Tonic Polish: Holiday Duo 2017



We’re jumping right into the polish tonight cuz NEW TONICS ARE COMING!  NEW TONICS ARE COMING! and there’s just no time to be lounge-y right now.  Plus, ONCE AGAIN, it’s well after midnight, Full House has transitioned to Friends and guess who’s not  sleeping, not even a little bit?  YOU GUYS.  I am officially the most boring person on the planet and NO ONE is surprised.  Booooo.  Good thing I’m quite the Trophy Wife, or else we’d all be worried.

So before we spend 18 hours in here reading a blog full of nonsense, let’s get the hell on with it.  Lindsey with Tonic Polish sent me some pretties that you’re gonna need about a trillion times over.  Who wants flakies?  Who wants shimmer?  Who wants Starbucks and jammies and a couch laying EXTRAVAGANZA! poured straight into a bottle?  Well then by all means:  SCROLL.

Welp, already with the jaws dropping and the drool buckets and the noodle legs GALORE!  Seriously, can we ever be sexy in here, at least just one time?  Apparently, NO.  New Tonics = big puddles of goo each and every dadgum time.

This is the Holiday Duo, two luscious shades that I swear you’d eat if they weren’t so poison-y.  Also the judgy eyes – they are always lurking.  So while we sit here being normal and boring and whatnot, let’s look at closeups.  I mean, we want these polishes on BOTH hands, just so you know.


DESCRIPTION:  A dark blue magnetic multichrome with green/purple shifting multichrome pigment and iridescent orangey/red flakies that shift green

OPACITY:  Two coats

This is my first time using a magnetic polish, and I’m not too sure I’ve used it right.  I mean, it did a thing and it’s not entirely unattractive, which is quite a big deal considering how often I nail art successfully (as in, NOT VERY).  But I’m kinda diggin this!  Like an instant galaxy or something.  An effortless, instant galaxy.  And, well, you had me at effortless.

Instructions on how to use the magnet, according to experts who are more expert-i-er than me:

1.  Apply two coats of nail polish

2.  Immediately after the second coat, hold the thin edge of the magnet as close as possible to the wet polish and hold for about 10-15 seconds.  In this design, I held it diagonally in one spot and somehow accidentally made two stripes.  I’m no mathematician or anything, but I’m prettttty sure I’ve just discovered the secret to the Universe.  And who are we to argue with that kind of logic?

3.  Add top coat like usual

4.  Now, SWOON!


DESCRIPTION:  A deep berry red with strong blue to vibrant red shifting multichrome glow with flaming orangey-red iridescent flakies that shift slightly green

OPACITY:  Two coats plus top coat

Uhhhhhhhnnnnn. Words have left me. It’s seriously moan-y throat noises from here on out. Purple lovers, you die!  How this blog is getting finished, well, we’ll NEVER freaking know.

My favorite part is that glow.  I know it’s not technically purple, but the blue/red shift makes purple and now you have learned something.  This blog is amazing.  


Who’s just been distracted in the best, most delicious way possible?  I mean, you forgot you were reading this blog, didn’t you? Cuz I forgot I was even writing it.  Tonic, you got me good.

Your var var important shopping information.  FOCUS, y’all!

This duo is only available as a gift set for the holiday season.  Cost is $28 and includes both polishes plus one magnet, wrapped in special packaging so it’s ready to go.  It’s like the most effortless of all gift-giving, primarily because you don’t need to spend light years in the floor of your living room wrapping presents not shaped like squares (i.e., NOT IDEAL SITUATION).  However, if the gift is for you, welllll .. it only makes sense.  HOARD ALL THE TONICS!  And then groceries and electricity, you know, if there’s time.

Release date is Saturday, December 9 at 2pm CST.  The duo will be available for the entire month of December only; however, each color will be restocked individually at some point in the future.  But why go delaying your happiness if you don’t have to?  First in line, boo boos!  I’d expect nothing less.

Where to buy:

And now, more clicking opportunities!  Connect with Tonic Polish:



Fan Group

Now go break the internet!  And then stalk the mailman like a proper loon.  

Later, loves!


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  1. I have recently become obsessed with magnetic polishes. I’ve found that I get the best effect if I hold the magnet for ~25-30 seconds right after applying the second coat of polish (obviously doing 1 nail at a time) and I also re-magnetize after the top coat, this helps the particles from spreading.
    And yes, I think your nails must reside in a quantum vortex because I’ve never gotten 2 lines!


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