MDJ Creations: A Time & A Season and Fun in the Sun Collections (plus two bonuses!)


Okay.  It’s time to get serious.  MDJ Creations has a huge release of new colors and restocks coming your way today, and if someone can find a way to stop time real fast, I’ll write a proper blog for you.  Anyone? … Anyone?  Blah.  Looks like Science wins again.  Booooo.

Sorry guys.  Why hubby won’t let me stay home and paint nails for a living defies allllll the comprehensions.  I mean, for a Trophy Wife, the amount of effort being made over here is quite surprising to say the least.  MORE ROBE, is what I mean.  And Starbucks, if y’all not busy.

So until that little dream scenario kicks in, I suppose we’ll just sit here on my lunch break and do some writing stuff instead of the napping stuff I’d rather do.  Best blogger ever then?  I say YES.

Okay, no more chatty; I’m basically wasting time at this point.  Gonna keep this as short and sweet as possible so I can get you to the shop link at the bottom BEFORE THE ENTIRE STORE SELLS OUT. Are you panicked?  Well, you should be. Lesss go! 


Quick!  Lick the screen while no one’s looking.  Now act natural.

Good job.

If you belong to the MDJ Peeps group on Facebook, you’ll know the new A Time & A Season collection is the result of some inspiration photos based on the four seasons.  We all voted on our favorites, and then Melissa gave them life. They turned out BEAUTIFUL!  Here’s proof:

Renew, the inspiration for Spring:

This one has a soft sheer pink jelly base with purple to blue iridescent flakies, holographic microglitter and iridescent microglitter.  Commence the jaw dropping!

Sustain, the inspiration for Summer:

This one has a rosy pink sheer jelly base with blue, purple and yellow holographic microglitters and iridescent flakies.  The color pulled a bit purple on me, especially under the lamps. But either way, though, we lub it lots!

Transform, the inspiration for Autumn:

This one has a dusty blue sheer jelly base with copper, blue and orange holographic microglitters and green iridescent flakies.  It’s my faaaaaavorite!  An ocean of lovely. A dadgum flakie EXTRAVAGANZA!

Reflect, the inspiration for Winter:

This one has a nude sheer jelly base with blue and golden yellow holographic microglitters and blue to green iridescent flakies.  Normally I’m not one for neutral-type shades like this. But throw a bunch of iridescence in it, and it’s a Grabby Fingers epidemic like nobody’s business. 

Each one of these polishes took 3 thin coats for opacity, although the nude one still showed a bit of nail line.  However, it’s the sheer quality that sets off all the goodies, and for THAT!, Melissa gets a horn toot. And maybe some jazz hands cuz it’s Friday.

Aside from all that, they also glow in the dark which I was completely unaware of until I went to bed after swatching. Scared the crap out of me, like whose are those?!?! Basically, five tiny serial killers come to get me, that’s who. 

The other new collection is this fantastical explosion of glitter called Fun in the Sun.  There are four neon glitter toppers and two pretty crellies, absolutely PERFECT for summer.  Want, want and NEED. That’s your new motto.

Well, if that doesn’t do you in, I’m pretty sure you’re a robot.  Glitter glitter everywhere, and in the cart they go!

Let’s do the two crellies first.  Here is Let the Games Begin:

I don’t have official descriptions on these, so unfortunately we’re gonna make something up and hope nothing stupid comes out. I’d say it’s a pink … yes, pink, very good … and some neon pink, orange and yellow glitter with a lovely dash of holo.

Or thereabouts. 

Formula on this one was thicker and the glitter payout was like JACKPOT PARTY!, but it managed just fine with two regular coats.

Now here’s Drinks With Umbrellas:

I’d say this one is an orchid pink-y purple with bright neon glitters in sky blue and lilac and lime and whatnot. Holo too.

OMG, I’m sooooo good at this you guys!


Formula on this one was thinner and easier to apply. Still a good glitter load. It’s my favorite of the two. 

As for the four toppers, I applied them all over a black base so you can properly see all the shimmers and glitters and holos you’re getting, although they would look spectacular over a coordinating color.  Of which I have none to show you.  Cuz someone is a PROFESSIONAL, that’s why. Ugh. 

First up is Under Water:

Again, no official descriptions but I see aqua shimmer and that’s all you need to know, really. Also: you’re buying it. 

Next up is Water Balloons:

This one has the least amount of glitter payout, although I quite like how they’re all spread out like that. No sense in getting elbow jabby, I always say. 

Now here’s Pool Party:

Kinda the same as Water Balloons but with slightly more glitter and in a peachy orange scheme.

Ummmm, what else? Seriously, winging this on my own is a terribly horrible idea. SEND HELP. And Leonardo, just in case. 

Lastly, here’s On Vacation:

A cooler toned palette of glitter for this one. Similar to Water Balloons but no orange or yellow. This would look amazing over a pastel blue or purple mani. Or even a green one!  You know, for extra drool-y scenarios. 

Each one of these was one layer over the base, and it looks pretty good. However,  I did do a tiny bit of manual glitter placement cuz OCD is the devil. 

And now for the bonuses!  Melissa has two single shades coming out as well – one is a new limited edition – or POLISH EMERGENCY, clearly – and the other is a restock.  So because time is dire, let’s do the limited edition first.  Here’s Totally Free:

A sheer white crelly here, but loaded with tons of pretty shimmer and fresh, crisp springy glitters. Blue, purple, lime green, peach. Squares and bars and hexes.  That’s a lot of goodies! How this one doesn’t cost like a billion dollars is beyond me. 

I did three thin coats and it was still kinda sheer, but not so much where I felt I needed to keep adding layers. I mean, you don’t get to Lazy, Level EXPERT by going the extra mile. 

And now for the restock of Hot Mama:

I don’t know if this is just meant to be a topper or not, but I went ham with three coats on naked nails and got the most sparkliest mani of all time!

This one has a clear base with tons of silver goodness and pink and magenta holographic glitters, some blue stuff, and tiny bars. Probably magic and voodoo too, but who’s to say for sure? I mean, I just described this as having “blue stuff” in it, and basically that’s not even a thing.

Did this post just spiral all to hell?  I’m about 23% sure of it. 

The round up:

DONE! You just got 18 years of blog post wrapped up in one tiny lunch hour. Is there an award coming, or … ?  Cuz the carpal tunnel situation is legit no joke. 

Okay gang, get your shopping hands ready.  Everything is live in 10 minutes (or June 23 at 5pm CST if you wanna get specific.)  Don’t miss out!  Seriously. I MEAN IT. 

Click here for shopping!

Later, loves!


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