Different Dimension: Sun of a Beach Collection 


CAN’T. STOP. BLOGGING.  You’d think we’d all be taking a break around here, considering the amount of carpal tunneling happening over the weekend.  BUT NO.  This train keeps moving even though the body is practically comatose.  Surprisingly, the blog don’t write itself, so here we are:  functioning, although with at least one eye closed, and waiting for hubby to get up so I can suggest he bring snacks back from the kitchen.

He loves being married to me, I just know it.

I’ll make this brief cuz I know we’re all tired from Blogging EXTRAVAGANZA! circa 19 hours ago.  As for me, hubby decides we’re hosting a pre-4th of July cookout which means I have to be social against my will.  So I have half a second to get this thing done before a crap ton of people are in my house trying to eat around the nail polish I have stashed all over my kitchen table.  I mean, just cuz we’re having company doesn’t mean I’m going to pretend I don’t have a hoarding problem.  You don’t get to Lazy, Level EXPERT by going the extra mile.

I have some of the most glorious neons to show you today.  Missi from Different Dimension sent me her Sun of a Beach collection to review, and I swear it’s 18,000 tickets to the Drool Convention, at minimum.  Cuz THESE. ARE. FABULOUS.  Here’s proof:


Ugh.  See?  If you somehow make it out of this blog without spending some money, I am var var concerned about your brain.  Cuz your summer NEEDS these.  Plus 27 backups.  Clearly, this is not a time to be rational.

The formula on these is consistent on all five.  Very smooth and easy to apply.  Not too thick but definitely not runny.  The colors are bright and cheerful and so full of happiness, if Leonardo happened next, no one would be surprised.  Cuz we’re all having the best day ever, that’s why.

Here’s a rundown of the colors, then I’ll meet you at the bottom!

First up is 99 Problems and a Beach Ain’t One:

DESCRIPTION:  Neon magenta jelly base with color shifting glitters and holographic microflakies

COATS:  Two of the most delicious

Next is Tropic Like It’s Hot:

DESCRIPTION: Neon orange jelly base with color shifting glitters and holographic microflakies

COATS:  Three.  Could’ve been two if I had used a thicker bead on my brush, but I was trying to be a lady about it.

Now here’s Girls Just Wanna Have Sun:

DESCRIPTION: Neon yellow jelly base with color shifting glitters and holographic microflakies

COATS:  Three.  Since this is a lighter color, I definitely needed more than two.  Actually, just 2-1/2 coats, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing.

Next up is Wanna Get Lei’d:

DESCRIPTION: Neon green jelly base with color shifting glitters and holographic microflakies

COATS:   Uhhhhhhhnnnnnn, GREEEEEEEN.  I’m sorry, what is your question?  Probably did three coats, but I’ll be honest:  my brain done went somewhere.

Lastly, here’s Don’t Get Tide Down:

DESCRIPTION: Neon blue jelly base with color shifting glitters and holographic microflakies

COATS:   Three.  In fact, they all took three except for the pink one, which leads me to believe I obviously did it wrong.  I stink at nails.  Booooo.

The round up:

This collection released just this morning, so get on it, boo boos!  Polishes are $10 each, but if you purchase the entire collection before 9am EST tomorrow, you can snag a discount.  Basically, a legit POLISH EMERGENCY is what I’m saying.  Click here for shopping!

Now congratulations on your good decisioning.  You may continue to read this blog.

Later, loves!


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