Tonic Polish: Spring 2017 Collection + May Babies Duo + Collab with Femme Fatale


I woke up this morning with my fat cat sitting right on my chest.  For one, he never does this.  In the 7 years I’ve had him, the amount of ignoring far outweighs the amount of cuddles.  In fact, if a cat can purposefully pick up his body and shift it so he doesn’t have to look at you and/or can pretend you don’t exist, my cat has figured out the way.  He’s quite overachieve-y in that regard.

But for two, by “morning” I mean 12:41 in the afternoon so I’m pretty sure he was only on my chest to make sure no one died and there’d be snacks soon.  I get it.  That’s why hubby and I are still married; without him, I have no idea how food is ever gonna make it’s way out of the kitchen.  Seriously, he’s been at work all day and not one time has a bag of chips just appeared in my hand.  NOT ONCE.  Why I’m not skinnier, I have no idea.

I’ve got a ton of pretties to show you today!  Tonic Polish has a huge release coming out tomorrow, so I can either ramble on for lightyears, or we can just get to it.  Cuz the last time I rambled, all the polishes sold out before I posted and then ugh, blog ruined.  Who’s interested in writing a decades-long post for no dadgum reason?  NOT ME.  So let’s get this thing published today, then, shall we?


First off is the Four Seasons collaboration with Femme Fatale, a 4-piece set inspired by Vivaldi’s violin concertos.  I have just the Tonic half to show you, so go ahead and get your drool buckets handy.  Cuz you’re about to suuuuuuper unattractive, that’s why.

Here is Promise of Spring:

This one is a pale metallic yellow-green Lumichrome that shifts to mint green and blue with a scattered holo shimmer.  It is the perfect spring color, fresh and lighthearted.  You’re definitely buying one bottle of this, plus 27 back up bottles in case of accidental painting of all the surfaces.

Check her out under the lamps:

Have you ever seen such a glow?  Gah!  It’s so pretty, guys.  About 2.5 seconds away from HAND MODEL! with this mani, I’m almost certain.

Close up of those goodies:

You done died.  You did.

The other half is Bleeding Heart Sunset:

This one has an orchid/lavender base with a strong glowing pink multichrome shimmer that shifts to peach and gold with scattered holo shimmer.  It represents the summer concerto, all intense and sultry.  A sexy little mama; like me but with less pajamas.

Under the lamps, you can see the orchid:

Holy moly!  Are you sweaty? Cuz I’m sweaty.

A macro, for extra convincing:

The Four Seasons collaboration set is available (with the two shades from Femme Fatale) for $40 but you can buy them individually for $12 each.

And just cuz I am nothing if not thorough, here is the info on the Femme Fatale portion:

Ice-Kissed Grove:  a soft grey jelly base with turquoise overlay, green/blue iridescent flakes, scattered holographic accents and fine silver microglitter (inspired by the winter concerto)

Woodland Mosaic:  a soft purple-hued jelly base with strong copper/gold overlay, red iridescent glitters, iridescent flakies and holographic microglitter (inspired by the autumn concerto)

Welp, we want all those.  Moving on!

Another new release is the May Babies Duo in honor of Lindsey’s son, Nico, who turns 4 this month.  Each polish is named after a line in the Dr. Seuss book, Oh the Places You’ll Go, one of Nico’s favorites.  Get ready for an insane display of green.  And lots and lots of noodle legs.

First up is You’ll Move Mountains:

This is a straight up glowing emerald green, no frills, just beauty to the trillionth percent. OMG, it just got stupid in here.  What are words?  What is breathing?  What is not having your tongue loll about outside your body?  I swear my brain has just up and gone somewhere.  I can’t handle this much green all in one place.  Forget noodle legs; I need an old fashioned fainting couch and one of those cute boys to point a fan at me.  STAT.

It’s an drooling epidemic:

No cure.  Oh well.

The other half of the duo is The Places You’ll Go:

This one has an emerald green base with a green/blue/purple/pink/gold shifting multichrome shimmer.  Everything about this is lovely.  So rich and bold, a luscious vibrant color.  Mouths hanging open, everywhere.  Seriously, I dare you stay upright after this.


BIG. PUDDLE. OF GOO.  At the minimum.

If you buy this polish, it comes with a little extra special something.  Brittany from The Holo Pineapple has created this spectacular matching necklace.  Look at all these pendants:

So much shift!  I’ll take a billion, thanks.

The polishes in the May Babies Duo are only sold separately.  You’ll Move Mountains is $10 and The Places You’ll Go is $20 and comes with the necklace.  They are both limited editions that will restock once in June and then again later before the winter holidays.

The last release is the Spring 2017 Collection:

Three multichromes plus three shimmering cremes equals six ways to lose control of all your words.  Seriously, it’s moan-y throat noises from here on out.

First up is Aurora Sunset:

This one is an orchid leaning pink jelly with strong turquoise/purple shifting shimmer and ultra holo micro glitters.  I stinkin’ love this!  This color is amazing!  And the shimmer … ugh.  The shimmer got me, guys.

Get this on yer nails:

Have you ever?!  NO YOU HAVE NOT.

Next up is I Pink You Blue Me Off:

This one is a bright blue cream with pink shimmer that shifts to yellow.  I’ll just say it now: my swatches don’t even begin to show you the beauty of this polish.  Photographing these shimmery cremes was hard, y’all.  Although, this macro looks pretty dang good:

If you love blue, or pretty things in general, you’re gonna want this one.  It’s definitely a cheerful shade.  In the cart she goes!

Now here’s Foxfire:

This one is a metallic rosegold to yellow gold shifting multichrome with scattered holographic shimmer.  Seriously, who just wrapped me up in a toasty blanket and handed me a bunch of baby kitties?  Cuz the level of happiness over here is downright superhuman.  Is Leonardo coming?  I expect yes. 

Macro, i.e., all your polish dreams come true:

Plus pajamas.

Next is Deep Sea-crets:

This one is a bright turquoise creme with peachy pink shimmer that shifts to yellow.  Another one hard to photograph, but hopefully you can see how much you lub it anyway.  I mean, the turquoise base color is enough to make you pass out every 15 seconds.  

Macro for extra WANT factor:

I mean, you’re getting all these, so at this point the blog has become moot.

Here’s Titanium Orchid:

This one is a member of the Lumichrome family and is a pale metallic multichrome that shifts from cool lavender to peach to gold with scattered holographic shimmer.  Isn’t it glorious?  Who else just got suuuuuuuper unattractive just now?  Well, there’s only so much sexy to go around while the Ugly Ecstasy Face is having a moment.  I mean, if you feel like getting drool-y in private, now’s a good time. 

Macro, for funsies:

Just kidding.  It’s serious business in here.  Tonic is legit no joke.

Lastly, it’s Endless Shrimp:

This one is a soft coral creme with pale green shimmer, and if we haven’t sealed the deal by now, I am var var concerned about the state of your brain.  Decisions: And How to Make Them.  Get on it.

Naturally, I end on the swatch photo where I didn’t do so good.  I didn’t plan that out well, clearly.  However, let me reassure you – there’s nothing in this collection you don’t want.  Unless you hate happiness.  Or you have no eyes.  I dunno.  

Shimmer says hi:

DONE.  You’re about to spend some money, I just know it.

The round up:

The Spring 2017 Collection retails for $60, but if you want single bottles they are $10 (for the shimmering cremes) or $12 for the multichromes.

There is an option to get THE WHOLE SPRING SHEBANG which is $138 and includes the 4-piece collab with Femme Fatale, the May Babies Duo with the necklace, the 6-piece spring collection PLUS a surprise polish called Come Wander, a periwinkle holographic base with a pink multichrome shimmer that shifts to golden green and some iridescent color changing flakies.  No swatches, as it was a last minute addition, but we hoard alllllllll the polish round here.  Cuz rational behavior is for other people.

You can, however, buy it individually for $13, if you choose.  But we’ve already discussed the plan, and it’s kinda sorta written in stone (with waiver, disclaimer, blood sample and pinky swear), soooooo … every single one of these, SOLD.  It’s a grabby fingers epidemic.


In addition to all the new stuffs, there will be a few other extras added to the shop.  A couple of special editions from some past collab boxes – I Glitterally DGAF from Acetone Alley and Manna’s Mystical Masterpiece from last quarter’s The Color Box – will be available for $12 each.

Also, Alexandria’s Genesis will be rejoining the Tonic lineup in honor of their almost 1-year anniversary, available for $10.

Older colors plus the Tonic Topper quick dry top coat will be restocked in limited quantities.

Now, for the most important part.  You got your focus face on, cuz this is basically a POLISH EMERGENCY:

The release happens tomorrow, May 7 at 2pm CST.  In the past, Tonic has sold out very quickly during all their releases and restocks, so if 17 alarms and Post-It Notes on all your surfaces sound like a good idea to you, you are correct and we are officially best frans.  You can continue to read this blog.

Click here for shopping!  Later, loves!


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