Night Owl Lacquer: Witchcraft & Wizardry Collection


Current status:  sitting in a hotel room in Louisville, Kentucky.  Hubby is napping and I’m wearing no pants.  Clearly, I’ve made myself at home.

So yes, we decided to take a short little vacation this weekend.  We truly tortured ourselves to get here.  I had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to catch our flight.  Imagined what that looked like, trying to get dressed while still under the covers, brushing my teeth with my eyes closed.  How I managed to walk out the door wearing two of the same shoes is beyond me.  But it’s what happened on the actual plane that was the most horrific.

People all around me doing normal plane-riding stuff:  reading books, playing video games, chatting with their seat neighbors.  Me, I’m laying my head on the window falling asleep with my mouth hanging open.  I know this cuz I kept waking up about 90 different times to close it.  The last time I did it, I woke up to the watchful eyes of the flight attendant.  How long was she standing there?  I mean, clearly I do not want a drink.  Ugh.

Anyone else out there an ugly plane-sleeper?  I do it just about everytime.  I’m surprised I haven’t ended up on someone’s Facebook like a People of Walmart or something.  That I know of anyway.

But you came here for the polish.  I received this awesome Harry Potter-inspired collection by Night Owl Lacquer called Witchcraft & Wizardry.  Look how pretty they all are:

Right?!  Such gorgeous colors.  Let’s do some close ups!

First one is called Always, a black jelly base packed with violet and iridescent rainbow flakies:

This polish was inspired by Snape and the general spirit of how he uses the word “always” in the book.  If you are a Harry Potter fan, you’ll know exactly what this means.  I haven’t read a Harry Potter book for about 10 years, so I am not a good source of info.  I am on book 5 out of the 7, so at this point NO ONE HAS DIED and maybe I just want to keep it that way.

Here’s a shot under the lamps:

You can really see the purple show up here.  At first glance, I thought the entire polish was purple, so it’s amazing how transforming flakies can be.

Mandatory macros!

Glorious!  Purple polish lovers, pay attention.

Next up is A.P.W.B.D., a polish inspired by Albus (something, something, something) Dumbledore.  Oh my gosh, I’m terrible at this.

Anyway, it’s a medium gray polish with lots of blue shimmer and blue flakies.  I think its the perfect representation of Dumbledore, with his long gray beard and all.  Probably full of glitter.  And cute baby field mice wearing little britches.  Possibly also some Dorito crumbs.

This was a true surprise for me.  I don’t normally prefer lighter polishes, but the blue shimmer just pulled me in.  

Now for something sexy.  We have What’s Fluffy Guarding?

Apparently, Fluffy is guarding the Sorcerer’s Stone because that’s what this polish is inspired by.  It’s a gorgeous deep red jelly with copper holo glitter and red micro flakies.  And I flippin love it.  There’s so much depth in here.  Jelly formulas are the best.  Heart eyes times a billion.

Ugh.  Can I just paint all the surfaces in my home with this?  Well, actually can someone just come do it for me? Cuz y’all know I aint getting off the couch unless there’s a Leonard DiCaprio holding a Starbucks in the other room or something.

So I thought this red was going to be my favorite, but then I picked up Goblins Love Gold.  It’s the best gold ever invented.  Look:

This one was inspired by Gringotts and is a bright shimmery gold with gold holo shreds and lots of gold holo glitters.  It’s gold overload.  A golden-palooza.  And it just glows no matter what lighting you’re in.  So magical and perfect.

Uhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn.  That’s the sound I make when my brain malfunctions.  This polish has got me loopy.

Check out these macros:

Eeeeep!  I told you.  So I’m thinking this one is my favorite now.  I think it’s pretty unique.  I mean, it’s a gold, but it’s a pretty special gold.  Let’s do all the surfaces in my house with this one now.  I may even consider helping you do it.

Just kidding.  I like pajamas.

Perhaps the most clever polish in the collection is this one, Snowy Owl:

It’s inspired by Hedwig and looks exactly like owl feathers. How did Lindsay do it? A little Harry Potter magic perhaps?

The polish itself is white but it’s loaded with a ton of gold shimmer. It’s really quite elegant. Throw in some gold and midnight flakies and you’re the belle of the ball. It’s so lovely!

Okay that bottle macro was ridiculous. If you somehow manage to walk away from this, your Harry Potter magic is going the wrong way. Also, something is wrong with your brain. 

Last one is Forbidden Forest:

A green! I’m so excited to see this one. Green always makes me happy. 

Inspired by the magic of the Forbidden Forest, it’s a deep shimmery green full of copper and gold holo glitter and gold holo shreds. I did this swatch in our airport hotel room so I’ve still got this polish on right now as we speak. And it’s held up really well. You know, with all the rock climbing and gold panning and trout fishing we’ve done since we got here.

Again, kidding. We took naps.

However, yes, I was the dork that carried in a light box and two LED lamps into a hotel lobby. See what I go through for you guys?  Now people think I’m some famous photographer working for Vogue or something, and ugh, so embarrassing. 

The round up:

Every single one of these polishes was a two coat dream. Application was simple, no fuss. My favorite kind!

And the best part? They’re available NOW. I tried to get this blog post written in time for the release two days ago, but vacation and all that (insert eye roll). However, I think it’s worked out well cuz now you don’t have to wait. You can click here and go shopping immediately.

Each polish sells for $9 but if you buy the whole set for $50 you save money and get free shipping (for US customers). And of course I recommend the entire set. I mean, you read this whole post right? You want all of them. (I checked; you do.)

Gonna go out and explore now (I guess). Can’t go on vacation and stay in your hotel the whole time, according to society who apparently doesn’t know me very well.

Later, loves!

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