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The Holo Hookup: October 2017 – Ballroom Dance


GUYS.  If there was ever a time to hoard some nail polish, right now would be it.  Cuz the October Holo Hookup is almost here, and you’re gonna need one box plus 27 backup boxes at minimum.  Anyone in the mood for a bit of completely rational behavior?  NOT TODAY!  An insane amount of holo is happening in 3 … 2 … 1 …


Still upright? Just checking.

So this month’s theme is Ballroom Dance, and I swear the HH ladies were thinking of me when they came up with this one.  I started dance class the summer before 6th grade after a humiliating experience refusing to show school spirit during cheerleading try-outs.  Even at that young age, I couldn’t bring attention to myself.  I could hear all the other girls inside the gym, one by one, as they turned cartwheels across the floor,  rah-rah-rah-ing as if middle school football solely depended on it.  Seriously, I’m pretty sure the birth of my anxiety started right there in the library while I waited my turn to make a fool of myself.

Needless to say, you don’t make cheerleading by walking in the room all ladylike and proper, reciting an over-rehearsed cheer only slighter better than a robot, and then walking back out like QUIET CHEERING is a thing and I just invented it.  So in an effort to console my broken heart, mother signed me up for ballet, tap and jazz, and I stayed there, mediocrely dancing (and only a skosh less quietly) for the next 8 years.

And now I’m blogging the Ballroom Dance-themed Holo Hookup box, so life’s officially come full circle.  How I’m not married to Leonardo DiCaprio by now defies all the comprehensions.

Here’s the inspiration pic:

In related news, my dancing career looked approximately ZERO percent like that.  Unless you count that time where I dressed up like Dick Tracy in a yellow trench coat.  Soooo, maybe ZERO point 2 percent then.  Plus an unlimited supply of sweat bead mustache cuz pliés are hard, people!  SO. HARD.

Trying to not get too chatty in here, as I need to get this posted sometime before 2037. A polish emergency is among us and for some reason, the blog don’t write itself. So let’s get into the goodies, yes? YES.

Perhaps the best part of this box? My girl, Victoria, with BLUSH Lacquers is October’s featured brand!  I’ve said this a trillion times over, but I’ll say it again:  Victoria’s a DADGUM polish magician.  If you don’t own any BLUSHes, my first thought is WHAT?! WHY?! but then my second thought is, Here, lemme fix it.  And then this blog post just falls in your lap like no big deal.


DESCRIBED as a copper-toned orange holographic with coppery pink shimmers, this one is so full of drool-y type scenarios, we may never be normal again.

The nail art:

And I actually like it!  Used the new Uber Chic Beauty Lovely Leaves 2 plate for this one, and I have a feeling I’m going to wear the dang thing out.  It’s sooooo good!


DESCRIBED as a red holographic with heavy silver shimmer and silver holo flakies, and it’s exactly how I take my reds.  I mean, regular red is nice and all, but toss a bunch of goodies in it and HAND MODEL! is happening whether we want it or not.

More nail art I like:

I don’t quite understand how I’ve done two good ones in a row.  Certainly the mojo is halfway out the door by now?

Used the layered flower image from the new Uber Chic Beauty 20-02 plate, in case you’re curious.  (You might be this time!)


DESCRIBED as a plum holographic with silver flakies and silver holo microglitter, this one has one of the prettiest rainbow effects that ever lived.  It’s glorious!  If it ends up on all the surfaces, guys, NO ONE is surprised.  

And then this happened:

Bye bye mojo!  Well, it was only a matter of time.


DESCRIBED as a medium turquoise holographic with silver holo microglitter and subtle flashes of blue shimmers, this one is a bonafide ocean of lovely.  Makes my sad white sausages look less sad and sausage-y, and for that fact alone, we lub it LOTS. 

An attempt to redeem myself:

Well, I don’t hate it, so bonus points are coming, surely.  Used the new Uber Chic Beauty 20-01 plate here and a jumbo sized gold stud because I do nail art with my eyes closed.

More art-y things using all four polishes together. Some overachieve-y on display:

A striping tape EXTRAVAGANZA!  Plus some color blocking that took roughly eons to do.

And now, more effort:

A smoosh mani PLUS stamping?  What blog are you reading, cuz it’s certainly not mine.


Pre-order for this box starts on September 21 at 9pm EST and will run thru September 28 at 9pm EST. Which means, you have just ONE WEEK to get your life together before the polish goes away forever. Are you properly panicked? Well, you should be.

Cost is $40 and shipping will begin October 12th or so. Click here for shopping! (Well, not right now. The 21st. As in Thursday. We’ve been over this already.)

And now, some linky loos:

Holo Hookup Instagram

Holo Hookup Facebook Fan Group

Lastly, set some alarms and put Post-Its on all your surfaces. Cuz who’s missing out on this incredible box? CERTAINLY NOT YOU.

Later, loves!


Painted Polish: Hella Holo Customs Trio


This blog started with a burst of energy about five hours ago.  I thought for a brief moment, Is today the day?!  Will I finally sit down and write the 7,397 blog drafts that has been staring at me since 1997?

GUYS.  It’s ME.  Here’s what happened instead:

1.  Hubby laid the mail down so I went through swatch packages and then tried on all the new Lularoe

2.  Went to take pics of a swatch I did last night, hated it, and re-did the entire thing altogether

3.  Organized my pile of unread US Weeklys in date order and then subsequently smudged my nails; re-swatching the re-swatch and saying cuss words ensued

4.  Bought a sandwich from Schlotzsky’s

5.  Pulled one weed out of the flower bed, accidentally made a sweat bead mustache and went back inside to wear pajamas

6.  Not much else gets done after pajamas

Long story short:  I don’t know how to manage a burst of energy very well.  They don’t happen very often so most likely my brain tried to SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN.  And so 18,000 chaoses and redirected efforts later, welcome to today’s blog.  Worth half a horn toot, though, to say the least.

I have a most glorious holographic trio to share with you today!  Lexi with Painted Polish is one of this month’s featured makers in the Hella Holo Customs group on Facebook, and so whatever kind of no-buy-type situation you got going on at the moment is hereby officially cancelled and deleted.  Cuz a legit no joke justification scenario just fell in your lap like no big deal.  Take a look:


Told ya.  You want allllll these, oh yes you do.  I mean, unless you don’t like happy things.  Or maybe you’re a robot.  I dunno.

Real quick rundown of the colors (as usual lately), then I’ll meet you at the bottom!


DESCRIBED as a vampy oxford blue holographic with silver and sky blue ultra holographic glitters for extra sparkle, this gorgeous dreamboat is an effortless two coats!  And, well … you had me at effortless.


DESCRIBED as a burgundy holographic with scattered ultra holographic glitters and golden shimmer, this hot mama is my absolute faaaaaaavorite!  Colors like this – warm, dark, jewel-toned deliciousness – gets me 27 levels of drool-y every single time.  Perfect for fall, y’all!  Also, two coats if you’re curious.


DESCRIBED as a frosty blue holographic with silver ultra holographic glitters and a purple/pink shimmer, this stunner is jaw droppingly beautiful!  That shimmer peeking through is just a prelude to the noodle legs about to happen.  Two easy peasy coats on this one as well.


All three of these polishes are some kinda magical perfection, I swear it.  No issues with formula; perfect for a quick mani in case you don’t have time to paint nails for 17 years straight like me.  Bah.  You and your fancy normal life. 

How to buy:

Join the Hella Holo Customs group on Facebook by clicking here. Once you’re approved, look for Aubrey’s sales post with all the deets you need.  Cost is $12 each but there’s a coupon in the group that I highly recommend.

This trio is only available until October 2 at 11:59pm Hawaii time, which essentially means most of us can still purchase in the wee hours of October 3.  HOWEVER, you’re going now because procrastination is a thing for other people.

Now sit back, relax and revel in all your good decisioning.  Hooray!

Finally, the linky loos!  Connect with Painted Polish:



Fan Group

Bonus clicking opportunity!  Check out Hella Holo Customs on Instagram here.

More swatching on the schedule, and hopefully more blogging.  But definitely, absolutely, and 100-percent-ly more buying.  Cuz no one does Crazy Nail Lady quite like you.

Later, loves!