed in your lap like no big deal.


Gah!  Excuse me while I toss my ladylike composure out the window real quick.

This is the Cruisin’ Into Polish Con trio from three of our most favorite brands:  Glisten & Glow, Cupcake Polish, and Different Dimension.  It’s like a bonus Holo Hookup box, guys!  Who just peed a little?  I know, ME TOO!

Celebrating the 100th year of Chicago’s Navy Pier, these polishes are inspired by three dinner and sightseeing boats plus fireworks, dancing, music, culture, food, cocktails and beautiful sunsets.  Basically, all your holographic polish dreams come true, So get off your no-buys ladies; this is COMPLETE JUSTIFICATION to the trillionth degree.


DESCRIPTION:  An indigo purple holographic with violet and blue shimmers and silver microflakies

OPACITY:  Two coats

And all you purple lovers just died a little bit.  For real, you did.

Under the mood lights:

And a macro for funsies:

Some kinda fun nail art:

Although, don’t ask why I felt orange stamping was the way to go with this one.  Sometimes when I nail art, my brain just goes away somewhere.  However, AN ATTEMPT WAS MADE, and that’s worth half a horn toot at least.

Used the Lina Make Your Mark 05 plate if you’re curious.


DESCRIPTION:  An azure blue super linear holographic with heavy green to blue shifting shimmers

OPACITY:  Two coats

More mood lighting to show off the color.  For extra drool-y-ness, clearly:

Now a close up of those goodies.  A bonafide ocean of lovely:

Some simple stamping:

This one looked way better in my head.  There was this cool cutout image on the Powder Perfect 1980s 1 plate, and I instantly thought of a color block design.  But the curves in my nails made the stamping turn out a bit wonky, and I don’t know about you, but I could use 18,000 tubes of hives cream right about now.  Oh, OCD, my evil friend.


DESCRIPTION:  A bright magenta pink holographic with hints of copper shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats

Seriously, if y’all could just wheel me over one of those old fashioned fainting couches, that’d be great.

Do you hear angels?  I hear angels.

Not hideous, but …

… no award, either.  If anyone has some leftover mojo, I could use a billion of it.

Stamped with the Lina Make Your Mark 05 plate again in case recreations are in order.  (They’re not.  Moving on!)

Then suddenly, a last minute mojo reprieve:

A good old fashioned dotticure!  I used all three polishes for this, and I really love how it turned out.  I made those dots by hand y’all, cuz a burst of energy just came out of nowhere.

So then I did this real quick:

Well, not real quick.  More like 18 years, but still. Gradients don’t just happen like magic, surprisingly.  Although, if this gets me a lifetime supply of bonus points, that sounds about right.  Cuz OVERACHIEVE-Y doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.

Used the Lina Make Your Mark 05 plate one last time, and then kudos and accolades are coming next, I’m sure of it.


The Cruisin’ Into Polish Con trio will be available starting tomorrow, July 30 at 8am EST and will run until Saturday, August 5 at 8pm EST.  In case you don’t math well, that’s seven short days to get your priorities in order.  Holo up top, people!  Then dishes and groceries, if there’s time.

Sold individually, each bottle will retail for $10.  Only available on the Polish Convention website, so click here for shopping!  Then keep a lookout every Sunday for new polishes to hoard.  Cuz no one does CRAZY NAIL LADY quite like you.

Come back tomorrow for more blog.  This train keeps moving!

Later, loves!