Different Dimension + Crystal’s Charity Lacquers: Trio for MS Society


You know how sometimes when there is a surprise Leonardo sighting and you realize all those years of honing your planning skills is about to come in real handy considering the amount of wedding dress happening in the trunk of your car at that very moment, and then you’re like, GO ME! for having the best day ever?

Well, guess who’s about to have another one just tossed in their lap like no big deal?  (You, to be clear.)  Although with slightly less Leonardo, but you’re gonna love it nonetheless.  Cuz Crystal’s Charity Lacquers is back y’all and it’s time to hoard some polish!

Each month or so, Crystal’s Charity Lacquers chooses a charity and teams up with indie brands to create exclusive polishes to sell and help raise funds for the cause.  For May, she chose Missi from Different Dimension and Sarah and Adrienne, the girls from Fair Maiden Polish, to release some pretties to benefit the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society.

So get off your no-buys, ladies!  TOTAL LEGIT JUSTIFICATION doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.


Our charity this month is the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society. This is a charity that is very close to my heart as my mom has MS and has battled the disease for more than 30 years. I have grown up watching this illness slowly (and sometimes quickly) take away aspects of life that most of us take for granted. The ability to stand, to walk, to feed yourself. The ability to scratch an itch. To push your hair out of your eyes. These are just a small sample of day to day activities that most of us take for granted that MS has taken from my mom.

Multiple Sclerosis is often referred to as the snowflake disease; it affects no two people exactly alike. Because of this, treatment is often difficult and costly. The MS Society helps ease some of the burden to those diagnosed with MS through financial, emotional and research support. When I was a child, people would often ask me what was wrong with my Mom. Back then, it was rare that the person asking would have heard of MS. Now, the response is too often, “Oh yeah, my friend/relative has that.”  MS is on the rise and we need to fight back!!

— Crystal Weber, Crystal’s Charity Lacquers

Well, of course we’re doing this.  In fact, we’re buying 1257 bottles, at the minimum.  Cuz we don’t get to Crazy Nail Lady by being normal, and rational behavior is for other people.  In the cart they go!

As previously mentioned, there are two indie brands helping out this round.  I only have swatches of the Different Dimension offering, but there is a link down below to another blog where you can view the swatches for Fair Maiden Polish.  Cuz who is the best, most thorough blogger in all the land?  I’m not even telling cuz you already know.

(Okay, it’s me.  I got scared you weren’t sure.)

First up is No MS’ing Around:

This is a light mint green linear holographic, and it’s my favorite of the bunch.  It has the most perfect springtime quality to it and it looks so gorgeous on the nail.  There may be some random hand modeling scenarios later with this one.  Cuz running your fingers languidly over toasters and clock radios just happens sometimes whether you like it or not.

Under the lamps:

Even better.  Seriously, you’re buying this.  Otherwise, we need to have a chat about decisions and how to make them.

Macro time!

Welp, it’s about to get super pass-out-y in here, I think. 

Next up is Kicking Multiple Scleros-ass:

This is a hot coral pink linear holographic with added shimmers.  How much do you love it?!  It’s basically neon (YUM), and if you have sad white sausages like me, you’re gonna love how pretty this makes your fingers look. Although between the time I did the green mani and this one, I stubbed my ring fingernail and the Universe took a chunk out. Well, OF COURSE IT DID. Cuz tossing in a bit of hobo before I go off tooting my own horn sounds about right. Ugh.

Under the lamps, she’s a hot little mama:

Gracious. I’ll take a billion.

Macros, in case you’re on the fence:

Cuz the fence is no place for a lady.

Lastly, here’s dreaMS:

This one is a lightened teal blue linear holographic with added shimmers. A spectacular shade of blue, lemme just say. Even though the notch in my fingernail now officially has its jazz hands on, it’s still a pretty dang good mani. I’m about 2.5 seconds away from sticking my fingers in people’s faces, but SOCIETY says no.  Surprisingly, strangers don’t wanna look at mah nails! quite as much as expected.  Society is zero fun sometimes. 

Under the lamps, it gets ridiculous:

An insane display of pretty:

It glows! And we lub it so much.

The round up:

In addition to this lovely trio, Fair Maiden Polish has a single shade up for grabs as well.  Their offering is called Keep S’Myelin’, a magenta holo polish with a violet flame and shifting blue/green chrome flake.  Even without pictures, I know I want 27 back-ups of that one.  However, you can go check out Becky from Naked Without Polish for official swatches, in case you don’t toss polish in your cart all willy nilly like me.  Click here!

Pre-order for these starts tomorrow, May 12 at 3pm PST (or 6pm EST) and will run until Friday, May 26 only.  That’s two tiny weeks of POLISH EMERGENCY! so make sure you get your priorities in order.  Once time is up, the polish is gone forever, and it’ll be a sad state of affairs if you miss it.

Cost for the Different Dimension polishes are $14 each and the Fair Maiden one will be $11.  To purchase, visit each respective makers’ site.  And so you don’t have to figure any of this out for yourself, here’s the links all laid out so nice and pretty:

Different Dimension – click here

Fair Maiden Polish – click here

Cuz BEST BLOGGER EVER, that’s why.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the MS Society through Crystal’s MS Walk fundraising link.  To read more, click here.

While you’re in a clicking mood, go ahead and join the Crystal’s Charity Lacquers Facebook group so you can get inside scoop on future donations, brand collaborations, and polish sneak peeks.  DO IT.  I mean it.  Click here.

Okay, gang.  That’s a lot of clicking.  Time for pajamas and some lounging on couches cuz you’ve had a hard day.  Me too, though, cuz this blog just don’t write itself for some reason. After 18 years of typing and a skosh of carpal tunnel setting in, if there’s a nap coming soon, that’d be great.

Later, Loves!


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  1. Not one mention of Starbucks, lolling tongues, or drool buckets. For a moment I thought I stumbled onto the wrong blog but then, Leonardo made an appearance and your perfect swatches sealed the deal!


    • Lol, gotta switch it up sometimes. I like to spread out my level of unattractiveness. If I go full on Ugly Ecstasy Face in one post, I might scare all the babies away! It was still super pass-out-y though 😉


    • I’m so glad you got them! And no, I wasn’t an English major but I’ve been writing since junior high. Stupid stuff, but writing all the same 😉


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