Scofflaw Varnish: Polish Con Limited Editions


Ooooh, a blog in the middle of the day; how rare!  Someone MUST be having a crisis then, in the form of 7,397 blogs left to write and only 4 days left to write them.  From this day forward, consider yourself in the midst of a POLISH EMERGENCY to the trillionth degree.  One of these days, I’ll be a proper blogger, I swear.

But hey, there’s polish!  Finch from Scofflaw Varnish sent me a couple of beauties to share with you today.  They’re exclusive to the Polish Con event in Chicago this weekend, so if you’re headed that way, VAR VAR GOOD DAY doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario. Take a look:


Gah! So pretty!  If you’re spending the next 18 years with your tongue in a drool bucket, well that sounds about right.

Hold onto your noodle legs! Here we go!


DESCRIBED as a black jelly base filled with bright purple flecks, shimmer and sparks with glitters in various shades of purple and gunmetal, Thackery Binx is inspired by the movie, Hocus Pocus. 

Ummmm, purple lovers, you seeing this?!  Bad case of the Grabby Fingers is lurking, I just know it.

Swatch shows three thin coats plus two layers of top coat. Cuz there’s a glitter EXTRAVAGANZA! in there, that’s why.  Formula will get a bit goopy on you if you fiddle with it too long, so GET IN GET OUT and you should be just fine.  Although, I paint nails with my eyes closed, so what do I know, really?


DESCRIBED as a slate colored creme with rose gold flakies with violet blue shimmer, Karma Police is a surprise favorite for me. At first glance, you see something grey, but then you swipe one time down the nail, and HOLY MOLY there goes the ladylike composure, out the dadgum window.

First of all, flakies (dead). Then Finch tossed in a bunch of beautiful shimmer (more dead). Guys, I may never be normal again.

Swatch shows two coats except I could’ve painted this on forever.


Both of these shades will be available at Polish Con in Chicago this Saturday, September 23. If you’re headed that way, DO NOT leave the room without this duo in your shopping cart. Like one duo, plus 27 backup duos. FOR SAFETY.

If by some miracle Finch has leftovers, she will be putting them up for salesies in the Scofflaw store. Make sure you’re following all the social medias for an announcement. Your linky loos:




If all things go as planned, I’ll have another blog posted tonight, but we all know how that goes.  Home is where the pajamas live, and not much else gets done after pajamas. I’m gonna try though. Send Starbucks!

Later, loves!


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