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Road to Polish Con Week 11: Noodles Nail Polish + Contrary Polish



I’ve lost the charger to my keyboard case on my iPad, so guess who’s writing this blog by poking the screen one finger at a time like a dadgum crazy person? Ugh. Booooo. Needless to say, this one will be short and sweet, cuz effort on a Saturday? LAME.


Noodles Nail Polish: Holiday 2017 Collection 


GUYS.  I did it.  All the Black Friday posts, blogged and DONE.  I mean, I didn’t do it on time or anything, but that is beside the point.  Cuz it’s Small Business Saturday, which is basically Black Friday but with less elbow jabs to the face, soooo … if you feel like sending bonus points, AS ALWAYS, I’ll take a thousand.

Lots of swatching happening today, plus hubby wants to go buy a Christmas tree.  We had one last year, but it wouldn’t fit back in the box after we took it down and then some sort of blind rage-type scenario happened.  Have you ever punched a Christmas tree?  I mean, if you want to feel about 27 levels of not-very-classy, go punch a Christmas tree.  It’s the most ridiculous thing you’ll ever do.

So before we head out to go do stuff (and wear pants against my will), let’s talk polish!  Natalie with Noodles Nail Polish sent me a whooooole lotta pretty to share with you today.  And what do we do when new Noodles are happening? 


We pass the hell on out now, that’s what.  Big puddle of goo?  THAT’S YOU.

This is the Holiday 2017 Collection and they’re all so stinkin’ lovely, it hurts to look.  Excuse me while I sit here and cry over nail polish, cuz nothing says NOT NORMAL than getting emotional over bottles full of holo and glitter.  Unless you’ve, perhaps, punched a Christmas tree or something.

I’m not crazy, you’re crazy.

Here’s your quick rundown of colors.  Drool!  Swoon! Enjoy!  REPEAT.  You’re about to have a most unattractive day in case you didn’t know.


DESCRIPTION:  A soft pinkish-red jelly packed with gold, copper and pink flakies and fine gold glitter

OPACITY:  Three coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  A deep berry creme with silver and red flakies, fine silver holographic glitter and red shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  A green holographic with silver flakies and green shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats, but I did three cuz GREEEEEEN!


DESCRIPTION:  A clear based snowflake glitter topper with white, gold, metallic and gold holographic glitters

OPACITY:  One coat swiped over a black base; excellent glitter payoff and fun, fun, fun


DESCRIPTION:  A white crelly with neon green glitters, red and green metallic glitters, mini red hearts and fine silver holographic glitter

OPACITY:  Two coats, although some may prefer three; excellent self-leveling, non-streaky white crelly formula (hooray!)


DESCRIPTION:  A full coverage silver flakie and silver holographic glitter polish with a green and red glitter mix

OPACITY:  Two coats was good, but I did three due to invisible naked spots only I could see; being me is the BEST FUN EVER


DESCRIPTION:  A holographic polish with purple shimmer and soft blue to violet shift

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  A purple jelly with fuchsia, silver, cherry and sapphire glitters and blue/purple chameleon chrome flakies

OPACITY:  Three thin coats plus glossy top coat


We gots a dire case of the Grabby Fingers, y’all!  You’re gonna need like 18,000 bottles at minimum.  Plus backups, for SAFETY.  No sense in being normal at a time like this.  The deets:

Each bottle retails for $9.50

However, Black Friday deals are still going on (Seeeee?  Told you I was on time, kinda sorta.) and there’s a coupon.  Use code IBCFRIDAY to get 20% off a $10+ purchase.  Sooooo, now things are practically free and that 18,000 bottle thing up there?  A bonafide justication scenario to like the trillionth degree.

Other Black Friday goodies:

* Free mystery polish with purchase of 5 or more bottle

* All orders receive a free mini culticle balm


Sale ends Monday, November 27 at 11:59pm EST, but why delay happiness?  Go now or else.  The collection will still be available after the sale as long as there’s stock, but who feels like taking chances today?  NOT A DADGUM ONE OF US, that’s who.

Where to buy:  http://www.noodlesnailpolish.com

Bonus clicking opportunities!  Connect with Noodles Nail Polish:



Fan Group

Later, loves!


Noodles Nail Polish: Fall 2017 Collection 


Well guess who sat down to write a bonus blog last night and then didn’t write one?  Cuz about 2.5 seconds into it, accidental head lolling, mouth gaping and general unattractiveness ensued, soooooo… Clearly this whole blogging thing is going really really well.  Ugh. 

However, AN ATTEMPT WAS MADE. Bonus points are coming, I’m quite certain.

So before time gets away again, let’s get into some polish! I’ve got new Noodles!  Natalie with Noodles Nail Polish sent me her gorgeous new Fall Collection to share with you today, and YOU. WILL. LOOOOVE.  Take a look at these beauties:


Now, swoon!

One look at these and you’re instantly reminded of fall.  Scarves and Uggs and things with pumpkin.  Leaves and bonfires and hot dogs on sticks.  WANT, WANT and NEED!  That’s your new motto.  I, on the other hand, will just sit here and cry like a crazy person.  GUYS, I’m not ready!  I’m all good with the fall colors, the fall polishes, and the Starbucks in their limited edition cups.  But brown grass is coming y’all and summer is approximately 18 years away.  Booooo.

However, this collection makes everything at least 23% better.  Coming from me, that’s a damn near miracle.  Here’s the colors:


DESCRIPTION:  A brown jelly with gold and copper shimmer and red/orange/copper flakies

OPACITY:  Two lovely coats plus glossy top coat; looks like chocolate so we lub it lots!


DESCRIPTION:  A red jelly with orange/red flakies, gold holographic shreds and glitter, iridescent orange/green glitter, red shimmer, and red/gold/green and orange/pink/gold color shifting flakies

OPACITY:  Two coats plus two coats of glossy top coat.  This one had a thicker consistency, quite possibly cuz it’s loaded full of goodies ORRRR! because I’m not very good at nails.  Either way, though, I managed just fine.


DESCRIPTION:  A blue crelly with blue microflakies and gold and bronze shimmers

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  An olive-toned brown crelly with scattered holographic and bronze and green shimmers

OPACITY:  Two smooth coats plus glossy top coat; also looks like chocolate.  At this rate, skinny will never come.


DESCRIPTION:  A teal jelly with blue/green/copper color shifting flakies, copper and gold glitters and copper shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats plus two coats of glossy top coat.  This one had the same consistency as the red one above; thicker but manageable.  Do we care, though?  NO.  Cuz GREEEEN.


DESCRIPTION:  A dense glitter polish packed with gold shimmers

OPACITY:  This polish is made to be worn as full coverage, which I’ve achieved here in three brushed on coats.  If you like to sponge your coats on, two would work just fine.  And if you’re feeling a bit of topper action, one light coat over a base color is all you need.  Lastly, and most importantly, I just said “topper action” and now I think my brain has officially gone away somewhere.


DESCRIPTION:  A blue holographic with copper and blue microflakies

OPACITY:  Two easy coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  A cream crelly with orange, turquoise, navy, bronze and copper glitters as well as a touch of copper shimmer 

OPACITY:  Two of the yummiest coats of your life!  This crelly formula is absolute perfection.  Covers evenly and effortlessly; levels out like a DADGUM CHAMPION.


DESCRIPTION:  A violet/red/copper color shifting crelly with red flakies and gold glitters 

OPACITY:  Two dreamy coats plus noodle legs, drool buckets and other ladylike-type scenarios


Nail polish.  DEAD.  Fall nail polish.  MORE DEAD.  Seriously, can we ever be sexy, even just for a little bit? Clearly, the answer is NO.

This collection releases on Friday, September 8 at 6pm EST, so be sure to set like 17 alarms.  Cuz now is not the time for rational behavior.  Here’s very important deets:

Full collection will retail for $75

Single bottles are $9 except for Orchard Stroll and Autumn Chill – they retail for $9.50

Horn toots for good decisioning: FREE

Where to buy:  http://www.noodlesnailpolish.com

Now, the linky loos!  Connect with Noodles Nail Polish:


Fan Group

All done (for now, that is).  I have much more to show you tomorrow, and maybe – JUST MAYBE! – I can get a couple posts done for you like a proper blogger.  Cross your fingers!  Then send Starbucks.

Later, loves!


Noodles Nail Polish: Summer 2017 Collection 


Guess who was forced to leave the house against her will this weekend?  I mean, I’ve only got 7,397 blogs to write, so yeah, a weekend getaway sounds like perfect timing if you ask me.  So before y’all go thinking I live some sort of charmed life full of nail polish and couch lounging, REST ASSURED.  There was a concert and a museum plus a fancy Italian dinner, and OMG.  Blogging is so hard you guys!  SO. HARD.

So naturally I’ve been playing catch up, but even more so than usual.  Five days since my last post, and I swear to bejeebus if y’all weren’t sad and miserable, there’s a karate chop with your name on it.  Complete with a hi-yaaaa! and spitlets.  Cuz this friendship is reciprocal whether you like it or not.

But for now, some pretty things.  Natalie with Noodles Nail Polish has a new summer collection coming your way and you are gonna need to put your focus face on.  And then hand over your checkbook, just to be safe.  Take a look at what you’re buying today:


It’s the only logical reaction to new Noodles.  18,000 bottles, in the cart they go!  Weeee!

First up is Tropical Reefs:

This one is a pinkish coral crème with a touch of scattered holo and silver foil shimmer.  Formula was the kind where you are innocently polishing your nails, minding your own business, then you accidentally paint all your surfaces cuz your brain done went somewhere.  You know the kind.  That is this.  A one coat dreamboat (or two, if you’re crazy).

Next up is Beach Daze:

This one is a white crelly with yellow, light purple, blue and watermelon matte glitters.  It’s the perfect summer day in a bottle!  Well, somebody’s perfect summer day, I’m sure.  Mine usually involves 27 blankets on the couch by the air conditioning.  Cuz I don’t sweat like a lady, that’s why.

Three thin coats here, if you’re curious.

Now here’s Caribbean Waters:

This one is a light blue crelly packed with silver holo flakies, silver and violet holo glitters and purple shimmer.  My faaaaaavorite!  It has the most amazingly fluid formula. Like, if I didn’t have so much blogging to do, I’d for sure have a Polish Mountain-type situation on my hands.  So I just did two coats instead because occasionally I am responsible.  I mean, Lazy, Level EXPERT had nothing to do with it.  About 23% sure.

Next is Under the Sea:

Here we have a blue/purple jelly base filled with pink/blue/purple shifting flakies and blue, pink and silver fine holo glitters.  Who wants to swim in a tub full of this one?  Gah!  The most beautiful ocean you ever saw.  Seen.  Have ever seen.  Ugh.  One can’t grammar at a time like this.

Jellies can be scary, but this is a luscious easy two coater.  No gloop!  And a one way ticket to the Drool Convention, at minimum.

Here’s Mermaid Kisses:

This one is a glitter topper full of green/blue/violet color shifting glitters as well as metallic and holographic turquoise and pink glitter.  She’s a little braggy, let’s be honest.  I mean, so much glitter, so much overachieve-y.  But we lub her lots anyway.

Instead of topping this over a base, I brushed three coats on my naked nails and got pretty decent full coverage.  And now I’m a fancy lady-slash-trophy wife EXTRAORDINAIRE!

Then I put some pants on:

GUYS.  I went outside for you.  Seriously, I am a DADGUM PROFESSIONAL.  And basically your favorite best friend.

Lastly, here’s Heart of the Ocean:

This one is a berry holographic with purple microshimmer.  Nice and simple, but OMG, the formula is divine.  I’d lick it if the judgy eyes weren’t lurking.  Purple lovers!  Get in here so I’m not the only crazy one in this blog.  Seriously, cuz hubby is watching and I feel a noodle leg epidemic coming on.

I did one coat and almost walked away, but then the hives kicked in.  Two coats for safety!  But other, more normal people would prolly be just fine with one.  Oh, OCD, my evil friend.

The round up:

This collection released just today, so there’s no excuse not to spend some money.  Here’s some deets:

Single bottles are $9 each with the exception of Caribbean Waters and Heart of the Ocean, which retail for $9.50.  So click here, throw polish in your cart all willy nilly, then sit back and revel in your good decisioning.  And then buy me a Starbucks cuz you’re in a shopping mood.

Finally, some linky loos:

Shop http://noodlesnailpolish.com

Instagram http://www.instagram.com/noodlesnailpolish 

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/noodlesnailpolish

Back tomorrow with more fun stuff.  Also, there’s a swatch party fiesta happening soon, so be sure to stick around.  The suspense!

Later, loves!


Noodles Nail Polish: Spring 2017 Collection 


Hubby and I shouldn’t have discussions after 11pm cuz that’s when the stupid things start to come out.  I mean, when you have one eye closed and a brain half asleep, you really have no business talking at all.  Or else you might make a decision on things you weren’t ready to commit to.  Cuz apparently now if I ever have to get false teeth I’m not allowed to take them out and gum on things in front of the hubs or else he’ll refuse to love me.  Well how ZERO FUN is that?  I imagine the only bright side to false teeth would be the gumming.  Oh! and putting them in a glass by the sink right next to his toothbrush.

So not even sure why this is even a thing now, but since it’s out in the open, I’m gonna go ahead and dissect it to death.  Cuz four years ago, right after the minister thought I was about to marry my brother (we bought the cheap wedding, clearly) my husband promised to God and a room full of other people that he’d be there for me in sickness and in health.   So as soon as he shows me where the false teeth disclaimer is, I’m going to hold him to every word of it.  Sorry.  God is watching.

Not that I want to gum things in public or anything, but false teeth does run in the family.  Considering how lucky I am in all things life-related, prettttttty sure I’ll suffer the same fate.  Or actually hubby will be the one to suffer, as there’s not much sexy to go around when your teeth are in a completely different room as you.

Which brings me to the point for this entire conversation:  I’m going to the dentist today to get a cavity filled, which – as an adult – should be outlawed.  I get cavities at least once a year, so the probability for false teeth is lurking.  And if that’s the reward I get for going to the dentist every six months like you’d expect from the 1987 Spelling Bee Champion – well then maybe I should’ve drank more than one wine cooler in high school.  Cuz apparently following rules gets you nowhere.

So while I sit here having anxiety and sweating like a lady, let’s talk nail polish.  Natalie with Noodles Nail Polish sent me her Spring 2017 Collection to share with you today, six polishes full of sunshine and happiness.  Ready to go?  Well then lessss go!

Welp, we want all those, now don’t we?  Cuz they just scream spring, and who couldn’t use a dose of spring in their life?  That’s right – just the crazy ones.  My grass is already turning a brilliant shade of green, and I am beside myself with joy.  Goodbye dead winter self! I’m about *thisclose* to putting pants on, so you know I’m serious.

First up is Petals & Peonies:

It pays to be prepared in life sometimes.  Like, by wearing stretchy pants before cheesecake, or perhaps there’s a wedding dress in your car in case of a surprise Leonardo sighting.  And one day the Queen of England might need you to bring her a sandwich, so you’re buying this nail polish just to be safe.  Cuz while you’re probably not wearing pantyhose or one of those hats with the feathers in it, at least you know your nails look good. That’s half your fashion logistics right there. 

So this one has a pale pink crelly base and it’s loaded with pastel, silver and gold glitters, gold shimmer and silver flakies.  Goes on smooth even with all the goodies, and now you are ready to hold a thousand tiny cups, at the minimum.  Tea with the Queen: BRING IT. 

Time for macros!

Gah, so pretty. 

Next up is Metamorphosis:

Okay, it’s just way too early for this.  We barely got started and already my brain has stopped holding my mouth closed.  Can you imagine how unattractive I’m about to get?  Like, false teeth is one thing but lolling tongues and drool buckets is another thing altogether.  Seriously, I’m locking this bedroom door lest hubby comes in here to divorce me. 

This one is a steely blue green holo with copper shimmer and soft pinkish/red shift, and it will absolutely knock your socks off.  You got shit to do and only one coat of polish to spare?  Here ya go then, your dreamboat in a bottle.  Now you’ve got pretty nails AND time to spare to go be Mom of the Year or whatever it is all you normal people get accomplished on a daily basis.  It’s a sad state of affairs over at my house, what with all the pajamas and the lounging.

Put this hot mama under the lamps for a minute:

Do you hear angels? I hear angels.  You’re officially buying one bottle of this, and then 27 back up bottles.  To start.

Grab your smelling salts, stat!   Now you may scroll:

Some nail art I did:

I mean, not gonna win any awards or anything, but it’s not the worst I’ve ever done.  Cuz I invented the Meth Owl, and certainly not on purpose.  

Now here’s Blue Skies:

My absolute favorite of the bunch. It’s glorious and stunning and about 2.5 seconds away from an accidental painting of all the surfaces.  Clearly, an extra bit of supervision is in order.  SEND HELP.  And a Starbucks, just in case.

So this one is a light blue crelly with silver flakies, white microflakies and soft scattered holo.  WHITE microflakies?!  I know!  And now were all having the best day EVER.  Cuz flakies make everything better.  And prettier and skinnier too, prolly.

More macros, more drool:

You done died.  You did.

This one is called Rise & Shine:

My eyes, my eyes!  Holy moly guys.  A ridiculous display of sparkle, in case you’re due for one.

This one is a full coverage glitter mix of gold, pink, aqua, purple, silver metallic and holo.  It can be a used as a topper if you  apply it very thinly, but honestly, why you being hayve on a Thursday?  Let’s just lose allllll the control on this cuz that’s the only logical thing I can think of.  I did two brushed-on coats and one dabbed coat for safety, and the pay out is for real LEGIT.   They’re party nails or nap nails depending on if you’re you or if you’re me.  Either way though:  you will lub them lots.

More macros, in case you wanna pass out for a second:

Okay, now that was nuts.

Scroll past this next part:

Y’all didn’t scroll.  Ugh.  What the hell is this then?  I don’t dislike it, but I dunno.  Did I nail fail like usual or am I just being too critical?  You tell me cuz my brain’s no longer working.

Used the Bump, Set, Spike vinyls from Polished Vino if any recreations are in order.  Bahaha.  Ugh.

Next up is Spring Fling:

Well, now how precious is this?  Someone on my Instagram commented that it looks like candy, and I’d have to agree on that a bit.  I could go for a lick of this one, for sure.  Probably tastes more poison-y than expected, but can’t say I’m not considering it.   Also, someone needs to save me from me.  It’s getting dire in here.

So this little princess is a creamy white crelly loaded with yellow, pink, purple, peach and blue glitters and fine pink holo shreds.  All of it, cutie pie.  Every single bit is full of joy.  Go ahead and smile with your eyes closed on this one.  But be by yourself cuz judgy eyes are everywhere.

Can’t stop, won’t stop:

Lastly, here’s Flutterby:

No sense in petering out here at the end.  Cuz a spring collection wouldn’t be proper without some purple in it.  Who just died a little bit then?  ME TOO!  This entire collection is crazy good.  You’re buying the whole thing, I’ve already decided.  And in case kudos and thanks are in order, I like gift cards. And Leonardo, if you’re not busy.

So this beauty is a soft lilac holo with more of those white microflakies we love to the point of speculation and a touch of purple shimmer.  Seriously, if you haven’t drooled in a thousand buckets at this point, I’m var var concerned about the state of your brain.  Maybe you don’t enjoy happiness. Or maybe you have no eyes.  Either way, medical intervention is in order.  

Final act of convincing:

And then some kinda cute nail art:

I’m proud of this one.  It’s not hideous!  Granted, I went a touch bananas on those purple studs, but for the most part I did a thing with a skosh of jazz hands instead of a thing with, like, sweatpants on per usual.

You should definitely recreate this one!  Used the Lina Feeling Shapely 08 plate and a tiny bit of magic.  

The round up:

GUYS.  Trust me when I tell you how hardcore you love these.  You do, I know it.  Cuz we don’t just walk away from a basketful of kittens NOR do we walk away from a Noodles Nail Polish collection.  Ever.  Write it down in case there’s a quiz.

This collection releases tomorrow, March 31 at 6pm EST.  Set 17 alarms and put Post-It Notes in all your hidey holes cuz there’s no way you’re getting there late like some kind of hobo.  No, you’re first in line cuz no one does crazy nail lady quite like you. Click here for shopping!

For now, I’m just gonna have a quick little panic over the dentist tomorrow.  Maybe google some side effects in case the Novocaine doesn’t wear off for the rest of my life.  You know, nothing unreasonable.


Later, loves!

Noodles Nail Polish: Meteor’s Gift 


OMG.  I just ate too much lunch and now I’m sitting here in public with the top button of my pants undone.  Although, I’d much rather have a no-pants type situation on my hands at the moment, but don’t really feel like getting arrested today.  Society’s no fun sometimes.

I didn’t mean to overeat.  But in my defense, 1) I was starving, and 2) that’s what happens when you eat yogurt for breakfast instead of biscuits and gravy.  You have a lunchtime retaliation of sorts.  And now I’m sitting here, miserable and guilty and with fat hanging out.  Ugh.  I’m like Joey with the meat sweats.  I need to go home and lay down and be gross in private.

So while I figure out a way to get comfortable, let’s look at something pretty.  I received this stunning glitter explosion from Noodles Nail Polish to share with you.  Hold onto your britches, ladies, and get a good look at Meteor’s Gift:

Otherwise known as How to be Fancy in One Quick Step.  Did you just pass out a little?  Cuz I sure did.

Okay, some things about this polish.  It is an exclusive release from the Indie Polish Lovers United group on Facebook.  The only way to get it is by being a member of the group.  Which is fine, cuz you were just about to do that anyway.  And the Noodles group too right?  Cuz you’re good people.

There’s loads of stuff in here.  All glitter, all the time.  It was completely full coverage and opaque in two coats.  No gloop.  Perfection in every way.  But do we except anything less from Noodles Nail Polish?  NO. WE. DO. NOT.

Check out this macro: 

I love all that.  And guess what?  You’re buying it.  There’s no logical reason why not at this point.  As if someone just handed you a basket full of kittens, cuz that’s basically the same thing.

The round up:

Okay, here’s your to-do list:

1. Join the Indie Polish Lovers United group on Facebook – click here

2. Check out the pinned post for instructions on how to purchase.  There’s a code.  Write it down.

3. On the day of release (tomorrow February 1 at 6pm EST), go to the Noodles Nail Polish store – click here

4. Use the code to buy the polish

5. Wait impatiently

6. Stalk the mailman

7. Thank your blogger (I like gift cards and Starbucks.)

And that’s it.  You’re officially fancy, and it barely took any effort.  Which is my favorite kind of effort if you’re asking, although I’m certain none of you are surprised.  You read this blog right?



Later, loves!


Noodles Nail Polish: Winter Collection 


Since January 1st, I have lost a total of .6 pounds, and I don’t know about you but I’m celebrating.  Someone get me a Starbucks, cuz I. HAVE. EARNED IT.

Okay but for real.  Ugh.  Barely half a pound?  Certainly it’s not for my lack of trying.  I mean, I’m not exercising or anything – don’t get too crazy! – but I switched from my normal creamer with a splash of coffee to the most boring cup of tea you could ever imagine.  And my husband makes us sandwiches for dinner practically every day now.  That counts for something right?  Cuz if this lifestyle change doesn’t produce results sometime soon, it’s back to Funyuns and butter and happiness.  So, we’ll see.

I did have a moment about 6 years ago where I had lost about 35 pounds.  I didn’t exercise at all because I know me and I know what I’m capable of (couch laying, pajamas, picking things up off the coffee table with my feet cuz I can’t be bothered to move the rest), but I tracked my calorie intake like a drill sergeant.  And it worked.  I was starving for four years straight, but it worked.

Gradually, though, the pounds crept back on and I didn’t even realize it til I found it necessary to hold my pants closed with a ponytail holder instead of the button.  Or just wearing them unzipped altogether, but with a long shirt so I wouldn’t get arrested.  So now I’m back to where I started, and I’m trying to get psycho about losing weight again. I’m older so it’s tougher, and I imagine it’s going to take slightly a bit more work besides eating 3/4 of a cookie instead of a whole one.  Blah.

So while we contemplate the evils of Science, let’s look at nail polish.  I received the Noodles Nail Polish Winter Collection to review for everyone and I’m so excited to share.  Take a look:

SO. STINKIN. PRETTY.  Who wants to put these on all the surfaces?  I do, I do!  Hubby won’t mind, surely.  As long as he gets to keep the remote control, what could he possibly complain about?  Other than all the pajamas, I’d say not much.  I mean, helllllurrrrr, TROPHY WIFE.  Just cuz I can’t seem to get out of my fluffy pink robe doesn’t make it any less true.

First up is Ice, Ice Baby:

Heart eyes times a billion.  And the fact it’s named after a Vanilla Ice song makes it even better.  Who else instinctively says “collaborate and listen” when someone tells you to “stop”?  Although, I’m sure for some of you, it’s “hammer time” instead, but don’t worry – you’re wrong and you can go sit back down now.

So this one is a dark grey crelly with scattered holo,  blue and purple shimmer, platinum flakies and various shades of blue and violet glitters.  Opaque in two quick coats, so perfect for those who like to go do stuff.  Like socialize with friends or be Mom of the Year.  Perhaps you enjoy saving the world from war and poverty.  I, on the other hand, will just be sitting here having my husband bring me stuff on his way back from the kitchen.

Macro porn!


Next up is Owl Moon:

I put this one under the lights so you could see the holo better.  Pretty, right?  (Right.)  It’s definitely the epitome of winter, being so grey and all.  However, this one is much lovelier and wayyyy less obnoxious.  Add some lavender and soft white micro flakies, and your brain has officially stopped holding your mouth closed.  There’s a drool-inducing scenario happening right about now, I just feel it.

This macro shows off those lavender flakies a bit better:

How you’re not passed out right now is beyond me.

Next up is Royal Winter:

Okay, for real you’ve passed out properly now, right?  Gah!  Purple lovers, this one is for you.  You cannot turn away.  It’s the polish equivalent of a room full of kitties; therefore, it’s going in the basket whether you like it or not.

This one is a stunning purple jelly packed with silver holo flakies and pink, gold and silver holo glitters, and if this macro doesn’t do you in, I’m pretty sure you’re a robot.

Now here’s Winter Whimsy:

If winter looked like this, we wouldn’t have a problem.  I’m all in for a glitter shower.  Maybe it would appear I have a much more exciting life if I was covered in glitter all the time.  Can’t be a fairy princess without it.  Or a stripper.

So this one is a white crelly with fine silver holo flakies and various shades of blue and purple glitters that are matte, metallic and holo.  I got it opaque in two coats and it leveled out nice, which is hard to do with white crellies.

Check out this macro:

Quick!  Lick the screen while no one’s looking.  Now act natural.

Good job.

Here’s Aurora:

I don’t know about you guys, but this one’s got me all kinds of woozy.  There’s just something about dark polish – and a shifty dark polish at that – that makes it hard to stay upright.  In fact, if someone could just roll me over one of those fancy little fainting couches, that’d be great.  Bring Leonardo, too, just in case.

Who needs a green/blue/purple multi chrome with platinum flakies and pink and silver holo glitters in their life?  Pretty much everyone, so lucky you, you’re buying it.

Lastly, this is Eskimo Kiss:

This one was a surprise favorite.  I had no idea how pretty this combo would be.  Grey and copper?  Yes, please.  Plus you get copper shimmer AND copper glitter, and I’m not even sure that’s enough.  The world needs more copper.  Copper and lattes and no pants on Sundays.  And then world peace is surely to follow.

Then I attempted some nail art:

Okay, I like that one.  Used some heart chain vinyls from Polished Vino and they are so super cute.  And since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I guarantee I’ll do at least 87 more manicures with these.

Scroll past this one:

Keep scrolling I said.  Ugh.

To be fair, I don’t necessarily hate it, but the stamping image I chose didn’t mix well with such a blingy polish.  How many of you know this is a cracked floral pattern?  Like roughly zero?  Sounds about right.

Used the Caption Polish stamping plate #4, just so you know.

A good ole classic french tip with a twist.  I’ve done manis like this before in the past, and I feel like it could be my go-to if I didn’t think it’d get boring after a while.  But crellies and coordinating glitters just look so good together.  And these neat and tidy lines soothe my OCD like nobody’s business.  I’m just gonna close my eyes and smile like an idiot for a second. BRB.

Last one, and my absolute favorite:

Someone hand me my horn so I can toot it cuz I adore this design.  Freaking ADORE IT.  I may start a trend with this one, which all I can say is FINALLY cuz after that record-in-the-hair debacle in the 7th grade, where I put my ponytail through the middle of one and only one single person took notice, I’d say my time has officially come.  Yes?  Yes.

I used the Lina’s Feeling Shapely 01 stamping plate, one of my favorites, and double stamped in two colors.  Thank goodness for clear stampers is the point of this mani.  Oh, and accolades, you know, if you’re not busy.

The round up:

This is a spectacular winter collection.  The colors in here all speak winter to me, and I can’t think of any logical reason why you’re not buying every single one of them.  All beautiful two coaters, vibrantly colored, and flawless.   Want, want and NEED.  That’s your new motto.

So set some alarms – minimum of 17 – so you don’t miss out.  These release Friday, January 27 at 5pm EST, and they’re a one stock deal.  Are you properly panicked now?  You should be.  Click here to order first, relax second.  Buy me a Starbucks third, cuz this blog post took 18 years to write.

Later, loves!