Cupcake Polish: Food for Unicorns Trio



There is a reason why I’m not a morning person, and today was the day that proved it.  Cuz the person that bounds out of bed first steps in the cat vom and I adamantly REFUSE to be that person.  NOPE, I shall lay in bed while you say dirty words, peeling your sock off like it contained remnants of some sort of bubonic plague from the year 1904, and then attempting to clean it all up with an unfortunately empty can of carpet spray.  Oh, a HAPPY MONDAY for sure!  Well, for me anyway.  Cuz I woke up about 15 minutes before I needed to be at work, and then somehow managed to look the freshest of all the daisies that you EVER did see.

But the Universe has a way of evening itself out.  Cuz hubby had a cheeseburger for dinner and I’m drinking a smoothie the color of baby poo, sooo …

OMG, who’s annoying?  HUBBY, clearly.  Here’s some nail polish:

Welp.  There goes SEXY, straight out the window.  Seriously, the Universe has made enough of it’s point by now.  I shall be a drool-y, swoon-y, noodle leg-y mess AND THAT’S IT.  Okay, well, also a Trophy Wife but that is beside the point.

This is the Food for Unicorns trio from Cupcake Polish and it’s completely packed with shimmer and iridescence and general yummy deliciousness.  Regardless whether you’re first or second out of bed, vom or no vom, your day just got a trillion times more better.  A sparkly EXTRAVAGANZA starts now!  Get to scrollin’ boo boos …


DESCRIPTION:  A burgundy jelly packed with multicolored iridescent flakies and gold shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat


DESCRIPTION:  A pink jelly packed with red to green shifting iridescent glitters and a hint of blue shimmer

OPACITY:  Three thin coats; two might be okay for others less neurotic than me.  Cuz I see naked spots where there’s most likely ZERO naked spots, which might be a superpower or some sort of weird medical condition.  Either way, though, none of it surprises me.  I’m either amazing or an idiot; there’s nothing in between.


DESCRIPTION:  A lilac creme packed with red/green/gold shifting shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats plus glossy top coat


Time to spend some money!  This trio released JUST NOW, and my blog timing couldn’t BE more perfect.  Perhaps my 7,397th blog day in a row has finally paid off.  I’ve figured this thing out, y’all!  I’m a PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER EXTRAORDINAIRE and I didn’t even laugh while typing that.

In addition to this trio, Sara is introducing a matching wax melt of the month from Ginger Fizz Boutique.  January’s is called Food For Unicorns (aptly) and it smells like bubblegum and adorned with unicorn sprinkles.  And although I’m well aware this thing ain’t food, I’m about 97.4769% I wanna eat it anyway.  UGH.  Someone needs to come save me from me.

The deets:

Each polish retails for $13 each

The wax melt is a 1.25oz size for $2 (or free, pretty much)

The trio + wax melt set retails for $35

Where to buy:

Here’s your linky loos!  Connect with Cupcake Polish:



Fan Group

And now y’all set!  This trio and wax is in suuuuuuuper limited quantities, so if you’re having troubles sorting priorities, here lemme help you.  Cupcake Polish up top, people!  Then groceries and electricity, you know, if there’s time.

Later, loves!


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