Tonic Polish: Secrets & Soulmates Collection 


Hubby spent the day outside cleaning the solar panels while I stayed in my robe and painted nails for eight hours straight. You know, as far as the divisioning of duties go, I’d say that sounds about right.

So now I’m laying here in the bathtub blogging like a crazy person cuz I literally can’t wait to show you what all I’ve accomplished today. Aside from two glasses of wine and 16 Whopper malted milk balls (diet status: going quite well, clearly), I’ve swatched SO! MUCH! PRETTY! that if anything ladylike happens next, it’d be a damn near miracle.  New Tonics are coming, new Tonics are coming!   And then we all collectively pass the hell on out now.

GUYS. I can’t even describe. There are no words. Hope y’all wanna read a blog full of silence, cuz my brain’s done gone away somewhere and it’s moan-y throat noises from here on out.  Uhhhhhhnnnnnnn.  See?  Ugh.  

Okay, FOCUS.  An attempt is happening.  Take a look at new stuff from Tonic Nail Polish:


Still upright?  Just checking.

This is the Secrets & Soulmates collection, a set of 7 glorious shades full of shimmer and flakies and voodoo and MAGIC.  Which means Lindsey’s about to break some kind of sales record, I’m quite certain.  Cuz you don’t just toss all this pretty out in the world and expect wallets not to fly out of purses, everywhere.

So this collection was made in collaboration with Elena from @ecklipsed on Instagram.  Lindsey and Elena both have a love for design, art, fashion, romance and nail polish (duh), so it was only natural for them to come together to bring one of the most stunning collections of color to LIFE.  Elena created mood boards and Lindsey turned them all into tiny glass jars of LEGIT PERFECTION.

And now we all want like 18,000 bottles.  Rational behavior?  NOT TODAY!

Each swatch below will be interspersed with Elena’s own words, her inspiration and the meaning behind it all.   Ooooooh, we’re about to set a mood, I can already tell.  Grab your smelling salts and your drool buckets, y’all; it’s about to get sexy:


Novitiate represents the preparation for a new journey.  It’s fresh, soft, ethereal and innocent.  It is a color of promises yet to be fulfilled and chances to be taken.

I dreamed up this color while I was taking a chance on following my heart for the first time in a long time.  It paid off.  My heart is complete.  Lindsey made this shade whisper a love poem.  I can’t wait for you to “hear” it.

— Elena

DESCRIPTION:  An icy mint creme with turquoise shimmer that shifts to a soft pale purple

OPACITY:  Three coats 

Did you just die?  Cuz I sure did.  Multichromes are happening and now all semblance of normal = out the dadgum window.  Also, don’t look at that hair dangling off my index finger.  DON’T LOOK AT IT!  Cuz I’ve stared at it hardcore enough for all of us.  Blah.


Sometimes you have to lose it all to find a better way.  Lemons & Cream is the personification of that feeling.  It has a hidden glow that shows the power of persistence in the face of adversity.


DESCRIPTION: A yellow with strong red/pink shimmer and large shimmer particles

OPACITY: Three coats

Formula on this one is a little thicker, but I still found it manageable.  Which coming from me, the girl who sprained her foot from laying on the couch too hard, that’s saying something.

This color is intense and therefore it might stain.  Base coat for safety!


The past few months have been nothing short of a blockbuster movie or a telenovela.  It even had a good villain.  I wanted a tongue-in-cheek nod to the most formidable foes of one of my favorite fictional spies, James Bond.  007 matched wits with the criminal organization, SPECTRE, more than once.  Bond always came out on top.  My foe didn’t succeed either.  I figured I’d celebrate victory with nail polish.


DESCRIPTION:  An aqua blue to purple shifting lumichrome

OPACITY:  Two coats

Who’s still sexy?  NOT THIS LADY!  The Ugly Ecstasy Face is a dire thing.  And crying over nail polish is COMPLETELY NORMAL BEHAVIOR, just so you know.


This polish was conceived with my 10th wedding anniversary in mind.  I had met my husband in February (amethyst) and we were married the following August (peridot).  The day Lindsey launched this collection, my divorce was finalized.  This color now symbolizes how life and love will always move on, that it can always be created, it is fecund.


DESCRIPTION:  A deep grape purple with green/fuchsia/purple large particle multichrome shimmers, a hint of green//fuchsia/purple multichrome shimmer, iridescent flakies and tiny silver holographic microglitters

OPACITY:  Three coats

So many goodies!  How this one doesn’t cost like a million dollars defies all the comprehensions.  Regardless, in the cart she goes!


This color was inspired by someone very dear to me and Lindsey – Chris Burnes, Tonic’s fan group admin and biggest cheerleader. Chris was a gift to me during my transition to a new job opportunity and my divorce.  Almost every day I got a “proof of life” check and she got a heavy dose of Boston accent in return.

Lagniappe is a Cajun Creole derived word that means a little bonus or extra token of appreciation.  This color has a little something extra, as does the woman who inspired it.


DESCRIPTION: A multidimensional pink/orchid holographic with sparkly blue shimmers and glowing orange/green shifting iridescent flakies

OPACITY: Two coats

If you’re a purple lover, how happy must you be right now.  This shade is GLORIOUS!  Cue the noodle legs; it’s getting suuuuuper swoon-y in here! Hope ya’ll got your fainting couches handy, like one of those fancy Victorian ones, cuz who’s about to get unattractive on a futon?  Not a dadgum one of us, that’s who.


Dulcinea was the love interest of the literary character, Don Quixote.  The name has now evolved into a synonym for “sweetheart” or “beloved”. 

I think Rihanna sang it best:  We found love in a hopeless place.  That’s basically what happened with me.  I wanted a color that was passionate, glowing, rich, warm and delicious.  That is Dulcinea.


DESCRIPTION:  A berry red with vibrant glowing metallic shimmer

OPACITY:  Two coats

Holy freaking moly.  Are you seeing this?  This is the red that ends all reds.  Your date night red, your hot mama red. The red you wear when you want to feel less sweatpants-y but also still be in sweatpants. Well, if you’re me, that is. All the rest of you, I’m sure, can figure out more proper uses that doesn’t require a nap for good measure.


Love yourself first.  Simple enough, right?  We all struggle everyday with putting our needs first.  We are programmed to think it’s selfish and wrong, self-serving.  Guess what?  It’s not.  If we love ourselves first, we are happy.  If we are happy, it is felt by those around us.  Ultimately, we make the world around us better.

I was given a gift that was inscribed with “love yourself first” the weekend I asked my husband for divorce.  It reminded me that I was loving me to better my life.


DESCRIPTION:  A slight teal green base with rose/golden multichrome and large particle color shifting shimmers and scattered holo

OPACITY:  Two coats

Elena described her vision of this color as all the colors you see reflecting off of sun shining on water.  And you know what?  NAILED IT doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.  Lindsey, you get a horn toot!


OMG.  Have you ever?  (No, you have not.)

If y’all know even a smidge of the magic that is Tonic Polish, it’s about to get all sorts of elbow jabby in here real quick. A bonafide frenzy, is what I mean.  Here’s your shopping deets:

Full collection retails for $77

Single bottles (although, why?!) are priced as follows:

Lemons & Cream – $11

Novitiate, Fecundity 10, Lagniappe, Dulcinea and Love Yourself First – $12 each

Spectre – $13 (she fancy!)

This collection releases Wednesday, November 15 at 8pm CST and will most likely sell out completely about 8pm and 1 second later, so setting 17 alarms and putting Post-Its on all your surfaces makes the most logical sense.  Cuz who’s missing out on all this gorgeous goodness?  CERTAINLY NOT YOU.  Lindsey does say the polishes are not limited edition and will continue to be restocked.  However, why delay happiness?  Tonic Polish up top, people!  Seriously.  I MEAN IT.

Where to buy:

More clicking opportunities! Connect with Tonic:



Fan Group

And some bonus clicking! Elena’s linky things:


Polish ReVamped Facebook Group

Well look at you, reading all the way to the bottom and stuff.  As always, thank you.  Come back tomorrow for more blog-y type things, k?  K.  

Later, loves!


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