MDJ Creations: The Holographic Multi Chromes


Wanna justify spending your husband’s entire paycheck on nail polish?  Pick something that he did, like, oh … let’s just say he accidentally shaved off his beard that he’d been growing since your honeymoon.  A special beard.  A beard that was borne out of your love and commitment, and the fact he didn’t want to pack a razor in his suitcase.

You know those trees you plant in memory of something or someone?  It was a beard like that.  You get my point:  it was a symbolic beard.  And then let’s say there’s a restock of a 7-piece holographic multi chrome polish collection that you missed or didn’t know about the first time, and you wanted to buy every last one of them before they go away again.

WELL YOU JUST GO RIGHT AHEAD.  I mean, your husband just shaved off his honeymoon beard!  He clipped away an important part of the foundation of your relationship.  How do you come back from that?  Spoiler alert:  you don’t.  So enjoy your financial freedom ladies!  I’m pretty sure anything that happens next is completely and 100-percent-ly justified.  Christian Louboutins, I’m coming for you!

But baby steps.  Let’s buy these down below first.

So, yes, a restock is happening over at MDJ Creations.  Melissa sent me her line of holographic multi chromes to show off for you, and they’re a super pretty bunch.  So hold onto your britches real tight – and grab your smelling salts just in case.

First up is Beauty:

This one is a burgundy leaning purple with golden edges.  There’s probably lots more colors in here cuz that is the point of a multi chrome, but the ones that stick out to me the most are the purple and gold.  Beauty is beautiful, is she not?  (She is.)

Now here’s a bunch of photos:


Still dead.

Well, that was fun.  Let’s go again!

Next is Carpe Noctem:

This one is an aqua green with an amazing purple shift.  Quite possibly my favorite out of the whole bunch.  I wore this color on both hands – thumbs included, and they hardly ever get their turn to sparkle.

You see, this is how polish swatchers gauge something gorgeous.  Did you wear it longer than 24 hours?  Did you put it on both hands?  Were the thumbs involved?  Yes, yes, and yes.  I’m not even gonna pretend were not a bunch of weirdos.

This holo will have your mouth just hanging wide open in a super unattractive way:

Didn’t it?!  Ugh, so amazing.  I want this everywhere, on all the surfaces.

Now here’s Divinity:

This one is a luscious royal purple with these golden, orange-y edges.  Again, most likely there’s a trillion other colors in here, but I’m just telling you what I see the most.  On the other hand, I swatched this one after breathing secondhand pot smoke at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert for 2 hours straight.  I might’ve been high; I dunno.

OMG, was I high?!  Can it even happen like that?  For real, 15 seconds after the concert started, here comes the pot smoke.  Then I became some stranger’s mother.  Alright, who’s smoking pot?  Hand it over!  Security!

Pretty sure I’m the most boring person on the planet.

And then here’s Double Rainbow:

Again, swatched in the middle of my pot fog, I’m pretty sure this is a purple-leaning pink with a golden green shift.  Might be a touch of red or copper in there.  A bit of orange maybe.  I DON’T KNOW.  I JUST DON’T KNOW.

Ugh, I’m never going to a concert again.  The anxiety of the whole situation is too much for this goody two shoes.  If I can’t manage to drink one wine cooler in under three hours, then you can imagine what’s happening to my brain right now.  Aside from all the normal stupid stuff, that is.

Back to the polish.  Okay, there’s definitely a purple/golden/green thing going on.  Whew!  I’m putting pajamas back on.

Next is Earth’s Ember:

This one is a red-leaning pink with golden orange-y brown edges.  Am I not the best color describer ever?  I’m so good at this, guys!  SO. GOOD.

Did I tell you these could all be one coaters if you weren’t picky?  They cover really well in a single layer.  However, I did two just to make sure everything was smooth and perfect.  I’d say “like my life” but we all know better.  You read this blog, right?

Here’s Harmony:

I know I know I know!  This is a pink with a green shift, 100 percent.  Hands down.  No denying.

Or is it purple?

Either way, it’s stunning.  These multi chromes will have you sticking your fingers in people’s faces unapologetically.  Look at mah nails!  LOOK.  DO IT.  Maybe you’ll touch random things like you’re about to give them away on The Price is Right:  a lovely coffee urn, a flashy black stapler, a lunchroom turnstile handle bar.  Your nails will look fabulous lingering on just about anything.  Everything else will be attached to a crazy person, though, just so you know.

Lastly, this is Intelligent Design:

This one rivals the green one up top as being my favorite.  It is beyond pretty.  The blue with that purple shift … ugh.  I might’ve died again just now.

So Melissa posted a live swatch of this polish on her Instagram and gave it a much better color analysis than I did. She said it’s a blue to pink to violet to purple with a golden yellow flash.  Well I got two of them right, so …  I just hope these swatches speak for themselves.  Multi chromes are shifty little beauties and with the added holographic rainbow on top, you could literally say it’s all the colors in the world and technically be right.

But whatever way you look at it, they’re all going in your basket so nothing else truly matters.  Moot moot moot.  The point is MOOT.  Still your favorite blogger though right?  Right.

The round up:

Okay guys, get your shopping hand ready cuz the restock will be going live this Friday, January 20 at 5pm CST.  These polishes plus others will be heading back to the shop for one more hurrah.  Set alarms, put Post-It Notes everywhere, then click here.  I mean it.

Later, loves!


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