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Different Dimension: Polish Pickup August 2017


The blogging frenzy continues!  Y’all better be loving this, cuz no one is getting any sleep over here.  Cuz I am CRAP at balancing out my life.  Even though I had every opportunity to blog during my lunch break today, I figured an accidental nap would be the most productive option.  I mean, head lolling in my own lap in front of co-workers gets a blog written almost every dadgum time.

And then of course, tonight’s bonus blog commences roughly around 1am, cuz my effort to go to bed early on work nights is CLEARLY working out so well.  Ugh.  One day, I’ll get it together, I swear.  Until then, though, we blog with our eyes closed.  Weeee!

More Polish Pickup beauties to share!  Take a look at what Missi with Different Dimension made for us:


Oooooh, I spy flakies!  I’m not even gonna pretend normal things are happening over here.

Again, this month’s theme is Old Hollywood.  Missi was inspired by the actress, Dorothy Dandridge, who was the first African-American actress to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in the movie Carmen Jones.   I’ve never seen the movie, which isn’t all that surprising considering how much Leonardo isn’t in it.  I feel like I’ll have a lot of movie watching to do after this Polish Pickup thing is done.  You know, so y’all don’t think I’ve been living in some kind of Gilbert Grape fantasy world.  (Although I have.  Duh.)

The inspiration photo:

Look how tiny that photo turned out.  Bahahahahaha!  I’m suuuuuuper good at blogging, you guys!

But then something better happened:

Gah!  So pretty!  There’s just something about a dark polish that gets the noodle legs started.  Then toss in some flakie business, and now NO ONE is upright.  

DESCRIPTION:  A black jelly base with holographic microflakies

That’s two coats of luscious, if you’re curious.  And good news, guys:  you’re buying it!  Plus 27 back-up bottles, for safety.

Check out these macros:

This one’s just begging for some galaxy nail art.  Of which I have none to show you.  Someone’s a PROFESSIONAL!  (As in ME, in case you aren’t clear.)

If you need info on what the Polish Pickup is and how it works, click here for FAQs. The shop opens Friday, August 4 at 11am EST and will be available thru all day Monday, August 7. Make sure you don’t miss it! Otherwise who wants to be you on Tuesday, August 8?  Damn near nobody, pretty sure.

Dorothy Dandridge will retail for $10, in case y’all like to budget instead of toss polish in the cart all willy nilly like me.  Click here for shopping!  

Stay tuned, loves. This ride ain’t over yet!


Cruisin’ Into Polish Con: Glisten & Glow, Cupcake Polish, Different Dimension 


If there was ever a time to get your life together, now would be it.  Cuz another POLISH EMERGENCY! is headed our way and we need to get prepared.  I mean, imagine a surprise Leonardo sighting is happening and you don’t have your wedding dress in the car. Do you see? DO YOU SEE?!?!  So you miss out on this nail polish, and that’s practically the same thing. 

Well, almost. Cuz LEONARDO, that’s why.  You’ve read this blog before.  (Right?  RIGHT.)

But back to the emergency, i.e., point of this dadgum blog. The next Polish Convention event will be taking place in Chicago on September 23, and every week leading up to the big day, new exclusive Road to Polish Con polishes are being released.  Week 5 starts tomorrow, guys, and now you need to FOCUS.  A legit, no joke BEST DAY EVER just landed in your lap like no big deal.


Gah!  Excuse me while I toss my ladylike composure out the window real quick.

This is the Cruisin’ Into Polish Con trio from three of our most favorite brands:  Glisten & Glow, Cupcake Polish, and Different Dimension.  It’s like a bonus Holo Hookup box, guys!  Who just peed a little?  I know, ME TOO!

Celebrating the 100th year of Chicago’s Navy Pier, these polishes are inspired by three dinner and sightseeing boats plus fireworks, dancing, music, culture, food, cocktails and beautiful sunsets.  Basically, all your holographic polish dreams come true, So get off your no-buys ladies; this is COMPLETE JUSTIFICATION to the trillionth degree.


DESCRIPTION:  An indigo purple holographic with violet and blue shimmers and silver microflakies

OPACITY:  Two coats

And all you purple lovers just died a little bit.  For real, you did.

Under the mood lights:

And a macro for funsies:

Some kinda fun nail art:

Although, don’t ask why I felt orange stamping was the way to go with this one.  Sometimes when I nail art, my brain just goes away somewhere.  However, AN ATTEMPT WAS MADE, and that’s worth half a horn toot at least.

Used the Lina Make Your Mark 05 plate if you’re curious.


DESCRIPTION:  An azure blue super linear holographic with heavy green to blue shifting shimmers

OPACITY:  Two coats

More mood lighting to show off the color.  For extra drool-y-ness, clearly:

Now a close up of those goodies.  A bonafide ocean of lovely:

Some simple stamping:

This one looked way better in my head.  There was this cool cutout image on the Powder Perfect 1980s 1 plate, and I instantly thought of a color block design.  But the curves in my nails made the stamping turn out a bit wonky, and I don’t know about you, but I could use 18,000 tubes of hives cream right about now.  Oh, OCD, my evil friend.


DESCRIPTION:  A bright magenta pink holographic with hints of copper shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats

Seriously, if y’all could just wheel me over one of those old fashioned fainting couches, that’d be great.

Do you hear angels?  I hear angels.

Not hideous, but …

… no award, either.  If anyone has some leftover mojo, I could use a billion of it.

Stamped with the Lina Make Your Mark 05 plate again in case recreations are in order.  (They’re not.  Moving on!)

Then suddenly, a last minute mojo reprieve:

A good old fashioned dotticure!  I used all three polishes for this, and I really love how it turned out.  I made those dots by hand y’all, cuz a burst of energy just came out of nowhere.

So then I did this real quick:

Well, not real quick.  More like 18 years, but still. Gradients don’t just happen like magic, surprisingly.  Although, if this gets me a lifetime supply of bonus points, that sounds about right.  Cuz OVERACHIEVE-Y doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.

Used the Lina Make Your Mark 05 plate one last time, and then kudos and accolades are coming next, I’m sure of it.


The Cruisin’ Into Polish Con trio will be available starting tomorrow, July 30 at 8am EST and will run until Saturday, August 5 at 8pm EST.  In case you don’t math well, that’s seven short days to get your priorities in order.  Holo up top, people!  Then dishes and groceries, if there’s time.

Sold individually, each bottle will retail for $10.  Only available on the Polish Convention website, so click here for shopping!  Then keep a lookout every Sunday for new polishes to hoard.  Cuz no one does CRAZY NAIL LADY quite like you.

Come back tomorrow for more blog.  This train keeps moving!

Later, loves!


Different Dimension: 90s Trio


You know you’ve got a shopping problem when the mailman doesn’t even look at the addresses on boxes anymore and just brings all of them to you.  I opened up a stuffed mailbox after work today, and OMG, the effort in there!  Seriously y’all, it’s Friday and about 2.5 seconds away from pajamas; digging through the Tetris game of packages and wandering around the neighborhood is not my idea of couch lounging.  Ugh.

But I do it anyway cuz karma is a real life thing.  I mean, a stock pile of bonus points will come in handy for me one day, surely.   Cuz the second I don’t get a package delivered to me AS SCHEDULED and promised and contracted by blood, there’s a meltdown plus a whole tube of hives creme that absolutely no one wants to watch.  Can I try to be even a little bit sexy?  NO. I. CAN. NOT.

Let’s look at pretty things!  I have an awesome set of neons for the summer that are just begging for some nail art!  Missi with Different Dimension sent me her new 90s Trio, and for real you guys:  flashbacks of Hammer pants and triangle-shaped hair is happening, but not necessarily in a good way.  After the Record in the Hair Incident of 1987, things went slightly downhill, let’s just say.

Oh, but the neons!  The neons are okay.


My eyes, my eyes!  There’s no way you’re walking away now.  Unless you don’t like happiness.  Or maybe you’re a robot.  I dunno.

These neons are based on the CMYK color scale, which is fancy talk for something office-y, and in which case, the grabby fingers are lurking.  DREAM SCENARIO, is what I mean.  Gimme. 


DESCRIPTION:  A neon blue creme

OPACITY:  Two coats

And then I did some super cute nail art:

I figured I’d go for a bit of geometric 80s/90s style arting, so I used the new Powder Perfect 1980s 1 plate for this one.  Turns out, I had a brief moment of mojo, cuz I just loooooooove how it looks!  I mean, it’s nothing genius, but I’ll take my half a horn toot where I can get it.


DESCRIPTION:  A neon pink creme

OPACITY:  Two coats

And look:  they stamp!

You know, I don’t hate it and that’s good enough for me!  I stamped with Bomb and the Powder Perfect 1980s 1 plate to make the blue triangles and stamped with OMG and the Lina Make Your Mark 05 plate to make the pink splatter.  Who’s doing recreations?  Anyone? Anyone?  



DESCRIPTION:  A neon highlighter yellow cream

OPACITY:  Three coats, cuz I suck sometimes.  The formula on this one was a little thicker than the other two, so I had to finesse it a bit.  And because I have ZERO finesse (as evident in pretty much this entire blog), I forget how to do nails sometimes.  All the time.  Blah.  Whatever.

And then this hideous thing happened.  Please tell me what this is:

Cuz no one freaking knows.  Seriously, someone just needs to take my stamping plates away.

Except don’t, cuz I will cut you.

Used the Powder Perfect 1980s plate again if you’re curious!


I used all three colors in an attempt at a watermarble, and I swear if I don’t officially get a lifetime supply of bonus points for this one, something is var var wrong with this world.  


This trio releases Saturday, July 29 at 9am EST – which is probably right now by the time you read this as I prefer to blog in the middle of the dadgum night cuz going to bed like a normal person is something for other people.

Was that run-on sentence?  Prolly.

Only available as a trio, the cost is $25 and includes shipping within the US.  HOWEVER, they are limited edition and will not be restocked, so if you feel like having a quick little panic attack, now would be a good time.  Click here for shopping!

Annnnnd THEN!  The linky loos.  Connect with Different Dimension:



Fan Group

Thanks to everyone who is continuing to read this speed train we’re riding on lately.  I can’t believe how badly I got behind, even though (for the most part), things are getting posted relatively on time.  I’ll be back to my storytelling nonsense soon.  Who’s excited?  (You, to be clear.)

Later, loves!


The Holo Hookup: August 2017 – Enchanted Forest


Pressure’s on, guys.  I’ve been staring at an empty screen for the past 17 years, and now a deadline is officially lurking.  I swear, if the distractions don’t stop, stupid things are gonna come out just so I can post a blog on time.  I’ve shut myself in this bedroom so I can concentrate, but hubby just burst in dragging a string behind him with a cat attached to the end of it.  And then he tossed me a bag of potato chips and so I lost consciousness there for a second.  Now after a rousing bout of cardio trying to get a fly out of the room, I realize I’ve been writing this same paragraph for the last four hours, and OMG I need the hives cream, stat.  Blogging is hard, you guys.  SO. HARD.

Okay, now FOCUS.  Pretty things are coming.  My second round of reviewing for the Holo Hookup box is here, and I’m feeling quite overachieve-y at the moment.  They’ve kept me on, guys; I wooed ’em good!  Apparently this blog full of nonsense is appreciated by at least one person, and trust me, that is EVERYTHING.  Cuz I don’t give carpal tunnel to myself for funsies, I’m at least 23% sure of it.

Anyway, let me show you what’s coming up for August. An insane amount of holo headed your way in 3 … 2 … 1 …


Still upright?  Just checking.

So this month’s theme is Enchanted Forest, and just by the name alone, y’all know you want approximately 18,000 boxes.  Cuz there’s magical things in an Enchanted Forest:  fairies and unicorns and Prince Charmings mid-rescue.  Old wizards with long beards, probably full of glitter and cute baby field mice wearing little britches. Possibly also some Dorito crumbs.  And a couple of talking trees with branches that will push people off their horses, you know, to keep things interesting.

Here’s the inspiration photo:

Yep, magical, at minimum.

Trying to not get too chatty in here, as I need to get this posted sometime before 2037.  A polish emergency is among us and for some reason, the blog don’t write itself.  So let’s get into the goodies, yes?  YES.

This month’s featured brand is the amazing Lindsey with Tonic Polish, which means the Holo Hookup is about to break some kinda sales record, I’m quite certain.  If y’all know even a smidge of the magic that is Tonic Polish, it’s about to get all sorts of elbow jabby in here real quick.  A bonafide frenzy, is what I mean.

But since we need to maintain a semblance of a classy lady, guests shall go first.  Cuz in about 2.5 seconds, ladylike composure is going out the window anyway.  Here is what Lindsey made for us.  Presenting, Dryad’s Grove:

DESCRIPTION:  A mysterious forest green holographic with an inner maroon to gold shifting shimmer and tiny ultra holo microglitter sparks

COATS:  Three just to deepen color, but two was just fine

Well, lordt.  Green just happened, and already the jaws are dropping.  I mean, just look at it.  LOOK. AT. IT.  Seriously, if you came here for some peace and quiet and a rational behavior EXTRAVAGANZA!, ohhhhh how WRONG you must be feeling right now.  

Under the lamps:

Now macros:

Holo holo everywhere, and in the cart she goes!  Weeeee!

Some nail art I did:

Pretty basic stamping using the Uber Chic Beauty Vacation Mode plate.  I don’t hate it, but the kudos and accolades are taking their damn sweet time.  People, it gets worse.  We’ve been here before.

Next up is the offering from Glisten & Glow – here’s Fairy’s Frost:

DESCRIPTION:  A silver linear holographic with golden green shimmer, like twinkling lights reflecting off fairy wings

COATS:  Two, smooth and blingy

GAH!  What are words?  What is breathing?  Excuse me while I attempt to get control of my brain.

Under the lamps:

It’s holo-y to the trillionth degree.  Cue the drool buckets!

An accidental painting of all the surfaces is next, and no one is surprised.

Not hideous nail art:

Some more easy stamping using the What’s Up Nails B018 plate.  I do love the contrast between the black and the bling, though, so I’ll take half a horn toot, you know, if y’all not busy.

Now here’s Field of Flowers from Cupcake Polish:

DESCRIPTION:  A lavender super holographic with blue shimmer

COATS:  Three, but two was fine; just deeping the color, don’t mind me!

And just like that, I am an 8-year-old child in a room full of office supplies.  Cuz DREAM SCENARIO, is what I mean.  If Leonardo walked in handing me a Starbucks, well, that sounds about right.

Under the lamps:

More macros to aid the convincing:

FIIIIINE.  We’ll take a billion bottles.  Cuz now is not the time to act normal.

Finally, a skosh of mojo:

Very simple stamping using the Uber Chic Beauty 16-03 plate, but I love this image so much.  Quick and effortless, but so much pretty.  And, well, you had me at effortless.

Lastly, here’s Enchant-Mint from Different Dimension:

DESCRIPTION:  A misty light mint holographic with added shimmers and holographic microglitters

COATS:  Again with three, but two was fine

Well, let’s end this thing on an exclamation point, then.  How glorious is this one?  (Very.)  It’s on the blue side of mint, super delicate, elegant and Queen of England-approved.  Who’s about to hold a bunch of tiny little teacups?  (You, to be clear.  Cuz sometimes fancy lady happens whether you like it or not.)

More shots in case you’re on the fence:

Cuz the fence is no place for a lady.

And right on cue, it’s bye bye mojo:

Meh.  It’s not the worst, but the stamping was much more subtle than I expected.  Used the new Lina Let’s Doodle 01 plate, though, which has lots of cool images on it.  Sadly, though, I do nail art with my eyes closed.  Bah.

And now, some bonus points.  Nail art using all four polishes!

A striping tape EXTRAVAGANZA! And I stinkin’ love it.  Figures.  It took all of 30 seconds and barely any brain.

And then a random burst of energy just came out of nowhere:

I dry brushed, guys!  And made a THING.  Like, actual kudos and accolades might come this time.  FINALLY.  Toot toot!

The round up:

Pre-order for this box starts on July 21 at 9pm EST and will run thru July 28 at 9pm EST.  Which means, you have just ONE WEEK to get your life together before the polish goes away forever.  Are you properly panicked?  Well, you should be.

Cost is $40 and shipping will begin August 12th or so.  Click here for shopping! (Well, not right now.  The 21st.  As in Friday.  We’ve been over this already.)

And now, some linky loos:

Holo Hookup Instagram

Holo Hookup Facebook Fan Group

And now we are done!  The game plan is set.  And 17 alarms, at minimum.  Cuz no one does Crazy Nail Lady quite like you.

Later, loves!


Different Dimension: Sun of a Beach Collection 


CAN’T. STOP. BLOGGING.  You’d think we’d all be taking a break around here, considering the amount of carpal tunneling happening over the weekend.  BUT NO.  This train keeps moving even though the body is practically comatose.  Surprisingly, the blog don’t write itself, so here we are:  functioning, although with at least one eye closed, and waiting for hubby to get up so I can suggest he bring snacks back from the kitchen.

He loves being married to me, I just know it.

I’ll make this brief cuz I know we’re all tired from Blogging EXTRAVAGANZA! circa 19 hours ago.  As for me, hubby decides we’re hosting a pre-4th of July cookout which means I have to be social against my will.  So I have half a second to get this thing done before a crap ton of people are in my house trying to eat around the nail polish I have stashed all over my kitchen table.  I mean, just cuz we’re having company doesn’t mean I’m going to pretend I don’t have a hoarding problem.  You don’t get to Lazy, Level EXPERT by going the extra mile.

I have some of the most glorious neons to show you today.  Missi from Different Dimension sent me her Sun of a Beach collection to review, and I swear it’s 18,000 tickets to the Drool Convention, at minimum.  Cuz THESE. ARE. FABULOUS.  Here’s proof:


Ugh.  See?  If you somehow make it out of this blog without spending some money, I am var var concerned about your brain.  Cuz your summer NEEDS these.  Plus 27 backups.  Clearly, this is not a time to be rational.

The formula on these is consistent on all five.  Very smooth and easy to apply.  Not too thick but definitely not runny.  The colors are bright and cheerful and so full of happiness, if Leonardo happened next, no one would be surprised.  Cuz we’re all having the best day ever, that’s why.

Here’s a rundown of the colors, then I’ll meet you at the bottom!

First up is 99 Problems and a Beach Ain’t One:

DESCRIPTION:  Neon magenta jelly base with color shifting glitters and holographic microflakies

COATS:  Two of the most delicious

Next is Tropic Like It’s Hot:

DESCRIPTION: Neon orange jelly base with color shifting glitters and holographic microflakies

COATS:  Three.  Could’ve been two if I had used a thicker bead on my brush, but I was trying to be a lady about it.

Now here’s Girls Just Wanna Have Sun:

DESCRIPTION: Neon yellow jelly base with color shifting glitters and holographic microflakies

COATS:  Three.  Since this is a lighter color, I definitely needed more than two.  Actually, just 2-1/2 coats, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing.

Next up is Wanna Get Lei’d:

DESCRIPTION: Neon green jelly base with color shifting glitters and holographic microflakies

COATS:   Uhhhhhhhnnnnnn, GREEEEEEEN.  I’m sorry, what is your question?  Probably did three coats, but I’ll be honest:  my brain done went somewhere.

Lastly, here’s Don’t Get Tide Down:

DESCRIPTION: Neon blue jelly base with color shifting glitters and holographic microflakies

COATS:   Three.  In fact, they all took three except for the pink one, which leads me to believe I obviously did it wrong.  I stink at nails.  Booooo.

The round up:

This collection released just this morning, so get on it, boo boos!  Polishes are $10 each, but if you purchase the entire collection before 9am EST tomorrow, you can snag a discount.  Basically, a legit POLISH EMERGENCY is what I’m saying.  Click here for shopping!

Now congratulations on your good decisioning.  You may continue to read this blog.

Later, loves!


PART 1 Polish Pickup July 2017: Cocktails & Mocktails


GUYS. After all the blogs I’ve written, assuming an award would be coming any day now – either for a miraculous not-hideous nail art or maybe just because I wore pants on a Sunday –  well FINALLY all that efforting has paid off.  Cuz a legit no joke award has officially come.  I’ll be honest:  I was just thinking maybe y’all would get me a Starbucks or something.  But OMG, NO; it’s wayyyyy better.

Sarah and Adrienne, the awesome gals behind the Polish Pickup (as well as Fair Maiden Polish), asked me to be the designated blogger for the month of July.   Whaaaaaa?!  For real, are angels singing?  Cuz I swear I hear angels.  And a full toot on my own horn, at the minimum.  Cuz I rarely win anything.  I mean, I guess I did win 48 rolls of toilet paper in the work raffle, but that point is moot.

So listen, this is gonna be a super big blog post.  There are 29 polishes to go over that’ll take at least 18 years to read, so make sure you have snacks and some diabetic circulation socks handy cuz basically you’re not moving for a really long time.  I mean, if I’m about to give myself a wicked case of carpal tunnel, you’re about to look at some nail polish for nigh on eternity.  Who’s getting excited then?  EVERY DADGUM ONE OF US, that’s who.  Lessss go!


For those who aren’t familiar with the Polish Pickup, I’ll give you a very brief synopsis.  Each month there is a theme that is nominated and voted on by the members of the Polish Pickup group on Facebook.  The makers who participate will create exclusive polishes based on that theme, the shop goes live on the first Friday thru Monday of the month, and then we all thank Baby Jesus for the internet, otherwise there’d be some Black Friday-style elbow jabbing happening everywhere.  Come Tuesday, the shop is closed and the polish goes away forever.  Are you properly panicked?  Well you should be.  It’s a  POLISH EMERGENCY! at it’s most finest.

To read more about it, click here.

Okay, no more chatty.  There’s some serious business up ahead.  EVERYONE:  prepare for the noodle legs, cuz it’s about to get suuuuuper pass-out-y up in here.   This month’s theme is Cocktails & Mocktails, so if you need a reason to have a wine cooler on a Sunday morning, this here’d be it. 


ALTER EGO:  Silver Cocktail

DESCRIPTION:  A silver holographic base with just a hint of gold

COATS:  Opaque in two; ultra smooth 

I reallllly love this color.  It’s a simple and elegant shade, but that holo is straight up ridiculous.  About 27 levels of gorgeousness.  And Queen of England-approved, in case y’all are having sandwiches later.  As happens from time to time.

Under the lamps:


Price: $7

Linky loos:

Shop http://wisconsinsoap.com

Instagram http://www.instagram.com/alteregobodycareproducts

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/alteregobodycareproducts


ELLAGEE:  Hard Cider

DESCRIPTION:  A luscious warm brown holographic with flashes of honey gold plus copper, bronze and gold microflakies

COATS:  Opaque in two; easy to apply

Did someone just wrap me up in a thousand toasty blankets and hand me a bunch of kitties?  Might as well have!  This polish is a comfy cozy dreamboat, and we lub her so much.

Under the lamps:


Price: $12

Linky loos:

Shop http://ellagee.com

Instagram http://www.instagram.com/ellageepolish

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ellageepolish


POLISH MY LIFE:  Passion Peach Sangria

DESCRIPTION:  A light peach/mild orange crelly with white and rainbow flakies for the perfect shimmer

COATS:  Formula was thicker than average so I added several drops of thinner to ease application. Two coats was good coverage but I did three to smooth everything out. 

The flakies in this one are a bit shy to capture, but in person you can see them easier.  I mean, it’s not a flakie EXTRAVAGANZA! or anything, but sometimes you just want something a little more chill.  We’re not always feeling our jazz hands, now are we?  And this peach color has just enough darkness in it to not wash out my see-thru skintone.  Bonus!



Price: $11

Linky loos:

Shop http://www.polishmylife.com

Instagram http://www.instagram.com/polishmylife

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/polishmylife



DESCRIPTION:  A yellowy neon green base with bright green sparks and ultra chameleon chrome flakies that shift red/copper/green/gold

COATS:  Three easy ones

If you’ve read this blog before – although WHY HAVEN’T YOU?! is the actual question – y’all know I have a thing for green.  Green is my happy place.  I mean, where there is green there is me picking my jaw off the floor like 18,000 times.  And then you go tossing flakies in it like NBD, and I swear I’ll never be normal again.

Under the lamps:


Price: $10

Linky loos:

Shop http://www.nightowllacquer.com

Instagram http://www.instagram.com/nightowllacquer

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/nightowllacquer



DESCRIPTION:  An ocean blue base with red microflakies and blue shimmer

COATS:  I got opacity in 2, but some may need 3

This is my very first Northern Star polish, but it’s absolutely not my last.  Formula on this is beyond amazing, so fluid and practically silky.   The deep saturated color was a one way ticket to the Drool Convention, and I swear if I there weren’t like 24 more polishes to get through, I’d just go ahead and pass on out now.

Under the lamps:


Price: $9

Linky loos:

Shop http://www.northernstarcosmetics.com

Instagram http://www.instagram.com/northernstarpolish

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/northernstarpolish


MY INDIE POLISH:  Goodnight Puppy

DESCRIPTION:  A pink base with lots of depth and a neat green spark

COATS:  I did three even though two probably would’ve been just fine; no formula issues at all

This one makes me smiley, although not very adorably.  No, I’m just sitting here with my eyes closed, smiling to myself like an idiot cuz polish does things, and they’re not always pretty.  The Ugly Ecstasy Face, guys!  It’s getting very unattractive over here. 

Under the lamps:


Price: $11

Linky loos:

Shop http://myindiepolish.com

Instagram http://www.instagram.com/myindiepolish

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/indiepolish


POLISH ‘M:  Ripped in Rio de Janeiro

DESCRIPTION:  A red/orange leaning coral with gold microflakies, red/gold microflakies and red and gold scattered galaxy holo

COATS:  Two of the smoothest of your life!

Oh, but this one!  What a spectacular shade for summer.  Seriously, you’re buying one bottle plus 27 backup bottles in case of accidental polishing of all the surfaces.

Under the lamps:


Price: $9

Linky loos:

Shop http://www.polishm.com

Instagram http://www.instagram.com/creativenailchick

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/polishmpolish


NAIL HOOT:  Berry Sexy Vanilla Sunrise

DESCRIPTION:  A berry holographic with a hint of a purple flash

COATS:  Opaque in a quick two

Nail Hoot was the very first indie brand polish I’d ever purchased over two years ago, and it’s because of Brandie that I even have this indie addiction.  Basically, if it wasn’t for Nail Hoot luring me into this fantastical new world, you wouldn’t be reading this blog right now.  It simply wouldn’t exist.  So now we all owe Brandie our firstborn childrens cuz I think that’s how this thing works, right?  I might be thinking of something else.  Either way, though, Brandie, THANK YOU!

Under the lamps:


Price: $9.75

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DESCRIPTION:  A mulberry purple linear holographic with added color shifting pigment and a gorgeous pink flash

COATS:  Opaque in basically one coat, but I did two to smooth out my strokes

Uhhhhhhhnnnnn.  Words have left me.  It’s seriously moan-y throat noises from here on out.  Purple lovers, you die!  How this blog is getting finished, well, wouldn’t we all like to know?

Under the lamps:


Price: $11

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FAIR MAIDEN POLISH:  Sparkling Sangria

DESCRIPTION:  A berry holographic with red flame and holographic sparkles

COATS:  Pretty much a one coater but I did two cuz CAN’T STOP POLISHING.

This is the perfect ending to Part 1 of the blog cuz nothing has you beggin for more like a sultry, sexy little red.  Seriously, are you hot?  Cuz I’m hot.  Don’t mind me and my sweat bead mustache.  Ugh.  Good thing I’ve got this Trophy Wife deal on lock, or else we’d all be worried.   

Under the lamps:


Price: $11

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The Polish Pickup shop will open on Friday, July 7 at 11am EST and will run thru Monday, July 10 until 11:59pm EST.  Click here for shopping, but only after you read parts 2 and 3.  WE ARE NOT DONE.  In fact, we’ve just gotten started.  Weeeee!

Part 2

Part 3


Different Dimension: Americana Collection 


I’m not even gonna pretend life goes on happily when hubby has to work all weekend.  Cuz when he’s home, snacks just make their way out of the kitchen like magic, but now I’ve been sitting here putting pants on against my will for the past 9 hours cuz food is officially taking its DAMN SWEET TIME.  Ugh.  What is the point of a Sunday if I’m forced to do things in an anti-couch lounging kind of way?  I ask you, WHAT IS THE POINT?

I tried to salvage the day somehow, but he’d left me only an inch of Cheetos in the bottom of a bag and the manual to the Keurig might as well have been written in Spanish.  I thought maybe I should starve to death out of protest, but the novelty of that idea lasted roughly 2.5 seconds.  I’m not good at goals, let’s just say.  And the lure of a Starbucks is legit no joke.

In other words, someone spent an extraordinary amount of time being responsible today, so if an award is coming – well, that sounds about right.

Oh, but the polish!  Missi with Different Dimension sent me some pretties to share with you today, and HOLO EXTRAVAGANZA! doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.  Here is the Americana Collection: 


Gah!  Y’all got your smelling salts handy?  Cuz it’s about to get super pass-out-y in here, I just know it.

First up is One Flag, One Land:

This one is a linear red holographic with added holographic microglitters and larger linear holographic pigment.  I swear, this red is CRAZY good.  Practically a one-coater, and perfect for parties.  So blingy and flashy and fun.  Date night nails!  Or napping nails, you know, if you’re me.

18,000 tickets to the Drool Convention, at minimum.  

And then I did actual cute nail art:

Right?!  Nothing innovative here, but I’ll take a horn toot if y’all not busy. 

Used the Lina Feeling Shapely 01 plate for the stripes and the 09 plate for the stars in case you’re curious.  (You are this time.)

Next up is One Heart, One Hand:

This one is a linear chantilly lace white/dove grey holographic with added color shifting shimmers, larger linear holographic pigment and holographic microglitters.  And for some reason, this looks good on me.  Usually light colors don’t play well with my pale skin, but I’m freaking looooving this!  No sad sausages!  Weeeee!

I did three coats of this one even though on most people it will probably only take two.  Most likely, I did it wrong cuz it was 2 a.m. on a work night and half my brain was sleeping.

Lolling tongue alert!

And then this happened:

EFFORT.  Someone got a second wind, clearly.

Used the Bundle Monster BM-XL201 plate and stamped over this awesome dry brush design.  Then sat back and reveled in this brief moment of mojo.

Lastly, here’s One Nation Evermore:

This one is a linear cobalt blue holographic with added holographic microglitters, and OMG, my eyes my eyes!  Is this not the most beautiful sparkly blue of all time ever?  Ugh.  Don’t mind me.  I’ll just be over here, drooling in a thousand buckets.  Cuz ladylike composure is officially OUT THE WINDOW.

An ocean of lovely:

Final design:

This time around, I used striping tape and blocked off spots for color blocking.  It was looking pretty good, but then the SILVER STAR STICKER MYSTERY HOUR happened, and … blah.  Sometimes when I nail art, my brain goes away somewhere.  

BONUS TIME!  Included in this bundle is a limited edition cuticle oil called Rockets Red Glare:

Smells just like those rocket bomb popsicles you get from the ice cream truck, most specifically the cherry part of it.  YUM!  But it is NOT FOOD.  I checked, so you don’t have to.  Surpringly tastes less like popsicles than expected.

The round up:

The Americana Collection just released today so you’re all set to go!  It’s extremely limited stock and won’t be restocked so we are in the midst of a dadgum POLISH EMERGENCY! in case you need to know.  Plus, you get free shipping if you order Monday or Tuesday, and I’m not sure why 27 bottles isn’t already sitting in your cart at this point.  Get on it, boo boos!  You do not want to miss out.

Cost for this set plus the cuticle oil is $30.  It’s not available as separate pieces but as a bundle only, which works just fine.  Cuz no one does Crazy Nail Lady quite like you.

Click here for shopping!

Later, loves!


The Holo Hookup: July 2017 – Beaches of the World


One of the coolest things has happened to me, and it surprisingly doesn’t involve Leonardo or a wedding dress.  GUYS.  I’ve been asked to blog for the Holo Hookup box!  Excuse me while I pee my pants a little.  Cuz I don’t know about you, but they’ve got an awesome batch of bloggers, and to be amongst them makes me feel like I should be allowed to quit my job and wear pajamas forever AT ANY MOMENT NOW.  Except hubby says NO cuz hubby is zero fun.

We shall stay married, however, cuz he brings me sandwiches.

Since the Holo Hookup is a new thing to my blog, let me give you a tiny rundown.  It is the brain child of Jill from Glisten & Glow, Sara from Cupcake Polish and Missi from Different Dimension.  Every month, they team up with a fourth rotating featured brand and create exclusive holographic polishes based on that particular month’s theme.  And then the rest of us swoon and drool and be basically unattractive as we elbow our way to the front of the line.  Cuz they’re only on sale for 7 days, and y’all know a POLISH EMERGENCY ain’t the time to be leisurely.

Anyway,  let me show you what’s coming up for July.  Brace yourselves for an insane amount of holo.  Ready?  Well then lessss go!


Yep.  You’re about to spend some money, I can already tell.

So this month’s theme is Beaches of the World.  Before you even open the box, you know you’re gonna love each and every one of these.  Cuz who doesn’t want all things beachy?  I mean, I cried while snorkeling and wore a sweat bead mustache for 7 days straight, and still somehow managed to have a good time.  The frizzy triangle-shaped hair was pushing it though, just to be clear. Ahhhhh, Humidity, my evil friend.

Here’s the inspiration photo:

Now let’s get into some polish.  I’m getting quite chatty, and if I don’t wrap this up soon, stupid things are gonna come out.  As they do about 97.75867% of the time.

This month’s featured brand is the lovely Sarah and Adrienne with Fair Maiden Polish.  I had the pleasure of swatching a collection for them back in April, and lemme just say:  I LUB THEM LOTS.

And because we are all some kind of classy ladies, guests shall go first.  Here is what Sarah and Adrienne made for us.  Presenting, Waikiki Beach:

This one is a sandy linear holographic with pink to gold shifting shimmer and hints of scattered holo sparkle throughout.  It’s a pretty dainty shade but with just enough punch to make my sad white sausages look slightly more hand model-y.  And for that reason alone, IN THE CART SHE GOES!

Under the lamps, jaws are dropping everywhere:

Close up of that shimmer:


And then I made this nail art:

Look!  Effort!  Kinda cute right?  Worth half a horn toot, maybe? 

Used the Uber Chic Beauty 18-01 plate on this one, a crap ton of gold beads, and a skosh of mojo.

Next up is the offering from Glisten & Glow – here’s Trunk Bay:

This one is an ocean blue linear holographic with mermaid tail shimmers and a twinkle of silver holo microglitters.  Well, who wants this one all over the surfaces?  EVERY DADGUM ONE OF US, that’s who.  There’s just something about a blue, isn’t there?  So calming and serene.  If a nap is coming next, no one’s surprised.

Under the lamps:

Angels are signing, I’m quite certain.

Macros, and an attempt at ladylike composure:

Just kidding.  I’m a drool-y mess.

Not hideous nail art:

You might’ve expected something more mermaid-y, so naturally I did raindrops.  Best blogger ever, is what you’re thinking. 

Used the Uber Chic Beauty 9-01 plate in case you’re curious.  (You might be this time!)

Now here’s Pink Beach from Different Dimension:

This one is a blush pink linear holographic with twinkling pink shimmers and silver holographic microglitters.  It gives off a slight lavender-y tone on me, and it’s so soft and precious and perfect for holding tiny cappuccinos.  Cuz she a fancy lady, that’s why.

Under the lamps, we all get just a little bit more pass-out-y:

And then a prelude to the Noodle Leg Epidemic happening next:

How are we still upright?  The sheer amount of perseverence on display over here is downright superhuman.  Still not putting pants on though.  

Some simple stamping:

Meh.  No awards are coming, but it’s not the worst I’ve ever done.  I mean, you’ve read this blog before.  Nail fails, THEY. ARE. EVERYWHERE.

Used the Uber Chic Beauty 9-02 plate on this one in case recreations are in order.  (They’re not.  Moving on.)

Lastly, here’s Horseshoe Bay Beach from Cupcake Polish:

This one is a creme based peach linear holographic with pink to blue shifting shimmers.  At first I thought this was a pink polish, but after I applied it, the peach is very evident.  It’s such an awesome summery shade.  And it’s pretty much a one coater, although I added a second out of habit.  Then I went and lounged on couches, cuz TWO COATS for no damn good reason?  That’s effort to the trillionth degree.

Under the lamps:

And then macros to aid the convincing:

But then again, you already know.  One box plus 27 backup boxes, AT MINIMUM.

Scroll past this one:

You stopped scrolling!  Ugh.  Is it me or is that blinding white pinky nail just staring you in the face asking WHAT THE HELL, Expert?  Like, was I doing nail art and then somewhere in the middle my brain just up and went somewhere?   Bye bye mojo.  You had one foot out the door anyway.

Used the Uber Chic Beauty 9-01 plate, but at this point … NEXT!

Bonus points down below!  Someone’s feeling overachieve-y:

Used all four colors from the box and smooshed ’em all over my nails cuz a big burst of energy just happens sometimes.  Don’t worry, though, we’re all back to normal now, picking things up with our feet cuz bending over properly is a commitment I’m not yet ready to make.

A patchwork, color block-y, chevron-y kinda thing:

Again, used all 4 colors.  Seriously, is a Starbucks coming?  I think yes.

The round up:

Pre-order for this box starts on June 21 at 9pm EST and will run thru June 28 at 9pm EST.  And in case you don’t math well, that’s 7 days of panic heading your way.  So 17 alarms and Post-It Notes in all the places?  COMPLETELY NORMAL BEHAVIOR.  

Cost is $40 and shipping will begin by July 12.  Click here for shopping!  (On Wednesday.  First in line.  Cuz no one does Crazy Nail Lady quite like you.)

And now, some linky loos:

Holo Hookup Instagram

Holo Hookup Facebook Fan Group

Okay, gang, that’s it!  You’ve got your game plan and I’ve got the carpal tunnel.  Oh the things I do for your love.  Professional Blogger Extraordinare?  Yep.  Sounds about right.  

Later, loves!


Different Dimension + Crystal’s Charity Lacquers: Trio for MS Society


You know how sometimes when there is a surprise Leonardo sighting and you realize all those years of honing your planning skills is about to come in real handy considering the amount of wedding dress happening in the trunk of your car at that very moment, and then you’re like, GO ME! for having the best day ever?

Well, guess who’s about to have another one just tossed in their lap like no big deal?  (You, to be clear.)  Although with slightly less Leonardo, but you’re gonna love it nonetheless.  Cuz Crystal’s Charity Lacquers is back y’all and it’s time to hoard some polish!

Each month or so, Crystal’s Charity Lacquers chooses a charity and teams up with indie brands to create exclusive polishes to sell and help raise funds for the cause.  For May, she chose Missi from Different Dimension and Sarah and Adrienne, the girls from Fair Maiden Polish, to release some pretties to benefit the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society.

So get off your no-buys, ladies!  TOTAL LEGIT JUSTIFICATION doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.


Our charity this month is the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society. This is a charity that is very close to my heart as my mom has MS and has battled the disease for more than 30 years. I have grown up watching this illness slowly (and sometimes quickly) take away aspects of life that most of us take for granted. The ability to stand, to walk, to feed yourself. The ability to scratch an itch. To push your hair out of your eyes. These are just a small sample of day to day activities that most of us take for granted that MS has taken from my mom.

Multiple Sclerosis is often referred to as the snowflake disease; it affects no two people exactly alike. Because of this, treatment is often difficult and costly. The MS Society helps ease some of the burden to those diagnosed with MS through financial, emotional and research support. When I was a child, people would often ask me what was wrong with my Mom. Back then, it was rare that the person asking would have heard of MS. Now, the response is too often, “Oh yeah, my friend/relative has that.”  MS is on the rise and we need to fight back!!

— Crystal Weber, Crystal’s Charity Lacquers

Well, of course we’re doing this.  In fact, we’re buying 1257 bottles, at the minimum.  Cuz we don’t get to Crazy Nail Lady by being normal, and rational behavior is for other people.  In the cart they go!

As previously mentioned, there are two indie brands helping out this round.  I only have swatches of the Different Dimension offering, but there is a link down below to another blog where you can view the swatches for Fair Maiden Polish.  Cuz who is the best, most thorough blogger in all the land?  I’m not even telling cuz you already know.

(Okay, it’s me.  I got scared you weren’t sure.)

First up is No MS’ing Around:

This is a light mint green linear holographic, and it’s my favorite of the bunch.  It has the most perfect springtime quality to it and it looks so gorgeous on the nail.  There may be some random hand modeling scenarios later with this one.  Cuz running your fingers languidly over toasters and clock radios just happens sometimes whether you like it or not.

Under the lamps:

Even better.  Seriously, you’re buying this.  Otherwise, we need to have a chat about decisions and how to make them.

Macro time!

Welp, it’s about to get super pass-out-y in here, I think. 

Next up is Kicking Multiple Scleros-ass:

This is a hot coral pink linear holographic with added shimmers.  How much do you love it?!  It’s basically neon (YUM), and if you have sad white sausages like me, you’re gonna love how pretty this makes your fingers look. Although between the time I did the green mani and this one, I stubbed my ring fingernail and the Universe took a chunk out. Well, OF COURSE IT DID. Cuz tossing in a bit of hobo before I go off tooting my own horn sounds about right. Ugh.

Under the lamps, she’s a hot little mama:

Gracious. I’ll take a billion.

Macros, in case you’re on the fence:

Cuz the fence is no place for a lady.

Lastly, here’s dreaMS:

This one is a lightened teal blue linear holographic with added shimmers. A spectacular shade of blue, lemme just say. Even though the notch in my fingernail now officially has its jazz hands on, it’s still a pretty dang good mani. I’m about 2.5 seconds away from sticking my fingers in people’s faces, but SOCIETY says no.  Surprisingly, strangers don’t wanna look at mah nails! quite as much as expected.  Society is zero fun sometimes. 

Under the lamps, it gets ridiculous:

An insane display of pretty:

It glows! And we lub it so much.

The round up:

In addition to this lovely trio, Fair Maiden Polish has a single shade up for grabs as well.  Their offering is called Keep S’Myelin’, a magenta holo polish with a violet flame and shifting blue/green chrome flake.  Even without pictures, I know I want 27 back-ups of that one.  However, you can go check out Becky from Naked Without Polish for official swatches, in case you don’t toss polish in your cart all willy nilly like me.  Click here!

Pre-order for these starts tomorrow, May 12 at 3pm PST (or 6pm EST) and will run until Friday, May 26 only.  That’s two tiny weeks of POLISH EMERGENCY! so make sure you get your priorities in order.  Once time is up, the polish is gone forever, and it’ll be a sad state of affairs if you miss it.

Cost for the Different Dimension polishes are $14 each and the Fair Maiden one will be $11.  To purchase, visit each respective makers’ site.  And so you don’t have to figure any of this out for yourself, here’s the links all laid out so nice and pretty:

Different Dimension – click here

Fair Maiden Polish – click here

Cuz BEST BLOGGER EVER, that’s why.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the MS Society through Crystal’s MS Walk fundraising link.  To read more, click here.

While you’re in a clicking mood, go ahead and join the Crystal’s Charity Lacquers Facebook group so you can get inside scoop on future donations, brand collaborations, and polish sneak peeks.  DO IT.  I mean it.  Click here.

Okay, gang.  That’s a lot of clicking.  Time for pajamas and some lounging on couches cuz you’ve had a hard day.  Me too, though, cuz this blog just don’t write itself for some reason. After 18 years of typing and a skosh of carpal tunnel setting in, if there’s a nap coming soon, that’d be great.

Later, Loves!


Different Dimension: The Best Mum and I See the Light Trios (plus bonuses!)


When your mom has a birthday party and asks you to make her a bag of frozen corn, you put away your truffle oil and big bag of chef tricks and then just make her a bag of frozen corn.  Cuz she is queen for the day, and we shall treat her as such.

I get it though. Not everyone wants a 17 course meal with food names in foreign languages.  I mean, even my husband the chef just wants a corn dog sometimes.  OR! a big bowl of mashed potatoes, some stretchy pants and a room to be alone in.  But maybe that’s just me.  Although honestly, my ecstasy face does need a bit of privacy lest divorce is also on the menu.  Cuz there’s not much sexy to go around with one eyeball rolled back in your head and a gaping mouth full of potato.  Or so says society.

However, despite the corn, the party was still nice.  Well, except for two things:

1. Mom can’t stop running marathons.  The woman turns 60 and you’d think she’d like to start sitting down now.  Put on some pajamas, maybe.  She was 24 hours post-run, looking like a perky ray of sunshine.  STOP IT MOM.  Stop making me look bad.  Cuz Lazy, Level EXPERT is as high as this thing goes.

2. There was a gift giving contest that I was unaware of but somehow participated in.  And apparently my gift of a wad of cash just handed over was at the very bottom.  Blahhh.  Listen, I am quite aware of how un-clever I am with gifts.  The hives they are a-lurking and I stress about it for eons, then I panic and grab a popcorn maker and a 2-pack of sock boots on my way out the door.  So considering all that, I’d say a nice, safe wad of cash is about the best outcome in this little scenario.  At this point, if mom isn’t tossing a few happy tears my way, I am var var concerned about her brain.

While mom reconsiders the level of her love, let’s talk polish!  I have some goodies from Missi at Different Dimension to show off for you today.  First time on the blog, y’all!  Feeling awfully fancy right about now.  There are two new trios plus a couple of April special releases to discuss.  Lots to do, lots to see (and money to spend) so excitement starts NOW.

One of the trios is called The Best Mum.  Take a look:

This trio is inspired by gorgeous springtime blooms and is the perfect ode to all the mommies.  And in case you get an attack of the day sweats when it comes to all gift giving situations like I do, here, I fixed Mother’s Day for you.  Best blogger ever, is what you’re thinking.

First up is You Lilac You Could Use a Break:

This one is a delicate lilac creme loaded with a ton of golden shimmer with a pile of happiness and joy on the side.  It’s just one of the best spring colors you’ll find, and that golden glow is over the top pretty.  I just want to squeeeeee! while looking at it.  At any moment, I expect a surprise Leonardo sighting, cuz that’s just how good our day is going.  Best day EVER I’m pretty sure.

Closer look at that shimmer action:

See?  Who wants to lick that one just a bit?  All of us little weirdos, no doubt.

Some mediocre nail art:

So naturally I took this lovely little manicure, and did something hideous to it.  Ugh.  In my mind though, this looked fabulous.  I was gonna make a Mother’s Day bouquet right on mah nails!  Clearly, I gave up too soon.  I am not good at goals, let’s just say.

Used the new Uber Chic Beauty Mother’s Day plate, though, and it’s a good one.

Next up is Peony For Your Thoughts:

Okay, this is next level gorgeous.  Like, before I was just doing that smiling to myself with my eyes closed thing – you know, the one where I look like a complete idiot but still kind of normal – but now it’s official drool bucket season, and it’s about to get suuuuuuuper unattractive in here. Gah!  Hubby, look away!  I’m warning you now.

This one is a fresh peach creme loaded with those same golden shimmers.  Buy this one.  I’m serious.

More nail art:

Maybe only half a notch better.  Sorry, guys.  I tried, but then stamp all the things took over, and before I knew it there was chaos and it was EVERYWHERE.  Is your OCD twitching?  Yep, mine too.

Used both the Uber Chic Beauty 15-02 and 15-03 plates for this “design” in case you’re curious.  (You’re not.  We’re moving on.)

Lastly, here’s That’s Ranunculus:

Well, you’d knew there’d have to be a pink one, didn’t you?  Of course you did!  Pink is a necessity when it comes to spring. And this one is very dainty. You can practically hear it begging for a cappuccino in a tiny cup.  And possibly a sandwich.  Is the Queen handy?  We’re gonna need her too.  Cuz there’s a tea party about to happen, I just know it.

Last of the nail art:

This one is better.  Don’t ask why my brain said BLUE ROSES! like it made sense or something.  But it’s not an ugly mani.  I’m gonna take this brief moment of mojo and freaking RUN.  Cuz the nail fails are lurking, they are always always lurking.  

Used the rose layered image from the Uber Chic Beauty 12-03 plate in case recreations are in order.  And kudos and accolades, you know, if you’re not busy.

The formula on these three polishes are very consistent across the board.  They are slightly thicker than average due to the shimmer load, so you may need to add some thinner to help it along.  Ordering details will be at the bottom, so hang tight!

The next release is the I See the Light Trio, a set of three gorgeous holographic polishes.  These are legit stunning, with special illuminating shimmers for an amazing glowing effect.  Here’s proof:

Do you hear angels?   Cuz I hear angels.

These three beauties are all very similar; the only difference is the color of shimmer.  I’m going to show you all three shades at once, then we’ll talk.  Lessss go!

Here is Apparition:

This one has holographic microflakies and turquoise shimmer.  It’s very evident in the glare.

Time for macros!

OMG, I peed a little.  Seriously, you guys.  If you haven’t drooled in a thousand buckets at this point, well you are WRONG.  Or you have no eyes.  I dunno.

Next one is Ethereal:

This one has those same holographic microflakies plus copper shimmer.  It is very hard to stay upright at the moment.  The amount of perseverence happening over here is downright superhuman.


Mercy, I’m sweaty.

Lastly, here’s Rapturous:

Aside from those holographic microflakies we are now officially hardcore in love with, this one has purple shimmer.  Dreamy, simply put.

An insane display of pretty:

Welp, you want all those now don’t you?  (You do.)  The formula is consistent on these three as well.  Very easy and smooth to apply.  Two, possibly three coats.  Lays flat and dries relatively fast.  One coat of top coat, and holy moly you’re a fancy lady!  Definitely don’t miss these.  DON’T DO IT.  I mean it.  Ordering details at the bottom.

Lastly, we have two special releases for the month of April:

Seriously, who’s got too much time on their hands?  Fun with fonts!  With jazz hands.  I make collages like someone is paying me. They’re not, although WHY? is the actual question.

First up is B(earth)day 2017:

Missi’s birthday is April 22, which also happens to be Earth Day, so now we have TWO reasons to celebrate in case you need an excuse to have a wine cooler on a Monday.  

So this one is a steel blue linear holo with added silver holo microglitters.  All my blue lovers just died a little, I’m pretty sure.  Cuz it’s blingy and holo-y and a two coat dreamboat.  Honestly, what more do you need?  Well, besides pajamas and a nap with a Starbucks on top.  

Under the lamps for funsies:

My eyes, my eyes!  You need to buy one bottle of this then 27 backup bottles in case of an accidental painting of all the surfaces.

Finally, here’s Every Piece Belongs:

Since April is Autism Awareness Month, Missi wanted to create a polish to help raise money for the cause.  Fifty percent of the proceeds of this limited edition polish will benefit the Autism Society of Indiana, which means you can get a pretty polish and donate to charity with the push of one tiny button.  So get your shopping hand ready, cuz you’re adding to cart in about 2.5 seconds.  

This adorable polish is a unique baby blue creme loaded with these gorgeous contrasting shimmers.  It’s quite elegant, and looks fabulous on the nail.  And in case you want to scare the shit out of yourself wondering whose hands are on you at 2 in the morning, it also glows in the dark.

Fun!  I’ve never used a glow in the dark polish before, and I’m not saying I sat in the closet for half an hour doing the sign language alphabet,  but then again, of course I did.

The round up:

The two trios just released April 1 and are still available at the time of this writing.  You can purchase the full set of three or just single bottles, although every bit of this is going in the basket so that point is moot.  Here’s the deets:

The Best Mum Mother’s Day Trio is $25 or $8.75 each

I See the Light Trio is $32 or $12 each

As for the April special edition polishes, they will only be available until April 30 so it’s basically a polish emergency.  The clock is ticking, and if you’re not properly panicked, well then something is wrong with your brain.  They are $10 each just so you know.

Click here for shopping!

That’s it guys.  Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom.  I know you might’ve had other things to do – maybe groceries or dishes or life in general – so I appreciate you making a bit of room for me.  Y’all make writing these 18-hour-long posts so very very worth it.  Off to do nails so this blog can happen again tomorrow.

Later, loves!