MDJ Creations: April 2017 Restock (and a few newbies!)


Today’s post is a big one.  Not sure what you had planned for the day, but calling in sick might make the most sense.  Cuz you ain’t getting out of this blog without at least a carpal tunnel-type situation.  But also your brain may stop holding your mouth closed, and lolling tongues amongst co-workers is usually some sort of HR violation.  Drool buckets = NOT APPROVED.  And judgy eyes are everywhere.  Blah.

By the time you finish all this, you might’ve died about 18 times from all the pretty, anyway, so staying home seems appropriate.  Impromptu vacation for you then!  Pajamas for everyone!  Also, best blogger ever (with her impeccable timing).  Toot toot!

Let’s get this drool party started!  I have loads of polishes from MDJ Creations that have recently been restocked.  Since this is somewhat kinda an emergency – one shade has already sold out since I started writing (as y’all know it takes me like 18 years to get the dang thing written) – we’re gonna get right into the polish with very little chit chat.  Cuz if I waste too much time, it’s a sad state of affairs for all of us.  Engage:  Shopping Hand.  Now lessss go!


First up is Hope Begins:

This one has been around for a while, but now she’s back and still so lovely.  Holo holo everywhere, and in the cart she goes!  Cuz her’s a pretty lady, that’s why.

Aside from all that, this polish is a charity one, and 100% of the proceeds go to benefit Naomi’s Village, an orphanage in Kenya.  Y’all know how much you love to buy polish plus donate to good causes with one tiny click.  Today’s your lucky day then, cuz you’re about to do a whoooooooole lotta fabulous right about now.

Also, this one has a dusty antique holographic pink base with some delicious coppery amber undertones.  You want it, oh yes you do.

Next up is the 7-piece Multichromatic Flakie Holo Toppers collection.  Previously, this was just a 5-piece, but Melissa added two new ones for this restock.  And I can see why – they’re STUNNING.  Gonna do my rundown of colors then I’ll meet you underneath.

Something Magnetic (new):

This one shifts through magenta, amber, and gold with flashes of copper, green and teal.  Jaw dropping, right?  Make sure you scroll through the rest of these in private.  Cuz Ugly Ecstasy Face is a dire thing.


Something Fantastic (new):

This one is a fiery amber gold that shifts to bronze with flashes of copper and red.  If you kinda passed out for a second, well then you’d be correct.  Cuz what choice did you have really?  I mean, if Leonardo was standing in your living room handing you a Starbucks, would you continue to be normal and upright and whatnot?  The answer to that question is always NO.

More macros for loving:

The rest of this collection are the restocks, first of which is Something Majestic:

This one is a purple, violet, magenta, amber, gold, chartreuse, teal, green, and blue flakie.  Basically all the colors. And happiness.  Lots and lots of happiness.

An insane display of flakie business:

Next is Something Electric:

This one is electric blue, cobalt, royal purple, violet and magenta with flashes of gold, copper and teal.  Seriously, who’s tired of flakies right now?  NOT A DADGUM SOUL.  Flakies make everything better.  World problems?  Throw some flakies on it.

A galaxy of loveliness:

Now here’s Something Volcanic:

This one is a pink, amber, copper, gold, chartreuse, teal, violet and blue flakie.  I’m about 2.5 seconds from sticking my fingers in people’s faces, but SOCIETY says no.  Suprisingly, strangers don’t wanna look at mah nails! quite as much as expected.

Are we super unattractive and drool-y yet?  Well, just in case not, here’s lemme fix it:

Next up is Something Metallic:

This one is gold, copper and bronze with flashes of green, silver and teal.  Want, want and NEED; that’s your new motto.

Are you hot?  Cuz I’m hot.  And sweaty, which causes divorce if I’m not mistaken.  I don’t sweat like a lady, let’s just say.

Lastly, here’s Something Aquatic:

This one is an electric blue and purple, amber, teal, turquoise, and rich green flakie.   See that jackpot flakie on my ring finger?  I kinda wanna eat that one.  Also, someone needs to save me from me.

A macro to seal the deal:

You’re buying all those, just so you know.

I put all these flakie toppers on my naked nails – no undies – and got decent coverage in three layers.  However, over black they are next level ridiculous.  Seriously, you might need some smelling salts handy; they are super pass-out-y.

This next one is a new shade called DaVinci – and it’s beautiful and stunning and sparkly and fabulous – and SOLD OUT cuz of course it is.  It’ll be restocked at some point, though, so consider this your sneak peek.

This one is a dark teal with gold and bronze flakies and holo for extra drool factor.  It’s amazing guys.  Next time it comes around, who’s first in line then?  (You, to be clear.)

EDITED:  About two seconds after this post went live, Melissa announced a restock of this shade at 5pm CST TODAY (April 17).  This is the most important thing you’ll do all day, in case you’re making a list. Set alarms!

A macros for funsies:

The counterpart to DaVinci is Michelangelo:

This one has a pale turquoise base with bronze flakies and a bit of holo.  It’s a restock that sold out pretty quickly in the past.  At the time I am typing this, it’s still available.  A polish emergency is what I’m saying.

Will the macros ever end?


Lastly, this is the Come Alive Collection, a 4-piece sparkle-fest with two restocks and two newbies.

First up is Vitality (new):

This one is a rose golden bronze, one of the most rose gold shades Melissa’s ever made.  And for that reason alone, you’re buying one bottle of this plus 27 back up bottles in case of accidental painting of all the surfaces.  Oh, and there’s flakies and holo in there, too.  DEAD.

A macro:

Next is Humility (new):

This one is silver with gold flakies and holo.  And a cat hair hanging off my pinky.  Seems about right.

Now here’s Purity (restock):

This one is a silvery white with gold flakies and more holo and drool.

Is your tongue lolling about outside your body?  MINE TOO!  Here’s a macro:

Lastly, here’s Unity (restock):

This one is a taupe nude flakie with holo, the most dainty of the bunch and Queen of England-approved in case you need to hold tiny sandwiches later.

Last macro, and then we all go lay down for a bit.  Cuz drooling in a thousand buckets is var var hard work.

The round up:

I know I said I didn’t have time for much chit chat, but nail polish just happens sometimes, and the brain goes away somewhere.

But are you ready to have the best day ever?  Click here for shopping, then!  In addition to all these restocks, there’s a 4-piece multichrome flakie crelly collection and their new Smooth Finish fast dry top coat, of which I just threw like 18 bottles in my cart cuz you don’t get to Crazy Nail Lady by being reasonable.

EDITED:  Don’t forget, DaVinci is back in stock at 5pm CST today (April 17). Hopefully you’ve got Post-It notes on all your surfaces. 

Thanks for hanging out today.  It’s going to be a blog-heavy week this week, so hope you’ve planned accordingly.  Pajamas all day, at the minimum.  And lounging on couches, but not in a sexy way.

Later, loves!


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