Cupcake Polish: Lakeside Collection 


I have effectively wasted sooooo much time napping on the couch this evening that I’ve inadvertently created a Polish Emergency for myself.  Surprisingly, the swatching and the blogging does NOT get done whilst lounging about with my mouth gaping open.  So in an effort to accomplish something this evening, here’s a quick little blog post about some gorgeous polish that’s headed for the shopping cart in roughly 2.5 seconds.

Cupcake Polish, you’re in the spotlight!  Take a look at what Sara made:


Well clearly my mouth hasn’t been gaping open enough today.  Gah!  Who’s a suuuuper unattractive mess right now?  I’m not saying it’s me, but it’s probably me.

This is the Lakeside Collection, a set of 6 lovely shades that I swear are gonna end up on all your surfaces – and not very accidentally.  Three shades are a new finish for Cupcake, with multichrome shimmer in a dusty creme base (i.e., dead).  The other half are full of delicious iridescent glitters, and wellll, you had me at iridescent (i.e., MORE DEAD).  All colors are themed around shimmering, glittering lake shores during the fall, and basically NAILED IT doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.

Quick rundown of colors, then I’ll meet you at the bottom!


DESCRIPTION:  A moss green creme with pink/copper/green/gold multichrome shimmer

OMG, are you seeing this?!  This is the new finish mentioned above and we officially need a billion more.  That shifty shimmer is LEGIT.


DESCRIPTION:  A light brown creme based linear holographic with iridescent glitters

Unfortunately I’m not the best person to model neutral shades in a flattering way.  Damn you sad, white sausages!  Hopefully you can imagine this on your better, prettier fingers.  Yes?

Ooooh, and now you’re spending some money today, I can already tell.


DESCRIPTION:  A lavender creme based linear holographic with iridescent glitters

All you purple lovers need to FOCUS!  This little lady is calling your name, most likely with a French accent and handing you a Starbucks.  And those pops of iridescence?  A basketful of kitties, I swear.

In other words, there’s no way you’re turning your back on this now.


DESCRIPTION:  A cornflower blue creme with pink/copper/green/gold multichrome shimmer

The shimmer on this one is more subtle, but the color is just DIVINE.  I’m diggin’ the new finish, guys.  You need to get your hands on it, stat.  And then it’s ultra swoon-y scenarios for you!


DESCRIPTION:  A mauve creme with magenta/purple/blue/green/teal multichrome shimmer

More SWOON!  Seriously, we may never be the same again.  I wore this one to the dentist and received a compliment on it right before they told me I’m getting a root canal.  Softened the blow!  By about half a point, but still.


DESCRIPTION:  A grey creme linear holographic with iridescent glitters

Well let’s end this thing with a billion exclamation points, shall we?  The iridescent glitters pop against the darker base so good, and basically all our polish dreams just came true.  Weeee!


Welp, you’re buying all that.  Plus 18,000 backup bottles, you know, for SAFETY.

All of my swatches shown here are two coats plus top coat.  Some of you with longer nails might need three coats on those shimmery cremes, but then again, I do nails with my eyes closed sometimes so what do I know, really?  Ridiculous blogs, YES.  Useful information?  A crapshoot.

Here’s your shopping deets:

Cost for each polish is $13

Where to buy:

Everything is available now, so get on it boo boos!  You were sitting around wearing sweatpants and doing nothing anyway.  

And now, the linky loos!  Connect with Cupcake Polish:



Fan Group

More blog-y things tomorrow.  Basically my 7,397th blog day in a row.  Seriously, is Starbucks is coming?  Cuz I’ll take a thousand.

Later, loves!


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