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MDJ Creations: April 2017 Restock (and a few newbies!)


Today’s post is a big one.  Not sure what you had planned for the day, but calling in sick might make the most sense.  Cuz you ain’t getting out of this blog without at least a carpal tunnel-type situation.  But also your brain may stop holding your mouth closed, and lolling tongues amongst co-workers is usually some sort of HR violation.  Drool buckets = NOT APPROVED.  And judgy eyes are everywhere.  Blah.

By the time you finish all this, you might’ve died about 18 times from all the pretty, anyway, so staying home seems appropriate.  Impromptu vacation for you then!  Pajamas for everyone!  Also, best blogger ever (with her impeccable timing).  Toot toot!

Let’s get this drool party started!  I have loads of polishes from MDJ Creations that have recently been restocked.  Since this is somewhat kinda an emergency – one shade has already sold out since I started writing (as y’all know it takes me like 18 years to get the dang thing written) – we’re gonna get right into the polish with very little chit chat.  Cuz if I waste too much time, it’s a sad state of affairs for all of us.  Engage:  Shopping Hand.  Now lessss go!


First up is Hope Begins:

This one has been around for a while, but now she’s back and still so lovely.  Holo holo everywhere, and in the cart she goes!  Cuz her’s a pretty lady, that’s why.

Aside from all that, this polish is a charity one, and 100% of the proceeds go to benefit Naomi’s Village, an orphanage in Kenya.  Y’all know how much you love to buy polish plus donate to good causes with one tiny click.  Today’s your lucky day then, cuz you’re about to do a whoooooooole lotta fabulous right about now.

Also, this one has a dusty antique holographic pink base with some delicious coppery amber undertones.  You want it, oh yes you do.

Next up is the 7-piece Multichromatic Flakie Holo Toppers collection.  Previously, this was just a 5-piece, but Melissa added two new ones for this restock.  And I can see why – they’re STUNNING.  Gonna do my rundown of colors then I’ll meet you underneath.

Something Magnetic (new):

This one shifts through magenta, amber, and gold with flashes of copper, green and teal.  Jaw dropping, right?  Make sure you scroll through the rest of these in private.  Cuz Ugly Ecstasy Face is a dire thing.


Something Fantastic (new):

This one is a fiery amber gold that shifts to bronze with flashes of copper and red.  If you kinda passed out for a second, well then you’d be correct.  Cuz what choice did you have really?  I mean, if Leonardo was standing in your living room handing you a Starbucks, would you continue to be normal and upright and whatnot?  The answer to that question is always NO.

More macros for loving:

The rest of this collection are the restocks, first of which is Something Majestic:

This one is a purple, violet, magenta, amber, gold, chartreuse, teal, green, and blue flakie.  Basically all the colors. And happiness.  Lots and lots of happiness.

An insane display of flakie business:

Next is Something Electric:

This one is electric blue, cobalt, royal purple, violet and magenta with flashes of gold, copper and teal.  Seriously, who’s tired of flakies right now?  NOT A DADGUM SOUL.  Flakies make everything better.  World problems?  Throw some flakies on it.

A galaxy of loveliness:

Now here’s Something Volcanic:

This one is a pink, amber, copper, gold, chartreuse, teal, violet and blue flakie.  I’m about 2.5 seconds from sticking my fingers in people’s faces, but SOCIETY says no.  Suprisingly, strangers don’t wanna look at mah nails! quite as much as expected.

Are we super unattractive and drool-y yet?  Well, just in case not, here’s lemme fix it:

Next up is Something Metallic:

This one is gold, copper and bronze with flashes of green, silver and teal.  Want, want and NEED; that’s your new motto.

Are you hot?  Cuz I’m hot.  And sweaty, which causes divorce if I’m not mistaken.  I don’t sweat like a lady, let’s just say.

Lastly, here’s Something Aquatic:

This one is an electric blue and purple, amber, teal, turquoise, and rich green flakie.   See that jackpot flakie on my ring finger?  I kinda wanna eat that one.  Also, someone needs to save me from me.

A macro to seal the deal:

You’re buying all those, just so you know.

I put all these flakie toppers on my naked nails – no undies – and got decent coverage in three layers.  However, over black they are next level ridiculous.  Seriously, you might need some smelling salts handy; they are super pass-out-y.

This next one is a new shade called DaVinci – and it’s beautiful and stunning and sparkly and fabulous – and SOLD OUT cuz of course it is.  It’ll be restocked at some point, though, so consider this your sneak peek.

This one is a dark teal with gold and bronze flakies and holo for extra drool factor.  It’s amazing guys.  Next time it comes around, who’s first in line then?  (You, to be clear.)

EDITED:  About two seconds after this post went live, Melissa announced a restock of this shade at 5pm CST TODAY (April 17).  This is the most important thing you’ll do all day, in case you’re making a list. Set alarms!

A macros for funsies:

The counterpart to DaVinci is Michelangelo:

This one has a pale turquoise base with bronze flakies and a bit of holo.  It’s a restock that sold out pretty quickly in the past.  At the time I am typing this, it’s still available.  A polish emergency is what I’m saying.

Will the macros ever end?


Lastly, this is the Come Alive Collection, a 4-piece sparkle-fest with two restocks and two newbies.

First up is Vitality (new):

This one is a rose golden bronze, one of the most rose gold shades Melissa’s ever made.  And for that reason alone, you’re buying one bottle of this plus 27 back up bottles in case of accidental painting of all the surfaces.  Oh, and there’s flakies and holo in there, too.  DEAD.

A macro:

Next is Humility (new):

This one is silver with gold flakies and holo.  And a cat hair hanging off my pinky.  Seems about right.

Now here’s Purity (restock):

This one is a silvery white with gold flakies and more holo and drool.

Is your tongue lolling about outside your body?  MINE TOO!  Here’s a macro:

Lastly, here’s Unity (restock):

This one is a taupe nude flakie with holo, the most dainty of the bunch and Queen of England-approved in case you need to hold tiny sandwiches later.

Last macro, and then we all go lay down for a bit.  Cuz drooling in a thousand buckets is var var hard work.

The round up:

I know I said I didn’t have time for much chit chat, but nail polish just happens sometimes, and the brain goes away somewhere.

But are you ready to have the best day ever?  Click here for shopping, then!  In addition to all these restocks, there’s a 4-piece multichrome flakie crelly collection and their new Smooth Finish fast dry top coat, of which I just threw like 18 bottles in my cart cuz you don’t get to Crazy Nail Lady by being reasonable.

EDITED:  Don’t forget, DaVinci is back in stock at 5pm CST today (April 17). Hopefully you’ve got Post-It notes on all your surfaces. 

Thanks for hanging out today.  It’s going to be a blog-heavy week this week, so hope you’ve planned accordingly.  Pajamas all day, at the minimum.  And lounging on couches, but not in a sexy way.

Later, loves!


MDJ Creations: MDJ Peeps Group Customs (plus bonus!)


I just saw my blog queue and the 18 drafts sitting in there staring at me, and OMG I just got the hives and need to go lay down now.  Quick, I need a dozen people to do something funny so I’ll have stuff to write about.  I mean, I can’t rely solely on my husband to do all the stupid stuff, although I will point out the insulation from the previous post is currently half on, half off like predicted.

I might be psychic, and if that’s the case, this blog suddenly got more interesting.

I don’t know if hubby realizes he’s the star of this blog the majority of the time, but how am I supposed to NOT tell you how his 6th grade band teacher gave him a “C” to pretend blow into the horn instead of actually blowing into the horn cuz he kept ruining concerts.  My three spelling bee wins are so much more impressive now, by comparison.

But to be fair, I’ve had my share of embarrassments.  In 9th grade, a boy whispered in my ear that he could see my maxi pad through my shorts and then I had to continue with the rest of my day as if none of that existed.  I don’t know if he thought he was helping or what, but if there was ever a time to be absolutely certain about the presence of my anxiety, I’d say that was a pretty good one.

Aside from all that, my hair was the shape of a triangle.  The 90s was hard, you guys.  SO. HARD.

I have new polish to share with you today.  And this one is kinda an emergency, so FOCUS.  Everything I have to say from this point on is var var important.  Unlike all that hot air blown up top – I don’t even know where my brain went during the entire 18 hours it took to write all that.

Two brand new MDJ Creations Facebook fan group customs are being released tomorrow so get your alarm and Post-It notes handy cuz you do not want to miss out.  Take a look:

Did you die?  Cuz I sure did.

That’s a massive amount of glitter in case you need obvious things pointed out.  I get it.  Sometimes I’m tired and don’t want to think for myself either.  And if I hold my mouth open just right, hopefully someone will just put some mashed potatoes in there cuz I AM THE LAZIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.

First up is For My Peeps:

Gracious, that’s pretty.  All you purple lovers out there, you may pass out now.

So this one has a deep purple jelly base and it’s loaded with every glitter Melissa could get her hands on.    Despite that though, it had a surprisingly good formula.  As opposed to gloop, which none of us appreciate.  Much like the people who make extra food noises with their mouth or women who have the skin of a 14-year-old, gloop can go have a seat in the back cuz nobody likes you.  NO ONE.  

Took that shot directly under the lamps, and holy moly it couldn’t get much better.  Well, unless there’s Leonardo DiCaprio free gift with purchase thing, that is.  But after that, nothing.  Okay, Leo handing you a Starbucks, but that’s officially it.

Two macros to drool over:

Brain has officially stopped holding my mouth closed.  Lolling tongues are impending.  It’s about to get suuuuuuper unattractive in here.

The other half of the duo is Love My Peeps:

It’s the clear glitter topper sister, and we love her just as much.  Oh yes we do.

I chose a hot pink base to showcase all those blingy bits and pieces, and I think it looks fabulous.  One swipe – ONE SWIPE! – over the nail, and look at that payout.  Effortless, no pushing glitters around to cover up bald patches.  This is your glitter topper dream come true.  I’m not a fan of toppers cuz they’re too OCD-inducing for me, but if all the others were made like this one, well then my husband would have another new thing to worry about.  Cuz while food, utilities and a bed with covers on it is all well and good, collecting a thousand bottles of glitter toppers sounds like the most logical next move.

Died again.  Ugh.

Also, not that sponging on the glitter is even necessary, but I tried it on my pinky out of curiosity and it goes on really well. Two layers and boom.  You can get back in pajamas now.

More macros, more drool:

If that last macro didn’t seal the deal, something is wrong with your brain.  I’m serious.

The round up:

In order to get these beauties, you must be a member of the MDJ Peeps group on Facebook so you can get the coupon code.  Click here to join!  Once you’re approved and the code is in your hot little hands, click here to shop.  Release date is tomorrow, February 21 at 5pm CST so I’ll be expecting all this be taken care of by 5:01pm tops.  Priorities, ya know.

Bonus ending!

On Valentine’s Day, Melissa also released a small batch prototype of this little cutie pie.  Here’s In a Pink Mood:

So sweet.  So precious.    If it was any more so, it’d be less nail polish, more basket of kittens.

As you can see, this one has a mid-tone pink crelly base and it’s full of multi-colored hex glitters and shreds of varying shapes and sizes.  It’s stinkin cute is what it is; it’s basically going in your basket.  Cuz you like pretty things, that’s why.  And you can’t be obsessed with nail polish if you don’t do it properly.  Want, want and need.  That’s your new motto.

A final macro:

Some nail art I did:

I mean, no one is recreating this one anytime soon, but I’ve done a billion worse.  So …. there’s that.

Used the Lina All About Love 01 plate for the heart image and a ridiculous amount of purple gems plus matte top coat.  I dunno.  Do you like it matte?  I think I might prefer it glossy, although TOO LATE NOW.  I’m hitting publish on this dang post so maybe I can go to bed earlier than 2am.

Since this is a super duper limited release, if you want it, it’s best to go as quickly as possible.  Now is a good time so click here.  And now you belong in the cool kids group, and you can continue to read this blog.

But back to the MDJ Peeps group custom duo, these release tomorrow 2/21 at 5pm CST, and there’s a good chance they will sell out quickly.  Don’t forget to join the Facebook group (click here), then be sure to set 17 alarms at the minimum.  Do it.  I mean it.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom.  Internet high fives (and pajamas) for everyone!

Later, loves!



MDJ Creations: Robin Moses Inspired Collection 


Things I am good at but probably shouldn’t be:

1. Being lazy .  I once pulled a muscle in my foot from stretching out on the couch with too much enthusiasm and had to be pushed around in a wheelchair at the zoo the next day.  How many people do you know who hurts themselves by laying down?  HOW MANY?  That’s right, just me.  EXPERT LEVEL isn’t even close to describing this scenario.

2. Embarrassing myself.  Try eating Gardettos in a quiet room full of people and see what happens.  You can’t even pretend it wasn’t you.

3. Looking up symptoms on the internet.  Your pee smell like Froot Loops?  Don’t worry, I’ll help you.  Your baby digging around in the cat box?  Well, that’s unfortunate!  But I’ll help you.  Headache won’t go away?  I’m not even wasting time on that one cuz we already know:  brain tumor, instantly.  Sometimes it’s not good to look up symptoms.  I should’ve died like 80 times already.

4. Checking locks before bed.  I see the lock with my eyes.  Brain registers the fact it’s clearly locked.  But just in case, let’s go ahead and touch the lock and go through the motions of locking cuz somehow that makes it even more locked – SUPER locked – and lord knows no sleep is happening unless the house is SUPER locked.  (Sooooo … I might have a medical condition.  Let’s look that up on the internet to confirm.)

Tell me, what secrets talents do you have?  Please leave me a comment and help me feel normal.  I can’t be the only weirdo in this blog.

Time for nail polish!  Melissa from MDJ Creations sent me her 7-piece Robin Moses Inspired collection to review for you today.  You like pretty things?  You like sparkle?  Well then today is your lucky day.  Look:


So this collection is a collaboration with Robin Moses, who is a popular nail artist and YouTuber.  Each polish was named after one of the clients she features each week, plus an extra named after herself, cuz duh, QUEEN.  The entire collection has loads of bling, and any one of them would be perfect for a night out.  Or for laying on your couch this side of comatose, cuz that’s what I did.

First up is Mammie:

Ooooooh!  Can you even?  NO. YOU. CANNOT.  This is my favorite kind of pink.  Not princess pink, but still sweet.  Like a school girl wearing frilly bloomers under her uniform.  A bit rebellious.  A bit like me.

Just kidding.  I read books and won spelling bees. I literally ran away from a pot cigarette when I was 19 cuz I was scared of it.  In other words, fun at parties.  Weeee!

Time for drooling!

Next up is Evil Client:

Someone’s sexy!  Red polish with glitters in it?  DONE.  This is the way I prefer my reds.  I mean, red crèmes are fine and all, but throw a bunch of glitter in the batch, and I’m sticking my fingers in everyone’s faces.  Look at mah nails!  LOOK AT THEM.  Do it.

More drool!

Now here’s Robin, Hail to the NAW:

This is the polish that’s named after Robin Moses, Nail Art Wizard.  I can see why she picked the purple one.  It’s spectacular!  Check her out under the lamps:

Doh!  I KNOW.  We’re all gonna go pass out real quick. BRB.

Now focus.  It’s macro time:

Next up is Guru:

There’s a whole lot of fancy going on in this one!  Bling bling!  I see pink, blue, green, purple, gold.  All the colors.  And despite all that, it was surprisingly easy to apply.  Two simple coats.  No gloop!  Hooray!

Normal people would put this one on and then go do some stuff.  It’s the perfect date night polish.  I, on the other hand, will go nowhere.  I’ll just sit here on this couch, hand modeling with remote controls and potato chips.  Maybe sip on the same wine cooler for about three hours.

Told you I was fun at parties.

Okay, that one was nuts.  Gettin’ all braggy with its sparkle.

Now here’s Compassionista:

All you blue lovers just died.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  I’m about to lose all the words.  Getting woozy.  Brain’s stopped holding my mouth closed.  I gotta pull it together before my husband comes in here and divorces me.  Cuz lolling tongues are not attractive.  

Squeeeee!  A macro!

This is Juicy Client:

Another one for the blues!  It’s the innocent side of blue, the “me in 7th grade” blue.  The blue that played dress up with imaginary babies until she turned 12 years old, blue.  The blue that fell asleep first at slumber parties, blue.  The blue that had a 50/50 chance on who wears the condom and got it WRONG, blue.

In other words, you’ll love this blue.  She’s pretty precious.

A dainty little macro:

Last one!  Here’s Nameless Client:

Y’all know I’m an official puddle of goo right now.  It’s the love of my life, my happiness in a bottle.  It’s GREEN.  Lovely, beautiful, darling green.  Good thing I saved this one to the end cuz I’m literally sitting here with my eyes closed, smiling.  I’ve turned into an idiot, clearly.

Last macro.  Let’s end this thing RIGHT.


The round up:

I love every single one of these.  You gotta get this collection.  Seriously.  I mean it. (Cuz I am the boss of you.)

Click here to order.  They released today and ready to go!  And what better way to start out the weekend than buying a little treat for yourself?  Well, maybe Leonardo handing you a cocktail and Funyuns.  But after that, not much!

One word of caution:  Melissa’s stuff sells fast.  As of this writing, we’re all good.  By the time you’re reading this, it’s a crap shoot.  So if you want one, you should go immediately.  It’s kinda an emergency.

Some other links to click on:

Robin Moses Nail Art YouTube channel:  click here

Robin Moses Nail Art Instagram:  click here for instructions on how to win the entire collection plus a set of Robin’s nail art brushes. Winner will be announced February 14!

MDJ Creations Instagram:  click here

My Instagram:  click here

A basket full of kittens:  click here, just because

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m about 2.5 seconds away from pajamas.

Later, loves!

MDJ Creations: The Holographic Multi Chromes


Wanna justify spending your husband’s entire paycheck on nail polish?  Pick something that he did, like, oh … let’s just say he accidentally shaved off his beard that he’d been growing since your honeymoon.  A special beard.  A beard that was borne out of your love and commitment, and the fact he didn’t want to pack a razor in his suitcase.

You know those trees you plant in memory of something or someone?  It was a beard like that.  You get my point:  it was a symbolic beard.  And then let’s say there’s a restock of a 7-piece holographic multi chrome polish collection that you missed or didn’t know about the first time, and you wanted to buy every last one of them before they go away again.

WELL YOU JUST GO RIGHT AHEAD.  I mean, your husband just shaved off his honeymoon beard!  He clipped away an important part of the foundation of your relationship.  How do you come back from that?  Spoiler alert:  you don’t.  So enjoy your financial freedom ladies!  I’m pretty sure anything that happens next is completely and 100-percent-ly justified.  Christian Louboutins, I’m coming for you!

But baby steps.  Let’s buy these down below first.

So, yes, a restock is happening over at MDJ Creations.  Melissa sent me her line of holographic multi chromes to show off for you, and they’re a super pretty bunch.  So hold onto your britches real tight – and grab your smelling salts just in case.

First up is Beauty:

This one is a burgundy leaning purple with golden edges.  There’s probably lots more colors in here cuz that is the point of a multi chrome, but the ones that stick out to me the most are the purple and gold.  Beauty is beautiful, is she not?  (She is.)

Now here’s a bunch of photos:


Still dead.

Well, that was fun.  Let’s go again!

Next is Carpe Noctem:

This one is an aqua green with an amazing purple shift.  Quite possibly my favorite out of the whole bunch.  I wore this color on both hands – thumbs included, and they hardly ever get their turn to sparkle.

You see, this is how polish swatchers gauge something gorgeous.  Did you wear it longer than 24 hours?  Did you put it on both hands?  Were the thumbs involved?  Yes, yes, and yes.  I’m not even gonna pretend were not a bunch of weirdos.

This holo will have your mouth just hanging wide open in a super unattractive way:

Didn’t it?!  Ugh, so amazing.  I want this everywhere, on all the surfaces.

Now here’s Divinity:

This one is a luscious royal purple with these golden, orange-y edges.  Again, most likely there’s a trillion other colors in here, but I’m just telling you what I see the most.  On the other hand, I swatched this one after breathing secondhand pot smoke at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert for 2 hours straight.  I might’ve been high; I dunno.

OMG, was I high?!  Can it even happen like that?  For real, 15 seconds after the concert started, here comes the pot smoke.  Then I became some stranger’s mother.  Alright, who’s smoking pot?  Hand it over!  Security!

Pretty sure I’m the most boring person on the planet.

And then here’s Double Rainbow:

Again, swatched in the middle of my pot fog, I’m pretty sure this is a purple-leaning pink with a golden green shift.  Might be a touch of red or copper in there.  A bit of orange maybe.  I DON’T KNOW.  I JUST DON’T KNOW.

Ugh, I’m never going to a concert again.  The anxiety of the whole situation is too much for this goody two shoes.  If I can’t manage to drink one wine cooler in under three hours, then you can imagine what’s happening to my brain right now.  Aside from all the normal stupid stuff, that is.

Back to the polish.  Okay, there’s definitely a purple/golden/green thing going on.  Whew!  I’m putting pajamas back on.

Next is Earth’s Ember:

This one is a red-leaning pink with golden orange-y brown edges.  Am I not the best color describer ever?  I’m so good at this, guys!  SO. GOOD.

Did I tell you these could all be one coaters if you weren’t picky?  They cover really well in a single layer.  However, I did two just to make sure everything was smooth and perfect.  I’d say “like my life” but we all know better.  You read this blog, right?

Here’s Harmony:

I know I know I know!  This is a pink with a green shift, 100 percent.  Hands down.  No denying.

Or is it purple?

Either way, it’s stunning.  These multi chromes will have you sticking your fingers in people’s faces unapologetically.  Look at mah nails!  LOOK.  DO IT.  Maybe you’ll touch random things like you’re about to give them away on The Price is Right:  a lovely coffee urn, a flashy black stapler, a lunchroom turnstile handle bar.  Your nails will look fabulous lingering on just about anything.  Everything else will be attached to a crazy person, though, just so you know.

Lastly, this is Intelligent Design:

This one rivals the green one up top as being my favorite.  It is beyond pretty.  The blue with that purple shift … ugh.  I might’ve died again just now.

So Melissa posted a live swatch of this polish on her Instagram and gave it a much better color analysis than I did. She said it’s a blue to pink to violet to purple with a golden yellow flash.  Well I got two of them right, so …  I just hope these swatches speak for themselves.  Multi chromes are shifty little beauties and with the added holographic rainbow on top, you could literally say it’s all the colors in the world and technically be right.

But whatever way you look at it, they’re all going in your basket so nothing else truly matters.  Moot moot moot.  The point is MOOT.  Still your favorite blogger though right?  Right.

The round up:

Okay guys, get your shopping hand ready cuz the restock will be going live this Friday, January 20 at 5pm CST.  These polishes plus others will be heading back to the shop for one more hurrah.  Set alarms, put Post-It Notes everywhere, then click here.  I mean it.

Later, loves!


MDJ Creations: Fairytale Flakies Collection 


It has been brought to my attention that my incognito naps out in the car during lunch break are not so incognito after all.  And that’s very unfortunate because when you’re up doing nails until 2am on a school night, naps just sort of happen whether you want them to or not.  Hubby told me he was talking about me with one of his friends who mentioned he had seen me napping out in my car:

ME:  Well, did you take up for me?  Did you tell him most of the time I am doing IMPORTANT STUFF and definitely NOT napping?  

HIM:  Like, are you doing squirrel surgery out there or something?  And then fall asleep in the middle of it?  Ooooooh, sorry.  You died.  I mean, I don’t know how to make what you’re doing sound important. 

ME:  Ugh.  Now he thinks I go to my car specifically to nap.  I’m Instagramming!  Sometimes scrolling takes a very long time.  And then I fall asleep on accident.  ON ACCIDENT.  There’s a difference.

HIM:  He said you looked pretty committed to it.

Well, greeeeeaaaaaaat.  It’s one thing to be sleeping with your mouth lolling open around a bunch of strangers on an airplane, but another thing entirely for a co-worker to see you looking your most unattractive.  I know I am an ugly sleeper when I attempt it sitting upright.  Either my mouth hangs wide open or my head falls into my own lap.  And I wake up every 90 seconds to put it back where it belongs before it ends up in my lap once again.  It’s an extremely hideous cycle, and one I prefer to do in private.

So until my job builds me my own personal napping room, I suppose we should just get on with the polish.  I received a nice little swatch pack from MDJ Creations to review, and the gorgeous Fairytale Flakies collection was in it.  See:

Dreamy, right?  Love me some flakies.  They make everything better.  I bet even my napping mouth would look good with flakies on it.

Okay, so about this collection.  It came out back in the summer and now it’s extremely limited.  Some polishes are still available as singles, but some you can only get if you purchase the entire set.   So, no rush or anything, but GO NOW.  Tomorrow may be too late.

You properly panicked now?  Well, you should be.

First up is Jasmine:

Welp, you’re gonna need this one.  It’s turquoise and green and gold and delicious.  You need no other reason.  Except for maybe it’s about to sell out, and now you have a crisis on your hands.  Erlack!

No nail art on this one because I did something hideous and this is a happy blog, so …

Next up is Aurora:

OMG, are you dying?  What a pretty pink; so girly!  But then I added some black stamping, and the contrast is making me weak in the knees.  My brain has stopped holding my mouth closed and there might be a drooling-type scenario in progress.  Ugh.  I love.

Now we have Belle:

Oh so fancy!  But listen, guys.  About this one.  It’s only available if you purchase the entire set; the single polish is sold out.  However, the set is fabulous (Clearly.  You’ve been paying attention right?), and you’ll be thrilled with it, I swear.  And then you can toot your own horn for your wise decision making and get back in pajamas cuz LIFE = SUCCEEDED.

I’m okay with this nail art:

A sideways french tip never hurt anyone.  I think the purple makes the gold look even more gold and extra flakie-y.  It’s truly pretty and you want it so much.  OH YES YOU DO.

Here’s Rapunzel:

Where my purple lovers at, cuz this one has your name alllll over it.  (It does.  I checked.)

Don’t ask about this nail art.  It looked better in my head:

Wellllll, I tried.  It’s sort of a stamped version of the spun sugar technique, which I guess is pretty cool and definitely less messy.  So there’s that.   I just feel like it’s missing something.  I dunno.  I’m not winning any awards any time soon, pretty sure.  Unless it’s for laziness, cuz I’m super good at that.  Like EXPERT level.  I once worked in a building across the street from my apartment, and I still drove my car over there to park in the parking lot.  I’m almost certain that’s the saddest story ever told.

Next up is Happily Ever After:

Now this one is a fun one, cuz it’s a taupe flakie and how many times have you seen a taupe flakie before?  And then there’s this surprise pink mauve shimmer in it, which makes me love it even more.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), it’s only available in the full set since the single polish sold out.  Oh well, you were buying the set anyway.

I underestimated the bling: 

Stamping doesn’t show up quite as clear as I’d hoped against that sparkly base, but I’m still diggin it.  I like the red against the taupe, specifically.  It’s an uncommon combo, and I’m gonna go ahead and celebrate like I invented the dang thing.  Hooray!

Next is Cinderella:

This one is a sky blue with soft rainbow flakies, and I don’t know what soft rainbow flakies are, but I’m pretty sure I want them all over my body.

TMI?  Not in this blog!

Lastly, if you do purchase the entire set, you get this lovely lady for free!  Here’s Once Upon a Time:

This one is a sheer pink rainbow with blue shift, marketed as a topper but here I applied three coats on naked nails just to see what it’d do.  You can still see the nail line, but I think it’s lovely.  

The round up:

Every single one of these polishes can either be toppers with one coat or full coverage with 3 coats.  My swatches were all full coverage attempts so you could get an idea of the true color of the polish without interference of any base color.

OMG, who’s the best blogger ever?  (Me, to be clear.)

Let me remind you how quickly you need to move on these.  Click here and get to shoppin’.  In addition to it being an emergency, there’s a coupon code.  Here’s the deets:

Code: CHRISTMASGIFT25 for 25% off plus a free gift (while supplies last).  Leave a message in the notes section on your free gift preference – choice of lip gloss jar, mini polish, mini cuticle oil, or ointment sample.  Minimum purchase of $25 is required.  Coupon expires 12/25.

And now you’re all set for the day.  Buy you some pretties, save you some money, get me a gift card.  Anything else you had planned is moot.

Later, loves!