Different Dimension: Polish Pickup August 2017


The blogging frenzy continues!  Y’all better be loving this, cuz no one is getting any sleep over here.  Cuz I am CRAP at balancing out my life.  Even though I had every opportunity to blog during my lunch break today, I figured an accidental nap would be the most productive option.  I mean, head lolling in my own lap in front of co-workers gets a blog written almost every dadgum time.

And then of course, tonight’s bonus blog commences roughly around 1am, cuz my effort to go to bed early on work nights is CLEARLY working out so well.  Ugh.  One day, I’ll get it together, I swear.  Until then, though, we blog with our eyes closed.  Weeee!

More Polish Pickup beauties to share!  Take a look at what Missi with Different Dimension made for us:


Oooooh, I spy flakies!  I’m not even gonna pretend normal things are happening over here.

Again, this month’s theme is Old Hollywood.  Missi was inspired by the actress, Dorothy Dandridge, who was the first African-American actress to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in the movie Carmen Jones.   I’ve never seen the movie, which isn’t all that surprising considering how much Leonardo isn’t in it.  I feel like I’ll have a lot of movie watching to do after this Polish Pickup thing is done.  You know, so y’all don’t think I’ve been living in some kind of Gilbert Grape fantasy world.  (Although I have.  Duh.)

The inspiration photo:

Look how tiny that photo turned out.  Bahahahahaha!  I’m suuuuuuper good at blogging, you guys!

But then something better happened:

Gah!  So pretty!  There’s just something about a dark polish that gets the noodle legs started.  Then toss in some flakie business, and now NO ONE is upright.  

DESCRIPTION:  A black jelly base with holographic microflakies

That’s two coats of luscious, if you’re curious.  And good news, guys:  you’re buying it!  Plus 27 back-up bottles, for safety.

Check out these macros:

This one’s just begging for some galaxy nail art.  Of which I have none to show you.  Someone’s a PROFESSIONAL!  (As in ME, in case you aren’t clear.)

If you need info on what the Polish Pickup is and how it works, click here for FAQs. The shop opens Friday, August 4 at 11am EST and will be available thru all day Monday, August 7. Make sure you don’t miss it! Otherwise who wants to be you on Tuesday, August 8?  Damn near nobody, pretty sure.

Dorothy Dandridge will retail for $10, in case y’all like to budget instead of toss polish in the cart all willy nilly like me.  Click here for shopping!  

Stay tuned, loves. This ride ain’t over yet!


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