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Tonic Polish: Multichrome Madness Group Custom Trio



We’re all about to break the internet, but for real this time.  Cuz first there was Kim Kardashian with a champagne glass balanced on her butt (where we thought we broke it, but alas, false alarm), but now Tonic Polish is this month’s featured brand for Multichrome Madness and OMG YOU GUYS it’s a bye bye normal things-type situation for all of us.  No more standing around upright, buying nail polish like someone civilized.  Cuz when we break the internet, we dadgum BREAK IT break it.  The legitimate version, you know, with elbow jabs and drool buckets and at least 27 other levels of unsexy behavior.  We’re about to have the frenzy to end all frenzies, plus a poke in the eye for the judgy people.  It’s seriously about to get ridiculous, just so you know.


Tonic Polish: Holiday Duo 2017



We’re jumping right into the polish tonight cuz NEW TONICS ARE COMING!  NEW TONICS ARE COMING! and there’s just no time to be lounge-y right now.  Plus, ONCE AGAIN, it’s well after midnight, Full House has transitioned to Friends and guess who’s not  sleeping, not even a little bit?  YOU GUYS.  I am officially the most boring person on the planet and NO ONE is surprised.  Booooo.  Good thing I’m quite the Trophy Wife, or else we’d all be worried.


Tonic Polish: Secrets & Soulmates Collection 


Hubby spent the day outside cleaning the solar panels while I stayed in my robe and painted nails for eight hours straight. You know, as far as the divisioning of duties go, I’d say that sounds about right.

So now I’m laying here in the bathtub blogging like a crazy person cuz I literally can’t wait to show you what all I’ve accomplished today. Aside from two glasses of wine and 16 Whopper malted milk balls (diet status: going quite well, clearly), I’ve swatched SO! MUCH! PRETTY! that if anything ladylike happens next, it’d be a damn near miracle.  New Tonics are coming, new Tonics are coming!   And then we all collectively pass the hell on out now.

GUYS. I can’t even describe. There are no words. Hope y’all wanna read a blog full of silence, cuz my brain’s done gone away somewhere and it’s moan-y throat noises from here on out.  Uhhhhhhnnnnnnn.  See?  Ugh.  

Okay, FOCUS.  An attempt is happening.  Take a look at new stuff from Tonic Nail Polish:


Still upright?  Just checking.

This is the Secrets & Soulmates collection, a set of 7 glorious shades full of shimmer and flakies and voodoo and MAGIC.  Which means Lindsey’s about to break some kind of sales record, I’m quite certain.  Cuz you don’t just toss all this pretty out in the world and expect wallets not to fly out of purses, everywhere.

So this collection was made in collaboration with Elena from @ecklipsed on Instagram.  Lindsey and Elena both have a love for design, art, fashion, romance and nail polish (duh), so it was only natural for them to come together to bring one of the most stunning collections of color to LIFE.  Elena created mood boards and Lindsey turned them all into tiny glass jars of LEGIT PERFECTION.

And now we all want like 18,000 bottles.  Rational behavior?  NOT TODAY!

Each swatch below will be interspersed with Elena’s own words, her inspiration and the meaning behind it all.   Ooooooh, we’re about to set a mood, I can already tell.  Grab your smelling salts and your drool buckets, y’all; it’s about to get sexy:


Novitiate represents the preparation for a new journey.  It’s fresh, soft, ethereal and innocent.  It is a color of promises yet to be fulfilled and chances to be taken.

I dreamed up this color while I was taking a chance on following my heart for the first time in a long time.  It paid off.  My heart is complete.  Lindsey made this shade whisper a love poem.  I can’t wait for you to “hear” it.

— Elena

DESCRIPTION:  An icy mint creme with turquoise shimmer that shifts to a soft pale purple

OPACITY:  Three coats 

Did you just die?  Cuz I sure did.  Multichromes are happening and now all semblance of normal = out the dadgum window.  Also, don’t look at that hair dangling off my index finger.  DON’T LOOK AT IT!  Cuz I’ve stared at it hardcore enough for all of us.  Blah.


Sometimes you have to lose it all to find a better way.  Lemons & Cream is the personification of that feeling.  It has a hidden glow that shows the power of persistence in the face of adversity.


DESCRIPTION: A yellow with strong red/pink shimmer and large shimmer particles

OPACITY: Three coats

Formula on this one is a little thicker, but I still found it manageable.  Which coming from me, the girl who sprained her foot from laying on the couch too hard, that’s saying something.

This color is intense and therefore it might stain.  Base coat for safety!


The past few months have been nothing short of a blockbuster movie or a telenovela.  It even had a good villain.  I wanted a tongue-in-cheek nod to the most formidable foes of one of my favorite fictional spies, James Bond.  007 matched wits with the criminal organization, SPECTRE, more than once.  Bond always came out on top.  My foe didn’t succeed either.  I figured I’d celebrate victory with nail polish.


DESCRIPTION:  An aqua blue to purple shifting lumichrome

OPACITY:  Two coats

Who’s still sexy?  NOT THIS LADY!  The Ugly Ecstasy Face is a dire thing.  And crying over nail polish is COMPLETELY NORMAL BEHAVIOR, just so you know.


This polish was conceived with my 10th wedding anniversary in mind.  I had met my husband in February (amethyst) and we were married the following August (peridot).  The day Lindsey launched this collection, my divorce was finalized.  This color now symbolizes how life and love will always move on, that it can always be created, it is fecund.


DESCRIPTION:  A deep grape purple with green/fuchsia/purple large particle multichrome shimmers, a hint of green//fuchsia/purple multichrome shimmer, iridescent flakies and tiny silver holographic microglitters

OPACITY:  Three coats

So many goodies!  How this one doesn’t cost like a million dollars defies all the comprehensions.  Regardless, in the cart she goes!


This color was inspired by someone very dear to me and Lindsey – Chris Burnes, Tonic’s fan group admin and biggest cheerleader. Chris was a gift to me during my transition to a new job opportunity and my divorce.  Almost every day I got a “proof of life” check and she got a heavy dose of Boston accent in return.

Lagniappe is a Cajun Creole derived word that means a little bonus or extra token of appreciation.  This color has a little something extra, as does the woman who inspired it.


DESCRIPTION: A multidimensional pink/orchid holographic with sparkly blue shimmers and glowing orange/green shifting iridescent flakies

OPACITY: Two coats

If you’re a purple lover, how happy must you be right now.  This shade is GLORIOUS!  Cue the noodle legs; it’s getting suuuuuper swoon-y in here! Hope ya’ll got your fainting couches handy, like one of those fancy Victorian ones, cuz who’s about to get unattractive on a futon?  Not a dadgum one of us, that’s who.


Dulcinea was the love interest of the literary character, Don Quixote.  The name has now evolved into a synonym for “sweetheart” or “beloved”. 

I think Rihanna sang it best:  We found love in a hopeless place.  That’s basically what happened with me.  I wanted a color that was passionate, glowing, rich, warm and delicious.  That is Dulcinea.


DESCRIPTION:  A berry red with vibrant glowing metallic shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats

Holy freaking moly.  Are you seeing this?  This is the red that ends all reds.  Your date night red, your hot mama red. The red you wear when you want to feel less sweatpants-y but also still be in sweatpants. Well, if you’re me, that is. All the rest of you, I’m sure, can figure out more proper uses that doesn’t require a nap for good measure.


Love yourself first.  Simple enough, right?  We all struggle everyday with putting our needs first.  We are programmed to think it’s selfish and wrong, self-serving.  Guess what?  It’s not.  If we love ourselves first, we are happy.  If we are happy, it is felt by those around us.  Ultimately, we make the world around us better.

I was given a gift that was inscribed with “love yourself first” the weekend I asked my husband for divorce.  It reminded me that I was loving me to better my life.


DESCRIPTION:  A slight teal green base with rose/golden multichrome and large particle color shifting shimmers and scattered holo

OPACITY:  Two coats

Elena described her vision of this color as all the colors you see reflecting off of sun shining on water.  And you know what?  NAILED IT doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.  Lindsey, you get a horn toot!


OMG.  Have you ever?  (No, you have not.)

If y’all know even a smidge of the magic that is Tonic Polish, it’s about to get all sorts of elbow jabby in here real quick. A bonafide frenzy, is what I mean.  Here’s your shopping deets:

Full collection retails for $77

Single bottles (although, why?!) are priced as follows:

Lemons & Cream – $11

Novitiate, Fecundity 10, Lagniappe, Dulcinea and Love Yourself First – $12 each

Spectre – $13 (she fancy!)

This collection releases Wednesday, November 15 at 8pm CST and will most likely sell out completely about 8pm and 1 second later, so setting 17 alarms and putting Post-Its on all your surfaces makes the most logical sense.  Cuz who’s missing out on all this gorgeous goodness?  CERTAINLY NOT YOU.  Lindsey does say the polishes are not limited edition and will continue to be restocked.  However, why delay happiness?  Tonic Polish up top, people!  Seriously.  I MEAN IT.

Where to buy:  http://www.tonicpolish.com

More clicking opportunities! Connect with Tonic:



Fan Group

And some bonus clicking! Elena’s linky things:


Polish ReVamped Facebook Group

Well look at you, reading all the way to the bottom and stuff.  As always, thank you.  Come back tomorrow for more blog-y type things, k?  K.  

Later, loves!


Tonic Polish: Unicorn Pee Collection 


OMG, you guys.  I’m not even gonna waste time with this blog and just get right to the point:  Tonic Polish has a new collection coming out and suddenly BEST DAY EVER doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.  A legit no joke hoarding situation is lurking, my friends!  Gimme all the Tonics.  Plus 27 backup bottles, at the minimum.

And now your best day is about to get best-i-er cuz this collection is full of UNICORN PEE.  As in, the most special and rare pigment in the entire world, discontinued for years and only found by sheer luck and/or superhuman effort to the trillionth degree.  Lindsey’s admin and lovely friend, Chris, has scoured the earth from end to end and found us a few bottles, so now we all owe her our firstborn childrens cuz I think that’s how this thing works, right? I might be thinking of something else. Either way, though, Chris and Lindsey, THANK YOU!

It’s about to get suuuuuper elbow jabby in here in about 2.5 seconds.  Brace yourselves.


Cuz nobody does Crazy Nail Lady quite like you.

Well, in our defense, you can’t just release new Tonics out in the world and then expect anything normal to happen next.  Ladylike composure = out the freaking window with this one.

So before I get too chatty in here and accidentally take 18 years to write this blog, let’s go ahead and get started.  I’ll try to keep things brief, cuz I figure the more I keep talking, the higher the likelihood of something stupid coming out.  Collective jaw drops in 3 … 2 … 1 …  


DESCRIPTION:  A squishy royal cobalt blue

Thought I’d start with this one as it’s the only polish in the collection not containing unicorn pee.  Because true to its name, it is the BEGINNING.  The base.  The foundation on which to build your Unicorn Pee dreams.  It’s the freaking glue that holds everything together, people!  In other words, YOU NEED HER.

Plus, all you blue lovers just died a little.  Seriously, you did.

I used two regular coats for my swatch, but some people may need three, especially if you have longer nails.  Also, because of the rich blue pigment in this one, it has that delightful skunky smell that we’ve all come to expect from similar polishes.  IT IS COMPLETELY NORMAL.  No need to google search symptoms of poisoning because y’all know I already did that.  Turns out, blue dye just stinks.


DESCRIPTION:  A unicorn pee topper

For once, I’ve actually shown you a thing!  I put one layer of this topper over my Happy Beginning base because I seriously tried to be a real blogger this time.  And now you have proof I think things through from time to time, sooooo … certainly an award is officially coming.

Then I turned on the mood lights for extra drool-y scenarios:


DESCRIPTION:  A warm toned purple with red to green shifting unicorn pee

Again, I did two coats and got pretty good opacity, but those with longer nails might need three coats.  This color is an ode to one of Tonic’s best sellers, Lula – so if you loved that one, you’ll love Serendipity.  Seriously, this purple is ridiculously yummy.  Like, if I didn’t have 7,397 blogs left to write, I’d just pass the hell on out now.  Gah!

Mood lights = grabby fingers:


DESCRIPTION:  A blue toned purple with red to green shifting unicorn pee – an ode to another classic, Huckleberry Sparkle

Two coats for this one too, but some may prefer three.  That’s the deal about my short nails – visible nail line (VNL) isn’t much of a thing for me.  Although, I could easily go to Polish Mountain with any of these colors. One layer, two layers, three layers, infinity.  I swear, nail polish makes my brain just go away somewhere.  Suddenly, I’m 9 years old in a room full of office supplies.  DREAM SCENARIO, is what I’m saying.

On the other hand, Polish Mountain requires effort, and the last time I attempted effort, I got rug burn in my buttcrack and not even for a very good reason.  LAME.  In other words, I gave up after two coats.  Clearly, I’m also not very good at goals.


DESCRIPTION:  A sheer red jelly base full of unicorn pee

Because of my short nails (blah blah blah), I got opacity in three coats.  But this polish is intentionally made sheer, so some of you may never get opacity.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if I did an additional mani to show you this polish used as a topper over Happy Beginning like I did with the other one?  Cuz of that carpal tunnel-enducing high-fiving frenzy from earlier, y’all think I could keep up that “thinking things through” charade for more than 5 seconds?  Have you read this blog before?

You don’t get to Lazy, Level EXPERT by going the extra mile, is what I mean.

Regardless, I really love this red.  I think it is STUNNING on it’s own.  The UP shows up so nice and pretty; it simply glows.  But in case you wanna see Uniporn as a topper, click here for my friend, Amanda’s, blog.  Towards the bottom she posts some lovely photos of this one over Happy Beginning that you’re just gonna swoon over.  Take your drool bucket, though, just in case.


DESCRIPTION:  A warm toned violet creme with red to green shifting unicorn pee shimmer

Since this one is a creme, two coats easily achieved opacity for me.  Goes on so smooth and yummy!  The UP is a bit more subtle, although I think the whole bit of it is absolutely lovely.  If you love purple, or pretty things in general, this one has your name written alllll over it.  (Seriously, I checked.)

Also, this polish is the official Tonic Facebook Fan Group custom.  Usually, membership is required to purchase these customs, but Lindsey is opening this one up to everyone.  HOWEVER, because at this point it’s the only logical next step, click here to join the group.  DO IT.  I mean it.


To. Die. For.  That’s not even a typo.  Every single one of these polishes is a noodle leg epidemic waiting to happen.  Formulas are perfection, colors are rich and beautiful, and, well – there’s that thing about unicorn pee.  Basically, if it’s rare, limited edition, discontinued, never to be seen from again, I want it.  Could be a bottle full of dog poo, but that’s beside the point.  Not that this is anything compared to dog poo, but you know what I mean.  Hopefully.  Right?

Well there’s that stupid thing we were talking about earlier.  Clearly I’ve rambled on a skosh too long.  UGH.  Shut up, Brain.

Order deets:

Price for Happy Beginning is $10; the others are $14 each

Because these are super limited edition and will NOT be restocked, customers can only order one bottle of each color for the moment.  After the first 48 hours, if there are still bottles left, the sale will open back up for multiples.  In addition, every new Tonic release seems to break the dadgum internet, so make sure you’re first in line.  Cuz getting NO BOTTLES is not an option.  Are you properly panicked yet?  You should be.  

Where to buy:  http://www.tonicpolish.com

When:  Sunday, August 13 at 2pm CST

Don’t miss out, guys!  

And now, the linky loos.  Connect with Tonic Polish:



Fan Group

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom once again.  Your continued readership makes all this carpal tunnel-slash-no sleep thing utterly and completely worth it.  Hugs and internet kisses for all of you! XOXO

Later, loves!


The Holo Hookup: August 2017 – Enchanted Forest


Pressure’s on, guys.  I’ve been staring at an empty screen for the past 17 years, and now a deadline is officially lurking.  I swear, if the distractions don’t stop, stupid things are gonna come out just so I can post a blog on time.  I’ve shut myself in this bedroom so I can concentrate, but hubby just burst in dragging a string behind him with a cat attached to the end of it.  And then he tossed me a bag of potato chips and so I lost consciousness there for a second.  Now after a rousing bout of cardio trying to get a fly out of the room, I realize I’ve been writing this same paragraph for the last four hours, and OMG I need the hives cream, stat.  Blogging is hard, you guys.  SO. HARD.

Okay, now FOCUS.  Pretty things are coming.  My second round of reviewing for the Holo Hookup box is here, and I’m feeling quite overachieve-y at the moment.  They’ve kept me on, guys; I wooed ’em good!  Apparently this blog full of nonsense is appreciated by at least one person, and trust me, that is EVERYTHING.  Cuz I don’t give carpal tunnel to myself for funsies, I’m at least 23% sure of it.

Anyway, let me show you what’s coming up for August. An insane amount of holo headed your way in 3 … 2 … 1 …


Still upright?  Just checking.

So this month’s theme is Enchanted Forest, and just by the name alone, y’all know you want approximately 18,000 boxes.  Cuz there’s magical things in an Enchanted Forest:  fairies and unicorns and Prince Charmings mid-rescue.  Old wizards with long beards, probably full of glitter and cute baby field mice wearing little britches. Possibly also some Dorito crumbs.  And a couple of talking trees with branches that will push people off their horses, you know, to keep things interesting.

Here’s the inspiration photo:

Yep, magical, at minimum.

Trying to not get too chatty in here, as I need to get this posted sometime before 2037.  A polish emergency is among us and for some reason, the blog don’t write itself.  So let’s get into the goodies, yes?  YES.

This month’s featured brand is the amazing Lindsey with Tonic Polish, which means the Holo Hookup is about to break some kinda sales record, I’m quite certain.  If y’all know even a smidge of the magic that is Tonic Polish, it’s about to get all sorts of elbow jabby in here real quick.  A bonafide frenzy, is what I mean.

But since we need to maintain a semblance of a classy lady, guests shall go first.  Cuz in about 2.5 seconds, ladylike composure is going out the window anyway.  Here is what Lindsey made for us.  Presenting, Dryad’s Grove:

DESCRIPTION:  A mysterious forest green holographic with an inner maroon to gold shifting shimmer and tiny ultra holo microglitter sparks

COATS:  Three just to deepen color, but two was just fine

Well, lordt.  Green just happened, and already the jaws are dropping.  I mean, just look at it.  LOOK. AT. IT.  Seriously, if you came here for some peace and quiet and a rational behavior EXTRAVAGANZA!, ohhhhh how WRONG you must be feeling right now.  

Under the lamps:

Now macros:

Holo holo everywhere, and in the cart she goes!  Weeeee!

Some nail art I did:

Pretty basic stamping using the Uber Chic Beauty Vacation Mode plate.  I don’t hate it, but the kudos and accolades are taking their damn sweet time.  People, it gets worse.  We’ve been here before.

Next up is the offering from Glisten & Glow – here’s Fairy’s Frost:

DESCRIPTION:  A silver linear holographic with golden green shimmer, like twinkling lights reflecting off fairy wings

COATS:  Two, smooth and blingy

GAH!  What are words?  What is breathing?  Excuse me while I attempt to get control of my brain.

Under the lamps:

It’s holo-y to the trillionth degree.  Cue the drool buckets!

An accidental painting of all the surfaces is next, and no one is surprised.

Not hideous nail art:

Some more easy stamping using the What’s Up Nails B018 plate.  I do love the contrast between the black and the bling, though, so I’ll take half a horn toot, you know, if y’all not busy.

Now here’s Field of Flowers from Cupcake Polish:

DESCRIPTION:  A lavender super holographic with blue shimmer

COATS:  Three, but two was fine; just deeping the color, don’t mind me!

And just like that, I am an 8-year-old child in a room full of office supplies.  Cuz DREAM SCENARIO, is what I mean.  If Leonardo walked in handing me a Starbucks, well, that sounds about right.

Under the lamps:

More macros to aid the convincing:

FIIIIINE.  We’ll take a billion bottles.  Cuz now is not the time to act normal.

Finally, a skosh of mojo:

Very simple stamping using the Uber Chic Beauty 16-03 plate, but I love this image so much.  Quick and effortless, but so much pretty.  And, well, you had me at effortless.

Lastly, here’s Enchant-Mint from Different Dimension:

DESCRIPTION:  A misty light mint holographic with added shimmers and holographic microglitters

COATS:  Again with three, but two was fine

Well, let’s end this thing on an exclamation point, then.  How glorious is this one?  (Very.)  It’s on the blue side of mint, super delicate, elegant and Queen of England-approved.  Who’s about to hold a bunch of tiny little teacups?  (You, to be clear.  Cuz sometimes fancy lady happens whether you like it or not.)

More shots in case you’re on the fence:

Cuz the fence is no place for a lady.

And right on cue, it’s bye bye mojo:

Meh.  It’s not the worst, but the stamping was much more subtle than I expected.  Used the new Lina Let’s Doodle 01 plate, though, which has lots of cool images on it.  Sadly, though, I do nail art with my eyes closed.  Bah.

And now, some bonus points.  Nail art using all four polishes!

A striping tape EXTRAVAGANZA! And I stinkin’ love it.  Figures.  It took all of 30 seconds and barely any brain.

And then a random burst of energy just came out of nowhere:

I dry brushed, guys!  And made a THING.  Like, actual kudos and accolades might come this time.  FINALLY.  Toot toot!

The round up:

Pre-order for this box starts on July 21 at 9pm EST and will run thru July 28 at 9pm EST.  Which means, you have just ONE WEEK to get your life together before the polish goes away forever.  Are you properly panicked?  Well, you should be.

Cost is $40 and shipping will begin August 12th or so.  Click here for shopping! (Well, not right now.  The 21st.  As in Friday.  We’ve been over this already.)

And now, some linky loos:

Holo Hookup Instagram

Holo Hookup Facebook Fan Group

And now we are done!  The game plan is set.  And 17 alarms, at minimum.  Cuz no one does Crazy Nail Lady quite like you.

Later, loves!


Tonic Polish: Spring 2017 Collection + May Babies Duo + Collab with Femme Fatale


I woke up this morning with my fat cat sitting right on my chest.  For one, he never does this.  In the 7 years I’ve had him, the amount of ignoring far outweighs the amount of cuddles.  In fact, if a cat can purposefully pick up his body and shift it so he doesn’t have to look at you and/or can pretend you don’t exist, my cat has figured out the way.  He’s quite overachieve-y in that regard.

But for two, by “morning” I mean 12:41 in the afternoon so I’m pretty sure he was only on my chest to make sure no one died and there’d be snacks soon.  I get it.  That’s why hubby and I are still married; without him, I have no idea how food is ever gonna make it’s way out of the kitchen.  Seriously, he’s been at work all day and not one time has a bag of chips just appeared in my hand.  NOT ONCE.  Why I’m not skinnier, I have no idea.

I’ve got a ton of pretties to show you today!  Tonic Polish has a huge release coming out tomorrow, so I can either ramble on for lightyears, or we can just get to it.  Cuz the last time I rambled, all the polishes sold out before I posted and then ugh, blog ruined.  Who’s interested in writing a decades-long post for no dadgum reason?  NOT ME.  So let’s get this thing published today, then, shall we?


First off is the Four Seasons collaboration with Femme Fatale, a 4-piece set inspired by Vivaldi’s violin concertos.  I have just the Tonic half to show you, so go ahead and get your drool buckets handy.  Cuz you’re about to suuuuuuper unattractive, that’s why.

Here is Promise of Spring:

This one is a pale metallic yellow-green Lumichrome that shifts to mint green and blue with a scattered holo shimmer.  It is the perfect spring color, fresh and lighthearted.  You’re definitely buying one bottle of this, plus 27 back up bottles in case of accidental painting of all the surfaces.

Check her out under the lamps:

Have you ever seen such a glow?  Gah!  It’s so pretty, guys.  About 2.5 seconds away from HAND MODEL! with this mani, I’m almost certain.

Close up of those goodies:

You done died.  You did.

The other half is Bleeding Heart Sunset:

This one has an orchid/lavender base with a strong glowing pink multichrome shimmer that shifts to peach and gold with scattered holo shimmer.  It represents the summer concerto, all intense and sultry.  A sexy little mama; like me but with less pajamas.

Under the lamps, you can see the orchid:

Holy moly!  Are you sweaty? Cuz I’m sweaty.

A macro, for extra convincing:

The Four Seasons collaboration set is available (with the two shades from Femme Fatale) for $40 but you can buy them individually for $12 each.

And just cuz I am nothing if not thorough, here is the info on the Femme Fatale portion:

Ice-Kissed Grove:  a soft grey jelly base with turquoise overlay, green/blue iridescent flakes, scattered holographic accents and fine silver microglitter (inspired by the winter concerto)

Woodland Mosaic:  a soft purple-hued jelly base with strong copper/gold overlay, red iridescent glitters, iridescent flakies and holographic microglitter (inspired by the autumn concerto)

Welp, we want all those.  Moving on!

Another new release is the May Babies Duo in honor of Lindsey’s son, Nico, who turns 4 this month.  Each polish is named after a line in the Dr. Seuss book, Oh the Places You’ll Go, one of Nico’s favorites.  Get ready for an insane display of green.  And lots and lots of noodle legs.

First up is You’ll Move Mountains:

This is a straight up glowing emerald green, no frills, just beauty to the trillionth percent. OMG, it just got stupid in here.  What are words?  What is breathing?  What is not having your tongue loll about outside your body?  I swear my brain has just up and gone somewhere.  I can’t handle this much green all in one place.  Forget noodle legs; I need an old fashioned fainting couch and one of those cute boys to point a fan at me.  STAT.

It’s an drooling epidemic:

No cure.  Oh well.

The other half of the duo is The Places You’ll Go:

This one has an emerald green base with a green/blue/purple/pink/gold shifting multichrome shimmer.  Everything about this is lovely.  So rich and bold, a luscious vibrant color.  Mouths hanging open, everywhere.  Seriously, I dare you stay upright after this.


BIG. PUDDLE. OF GOO.  At the minimum.

If you buy this polish, it comes with a little extra special something.  Brittany from The Holo Pineapple has created this spectacular matching necklace.  Look at all these pendants:

So much shift!  I’ll take a billion, thanks.

The polishes in the May Babies Duo are only sold separately.  You’ll Move Mountains is $10 and The Places You’ll Go is $20 and comes with the necklace.  They are both limited editions that will restock once in June and then again later before the winter holidays.

The last release is the Spring 2017 Collection:

Three multichromes plus three shimmering cremes equals six ways to lose control of all your words.  Seriously, it’s moan-y throat noises from here on out.

First up is Aurora Sunset:

This one is an orchid leaning pink jelly with strong turquoise/purple shifting shimmer and ultra holo micro glitters.  I stinkin’ love this!  This color is amazing!  And the shimmer … ugh.  The shimmer got me, guys.

Get this on yer nails:

Have you ever?!  NO YOU HAVE NOT.

Next up is I Pink You Blue Me Off:

This one is a bright blue cream with pink shimmer that shifts to yellow.  I’ll just say it now: my swatches don’t even begin to show you the beauty of this polish.  Photographing these shimmery cremes was hard, y’all.  Although, this macro looks pretty dang good:

If you love blue, or pretty things in general, you’re gonna want this one.  It’s definitely a cheerful shade.  In the cart she goes!

Now here’s Foxfire:

This one is a metallic rosegold to yellow gold shifting multichrome with scattered holographic shimmer.  Seriously, who just wrapped me up in a toasty blanket and handed me a bunch of baby kitties?  Cuz the level of happiness over here is downright superhuman.  Is Leonardo coming?  I expect yes. 

Macro, i.e., all your polish dreams come true:

Plus pajamas.

Next is Deep Sea-crets:

This one is a bright turquoise creme with peachy pink shimmer that shifts to yellow.  Another one hard to photograph, but hopefully you can see how much you lub it anyway.  I mean, the turquoise base color is enough to make you pass out every 15 seconds.  

Macro for extra WANT factor:

I mean, you’re getting all these, so at this point the blog has become moot.

Here’s Titanium Orchid:

This one is a member of the Lumichrome family and is a pale metallic multichrome that shifts from cool lavender to peach to gold with scattered holographic shimmer.  Isn’t it glorious?  Who else just got suuuuuuuper unattractive just now?  Well, there’s only so much sexy to go around while the Ugly Ecstasy Face is having a moment.  I mean, if you feel like getting drool-y in private, now’s a good time. 

Macro, for funsies:

Just kidding.  It’s serious business in here.  Tonic is legit no joke.

Lastly, it’s Endless Shrimp:

This one is a soft coral creme with pale green shimmer, and if we haven’t sealed the deal by now, I am var var concerned about the state of your brain.  Decisions: And How to Make Them.  Get on it.

Naturally, I end on the swatch photo where I didn’t do so good.  I didn’t plan that out well, clearly.  However, let me reassure you – there’s nothing in this collection you don’t want.  Unless you hate happiness.  Or you have no eyes.  I dunno.  

Shimmer says hi:

DONE.  You’re about to spend some money, I just know it.

The round up:

The Spring 2017 Collection retails for $60, but if you want single bottles they are $10 (for the shimmering cremes) or $12 for the multichromes.

There is an option to get THE WHOLE SPRING SHEBANG which is $138 and includes the 4-piece collab with Femme Fatale, the May Babies Duo with the necklace, the 6-piece spring collection PLUS a surprise polish called Come Wander, a periwinkle holographic base with a pink multichrome shimmer that shifts to golden green and some iridescent color changing flakies.  No swatches, as it was a last minute addition, but we hoard alllllllll the polish round here.  Cuz rational behavior is for other people.

You can, however, buy it individually for $13, if you choose.  But we’ve already discussed the plan, and it’s kinda sorta written in stone (with waiver, disclaimer, blood sample and pinky swear), soooooo … every single one of these, SOLD.  It’s a grabby fingers epidemic.


In addition to all the new stuffs, there will be a few other extras added to the shop.  A couple of special editions from some past collab boxes – I Glitterally DGAF from Acetone Alley and Manna’s Mystical Masterpiece from last quarter’s The Color Box – will be available for $12 each.

Also, Alexandria’s Genesis will be rejoining the Tonic lineup in honor of their almost 1-year anniversary, available for $10.

Older colors plus the Tonic Topper quick dry top coat will be restocked in limited quantities.

Now, for the most important part.  You got your focus face on, cuz this is basically a POLISH EMERGENCY:

The release happens tomorrow, May 7 at 2pm CST.  In the past, Tonic has sold out very quickly during all their releases and restocks, so if 17 alarms and Post-It Notes on all your surfaces sound like a good idea to you, you are correct and we are officially best frans.  You can continue to read this blog.

Click here for shopping!  Later, loves!


Tonic Polish + Crystal’s Charity Lacquers: Project Aloha


GUYS.  I have something extra special for you today that you’re just gonna love.  Someone has figured out a way to combine your need to hoard all the polish, PLUS donate to a very good cause.  Did you just do an ultra dramatic, overly exaggerated gasp of surprise?  ME TOO!  Prepare to breeze through life now that all your dreams are about to come true.  You get pajamas, and you get pajamas, and YOU get pajamas … Happy days ahead for everyone.  Here’s the scoop:

Crystal’s Charity Lacquers is an organization that started fundraising with nail polish close to 2 years ago.  Each month or so, Crystal chooses a charity and teams up with indie brands to create exclusive polishes to sell and help raise funds for the cause.  For March, she chose the amazing Lindsey with Tonic Polish and Joy with Joy Lacquer to release a duo to benefit the Hawaiian Humane Society.

So back the freak off, boyfriends, girlfriends, Universe and whatnot who says you don’t need another purple nail polish, cuz this right here is a total legit justification.



Crystal decided on the Hawaiian Humane Society for this month as it holds a very special place in her heart.  At the very bottom of this post is a statement in Crystal’s own words (with pictures!), and I encourage everyone to read it.  After all, it took me 18 years minimum to copy and paste that whole thing.  Whew!

As mentioned up top, there is a duo up for grabs.  I only have swatches of the Tonic Polish offering, but there is a link down below to another blog where you can view the swatches for Joy Lacquer.  Who’s the best, most thorough, OCD blogger in all the land? (ME.  The answer to that question is always ME.  Write it down in a notebook in case there’s a quiz.)

OMG.  Shut up, brain.  Let’s talk polish:

This is Project Aloha, a sunset mauve holo multichrome that shifts to peach and sandy gold with orange to green shifting iridescent glitters.  And if you don’t think this looks exactly like a sunset, then I am var var concerned about your brain.  Lindsey nailed it, once again, as always.  I mean, did we expect anything less?  NO. WE. DID. NOT.

Under the lamps, a lot of the mauve came out, but it looks very purple on me.  Not that I’m complaining.  Mauve, purple.  Potato, french fries.  It’s all good.

Close up of those iridescent glitters that I’ve decided is my most favorite thing in the whole world.  Well, after Leonardo DiCaprio in my living room handing me a Starbucks.  As happens from time to time.

More macros cuz we haven’t drooled enough today.  Well, technically I have, but I’m not normal, I’m quite aware.  If you see me and somehow I’m not in the midst of a suuuuuper unattractive drooling type scenario, just assume I’ve been kidnapped cuz that seems more likely.

I reallllllllllly love nail polish, is what I’m saying.

Smelling salts would come in handy right about now.  I feel a fainting episode is imminent.   Quick!  Roll a couch over just in case.

Lastly, once again (don’t forget), this is a charity duo and so Joy Lacquer has a polish too!  Their offering is Mau Loa Ohana, a bright pink with orange chrome shift. Check out my girl, Elena, from Nail Experiments for swatches. Click here to see!

Pre-order for these starts on March 17 and runs through March 31st.  Cost is $12 each and will be available to purchase at each respective maker’s site.  To make it easy for you (and cuz BEST BLOGGER EVER), here are the links:

Tonic Polish – click here

Joy Lacquer – click here

If you’d like to get the inside scoop on future donations and brand collaborations, join Crystal’s Facebook group by clicking here.  DO IT.  I mean it.

Crystal will be making the donation to the Hawaiian Humane Society in person around April 7th. I’d soooo be on board with that if I could guarantee to hubby (complete with signed waiver, blood sample, and 18 lock-tight provisions and clauses) that I won’t bring home a suitcase full of kitties. Which is nigh on impossible, so guess I’ll stay home and wear pajamas all day instead.  Not as fun, but pretty close.

Later, loves!


Background on Crystal’s Charity Lacquers:

“I’ve been involved in fundraising for a number of years now, and always struggled to raise funds. In April 2015, I decided to take a new approach and started asking some of my favourite brands if they would be willing to create custom polishes for me to give away in a raffle style draw. After getting a number of brands on board, we launched our first campaign, a double giveaway benefiting the SPCA and the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research. That first campaign wrapped up in September 2015 and was more successful that I ever could have dreamed. In order to keep momentum going between giveaways, we introduced our limited edition collaboration sales. That first sale was for the Hawaiian Humane Society so we’ve come a bit full circle with this sale.”

“The Hawaiian Humane Society is a cause very close to my heart. I am a huge animal lover, so helping animals is something I always strive to do. During a trip to Oahu in March 2015, the search for a larger sized geocache brought me to the Hawaiian Humane Society grounds. The geocache owner had received permission to hide the geocache in the middle of the shelter grounds, and upon first arrival, I was stunned by the well thought out shelter and their beautiful grounds. We found the cache and then I couldn’t resist saying hello to the animals. The shelter workers were friendly and offered us treats to give to the animals and told us that we could sign a dog out to walk around or play in one of the play areas. This was like no shelter I’d been to before. You could feel the love and see how the shelter was built with the animals’ happiness in mind. We signed out a sweet pup named Spot and took him for a run in the play area. Once he was tired, we snuggled on a bench and fed him some treats.”

“And then there was Lily. This girl stole my heart and cemented my love for this shelter. Lily was an amazing dog who came in as a stray. She had endless energy and even knew some tricks. When you offered her a treat, she would sit up on her hind legs and put her front paws together like she was praying. She was amazing! But she was a special girl, who needed a special human to give her the forever home she needed. She had been adopted and returned to the shelter already. As a Canadian, we often hear the horror stories of American kill shelters. After spending time with Lily, I nervously, and with tears in my eyes, approached one of the shelter staff and asked them about their policies. I was relieved to hear that the Hawaiian Humane Society does not put time limits on the animals to find their forever homes. This is something that is extremely important to me.”

“I eventually pulled myself away from the animals and we left. But I’ve never forgotten Lily. It took a year and two failed adoptions before this beautiful, silly girl finally found her forever home and I am so grateful to the Hawaiian Humane Society for not giving up on her.”

“Since that trip, I have supported the Hawaiian Humane Society through donations and gifts. We returned to the island in January, 2016 and visited once again with a large donation of food, toys and other supplies needed by the shelter. They were mid renovation during that visit and have recently completed a complete overhaul of the facilities. The Hawaiian Humane Society is also Oahu’s only open admissions shelter. They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for people to surrender their animals. They believe there must be a place where all animals are welcome. This means that they will also accept illegal animals with no questions asked and work to save them through relocation to the mainland. The shelter also offers fantastic, affordable programs to help curb the feral cat population through spaying and neutering. I could go on and on about the wonderful programs through the Hawaiian Humane Society as this has barely scratched the surface of all they do.”

Photo of Crystal snuggling with Spot.  The beautiful white pup with brown spots wearing the lei is Lily.  And there’s a cat too who rules over them all. Clearly.

Tonic Polish: Holiday 2016 Collection 


For real, would it kill my cat just one time to let me kiss him on the mouth without him wiggling away from me in disgust?  I mean, the more he doesn’t want me to do it, the more I have to. It’s the basic law of the universe. Cuz I can hold my breath for 17 seconds just fine until I’m told I have to hold my breath for 17 seconds.

Even the fact I know my boy cat sticks his face in my girl cat’s butt doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent on my part. I’m not sure what that says about me as a person. Either I’m the most dedicated cat lover that ever lived, or something is clearly wrong with my brain. Cuz this girl wouldn’t dare eat a deformed M&M since those are clearly the poison ones. But cat mouth that just spent a couple minutes hovering around a butthole? Not fazed.

Okay, it’s definitely my brain. I have no idea how I’m still married.

I have some lovely holiday polishes from Tonic Polish to share with you today. This collection was released once already, but sold out in roughly an hour, so I had to postpone this blog until the next release. Which is happening tomorrow, so get your shopping hands ready.  And prepare your eyes:

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Now you understand how these things disappeared so fast. They are some of the prettiest polishes you will ever own, I swear.  My swatches, I’m afraid, don’t even do them justice. But here’s my best effort anyway.  Lesssss go!

First up is Magnetic Midnight:

Do you see that camera freak-out?  So much holo and shift and nail polish goodness, my camera just like shrugged it’s shoulders and went back to bed.  But then I dragged its ass back out and said WE ARE NOT QUITTERS.  So here’s more pics:

This one is a medium cobalt blue that shifts from purple, red and even gold at the furthest angle with scattered holo and tiny silver micro glitters.  Formula was thicker than expected cuz all these polishes looked so delicate and ladylike to me.  But NO.  They were all two coaters and perfect for women on the go – like me.

Just kidding.  I like pajamas.

Next up is the fan favorite, Dragon Tears:

If someone was to ask me which one is a must have cuz they were unable to get the whole collection, Dragon Tears would be it.  My brain literally stopped holding my mouth closed on this one.  There might’ve been a drooling-type scenario in progress as well.  It’s THAT gorgeous.  I mean, you’ll look like a melting puddle of goo.  But your nails will be spectacular.

Lindsey used the shiftiest pigment she could find – and the result is mindblowing.  We’ve got it shifting through the entire rainbow, from green to blue, purple, red, peach, gold and back to green again.  Add more scattered holo and micro glitter, and you might as well just lay down and faint for a second.

And this macro:

You done died.  You did.

Next is Alchemy:

For me, this one competes really well with Dragon Tears cuz it’s got all my warm, cozy colors in it.  It looks like a campfire, does it not?  (It does.  I checked.)

Alright.  Now it’s just getting ridiculous.  How fabulous does this look under the lamps?  This is a red, pink, orange, and gold shifting multichrome with a blue/purple shadow.  More holo.  More glitter.  More fainting.

Someone, bring me my smelling salts, stat.

This macro makes me sleepy, but in a good way:

Holy moly, she’s pretty!

For the most unique of the bunch, I give you Incandescent:

I’m looking at you like, Right?! Right?!  And you are nodding your head in agreement because we’ve all been brainwashed at this point.  There’s no walking away now.  This collection has sucked you in and all six are going in the basket!

How often do you hear the phrase metallic ballet pink with peach and icy lemon yellow shift?  Damn near never.  That’s why I love it so.  It’s truly magical, and maybe this one is my favorite now.  I dunno.  My brain hurts from too much decisioning.  

Now we have Luminescent:

Like gossamer wings.  Angel dust.  It’s ethereal and ghostly and all things beautiful.  I’d tell you you want this, but you already know.

This one is a delicate metallic aquamarine with a soft shift of pale blue and lilac purple.  It’s seriously stunning.  I’m about to lose all the words and make groan-y throat noises instead.  Uhhhhhhhnnnnnnn.  See?

Last one is Stars at Twilight:

This one is a little different from the others as it’s creme based, but OH MY.  I can’t deal with all this pretty.  Seriously.  Someone is just gonna have to put the mashed potatoes in my mouth for me cuz I’ve done floated out of my own body.  It’ll make for an interesting Christmas dinner to say the least.  Ugh.  

This one is a dark denim blue cream with red, pink, and gold shifting shimmer with silver holo micro glitter.  No holo this time, but every bit of gorgeous, clearly.

If you’re not properly convinced, here’s a macro to make you rethink your life choices:

And my job here is done.

The round up:

This entire collection – plus several other of Tonic’s other lovely polishes – will be available tomorrow on the Color4Nails website.  I’m not even joking when I say to set a dang alarm.  Store opens at 11am PST (2pm EST) and you don’t want to miss it.

HOWEVER.  In case you somehow forget to rearrange your priorities (Tonic Polish up top, people!), Lindsey will be restocking them in her Etsy shop sometime after the new year.  So join her Facebook group (click here) and then watch her Etsy shop (click here) and be in the know.  You won’t regret, you’ll probably even thank me for it – and in that case, I like Starbucks and Visa gift cards.

Hope everyone is having happy holidays!  I want to say thank you to all my friends who continue to read this ridiculous blog ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM.  You make my heart feel good.

Later, loves!