Different Dimension: Polish Con Limited Editions and Collaborations


YOU GUYS!  We made it.  My 7,397th Polish Con blog in a row, written and posted BEFORE Polish Con even started.  And despite the fact I just spent two hours dangling my robe strings in front of the cat (i.e., distraction number one billion), it’s quite clear I’ve earned my Blogging License for real this time.  Excuse me while I carpal tunnel myself via a high fiving frenzy.  I’m a pretty big deal, in case you’re curious.

So now:  an award.  A prolonged pajama sesh is lurking in about 2.5 seconds, so lemme show you some nail polish before my body forgets how to function like a human.  I’ve got some GORGEOUS colors from Different Dimension to show you today, and then 18,000 bottles are headed for the shopping cart.  Deal?  DEAL!


First up are two Polish Con limited editions, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love them.  If they came with a side of Leonardo, well it would only make sense.  Cuz they are a best day made best-i-er, and now I want them on all the surfaces.  Mine AND yours.


DESCRIBED as a moss yellow jelly with added contrasting shimmer, Not in the Loop is quite possibly the prettiest ugly color you’ve ever seen.  One look at that green-y yellow goodness, and I damn near fell apart.  Drool buckets, everywhere. And then you go tossing in a bunch of insane red shimmer and expect me to act like everything is fine?  EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE. I’m trying to stay a lady, but the sweating is so dire.


DESCRIBED as a denim blue jelly with added contrasting shimmers, Where You Bean? is another example of how quickly things can turn.  Cuz I’ve just been sitting here minding my own business and being 27 levels of sexy at minimum then JUST LIKE THAT:  unattractive mess.  Seriously, I doubt the tongue will ever go back in at this point. 

You diggin’ that purple and golden/bronze-y/green-ish shifty shimmer?  ME TOO.  Also, I’m suuuuuper good at describing things.

Both of these polishes were perfect two coaters.  The formulas were creamy (so not really jelly-like as described – for me, anyway) and smooth and an absolute nerdy pleasure to apply.  I’m not even ashamed I just said that.

Next are two collaboration shades designed with two lovely ladies who are helping out at the Different Dimension table at Polish Con tomorrow.  Take a look at what else you’re buying:

Erlack! My mouth won’t stay closed already!  Seriously, I gotta get out of this blog before divorce-y things happen.  Cuz there’s only so much sexy to go around while your tongue is lolling about outside your body.


DESCRIBED as a light mint creme with pink shimmer, Lett’s Not Mintion It is a collaboration with Letticia – @LettsLooks_ on Instagram. Are you hot? Cuz I’m hot. I’m just gonna lie down and pass out for a quick second, okay?  BRB.  Let’s hope there’s an old fashioned Victorian fainting couch nearby. Specifically. Cuz I refuse to get unattractive on a futon.


DESCRIBED as a wine red jelly with holographic micro flakies, That Toddling Town is a collaboration with Christy – @hospitalhands on Instagram.  All I have to say about this one is nom, nom, nom! Flakies! Good gracious, I want to lie in a huge bathtub full of that. Is that weird? Prolly.

Two luscious coats for both of these as well.  Nail polish jackpot, I’m pretty sure.


All four of these polishes debut at Polish Con in Chicago this weekend, so if you’re headed that way, make sure you’re stopping at Missi’s table to toss polish in the shopping cart.  She has loads and loads of pretty things for sale – more than what I’ve shown here – and you’re gonna want one of everything.  Plus a crap ton of backup bottles, you know, for SAFETY.

NOW.  For all the rest us (as in, NOT going to Polish Con, being sad, kinda loser-y), Missi will stock these in her store on October 2 at 9am EST.  There is a possibility the limited editions will sell out at Polish Con, but if not – well, here’s your shopping deets:

Cost is $10 each

Where to buy: http://differentdimensionpolish.bigcartel.com/

And now, more clicking opportunities!  Connect with Different Dimension:



Fan Group

Whew!  DONE.  With hours to spare.  Whose blog is this?  Cuz seriously, I don’t even know.

Later, loves!


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  1. I’m supposedly on a no-buy [which means no polish buying except for Polish Pickup], but Not in the Loop, though. I just might have to end ma no-buy a little early, especially if there’s a DD coupon in with my Polish Con order I’m waiting to get in my greedy hands. Pretty polishes make life complicated.


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