BLUSH Lacquers: A Polish Con EXTRAVAGANZA!


It’s probably a realllly terrible idea to attempt a blog while watching Dancing With the Stars, but Multi-Task Mode has been engaged and so quite honestly, I have no choice.  However, if my brain happens to go away somewhere, you’ll know exactly where it is:  having a Debbie Gibson-style 9th grade flashback complete with hairbrush microphone and awkward dancing.  Seriously, it’s a good thing hubby’s on a business trip, otherwise divorce is lurking if I’m not mistaken.

Quick blog for you tonight cuz time is running out, and I figure I need to tell you about the things before the things are no longer the things.  Polish Con is happening in a mere 5 days and I assume you’d like to know what you’re buying BEFORE the polishes go away forever.  Professional blogger EXTRAORDINAIRE?  I say YES.

Let’s get into it; lots and lots of goodies to share!  I’ve got everything you need to know from Victoria with BLUSH Lacquers, so put your FOCUS face on; there’s some serious business up ahead.  Here we go!


Purple lovers, pay attention!  All your dreams just came true.

This is the Magician’s Trick limited edition trio, three gorgeous purple-toned beauties inspired by the three acts of a magic trick.  Perfect two coat dreamboats!  You want these, oh yes you do.


DESCRIBED as a lavender base with a red shimmer and scattered holo, The Pledge is the beginning or first act of the magic trick where the magician shows you something ordinary.

Soooo … this one should be like a see-thru beige or something right?  Cuz this polish is NOTHING close to ordinary.  The shimmer in it is jaw dropping.


DESCRIBED as a plum base with brown simmer and scattered holo, The Turn is the middle or second act of a magic trick where the magician takes the ordinary something and turns it into something extraordinary.

Okay.  EXTRAORDINARY.  Yep, that sounds about right.  I’m always a fan of deeper shades as they play nicer with my skin tone, and then you go tossing a BROWN shimmer in there, and OMG, excuse me while I go pass out for a second.


DESCRIBED as a deep purple base with coppery-bronze shimmer and scattered holo, The Prestige is the third and most difficult act of a magic trick where the magician brings it back, because it isn’t enough to just make something disappear.

Unless you count Cheetos, cuz that one is totally worth it.  I’m not even gonna pretend I don’t have one hand blogging and the other in a chip bag.  Why skinny is taking so damn long, I’ll never know.

This trio is a limited edition for Polish Con, but any leftovers will be sold on the BLUSH website.  No restocks are planned, so if you’re headed to PC, there better be 27 trios in your shopping cart, otherwise you are WRONG.

The Magician’s Trick trio retails for $28 for the set or individually for $10.

Next up is the Polish Con exclusive shade.  Check out this gorgeous thing:


DESCRIBED as a robin’s egg blue base with pink shimmer, It’s a Breeze on the Trapeze is inspired by the bright sparkling circus costumes of trapeze artists.

Another perfect two coater!  But then again, Victoria made it so we already knew.  

This one will ONLY be available at Polish Con; no leftovers will be sold in the BLUSH store.  That means if you’re not able to attend PC, you better find a shopping buddy otherwise it’s a sad state of affairs for you.  Cuz we hoard ALL the BLUSHes ’round here, that’s why.

Cost:  $12

Lastly, there’s a FREE gift with purchase!  And who doesn’t love free things?  (Crazy people.)


DESCRIBED as a deep apple red holographic with bright red shimmer, The Archer and the Apple is inspired by William Tell and impalement art circus acts where an archer or knife thrower hits an apple target off a person’s head.

YOU GUYS.  If you need one good reason to toss a whoooole lotta nail polish in the shopping cart, this here’d be it.  I stinkin’ LOVE this red.  The shimmer in it creates the most amazing inner glow.  Plus a dire case of the noodle legs.

This polish is only available with the purchase of 5 or more BLUSH polishes.  It cannot be purchased individually, and once stock runs out, there is no substition gift with purchase offer.  In other words, head to the BLUSH table first.  You know, for SAFETY.

And don’t forget!  The Road to Polish Con polish I reviewed for you a few weeks ago will be available once again.  A refresher:


And in case you wanna check out my in-depth review of it (orrrrr, blog full of nonsense), you can click here

That’s it y’all!  For all you lucky people heading to Polish Con this coming Saturday, first of all, I only hate you a tiny bit. But also, make sure you add these beauties to your shopping list. DO IT. I mean it.

And in case leftovers are happening, be sure to follow BLUSH Lacquers’s social media so you don’t miss out.  Here’s the linkies:


Fan Group


As always, thanks for stopping by!  More pretty things tomorrow so come back and have your wallets handy.  Cuz this shopping thing we’ve got going on has barely gotten started.  Let’s spend more money!  Weeee!

Later, loves!


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