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The Holo Hookup: March 2018 – Gelato



Some var var useful advice:  if the plan is to write a blog somewhat on time and before the things are no longer the things (i.e., most ideal scenario) then don’t sit down next to a cat giving himself a bath all distracting and cutelike.  Like, I got about two words in and then suddenly IT’S DOWN THE KITTY HOLE FOR ME and I’m literally spending all my blogging efforts trying to keep myself from sticking my face in the middle of all that adorable licking.  The possibility of getting an eyeball scratched right out (approximately 97.3855% percent) fazes me not.  Nor does a timely blog, apparently, cuz it’s about 4 days later and I’ve just now remembered I have an actual job to do.  Who’s the best most professional blogger in all the land?  I’m not saying it’s me, but it’s probably me.


The Holo Hookup: February 2018 – Love Connection



Hubby left for work and left the TV on the sports channel. The remote control is clear across the other end of the couch, and the cat (who hates me) has decided to lay adorably across my lap and fall asleep. It is both the worst day and best day ever. If anyone wants to come over and change the channel for me, seriously, that’d be GREAT.


Cupcake Polish: Food for Unicorns Trio



There is a reason why I’m not a morning person, and today was the day that proved it.  Cuz the person that bounds out of bed first steps in the cat vom and I adamantly REFUSE to be that person.  NOPE, I shall lay in bed while you say dirty words, peeling your sock off like it contained remnants of some sort of bubonic plague from the year 1904, and then attempting to clean it all up with an unfortunately empty can of carpet spray.  Oh, a HAPPY MONDAY for sure!  Well, for me anyway.  Cuz I woke up about 15 minutes before I needed to be at work, and then somehow managed to look the freshest of all the daisies that you EVER did see.


The Holo Hookup: January 2018 – Time to Wine Down 



Someone needs to come take my internet away. It seems I’ve accidentally stumbled upon the secret to making winter less sad. Unfortunately it comes with about 37 brand new sweaters. YOU GUYS. I can’t stay off Nordstrom, not even for a little bit. It’s like, groceries? electricity? or perhaps a SWEATER instead? Seems like such an easy question, but then there was polka dots and a shoulder cut-out and the most adorable black velvet bow that you EVER did see. And well … I’m not saying there’s a shopping problem, but there’s probably a shopping problem.


The Holo Hookup: December 2017 – It’s Raining Men!


Day 7,397 without sun and I swear it may never be warm again. Ugh. Who’s in charge of the weather, cuz clearly they are WRONG.  If I somehow make it out of the house between now and April, it’ll be a straight up Christmas miracle.  Hibernation mode is officially kicking in, y’all!  Hopefully these blog things write themselves, otherwise what happens next is pretty much a crapshoot.

So before all the happiness goes away, let’s look at nail polish real quick.  It’s Holo Hookup time again and December’s box is like we all just walked into a room full of office supplies.  As in DREAM SCENARIO, cuz I can’t ever be normal, not even for a little bit. Here’s what you’re buying:



The theme for December is It’s Raining Men! and I can’t think of any better way to end 2017 but with a box full of pretty things.  With some nail polish on top, you know, for SAFETY.  Y’all better get ready:  ultra drool-y scenarios is happening in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..

The inspiration pic:

YEP. And that’s really all you need to know.

While I attempt to grab a hold of my brain (although honestly, WHAT IS THE POINT), let me start off my saying that despite the surprising lack of LEONARDO DICAPRIO, I still want all these people .. errr, polishes .. sitting in my bedroom .. handing me a Starbucks .. putting the Cheetos in my mouth for me and without a skosh of the judgy eye ..

I’m sorry. SHOPPING CART! I want all these polishes sitting in my shopping cart. Seriously, can we start over? This post has spiraled all to hell.

Is Ryan Reynolds naked up there?

OMG, what?! SHUT UP, BRAIN. Moving on. (I think.)

Alongside our usual lovely ladies of the Holo Hookup, you’ll see Shannon with Pahlish sitting in the spotlight lookin’ so fancy.  Being the featured brand never looked so good!  So let’s start there, shall we?


DESCRIPTION:  A soft milk chocolate taupe with rose gold shimmer and linear holographic finish

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat

Shannon was inspired by actor Idris Elba, and I’m thinking she pretty much nailed it.  Cuz a polish this dreamy better have someone named Idris attached to it.  You know, if it can’t be Leonardo, that is.

Some nail art:

And I don’t hate it!  In fact, I kinda love it.  Whose blog is this, cuz it’s certainly not mine.  

Used the Lina Hipster, Geek or Chic 01 and the Feeling Shapely 01 plates for this one.  A box full of men and a mani full of mustaches.  How clever did it suddenly get in here?  (VERY.)


DESCRIPTION:  A dusty grey holographic with purple undertones and tiny touches of purple shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat

Jill’s inspiration for this polish is the beautiful Channing Tatum.  If your first thought was Magic Mike well then you may continue to read this blog.  If your first thought was Channing, who? well then I feel var var sad about the state of your brain.

What is even happening right now?!  Look:

Actual effort alert!  And two decent nail arts in a row.  Let’s revel in this brief moment of mojo, cuz it’s about halfway out the door, I feel it.

Used the Lina 4 Seasons-Autumn 01 plate in case you’re curious.  And reversed stamped somehow without creating disaster.  Seriously, who is this person and what have you done with my blog?


DESCRIPTION:  A creme based ivory linear holographic

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat

Missi chose Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams as her inspiration, and OMG there goes all pretense of ladylike behavior.  Cue the drool buckets!  I’ll take a thousand.

Pretty good streak of mojo but then this happened:

Don’t ask.  But it’s clear:  we’re all back to normal now.  Blah.

Used the Uber Chic Beauty 21-02 plate in case recreations are in order.  (They’re not.  NEXT!)


DESCRIPTION:  A creme based sea green linear holographic

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat

Sara’s inspiration for this polish is the Ryan Reynolds half of my two favorite Ryans (the other being Gosling), and basically we’re all just a big ole puddle of goo now.  Good thing we’re at the end of this blog, otherwise we’d be sitting here in mouth-gaping silence for the next 18 years.

Final nail art:

A last minute reprieve.  Super simple stamping, but I’ll take what I can get.  It’s either super simple or a stamp allll the things! sort of situation and never anything in between.  One of these days, I’ll get this nail art thing figured out.

Used the new Lina I Foil in Love 01 plate on this one!


Pre-order for this box starts on November 21 at 9pm EST and will run thru November 28 at 9pm EST.  And in case you don’t math well, that’s 7 days of panic heading your way. So 17 alarms and Post-It Notes in all the places? COMPLETELY NORMAL BEHAVIOR.  

Cost is $40 and shipping will begin December 12 or so.  Plus, there’s a COUPON!  Domestic customers can get free shipping on this box by using the FREESHIPUSA code at checkout.  If you are international, use code 5OFFINTL to get $5 off your shipping cost.  And then go ahead and buy like 25 more boxes cuz saving money is still saving money no matter how much money you’re spending.  Or something along that line.  I dunno.

Where to buy:  http://www.theholohookup.com

And now, the linky loos! Connect with The Holo Hookup:


Fan Group

Another day, another speed blog that took 9 hours to write.  Who’s the best most thorough blogger in allll the land?  (That be ME, to be clear.)

Later, loves!


Cupcake Polish: Holiday Trio


On our way home from another road trip and yet another opportunity to wheel a suitcase full of lamps and light boxes through a hotel lobby. Cuz I can either vacation like a normal person OR be a nail blogger, but surprisingly I can’t be both.  Sadly, no one consults me on the rules and THIS IS WHY Cheetos makes you chubby. Which I guess technically has nothing to do with blogging but then it also has everything to do with blogging, and OMG can someone bring me a dadgum bag of Cheetos please?!

Well, that took an unfortunate turn. Basically I’m just hungry. As soon as I can get off this diet (i.e., potato chip-free hell) thing we’re doing, things’ll simmer down.  Or we’ll see. I dunno.  I mean, have you read this blog before?

Now that the Polish Pickup duties are over, it’s time to get caught up on other blog-y type things. I’ve got a trio of sparklers from Cupcake Polish to share with you today. Y’all ready for some bling?  Yes? Well then you’re about to have a suuuper var var good day. Check it out:


Legit EXPERT status bling.  Who wants a billion bottles? (All of us, to be clear.)

This is the Holiday Trio, a set of three RIDICULOUSLY shiny little dreamboats, all done up in classic holiday colors. These are perfect polishes for the season, for parties and date nights and for lounging about wearing an insane amount of robe. Cuz I tested it out for you so you won’t have to.  Best blogger ever? I say YES. 

Quick rundown of colors. See ya at the bottom!


DESCRIPTION:  A fire engine red packed with super shiny silver flakies and subtle holo effect


DESCRIPTION:  A kelly green packed with super shiny silver flakies and subtle holo effect


DESCRIPTION:  A light gold packed with super shiny silver flakies and subtle holo effect


Ugh, so pretty.  There’s no way you’re not spending some money today. 

All three polishes were two coaters for me, and the formula glided on nice and easy despite the bonafide flakie EXTRAVAGANZA! in full effect.  They’re absolute stunners and totally worth tossing in the shopping cart about 27 separate times in a row. Cuz now is not the time for rational behavior, just so you know.

Each polish retails for $13 and is available now, so all the excuses you had for not shopping is hereby officially rendered NULL AND VOID.  Again, no one consults me on the rules, but this one just makes sense. 

Where to buy: http://www.cupcakepolish.com

And now, more clicking opportunities! Connect with Cupcake Polish:



Fan Group

Now go get your pretties! Then sit back, relax and revel in all your good decisioning. 

Later, loves!


Cupcake Polish: Lakeside Collection 


I have effectively wasted sooooo much time napping on the couch this evening that I’ve inadvertently created a Polish Emergency for myself.  Surprisingly, the swatching and the blogging does NOT get done whilst lounging about with my mouth gaping open.  So in an effort to accomplish something this evening, here’s a quick little blog post about some gorgeous polish that’s headed for the shopping cart in roughly 2.5 seconds.

Cupcake Polish, you’re in the spotlight!  Take a look at what Sara made:


Well clearly my mouth hasn’t been gaping open enough today.  Gah!  Who’s a suuuuper unattractive mess right now?  I’m not saying it’s me, but it’s probably me.

This is the Lakeside Collection, a set of 6 lovely shades that I swear are gonna end up on all your surfaces – and not very accidentally.  Three shades are a new finish for Cupcake, with multichrome shimmer in a dusty creme base (i.e., dead).  The other half are full of delicious iridescent glitters, and wellll, you had me at iridescent (i.e., MORE DEAD).  All colors are themed around shimmering, glittering lake shores during the fall, and basically NAILED IT doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.

Quick rundown of colors, then I’ll meet you at the bottom!


DESCRIPTION:  A moss green creme with pink/copper/green/gold multichrome shimmer

OMG, are you seeing this?!  This is the new finish mentioned above and we officially need a billion more.  That shifty shimmer is LEGIT.


DESCRIPTION:  A light brown creme based linear holographic with iridescent glitters

Unfortunately I’m not the best person to model neutral shades in a flattering way.  Damn you sad, white sausages!  Hopefully you can imagine this on your better, prettier fingers.  Yes?

Ooooh, and now you’re spending some money today, I can already tell.


DESCRIPTION:  A lavender creme based linear holographic with iridescent glitters

All you purple lovers need to FOCUS!  This little lady is calling your name, most likely with a French accent and handing you a Starbucks.  And those pops of iridescence?  A basketful of kitties, I swear.

In other words, there’s no way you’re turning your back on this now.


DESCRIPTION:  A cornflower blue creme with pink/copper/green/gold multichrome shimmer

The shimmer on this one is more subtle, but the color is just DIVINE.  I’m diggin’ the new finish, guys.  You need to get your hands on it, stat.  And then it’s ultra swoon-y scenarios for you!


DESCRIPTION:  A mauve creme with magenta/purple/blue/green/teal multichrome shimmer

More SWOON!  Seriously, we may never be the same again.  I wore this one to the dentist and received a compliment on it right before they told me I’m getting a root canal.  Softened the blow!  By about half a point, but still.


DESCRIPTION:  A grey creme linear holographic with iridescent glitters

Well let’s end this thing with a billion exclamation points, shall we?  The iridescent glitters pop against the darker base so good, and basically all our polish dreams just came true.  Weeee!


Welp, you’re buying all that.  Plus 18,000 backup bottles, you know, for SAFETY.

All of my swatches shown here are two coats plus top coat.  Some of you with longer nails might need three coats on those shimmery cremes, but then again, I do nails with my eyes closed sometimes so what do I know, really?  Ridiculous blogs, YES.  Useful information?  A crapshoot.

Here’s your shopping deets:

Cost for each polish is $13

Where to buy:  http://www.cupcakepolish.com

Everything is available now, so get on it boo boos!  You were sitting around wearing sweatpants and doing nothing anyway.  

And now, the linky loos!  Connect with Cupcake Polish:



Fan Group

More blog-y things tomorrow.  Basically my 7,397th blog day in a row.  Seriously, is Starbucks is coming?  Cuz I’ll take a thousand.

Later, loves!