SwatchFest 2016: O-My Jewels


Went to Sonic today to get something to drink and hubby asks for an Oreo Blast with an Oreo stuffing flavor funnel. Ummmmm, that’s not a drink. I meant Coke, a Dr Pepper. Gravy. You know, actual drinks.  Not ice cream. Ugh. He’s so gross.

Hey, it’s my last blog post for 2016.  What a year, right?  So many polishes, EVERYWHERE.  Why do you have like 37 shades of the same green?  Can we watch a show anytime between now and 29 years later?

Says my husband, the party pooper.

Okay, I’ll admit I’ve been a little out of control.  I’m surprised the nail room (aka, guest bedroom where no guest will ever go) hasn’t fallen through it’s own floor under the weight of all the polish.  And poor hubby, having to watch tv all by himself.  How we’ve managed to stay married, I’ll never know.

But this blog, guys!  I love it.  I love showing you pretty things.  My nail art could use a little boost (Baby Jesus, if you’re listening), but I do think I make good swatches (for the most part) and my OCD-like cuticle lines flat out impress me sometimes.  Quick! someone grab me my horn so I can toot it.  K, thanks.

So to end this whirlwind of a year, I was sent two gorgeous polishes from Sophia with O-My Jewels to share with you.  It was a surprise on which two I’d get, but I’m thinking I hit the jackpot.  Take a look:

First up is Plum Pretty:

All you purple lovers just died.  You did.  How gorgeous is this?!  It’s vampy yet elegant at the same time.  Like me.

Just kidding.  I lay on couches.  And not in a sexy way.

Under the lamps:

Erlack!  I love shimmery polishes like this.  It’s a gorgeous deep plum with this striking purple shimmer in it; two coats of fabulousness.  What more could you ask for?  (Besides Leonardo handing you a Starbucks, but we’ve been through this before.)

One of my absolute favorite polishes from 2016 is this one right here.  It’s called Sunshine:

No, it is not just a white like I thought.  It is straight up magical unicorns.  And complete and utter ridiculous.  Ugh.  So unique and stunning in all lighting situations, which means you don’t have to carry around your LED lamp like a crazy person.  Nope, you can reserve that crazy for when it really matters – like karate chopping someone’s hand when they try to steal your Funyuns.  Just ask my husband how that turned out – or read this if you’d rather.  Spoiler alert:  it did not end well.

So in regular lighting, it’s a white/silvery foil finish with a flash of gold.  Covers easily in about three coats.  Then under the lamps, it gets insane:

Slight nail line appearance, but the shift leaves me speechless.  There may be a super unattractive drooling scenario in progress over here.  I’m trying very hard to keep my mouth attached to my face right now.  I’m quite the catch, you might say.

Macro just for funsies:

Do you see what I mean?!  How are you not buying this polish?  Get on it.  Go.  (Cuz I am the boss of you.)

And then I did nail art:

It is not the best.  As usual, I took it too far with the purple gems.  However, the two polishes look fabulous together, don’t they?  A perfect combo.  Like me and you, best friends forever whether you like it or not.

The round up:

Okay, Plum Pretty sells for $7.25 and Sunshine is $8 cuz IT IS A PRINCESS and you will treat it as such.  Now, the listing for Sunshine says it’s out of stock, and I guess technically it is – for a minute.  Sophia is waiting on a shipment of supplies and then she’ll be back at it, cranking out sunshine (literally!)  and making the world a better place.  So you can still add it to your cart, purchase it and whatnot.  It’ll just take slightly longer for shipping.  NO BIG DEAL.  It’s worth the wait, I promise.

While you are there, browse the rest of her pretties.  And then go on a clicking spree.  It’s the last day of the year and totally justified.  Don’t ask how; that’s the way science works so we accept it and move on.

Your lifeline .. er .. I mean link to the site can be found here.  Then sit back, relax and know you did the right thing.

Happy New Year, lovies!  See ya in 2017.

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