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Monthly Awareness Polish Box: June 2017


Current status:  in a hotel room in Chicago.  Wrapped in a pink fluffy robe, iPad in the window, typing away à la Carrie Bradshaw and feeling super fancy.  Hair piled on top of my head, drinking Voss water out of a wine glass, and a gorgeous view of skyscrapers is all around me.  OMG, am I in a movie?  Let’s see, three empty Starbucks cups, a no-pants situation in progress, and Leonardo is nowhere to be found.  Still wearing orthopedic shoes and skinny is taking its damn sweet time.  I mean, I caught a view of my butt in a the Bathroom of a Thousand Mirrors, and now I’m just gonna sit here and cry for the next 37 years.

In other words, NOPE.  Just real life in all it’s forgot to shave my legs glory.  Weeeeee!

A quick blog for you today, so afterwards I can get my life back on track or something.  I have the Monthly Polish Awareness Box for June to review for you all, and like usual, every last one of these is headed for your shopping cart.  Cuz how often do you get the chance to hoard all the polish and donate to charity all at the same time?  Like never, I swear it.  Anyone in the mood for some serious legit justification then?  Well, here you all go…


Each month, the Monthly Awareness Polish Box partners with six awesome indie brands who create exclusive, customized nail polishes to fit the theme of that month’s charity.  For June, Courtney has chosen to donate to the PTSD Foundation of America, a non-profit organization mentoring combat veterans and their families with post traumatic stress.  I can’t think of a better way to spend some money today.  Take a look at these:

Well, isn’t that one of the prettiest things you ever saw?  Seen?  You’ve ever seen?  Ugh.  One can’t grammar at a time like this.  The point is, you lub it lots.  Now let’s focus; there’s serious business up ahead.

First up is from Alter Ego:

This is Look Past the Sun, a dark yellow jelly with holographic red and black fine glitter.  It’s a pretty sheer one; my swatch is three coats and you can still see my nail line.  But it’s quite a unique shade – I don’t have a single one like it – and after roughly 1500 polishes up on my shelves at this point, that’s some good odds.  So, there may be a lottery ticket EXTRAVAGANZA! later, which makes sense considering the sheer amount of normal behavior on display over here.  Superhuman, to say the least.

Close up of the goodies:

Gah! You want!

Next up is from Pretty Beautiful Unlimited:

This is Overcoming Nightmares, a medium red holographic with lavender shimmer, silver and pink glitters and micro shreds, blue to purple shifting micro glitters, and a smattering of crystal chameleon flakes.  Whyyyyy, that’s a whole lot of pretty all in one place!  Plus magic, plus happiness.  If it came with a side of Starbucks, no one’s surprised.  PERFECTION, is what I’m saying.

Two coats; lookin so fly:

A delicious macro:

Who wants to lick that one?!  Except SOCIETY says NO.  Boooo.

Now here’s one from Darling Diva Polish:

This is I’m a Survivor, a topper loaded with Pegasus pee, a light sprinkling of holo, color shifting glitters and holo flakes.  My swatch shows it not as a topper, cuz I don’t plan things very well.  Instead, I applied three coats over naked nails, and while it’s still kind of sheer, the ethereal quality of it is jaw droppingly stunning.  Like, a puddle of goo scenario is happening next, I’m quite certain.

Check out that glow:

Macro, for extra drool factor:

If you’re not super hardcore in love with this right now, we need to talk about some things.  

From Night Owl Lacquer:

This is Not All Wounds are Visible, a luscious teal with bright purple shimmer, purple to blue shifting iridescent shreds and a nice dose of scattered holo.  GUYS.  It’s time to roll the couches over cuz it’s super pass-out-y in about 2.5 seconds.  Bring the smelling salts and one of those cute boys holding a leaf fan.  Cuz you can’t just toss in a purple and blue dreamboat and then expect anything ladylike to happen next.  Nope, it’s sweaty to, like, the trillionth degree.

Everything Lindsay makes is perfection.  I dare you to determine otherwise.

An ocean of lovely:

COMPOSURE:  out the window.

Next up is from Sassy Pants Polish:

This is Don’t Trigger Me, a bright hot pink jelly with assorted iridescent glitters and white holographic microglitters with a blue shimmer.  And aside from all that, I’ll just be over here reattaching my jaw to my face about 18,000 times.  BRB.

My eyes, my eyes!  That blue shimmer is so glowy and those glitters give me a severe case of the GRABBY FINGERS.  At minimum.

Doh!  How will I ever remain upright again?

Lastly, from O-My Jewels:

This is There But Not, a creamy pale blue with holographic sparkly microglitter.  All you blue lovers, pay attention!  This one has your name written alllllll over it.  (Seriously.  I checked.)  Walking out of this blog with approximately 27 bottles of this beauty in your cart?   Sounds about right.  Cuz you don’t get to CRAZY NAIL LADY by being rational, let’s just say. 

To seal the deal:

Oooooh, you’re about to spend some money I can already tell.  Best day EVER coming up next!

The round up:

Pre-sale for this box opens on Friday, May 26 and will run until June 9. Cost is $52 + shipping and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the PTSD Foundation of America. You also have the option to just buy one polish or a set of 4, although that point is moot since we’ve already decided. All six, darlings!

To purchase, click here. Then stalk the mailman cuz it’s the most logical next step.

If you’d like to keep up to date on future Monthly Awareness Polish boxes (and you do), go give their Facebook page a like (click here) and follow them on Instagram (click here). And then as long as you’re clicking on stuff, here’s more fun:

Alter Ego

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited

Darling Diva Polish

Night Owl Lacquer

Sassy Pants Polish

O-My Jewels

And now you may get back into pajamas. Cuz good decisioning is hard work sometimes.

Later, loves!


Monthly Awareness Polish Box: May 2017


It’s May 1st guys, so y’all know what that means:  winter is just around the corner.  Ugh.

How did we get here so fast?  Why does fall and winter take lightyears with eons and eternities on top, but spring and summer is gone in the blink of an eye?  Wasn’t it just yesterday when I was sitting on my couch covered in sweatpants and a minimum of 18,000 blankets, wondering why I’m not one of those cute girls wearing Uggs and holding a latte?  I mean, does this world really need someone to do the speed walking across parking lots saying shit shit shit all the way to the door?  Certainly I could’ve excelled in other less unattractive ways.  I’m not even that picky about it.  I can be adorable in a scarf, falling in a pile of leaves, you know, if all the Uggs are taken.  Blah

And now May is here ruining everything with it’s sheer proximity to fall.  Five months left.  FIVE MONTHS!  I’m going to waste my summer googling how to stay alive in an ice storm, I just know it.  Although being prepared is important.  What’re you gonna do when there’s a surprise Leonardo sighting and there’s no wedding dress in your car?  Hmmm?!

Rational behavior is for other people.  Clearly, someone needs to save me from me.

Let’s go to our happy place.  Time to hoard some polish!  I have the May Monthly Awareness Polish Box to share with you today.  Ready to buy a bunch of pretties AND donate to charity all in one effortless click?  Well, you had me at effortless.  Let’s go!


Each month, the Monthly Awareness Polish Box partners with six awesome indie brands to create exclusive, customized nail polishes to fit the theme of that month’s charity.  Since May is Stroke Awareness Month, Courtney has thoughtfully chosen to donate to the National Stroke Association, one of the country’s leading stroke resources.  This particular cause has a special place in my heart, so naturally we’re all gonna come together and clean out the entire store, right?  RIGHT.  Take a look at these:

See, already you’re excited.  SIMMER DOWN CRAZY.  We just got started.  How we gonna make it to the end of this blog if we’re already big puddles of goo?  Get your focus faces on.  This is some serious business up ahead.

First up is O-My Jewels:

This is Act F.A.S.T., a creamy smooth red with a dash of matte white multi sized glitters.  My swatch shows ONE COAT, which I found quite amazing.  You might need two, but I was pretty satisfied with this cuz then I had plenty of time to go make myself useful.  I mean, Dancing with the Stars doesn’t just watch itself, ya know?

The glitters here did settle pretty well in the bottom of the bottle, but they floated right back up with a vigorous shake.  I love how you get a gentle dose of them on the nail.  It’s not GLITTER! with jazz hands, but more just glitter with like, some sweatpants on.  Nice and easy is what I’m saying.

Macro time!

Next up is Alter Ego:

This is Small Steps Big Rewards, a golden olive green with bronze micro flakies, and OMG there is such an unattractive drool situation in progress right now.  Like, hubby just needs to look away sometimes, cuz there’s only so much sexy to go around while your tongue is lolling about outside your body.  27 bottles, in the cart they go!

Seriously, 27 at the minimum:

Now we have Pretty Beautiful Unlimited:

This is Fighting Back, a peacock turquoise green with silver holo microglitters, teal to blue iridescent shifting glitter, blue micro shreds and flakies and blue to aqua to violet color shifting flakies.  That’s a lot of goodies!  How this polish doesn’t cost a billion dollars is beyond alllll the comprehensions.

Plus, all that WITH glow on top?  If there was ever a time for smelling salts, now would be it.

An ocean of lovely:

I want to swim in a giant tub of that.  Legit no joke.

From NeVerMind Polish:

This is Picking Up the Pieces, a hot pink with a touch of shimmer and blue/purple/red chameleon flakies. Excuse me while I attach my jaw back on my face.  GAH!  If this somehow doesn’t end up on all the surfaces, I don’t understand the world we live in. Anyone in the mood for a ridiculous display of pretty cuz DUMB QUESTION doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.  Flakies, everywhere.  You have no other choice, now do you?

I’d lick this cuz I’m well aware I have a problem:

Although I won’t, cuz POISON.  And society, they are so judgy.

Next is from PoSHlish:

This is Survivor, a shimmery lilac pearl with a sea foam green undertone.  I’m seriously about to fall apart cuz the noodle legs are everywhere.  The fact I’m still upright is perseverance at superhuman levels.  The shimmer got me.  It got me good, guys.  And the formula was such a dang dream.  Nice and fluid, all glide-y and smooth.  I about went to Polish Mountain with it, but I gave up after three coats.  I’m not good at goals, let’s just say.  However, it would be a good one if the mood ever strikes.  And you have nothing to do for the next 18 years.

Will the drool ever end?


Lastly, from Sassy Pants Polish:

This is Know the Signs, a royal navy blue holographic with black holo and opal iridescent glitters and gold shimmers.  What a way to end this thing!  It’s a noodle leg epidemic and there is no cure.  (Oh well.)  Who else looks a dadgum mess?  Ugly Ecstasy Face is having a moment, clearly.  If all six of these beauties aren’t in your cart in about 2.5 seconds, we need to have a chat about decisions and how to make them.  

Macro to seal the deal:

DONE.  You’re about to spend some money, I can already tell.

The round up:

Pre-sale for this box is open right now and will run until May 9. Cost is $52 + shipping and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the National Stroke Association. You also have the option to just buy one polish or a set of 4, although that point is moot since we’ve already decided. All six, darlings!

To purchase, click here. Then sit back and revel in all your good decisioning.

If you’d like to keep up to date on future Monthly Awareness Polish boxes, go give their Facebook page a like (click here) and follow them on Instagram (click here). And then as long as you’re clicking on stuff, here’s more:

O-My Jewels

Pretty Beautiful Unlimited

Alter Ego Body Care Products

NeVerMind Polish


Sassy Pants Polish

Okay, that’s it guys. Get to shopping. I mean it. And then we’ll do this all over again next month. Cuz no one does Crazy Nail Lady quite like you.

Later, loves!


O-My Jewels: Moments Collection 


Negative #1 of being married to a chef:

Cleaning up after a chef.  You know, if I knew I’d be spending an eternity washing 18 pots and pans just for one plate of food, I would have never agreed to it.  Yes, I know I didn’t have to cook anything.  Yes, I know I got to play Princess while someone made a meal for me.  But why is there grease splatter everywhere?  And spoons stuck in everything? And must you use a RICER to make the mashed potatoes, cuz that thing has a gazillion hidey holes for food to get stuck in.  I’m pretty sure that’s the reason forks were invented – to mash the potatoes in a tidier way.

And the next time you feel the need to use a food processor, let’s just have sandwiches.  On paper plates.  For the next 37 years.

Negative #1 of being married to me:


Time for nail polish!  Sophia at O-My Jewels released the 10-piece Moments Collection today, and I received three of them to show off for you.  Ready to do some ooohs and aaaahs?  (Well, who isn’t, honestly?  Crazy people.  Bah Humbugs, maybe.)  Let’s get started then!  Take a look:

I see a creme, some flakies, and a deep ocean of jelly.  Mannnn, how’s your day been?  Better now, I’m sure.  There’s something about pretty nail polish that makes everything better.  The only reason dishes get done is cuz I know there’s nail polish at the end of it.  Otherwise, what is the point of life?  I ask you, WHAT IS THE POINT?

First up is No Whining:

If you’re looking for a super good red, this one has your name allllll over it.  (Seriously.  I checked.)  It’s an ultra creamy deep red, opaque on practically the first coat.  YOU GUYS.  Don’t make me tell you what to do.  Just toss this in your shopping cart cuz you were planning on it anyway.  And now we are best friends, and you can continue to read this blog.

Nail art I did:

Quick!  Someone grab my horn so I can toot it!  Is this not the cutest nail art ever?  I’m sooooo happy with it, like I’d swear I didn’t do it if I didn’t already know I did.  Right?  Right.

I used the new All About Love 01 plate from Lina Nail Art Supplies for those adorable reverse hearts.  You need this plate, by the way.  It’s on pre-sale right now and totally worth it.  As you can clearly see.

Next up is Do Unicorns Fly?

This is a question I often ask myself.  Back in the 11th grade, I was dating this guy who told me he wrecked his car by swerving to miss a unicorn as it was floating down from the sky.  I was 16 and rather naive (cuz spelling bees, lots and lots of spelling bees), so I believed him.  I repeat:  I BELIEVED HIM.  Guess how many times I’ve wanted to slap 16-year-old me?  Just guess.

Anyway, my point. We know they float.  But do they fly?  The world may never know.   

So this one is a buttery yellow creme with this amazing blue/purple/pink shimmer running through it.  It’s delicate and kind of hides at times, but it’s there, being quietly braggy with it’s prettiness.  A very unique and surprising twist though.  Not one time have I ever seen a polish like this.  Good job, Sophia!  You win at Nail Polish.  Pajamas for everyone!

More decent nail art:

I can’t believe I don’t hate this.  Who am I?!  I used the same Lina All About Love 01 plate from before, and decided to capitalize on that blue/purple shimmer by doing gradient roses.  I love it so much!  Again, with the horn.  Toot toot!

Last one is Second Glance:

OMG.  I can’t with the jellies.  The jellies with the glitters and the shimmers and deep blue oceans of squishy, dreamy goodness.  I’m just gonna close my eyes and smile to myself for a minute.  BRB.

Well it was either that or drooling, and I’ve been choosing drooling a lot lately.  Seriously, if I continue with the drooling, there might be a looney bin type scenario happening, and I’m totally not into that.  Number one, the outfits are not flattering.  And there’s probably no nail polish OR Starbucks.  And, and … and … well, what other reason do you need?  No nail polish or Starbucks, people.  Basically, Hell, is what I’m saying.

Okay, what just happened?  Shut up, Brain.

A word about this polish.  It’s a jelly, of which we know and love.  But it’s chock full of chunky glitter, which we also love.  However, the formula might be thicker than what you’re used to.  So if you have issues, just add about 15-20 drops of nail polish thinner, and give it a good shake.  Good as gold!  And pretty as pie.

The round up:

The Moments Collection is available right this second so go ahead and click here to order.  There are 10 polishes total in this collection, so feel free to buy them all.  Prices range from $7.25 to $8.00 each, but your happiness is priceless.

I do have a discount code for one free polish with your order of at least one polish.  Use LOOKDIANNA at checkout and save yourself some money!  Coupon code is active through February 11, so not like it’s an emergency or anything, but it’s kinda an emergency.  No rush, but go now.

Have a good evening, and as always, thank you for reading all he way to the bottom.  Hugs and kisses for everyone! (Well, just the cute ones.)

Later, loves!

SwatchFest 2016: O-My Jewels


Went to Sonic today to get something to drink and hubby asks for an Oreo Blast with an Oreo stuffing flavor funnel. Ummmmm, that’s not a drink. I meant Coke, a Dr Pepper. Gravy. You know, actual drinks.  Not ice cream. Ugh. He’s so gross.

Hey, it’s my last blog post for 2016.  What a year, right?  So many polishes, EVERYWHERE.  Why do you have like 37 shades of the same green?  Can we watch a show anytime between now and 29 years later?

Says my husband, the party pooper.

Okay, I’ll admit I’ve been a little out of control.  I’m surprised the nail room (aka, guest bedroom where no guest will ever go) hasn’t fallen through it’s own floor under the weight of all the polish.  And poor hubby, having to watch tv all by himself.  How we’ve managed to stay married, I’ll never know.

But this blog, guys!  I love it.  I love showing you pretty things.  My nail art could use a little boost (Baby Jesus, if you’re listening), but I do think I make good swatches (for the most part) and my OCD-like cuticle lines flat out impress me sometimes.  Quick! someone grab me my horn so I can toot it.  K, thanks.

So to end this whirlwind of a year, I was sent two gorgeous polishes from Sophia with O-My Jewels to share with you.  It was a surprise on which two I’d get, but I’m thinking I hit the jackpot.  Take a look:

First up is Plum Pretty:

All you purple lovers just died.  You did.  How gorgeous is this?!  It’s vampy yet elegant at the same time.  Like me.

Just kidding.  I lay on couches.  And not in a sexy way.

Under the lamps:

Erlack!  I love shimmery polishes like this.  It’s a gorgeous deep plum with this striking purple shimmer in it; two coats of fabulousness.  What more could you ask for?  (Besides Leonardo handing you a Starbucks, but we’ve been through this before.)

One of my absolute favorite polishes from 2016 is this one right here.  It’s called Sunshine:

No, it is not just a white like I thought.  It is straight up magical unicorns.  And complete and utter ridiculous.  Ugh.  So unique and stunning in all lighting situations, which means you don’t have to carry around your LED lamp like a crazy person.  Nope, you can reserve that crazy for when it really matters – like karate chopping someone’s hand when they try to steal your Funyuns.  Just ask my husband how that turned out – or read this if you’d rather.  Spoiler alert:  it did not end well.

So in regular lighting, it’s a white/silvery foil finish with a flash of gold.  Covers easily in about three coats.  Then under the lamps, it gets insane:

Slight nail line appearance, but the shift leaves me speechless.  There may be a super unattractive drooling scenario in progress over here.  I’m trying very hard to keep my mouth attached to my face right now.  I’m quite the catch, you might say.

Macro just for funsies:

Do you see what I mean?!  How are you not buying this polish?  Get on it.  Go.  (Cuz I am the boss of you.)

And then I did nail art:

It is not the best.  As usual, I took it too far with the purple gems.  However, the two polishes look fabulous together, don’t they?  A perfect combo.  Like me and you, best friends forever whether you like it or not.

The round up:

Okay, Plum Pretty sells for $7.25 and Sunshine is $8 cuz IT IS A PRINCESS and you will treat it as such.  Now, the listing for Sunshine says it’s out of stock, and I guess technically it is – for a minute.  Sophia is waiting on a shipment of supplies and then she’ll be back at it, cranking out sunshine (literally!)  and making the world a better place.  So you can still add it to your cart, purchase it and whatnot.  It’ll just take slightly longer for shipping.  NO BIG DEAL.  It’s worth the wait, I promise.

While you are there, browse the rest of her pretties.  And then go on a clicking spree.  It’s the last day of the year and totally justified.  Don’t ask how; that’s the way science works so we accept it and move on.

Your lifeline .. er .. I mean link to the site can be found here.  Then sit back, relax and know you did the right thing.

Happy New Year, lovies!  See ya in 2017.