O-My Jewels: Moments Collection 


Negative #1 of being married to a chef:

Cleaning up after a chef.  You know, if I knew I’d be spending an eternity washing 18 pots and pans just for one plate of food, I would have never agreed to it.  Yes, I know I didn’t have to cook anything.  Yes, I know I got to play Princess while someone made a meal for me.  But why is there grease splatter everywhere?  And spoons stuck in everything? And must you use a RICER to make the mashed potatoes, cuz that thing has a gazillion hidey holes for food to get stuck in.  I’m pretty sure that’s the reason forks were invented – to mash the potatoes in a tidier way.

And the next time you feel the need to use a food processor, let’s just have sandwiches.  On paper plates.  For the next 37 years.

Negative #1 of being married to me:


Time for nail polish!  Sophia at O-My Jewels released the 10-piece Moments Collection today, and I received three of them to show off for you.  Ready to do some ooohs and aaaahs?  (Well, who isn’t, honestly?  Crazy people.  Bah Humbugs, maybe.)  Let’s get started then!  Take a look:

I see a creme, some flakies, and a deep ocean of jelly.  Mannnn, how’s your day been?  Better now, I’m sure.  There’s something about pretty nail polish that makes everything better.  The only reason dishes get done is cuz I know there’s nail polish at the end of it.  Otherwise, what is the point of life?  I ask you, WHAT IS THE POINT?

First up is No Whining:

If you’re looking for a super good red, this one has your name allllll over it.  (Seriously.  I checked.)  It’s an ultra creamy deep red, opaque on practically the first coat.  YOU GUYS.  Don’t make me tell you what to do.  Just toss this in your shopping cart cuz you were planning on it anyway.  And now we are best friends, and you can continue to read this blog.

Nail art I did:

Quick!  Someone grab my horn so I can toot it!  Is this not the cutest nail art ever?  I’m sooooo happy with it, like I’d swear I didn’t do it if I didn’t already know I did.  Right?  Right.

I used the new All About Love 01 plate from Lina Nail Art Supplies for those adorable reverse hearts.  You need this plate, by the way.  It’s on pre-sale right now and totally worth it.  As you can clearly see.

Next up is Do Unicorns Fly?

This is a question I often ask myself.  Back in the 11th grade, I was dating this guy who told me he wrecked his car by swerving to miss a unicorn as it was floating down from the sky.  I was 16 and rather naive (cuz spelling bees, lots and lots of spelling bees), so I believed him.  I repeat:  I BELIEVED HIM.  Guess how many times I’ve wanted to slap 16-year-old me?  Just guess.

Anyway, my point. We know they float.  But do they fly?  The world may never know.   

So this one is a buttery yellow creme with this amazing blue/purple/pink shimmer running through it.  It’s delicate and kind of hides at times, but it’s there, being quietly braggy with it’s prettiness.  A very unique and surprising twist though.  Not one time have I ever seen a polish like this.  Good job, Sophia!  You win at Nail Polish.  Pajamas for everyone!

More decent nail art:

I can’t believe I don’t hate this.  Who am I?!  I used the same Lina All About Love 01 plate from before, and decided to capitalize on that blue/purple shimmer by doing gradient roses.  I love it so much!  Again, with the horn.  Toot toot!

Last one is Second Glance:

OMG.  I can’t with the jellies.  The jellies with the glitters and the shimmers and deep blue oceans of squishy, dreamy goodness.  I’m just gonna close my eyes and smile to myself for a minute.  BRB.

Well it was either that or drooling, and I’ve been choosing drooling a lot lately.  Seriously, if I continue with the drooling, there might be a looney bin type scenario happening, and I’m totally not into that.  Number one, the outfits are not flattering.  And there’s probably no nail polish OR Starbucks.  And, and … and … well, what other reason do you need?  No nail polish or Starbucks, people.  Basically, Hell, is what I’m saying.

Okay, what just happened?  Shut up, Brain.

A word about this polish.  It’s a jelly, of which we know and love.  But it’s chock full of chunky glitter, which we also love.  However, the formula might be thicker than what you’re used to.  So if you have issues, just add about 15-20 drops of nail polish thinner, and give it a good shake.  Good as gold!  And pretty as pie.

The round up:

The Moments Collection is available right this second so go ahead and click here to order.  There are 10 polishes total in this collection, so feel free to buy them all.  Prices range from $7.25 to $8.00 each, but your happiness is priceless.

I do have a discount code for one free polish with your order of at least one polish.  Use LOOKDIANNA at checkout and save yourself some money!  Coupon code is active through February 11, so not like it’s an emergency or anything, but it’s kinda an emergency.  No rush, but go now.

Have a good evening, and as always, thank you for reading all he way to the bottom.  Hugs and kisses for everyone! (Well, just the cute ones.)

Later, loves!

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  1. I love your blog writing!! Thanks for bringing not only gorgeous polish – because yes, it make everything better, but also some grins and chuckles too!!! Okay…gotta go now and buy polish…. 😉


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