MDJ Creations: MDJ Peeps Group Customs (plus bonus!)


I just saw my blog queue and the 18 drafts sitting in there staring at me, and OMG I just got the hives and need to go lay down now.  Quick, I need a dozen people to do something funny so I’ll have stuff to write about.  I mean, I can’t rely solely on my husband to do all the stupid stuff, although I will point out the insulation from the previous post is currently half on, half off like predicted.

I might be psychic, and if that’s the case, this blog suddenly got more interesting.

I don’t know if hubby realizes he’s the star of this blog the majority of the time, but how am I supposed to NOT tell you how his 6th grade band teacher gave him a “C” to pretend blow into the horn instead of actually blowing into the horn cuz he kept ruining concerts.  My three spelling bee wins are so much more impressive now, by comparison.

But to be fair, I’ve had my share of embarrassments.  In 9th grade, a boy whispered in my ear that he could see my maxi pad through my shorts and then I had to continue with the rest of my day as if none of that existed.  I don’t know if he thought he was helping or what, but if there was ever a time to be absolutely certain about the presence of my anxiety, I’d say that was a pretty good one.

Aside from all that, my hair was the shape of a triangle.  The 90s was hard, you guys.  SO. HARD.

I have new polish to share with you today.  And this one is kinda an emergency, so FOCUS.  Everything I have to say from this point on is var var important.  Unlike all that hot air blown up top – I don’t even know where my brain went during the entire 18 hours it took to write all that.

Two brand new MDJ Creations Facebook fan group customs are being released tomorrow so get your alarm and Post-It notes handy cuz you do not want to miss out.  Take a look:

Did you die?  Cuz I sure did.

That’s a massive amount of glitter in case you need obvious things pointed out.  I get it.  Sometimes I’m tired and don’t want to think for myself either.  And if I hold my mouth open just right, hopefully someone will just put some mashed potatoes in there cuz I AM THE LAZIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.

First up is For My Peeps:

Gracious, that’s pretty.  All you purple lovers out there, you may pass out now.

So this one has a deep purple jelly base and it’s loaded with every glitter Melissa could get her hands on.    Despite that though, it had a surprisingly good formula.  As opposed to gloop, which none of us appreciate.  Much like the people who make extra food noises with their mouth or women who have the skin of a 14-year-old, gloop can go have a seat in the back cuz nobody likes you.  NO ONE.  

Took that shot directly under the lamps, and holy moly it couldn’t get much better.  Well, unless there’s Leonardo DiCaprio free gift with purchase thing, that is.  But after that, nothing.  Okay, Leo handing you a Starbucks, but that’s officially it.

Two macros to drool over:

Brain has officially stopped holding my mouth closed.  Lolling tongues are impending.  It’s about to get suuuuuuper unattractive in here.

The other half of the duo is Love My Peeps:

It’s the clear glitter topper sister, and we love her just as much.  Oh yes we do.

I chose a hot pink base to showcase all those blingy bits and pieces, and I think it looks fabulous.  One swipe – ONE SWIPE! – over the nail, and look at that payout.  Effortless, no pushing glitters around to cover up bald patches.  This is your glitter topper dream come true.  I’m not a fan of toppers cuz they’re too OCD-inducing for me, but if all the others were made like this one, well then my husband would have another new thing to worry about.  Cuz while food, utilities and a bed with covers on it is all well and good, collecting a thousand bottles of glitter toppers sounds like the most logical next move.

Died again.  Ugh.

Also, not that sponging on the glitter is even necessary, but I tried it on my pinky out of curiosity and it goes on really well. Two layers and boom.  You can get back in pajamas now.

More macros, more drool:

If that last macro didn’t seal the deal, something is wrong with your brain.  I’m serious.

The round up:

In order to get these beauties, you must be a member of the MDJ Peeps group on Facebook so you can get the coupon code.  Click here to join!  Once you’re approved and the code is in your hot little hands, click here to shop.  Release date is tomorrow, February 21 at 5pm CST so I’ll be expecting all this be taken care of by 5:01pm tops.  Priorities, ya know.

Bonus ending!

On Valentine’s Day, Melissa also released a small batch prototype of this little cutie pie.  Here’s In a Pink Mood:

So sweet.  So precious.    If it was any more so, it’d be less nail polish, more basket of kittens.

As you can see, this one has a mid-tone pink crelly base and it’s full of multi-colored hex glitters and shreds of varying shapes and sizes.  It’s stinkin cute is what it is; it’s basically going in your basket.  Cuz you like pretty things, that’s why.  And you can’t be obsessed with nail polish if you don’t do it properly.  Want, want and need.  That’s your new motto.

A final macro:

Some nail art I did:

I mean, no one is recreating this one anytime soon, but I’ve done a billion worse.  So …. there’s that.

Used the Lina All About Love 01 plate for the heart image and a ridiculous amount of purple gems plus matte top coat.  I dunno.  Do you like it matte?  I think I might prefer it glossy, although TOO LATE NOW.  I’m hitting publish on this dang post so maybe I can go to bed earlier than 2am.

Since this is a super duper limited release, if you want it, it’s best to go as quickly as possible.  Now is a good time so click here.  And now you belong in the cool kids group, and you can continue to read this blog.

But back to the MDJ Peeps group custom duo, these release tomorrow 2/21 at 5pm CST, and there’s a good chance they will sell out quickly.  Don’t forget to join the Facebook group (click here), then be sure to set 17 alarms at the minimum.  Do it.  I mean it.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom.  Internet high fives (and pajamas) for everyone!

Later, loves!



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