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Blush Lacquers: October COTM


Ugh. I went to get my pants hemmed today and caught a full on view of my butt and omg I’m gonna go home and cry now. You can never see your own butt like how the public sees it, but the tailor was nice enough to have mirrors all over the place.  So with joyfulness overflowing, I’m putting the memory in a box and shipping it straight to hell, and writing this blog post for my nailie friends because my butt may be bigger than I thought it was, but I am a DANG PROFESSIONAL who soldiers on.

Was that a run-on sentence?  Probably.

I’ve got a quick little review for you today.  Blush Lacquers sent me their October Color of the Month, and she is a beauty!  Take a look:

Okay, that was dorky.  Obviously, I was having Fun With Fonts!  And if you imagined I said that with a rousing display of jazz hands, you would be correct.

Now your turn for jazz hands:

Did you do it?  It’d be hard not to.  This polish is called Campfire Crush, and it makes me giddy with excitement.  Look at that ridiculous shift in color.  Can you even?  No. You. Cannot.

Base is a smoky grey with an amazing copper to pink shimmer and gold micro flakies.  Victoria, Blush’s creator, said this color reminded her of glitter thrown on a pile of ashes.  I’d say she nailed, wouldn’t you?    She’s so good.

Here is a shot taken in the light box:

Towards the bottom of the bottle you can really see that grey base, but on the nail it pulls more copper and gold.  It truly is an interesting shade.  I’m not much of an outdoorsy type, but a campfire like this one would have me reconsidering.  Granted, I’d still be in pajamas drinking a Starbucks laying on a couch, but I’d be outside and that’s what matters.

Under the lamps:

Good gracious.  Is this not a perfect fall color?  It’s absolutely dreamy.

That’s it:  you’re getting this.  I’ve decided for you.

Mmmmm, flakies!  Are they not the very best nail polish invention in the entire world?  Flakie all the things, please and thank you.  I would not hate that one bit.

Coverage on this polish was as excellent as all the others. Two coats for full coverage, or three if you’re a crazy person.  Obviously, I did three.  

The round up:

The October Color of the Month debuts today – right now, in fact – in the Blush Lacquer store.  Go! Go now!  Also, while you are there, pick up the new 4-piece Penny Dreadful collection that also released today.  I don’t have swatches of those to share, but sometimes y’all just have to do your own research.  I may be a professional, but I also like to sit at home and do nothing.  Sometimes with the tv on.  But always, always, without pants.

TMI?  Not in this blog!  Later, loves!

Pretty & Polished: All Holos Eve Trio


Hubby goes on a business trip, and suddenly I forget how to do life.  I’m not even going to lie and pretend I’m some 21st century woman, independent and single and proud of it.  I mean, sure, I can be a feminist when it comes to certain things, but honestly, I like having someone to share my burdens with and do things for me when I’m too lazy to do them myself.

For real, cuz who’s gonna give me a sponge bath in bed when I forget to rinse the soap off my back from the night before?  And how does the granola bar get from the cabinet to my purse in the mornings if my husband isn’t home?  These are real life issues, people.  You think voting for a new president is hard – just try being me for four days while my husband is out of town.

I’m virtually directionless.

So I’ve tried to be productive while he’s been gone.  Granted, I’m getting zero coffee made for me every morning, but I’m functioning (somehow) nonetheless.  Proud to say I did a sink full of dishes without being asked 14 times.  I did two loads of my own laundry instead of just going out and buying new underwear like a normal person.  AND, I had the foresight to ask hubby to make me a casserole I could eat for four days straight, so I’ve successfully combatted starvation.  I’m feeling very 21st century right about now.

Gimme a couple days; I’ll be back to normal soon.  Let’s talk polish!

I received the Pretty & Polished All Holos Eve trio to show off.  Three awesome holographics just in time for Halloween:

Told ya.

First one up is this most amazing purple called Hail to the Queen, Baby!

I love the way it looks inside the lightbox without any holographic sparkling.  You can see the truest version of the color, which is a very lovely shade.  But I know how much y’all love your holos, so I took a shot under the lamps just for you:

Bling bling!  And then one outside just for funsies:

This polish was an awesome two coater.  Very smooth application.  I mean, pretty much perfect in every way.  Would make an awesome base for some really cool Halloween nail art.  Of which I have none to show you.  I did not plan that out very well.

Have I mentioned I can’t function properly when hubby is out of town?  Enjoy this macro anyway …

And of course, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without an ultra black holo.  Here is She’ll Tear Your Soul Apart:

Someone’s sexy!  Don’t you just love that gloss?  So shiny.  Always looks so nice on my pale, pale hands.  And my chubby fingers.  Black is slimming, and no doubt I’m about 2.7 seconds away from HAND MODEL! with this manicure.

Under the lamps, it’s even better:

And then an outside shot for good measure:

You must be thoroughly convinced by now.  But just in case, here’s the macro:

Two coats on this one as well.  Almost a one coat.  Maybe even could have been for some people.  But I always do two coats out of habit and pure therapeutic enjoyment.  Polishing relaxes me.  When I get a one coater, it’s almost a sad thing.  However, I’m also the weirdo who won’t eat the deformed M&M because it’s probably poison.  So don’t mind me – I’m just strange.  Do one coat; revel in your normalcy.

Finally, my favorite:  The Night She Came Home

She’s ORANGE!  I loooooove orange.  Especially orange in the fall.  It makes me so happy just to look at it.  I swoon!  Do you have colors that do that to you?  All fall colors get me weak in the knees.  Green is my all time, year round favorite, but when fall gets a hold of it, someone needs to push me around in a little buggy or something because I can no longer handle myself.  Aside from all that, though, fall is too close to winter so I no likee.

But back to this orange – it’s kind of a jelly consistency and has these amazing black flecks in it.  Look at her under the lamps:

You see?!  I live for polishes like this.  I’d paint this all over my body if there wasn’t an HR Department really close to my office.  Pretty sure the handbook mentions a dress code that does not include full body glitter.


Here’s an outside shot:

I’m literally losing concentration here.  I’ve been voodooed.  If you need one reason to purchase this trio, this orange polish is IT.  It’s mesmerizing.


Also, there may be a fair amount of drool happening.  I look like a mess.  Good thing hubby’s not here.  Even he might have to disagree when I yell STILL SEXY, THOUGH! with slobber hanging out of my mouth.  And he’s seen me let the fat out of my pants after pasta countless of times, and still managed to stay married to me.

The round up:

That took 17 hours to put together.  Don’t look too close.  Just step back from your computer and admire from afar.

Head on over to the Pretty & Polished site and place your order for this trio.  DO EEEEEET.  Except not until October 1 cuz they’re not available yet.  These will be on sale all the way until October 31, so you have a month to get your priorities straight, but no sense in procrastinating is my motto.

Just kidding.  Procrastinating + Me = BEST FRANS.

Also, I have a discount code you can use on your order!  What more evidence of a wise decision do you need?!  Works for anything in the store.  Put in code dianna15 and get 15% off.  Then follow me on Instagram because this friendship is reciprocal whether you like it or not.

Later, loves!

Lucky 13 Lacquer: Once Upon a Dream Duo (plus extras)


I don’t even know how it happened.  I was minding my own business – doing nails, obviously – and somehow suddenly found myself in the Men’s section in Macy’s shopping for shorts with my husband.  Did I agree to this?  Was I so involved in what I was doing that I accidentally okayed to hang out amongst the khakis and the polos for nigh on no telling how long?

I do not like shopping.  I may be the only female on the planet to ever say this, but I just don’t.  Who wants to put clothes on just to go roam aimlessly around a shopping mall, surrounded by a crowd of strangers, trying on outfits in the dressing room that a) look better on the rack and b) make you feel bad about yourself?  It’s always that way when when I’m shopping.  I have one of those bodies that look good in about 27% of the things I want to wear.  So shopping, for me, is always a self-esteem meltdown waiting to happen.

However, this time around it was for my husband who was needing clothes for a business trip.  I don’t like this kind of shopping much better.  Did you know they sell zero nail polish in the men’s clothing department?  I know!  It’s so rude.

The only thing good that came about from this trip was a message from Anya with Lucky 13 Lacquer, asking if I’d like to review a few of their polishes.  Ummm, is this Silly Question Day?  Of course I would.

Here is Once Upon a Dream:

Welp, I’m in love.  How gorgeous is this powder blue?  (Very.)  It’s delicate and elegant and all things princess-y.  See that pink shift?  Ugh.  I bet she looks fabulous in all the dressing rooms.  No self-esteem issue here.

But then, there’s holo:

That’s not even in focus, and she still looks pretty dang good.  According to Anya, this polish was inspired by Sleeping Beauty’s dress, caught in the middle of a faerie fight.  I don’t even know what a faerie fight even is, but I’m about 97.947684%  sure I want one.  

Check out this macro:

My eyes!  My eyes!  Too much prettiness in one place.  This polish was a smooooooth two coat perfect little sweetheart.  And I love her.

There’s a gold shift in there too, which makes it even better.  How can we top this?  Is it even possible?

Barely, but yes.  Here’s No Such Thing as True Love:

Less delicate and a billion times more fierce.  Loving this dark plum holo and that amazing green/purple shift.  I’ve always been drawn to darker polishes, so naturally it’s my favorite of the two.  But there’s something more to it than that.  She’s rebellious.  A little dangerous.  Kinda naughty.

You know, my complete opposite.  Unless you count the fact I can make one wine cooler last over 3 hours, then I’d say I won’t be winning any bad girl contests anytime soon.  But this polish makes me feel like I could.

Under the lamps:

Anya was inspired by Maleficent on this one, and I’d say she nailed it.  She’s minxy and magical.  And a bit of a B.

Let’s take a moment for some close-ups:


A perfect two coat formula on this one as well.  It’s truly stunning.  You NEED.  That’s not an exaggeration.  Food, water and these two polishes.  Then you’ve officially succeeded at life.

Okay, and maybe some Netflix.  But then after that, you’re all set.

Both of these polishes make up the Once Upon a Dream duo.  You want one, you get the other as well.  That way, there’s no hard decision to make.  I love that!  I don’t enjoy making choices sometimes.  I need other people to do it for me.  Or you end up with over 800+ nail polish bottles.  Decision making (otherwise known as practical constraint) goes out the window with me.  On the other hand, if I leave it up to my husband to help me decide, he’d be like Don’t you already have a purple polish?  And a pink one? A red one?  Well of course I do.  BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT.

Forget it.  I’ll do my own decision making from now on.  He’s zero fun.

I also received a couple of necessities.  Their Elemental Ward quick dry top coat and the Pop & Peel temporary base coat.

I used the top coat in all of my swatches here, and it’s a nice one.  Definitely dries to the touch in under a minute or so and is very glossy.  So happy to have it!  Couldn’t tell you how it stands up to peeling, tip wear and chips cuz as a bonafide crazy person, I polish my nails like 18 times a day.

As for the Pop & Peel, I loved it!  I use a peel off base coat with every single mani, even the basic manis where I’ve only used a creme polish, no glitter.  I am lazy and refuse to remove nail polish with remover and a cotton ball.  Too much effort involved.  Plus, how will I ever entertain myself on my commute home from work if I can’t peel off my nail polish while I’m supposed to have my hands on the steering wheel?

The instructions for this one is to soak your hands in really hot water for 30 seconds, then peel the polish off with an orange stick under the water.  Those instructions are most likely there for a reason of which I have not yet discovered since I didn’t read them until after I peeled my polish off the old fashioned way with my fingers.  Still worked though.  I’m either a genius or incredibly stupid, but regardless, toots for me!

Last polish I received was a new addition to their Lucky Ladies core collection.  It’s this most amazing neon green called Pretty Like Poison:

As you can see, it’s not your average neon.  It’s loaded with these awesome silver shards that I never knew I needed (but I did!).  They’re so dang cool!  Definitely adds another level to how much I love this shade.  They’re distracting but in a good way.  Unless your boss is trying to talk to you, or maybe you are trying to give a speech to the members of Congress or something.  In that case, it might be best to reserve use of this polish on days when no one plans to talk to you, or when you are wearing pajamas for 16 hours straight, even to Starbucks.  

I just love how those shards catch the light.  You see what I mean by distracting?  You forgot you were reading this blog, didn’t you?  Cuz I forgot I was even writing it.

The round up:

Both the Once Upon a Dream duo and the Lucky Ladies addition will be available at Lucky 13 Lacquers tomorrow so make sure you put it on your to-do list.  Remember, food, water and these polishes.  And Netflix.  Okay, Starbucks too.  Hell, it’ll be Monday.  Get you a Leonardo DiCaprio while you’re at it.  Treat yourself.  You deserve it.

Later, loves.

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer: Fall 2016 Part 2


I just figured out what marriage is for.

You know how there are times when you are taking a bath, shaving and exfoliating and whatnot, then you lay in there for about an hour falling asleep and watching YouTube videos?

Well, sometimes you wake up and forget where you left off, so you just get out and end up going to bed with soap still on your back.  Only to discover it the next morning with zero minutes extra time to spare to do anything substantial about it.

Needless to say, I got my very first sponge bath.  Hubby kind of gave me a tiny stink eye when I said I needed a washcloth.  And that he needed to get it really hot and rub it all over my back.  And that he needed to do it while I was still sitting in bed because it’s cold out there.  I’m not sure he enjoyed any bit of any of it, but because we are married, that’s the answer to everything that I don’t want to take care of myself.

Like bug killing.  Lawn mowing.  Making me a sandwich.  Doesn’t he know this by now?

While he contemplates, let me tell you about nail polish!  I received more fall polishes from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer, Fall 2016 Part 2 to be exact.  There are four holo beauties made exclusively for Ella Ann Cosmetics, and will go on presale September 24.  Let’s look!

First is called Prey For Me:

Welp, I’m dead.  Dead and hungry for some chocolate.  Do you see that luscious brown?  Another of my favorite fall colors.  Actually, it’s one of my favorite colors ever.  I’m sure there’s a color-code personality test out there having a field day with that.

Under the lamps:

Do you see that holo?  Do you see how pale I am?  Ugh.

Perfect two coat coverage.  Smooth application.  Looks delicious.  I can’t think of any reason why you haven’t bought this polish.  Except for the fact it’s not available yet.  But that point is moot.

Yep, you’re sucked in now.  I’ve officially won the day.  I’m gonna go ahead and get back in pajamas now.

Now here’s Hocus Focus:

Is it blue?  Is it purple?  It’s both.  This one has a mostly blue base but that flash of purple can be seen at all angles.  Lots of pretty holo.  For real, you guys.  You’ll love this one.  Even if brown is your favorite color.

Again, two coats of perfection.  A real pleasure to apply.  And that’s not just me being dorky.  (Okay, maybe a little.)

You can see the purple flash in this macro really good:

She’s lovely!  Also, I’m mesmerized by my own cuticles.  I can’t draw a stick in a straight line, but I dare you to tell me that cuticle line isn’t on point.  Not meaning to toot my own horn, but give me something here.  I got hit in the face with a basketball in sixth grade, so I’ve sat down the rest of my life since.  I need to claim my special skills somewhere.  OCD helps.

Next up is the steely gray beauty, Suffocation:

There’s a slight hint of purple in this one too.  It goes on a bit purple-y taupe-y mauve-y gray-y, which is probably the most amazing display of color description you’ve ever seen.  Well, I am a professional, so …

Just put a -y on the end of everything.  Nobody argues with that kind of logic.  Try it. After you finish with the -ying of all the words, you’ve confused everyone anyway.  They’ll just agree to get you to move on.  It’s pretty-y with a bit of ugly-y, homely-y beautiful-y.  Yep, no one knows what it truly is now.


Here’s some holo:

Looks mostly gray under the lights.  Or silver-y.

There’s that bit of purple!  She likes to hide, but she’s in there I promise.  And not that I need to mention it again (but I will in case you’ve skipped the entire beginning of this post for some [stupid] reason), but this is two dreamy coats.  And I love her.  I love her so much.

Last but not least is Butch Gardens:

If that brown one wasn’t in this collection, this teal green would be my favorite.  It’s just such a pretty color.  I thought it looked really nice on the nail, kinda classy despite not being a “traditional” office-y (!) shade.

But honestly, are there office-y shades anymore anyway?  Nail polish just isn’t nude and pink like they used to be.  And thank goodness too.  I do not look classy in nudes.  I look like girl needs a dang vitamin.  Some electrolytes.  Somethin’.

I love the holo on this color:

You better be setting an alarm right about now.  Because if you miss this pre-sale, you will be the saddest most disappointed person in the whole world.  And that’s probably not even an exaggeration because everyone knows there is UTTER HAPPINESS found in these teeny tiny jars.

Well, nail girls know.

Ugh.  Do you see?!  My heart is full.

The round up:

Goodness, those are pretty!  Each one of these polishes applied fully in two coats.  And then I had to physically tear myself away from them because I could’ve sat there all day adding another layer, another layer, another layer .. I was almost in full-fledged crazy mode, but I (somehow) managed to reign it in.

Be sure to stop by Ella Ann Cosmetics this Saturday, September 24 to place your pre-order.  If you find yourself with an effed up priority list and can’t make it Saturday for some reason, the pre-sale will be open until October 1.  Then you can sit back, relax, and wait for your pretties.

Later, loves!

Blush Lacquers: Ballroom Bling Collection


How to tell when you are officially old:

I have successfully replaced the majority of my heels with flats.  Ugh.  I have so many beautiful pairs of heels.  When I wear them, they make me feel tall and skinny.  I could wear my most dowdy of clothes, but pair them with some pretty heels and suddenly I am the Fashion Queen of the Universe. However, recently, my feet and knees just aren’t feeling it.  I sit down a lot during the day (or during life, in general), and when it hurt just to walk to the copy room 20 feet away, I knew it was time.

Cue sad music and tears.  And a pair of black Dr. Scholl’s.  In my defense though, I told my husband that in order for me to maintain my beauty and youthfulness, I needed a pair of Tory Burch flats.  I don’t know how that worked, but it did.  So maybe this new shoe regime isn’t so bad after all.  If I can somehow get my man to buy me designer, I’ll be short and squatty (but with amazing shoes!) all day long.  Does Christian Louboutin make flats?  If so, I’m coming for you!

Let’s talk about polish!  I had the pleasure of swatching another collection from Blush Lacquers, this time it’s Ballroom Bling:

The creator of these beauties, Victoria, used to be a professional ballroom dancer, so obviously this collection needed to be done.  The sparkling dresses, the festive Latin dances, the expressive and sometimes seductive traditional ballroom dances.  This all translates to some of the loveliest polishes you’ll ever see!  Trust me on this one.

And since I’ve been watching Dancing With the Stars for the past 11 years, I’m basically an expert.  Unlike Victoria’s expertise, but pretty close I’m sure.

First one up is this elegant soft blue called Don’t Forget Your Ballgown:

Aaaaaah, well this is soothing.  Such a beautiful, calming, satiny shade.  It’s Cinderella’s dress in a bottle!   There’s a bit of violet shimmer in it which I found a bit hard to capture in photos, but I gave it my best.  Just look real hard – you’ll see it.

I did three coats for opacity, but man was it worth the wait.  Dream. Boat.  There will probably be a Disney Princess nail art project in my future with this one.

And just for funsies, a macro.  Yes, it’s blurry.  But tell me you don’t see that violet now.  Ugh.  Have your eyes ever been happier?

Now let’s go from dainty to daring.  It’s Dance Floor Lovers:

Ummmmmm, yes please.  When’s the last time your nails looked this sexy?  Holy moly.  I love berry wine shades like this.  Soothes my need for dark polishes in a major climactic way.  There’s red shimmer in it, black holo glitter and some scattered holo, and if someone could just paint all my household surfaces with it, I’d be totally fine about that.

Inspired by the Rumba, Victoria’s favorite dance.  Here’s a shot under the lamps so you can see the sparkle better:

And of course, a macro cuz I’m on a roll now!

I physically can’t stop posting pictures.  We may never get to the end of this blog.

Okay, I’m forcing myself to move on.  There are four other stunners to share.  Below is Skintone Rhinestones:

Okay, did you just die?  Cuz I sure did.  This lovely little nude has bits of a copper rose hue, but could translate to another shade altogether on the nail depending on your skintone.  I’ve mentioned a billion times before that I don’t prefer nude polishes, but every one that I’ve used recently have been turning my head. Change is hard, people.  But I’m okay this time.

Under the lamps:

Do you see?!  I hope you got your credit cards ready.  This one is coming home to you.  Plus, as nude/neutral polishes tend to be, it would be an excellent contrast to some black stamping nail art.

Are you officially convinced?  Do I need to come over there and wave my nails in your face (i.e., completely acceptable behavior)?  Two more close-ups, just to be safe:

My job here is done.

But here is Mirrorball anyway:

It just gets better and better doesn’t it?  This looks like an actual, real-life mirrorball.  Such a gorgeous silvery-white.  I liked it even more than I thought I would.  Such a smooth application, too.  I’m very excited to use this one again.  I’m picturing all sorts of nail art masterpieces!

Under the lamps:

That shimmer is legit crazy.  I can’t even be clever right now because only half my brain is working.  The other half is hypnotized.

You can really see the silver flakies in the macro. Literally looks like diamonds.  Proof:

The next two polishes are major glitterbombs.  Let’s start with We Like to Move It, Move It:

Full of red, orange, pink, gold and blue holo glitters, this polish can be used as a topper or as a stand-alone full coverage shade when sponged on (which is what I did here).  It looks really blingy in person – it catches ALLLLL the light.  It’s a scene stealer, is what it is.  A Brazilian Carnival, as Victoria mentions.  Definitely.

Next is Jump, Jive and Wail!, a glitter full of sky blue, baby pink, sapphire and silver holographic hexes:

This one is a little more subdued than the previous, although it’s ridiculous sparkly.  Again, it can be used as a topper or a full-coverage polish if you sponge it on.  Toppers make me nervous because I’m too OCD to appreciate them.  Glitters just go wherever on the nail and sometimes they clump together in groups and you have to go pushing them around with the brush to spread them about.  And once you feel like you finally got it, you spend the next few lightyears analyzing your placement.  It’s exhausting.

And long story short, I chose the full-coverage glitter route, clearly.

The round up:

If you love pretty things, you’ll find lots of drool over in Victoria’s shop.  Every polish she makes is amazing.  I own them all, so expert level:  ACHIEVED.

The Ballroom Bling is available RIGHT NOW, so go go go!  There’s a coupon code too for this weekend only – as if you needed more persuasion.  Use MISSINGPC15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase of $27 (three polishes) or more.  Only valid September 16-18.  And then with the money you save, you can buy me a gift card of appreciation because now that you know about Blush Lacquers, your polish game will never be the same.

And then follow me on Instagram, because you are feeling very give-y and kind.

Later, loves!

Little Nail Girl: Flashes of Fall Collection


There is music stuck in my head that I literally can’t get out.  All day, every day, every song.  And it’s not like it’s music that makes any sense as if I’d just heard it on the radio or something.  No, it’s random in the worst possible way.  This evening as I was driving home from work, it started with the Sesame Street theme song, transitioned to Hanson’s MMMBop, then finally settled on She Works Hard For the Money as sung by I don’t even know who.

I could blame it on the acetone I inhaled the previous night for 12 hours straight (swatch party!), but I’ve been doing this for several years now.  Someone can say a word that will trigger a song verse which will stay with me until someone else says a word that triggers a new song.

What happened to the good old days when I would just read a book out loud and in a British accent, even the Southern fiction ones?  Cuz that’s not weird at all.

But we aren’t here to discuss my bizarre personality tics.  You want polish.  So I give.  Here is the new Flashes of Fall collection by Little Nail Girl.  Behold:

All your most happy moments are flooding back to you right now, aren’t they?  Ugh.  Fall colors.  The most comfy, cozy, smile-inducing colors ever invented.  I have no idea how I’ll ever finish this blog post now, what with my eyes closed in ectasy and all.

Except I am a DAMN PROFESSIONAL and that’s what we do.  Soldier on.

When Heather at Little Nail Girl offered to send me this collection for review, she asked for my suggestion for a collection name, as it was, at that moment, nameless.  I was both honored and petrified.  I can only be clever by accident.  When I try on purpose, I’m like that girl who smells her own fingers out of panic.  And then end up telling my male boss I like tube-shaped packages, when I was only referring to an actual tube mailer for a poster, but it came out of my mouth so very very wrong.

However, as soon as the polishes arrived and I fully took in the shimmery, multi-chromey, metallic-y goodness, Flashes of Fall immediately came to me.  And that was the end of that.

First up is the delicious Bronze Have More Fun:

Campfires, turning leaves, crisp air.  What’s not to love about this polish?  It has a surprising depth to it as well, and it’s basically my new favorite color.  It’s also a one-coater and amazingly smooth.  Of course, I did two coats out of habit, but for those who aren’t as annoying as me, you can get away with just one.

I was asked to do some nail art as well, and I knew I had to do something fall-related.  I had just received the new Lovely Leaves stamping plate from Uber Chic Beauty, and this polish practically begged for it.

It’s pretty cute if I do say so.  Do you hear tooting horns?  No worries; it’s just me congratulating myself on a job well done.

The little leaf charm came from Winstonia if you’re interested.  I don’t know if they always have them or if it’s just a seasonal thing, but it came with like 4 leaves and a pumpkin.  Figured I’d better get some use out of them while I can.

Next is a most glorious nude shimmer.  It’s called Skinny Dip, and look how lovely it is!

Had to take two shots of this one so you could see it under the lamps as well.  It’s really just the prettiest nude.  I normally don’t wear polishes this color because my skin is too pale and it doesn’t flatter me at all.  But this one is a warm-toned, golden nude which is PERFECT for gals like me.

That shimmer up close! Heart eyes times a BILLION.

Plus, this shade is the perfect base for some nail art.  I did this autumn tree with falling leaves design:

Again, I used the Lovely Leaves stamping plate from Uber Chic Beauty, which is the perfect plate for the season.  Get it!  But buy this polish first.

Last but not least is this fabulous multi-chrome shade called Ride or Die!:

It’s gray, then it’s purple, then it’s green.  Changes colors with every angle.  I love shifty queens like this.  They’re simply magical.  Pretty much a one-coater on this one too.  Ultra smooth and a joy to apply.  Seriously.  That’s not just me being a super dork.  Sometimes certain polishes will just pull you in.  This is one of them. I want to stick my fingers in everyone’s faces and make them look at my nails.  Except that’s frowned upon in most societies.  Personal space, and whatnot.

Now for something precious:

Look at that little owl baby!  I used another new Uber Chic Beauty stamping plate, Who Give a Hoot, and did a little reverse stamping action.  Happy to say it turned out pretty cute, although this was my second attempt.  First attempt I did my owl upside down.  That’s not annoying AT ALL.

The round up:

Okay, I’m serious when I tell you this – but you HAVE to buy this trio.  It’s non-negotiable at this point, right?  However, if these swatches weren’t enough to convince you AND the fact I named the collection myself weren’t either, then how about a discount code?  People love coupons.  For real, there’s a show about it and everything.  And I’m not even making fun of coupon-ers.  I understand obsessions.  In fact, I understand obsessions like I invented the dang thing.

But back to the point, use my code DSETT for 10% off your purchase of anything in the Little Nail Girl store.  And if you want this collection, it will be available to you on September 16.

Later, loves!

Pretty & Polished:  Fall 2016 Collection


You know I’ve always said:  if you’re gonna be obsessed, be obsessed properly.   Don’t just have a hobby and do it halfway.  I mean, if you’re gonna call yourself a crocheter, you better own ALL the yarn.  Know what I mean?  This is most likely the logic that got me swimming in 800-plus bottles of nail polish.  In my defense, nail polish never goes bad.  Yes, it might get goopy.  Or thermal changing powers may fade.  But it doesn’t turn to poison and that right there is reason enough.

The fact I crocheted a blanket made for one teeny tiny extremely skinny person is beside the point.  I still owned all the yarn.  Anybody need a potholder?  I have like 17,000.

But back to polish!  I recently received the Pretty & Polished Fall 2016 Collection to swatch for you, and believe me when I tell you – you’ll want every single one of them.  There’s 10 polishes to love and drool over, so I suggest you clear your schedule and get in your pjs.  Have some Doritos handy while you’re at it (and maybe a Kit Kat for safety’s sake).  We might be here for a while.

First up is Dark Magic – a dark grey creme with holographic glitter and metallic purple hexes:

Did you just die?  Cuz I sure did.  It’s heavenly!  Top photo was taken under direct lighting and the second one was in the lightbox so you can really see those glitters. I did two thin coats for full coverage and two layers of top coat since it dried pretty textured and dull.  But you do what you want.  I’m not the boss of you.

Just kidding!  I am.

Guess who remembered to wrap her tips?!

Next is this mustard yellow love of my life called Fuzzy Sweater:

I am drawn to colors like this as if Leonardo DiCaprio himself was at the end of it.  They’re comfy and cozy and wrap my heart with a hug.  Definitely a perfect fall polish.  Look at those color shifting flakies!  And then just for funsies, I matted it for you:

Kinda cool, right?  Again, I did two coats for full coverage and it was soooooo smooth.  It was hard to put down.  I could’ve easily went to Polish Mountain with this baby.

Macro porn!

Next is Taupe Me Off and Leaf!, a pretty taupe creme filled with brown, gold, silver and copper glitters.  I don’t know about you, but these look like chocolate chip cookies:

Well, it’s a stretch, but you get my drift.  Maybe because the taupe creme reminds me of chocolate milk.  Or maybe those dark brown glitters look l i  k klldghlk …

Who wants cookies?  I want cookies.  Dammit, why aren’t there cookies in this house?!

So I did two regular coats here and one dabbed coat just to fill in any spots that I felt looked too naked.  The glitter payoff is unreal and I had to do very minimal maneuvering.  No fishing either – those glitter babies were everywhere.  Really effortless, which is what I like.  I mean, I wear pajamas to Starbucks so there’s no way in hell I’m fiddling with a bunch of glitter placement.

Ahhhh, so dreamy … But seriously, though:  coooookies …

Okay, so this one might be my favorite:

It’s called I Done Plum Had It! and it’s STUNNING.  Well, I mean, clearly.  Look.  At.  It.  Ugh.  Whoever paired up purple and copper was a billion percent correct.  They are the OG Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Top photo is under direct lights so you can see the glow of those flakies, but the second photo in the lightbox really shows ’em off.  Another excellent fall polish.  In case you didn’t know already:  YOU NEED.

And of course, this blog wouldn’t be proper without one shittily focused macro:

Still pretty though.  Tips = wrapped.  So not a complete fail.  And in case you’re curious (you are), this could easily be a one-and-a-half coater (whatever that is) if you aren’t too picky.  Coverage was excellent.

A fall collection wouldn’t be a fall collection without an orange.  Here’s Patch under the lamps:

Uhhhhhnnnnnnnn.  That’s the sound my brain makes when it can’t think of words.  I love green; it’s my favorite.  But orange!  Orange is right up there.  Plus, this isn’t any ordinary orange, it’s a dusty creme orange.  I love Pretty & Polished’s Dusty Creme line.  Those dark speckles are something you never knew you needed.

Here’s a shot in the lightbox:

Wanna see those specks up close?

Ahhhhh, who just wrapped you up in a big warm blanket and handed you a bunch of kitties?  Cuz this polish is legit happiness.

And now, the amazing Heavy Metal:

This photo was taken under the lightbox and you can really see all the glitz and glamour.  The base is silver and it’s chock full of silver, gold and copper metallic glitters.  There’s also a small sprinkle of flakies, which are good little hide-and-seekers, although I did get a couple on my nails.  And it was so easy to apply.  Two coats of not-goopy perfection!

Very reflective under direct lighting:

Looks like foil!  This would be a perfect going-out polish, you know, for people who go and “do stuff.”  Assuming that includes a The Walking Dead marathon, which is how I prefer to “do” my “stuff.”  Of course, this comes from the girl who gets excited over her new Fruit of the Loom Breathable underwear.  I may not be the best source of info.

Prettiest macro award goes to:

My eyes!  My eyes!

Now for a thermal polish.  I give you Fall in Love a Latte:

This is its warm state, a creamy off white.  Loving this fun glitter mix!  There’s a couple shades of pink, an orange, a turqouise – some of the brighter fall colors.  Consistency was thinner than all the other polishes, but it was very easy to apply.  No streaks!

Here’s the cool state:

Those damn cookies are back.  With sprinkles.  Ugh.

Here’s an excellent warm to cool transition photo that only took 217 tries to get:

Photographing thermals make me nervous.  You know much time I spend trying to get my fingers and nails cold enough to change colors?  Light years, at the minimum.  But I do it for my nailie friends because without you all, I’m just a crazy person with her hand in the freezer.

Then we have Riverside Drive, a luscious almost teal-y blue creme with blue, silver and grey flakies:

One of the prettiest blues you’ve ever seen, yes it is.  Again, ultra smooth and opaque in two coats.  Seriously, this collection was made for people like me (i.e., lazy) cuz I could literally get a mani done in less than 20 minutes – and that includes my OCD-caliber cuticle cleanup.  For real, is that not the longest part?  I can spot a wonky cuticle line from a mile away with my eyes closed.  Not that my cuticles aren’t ever wonky, but you best belive nothing else matters until I can get home to fix it.  Sorry, I’ve got a job to get to?  Not today, Satan.

Now look at this macro:

No words.  Moving on.  Here’s Creme de la Creme:

Another dusty creme!  This time it’s a delicious sandy beige shade, and those black speckles really stand out.  I normally don’t wear colors this light because I’m already so pale – and pale is not a good color for me.  It’s not the delicate Irish Rose kind of pale.  It’s more of the IT’S TOO HOT OUTSIDE, I’M GONNA SIT ON THE COUCH AND WEAR A BLANKET WITH THE A/C ON kind of white.  Or the I DON’T LOOK GOOD SWEATY kind.  Maybe a skosh of the INDOOR ACTIVITIES ARE THE BEST ACTIVITIES sort.

Long story short:  I don’t get out much.

Again, two coats of perfection!  I can’t think of any reason why you’re not buying these.

Last but not least, I give you this lilac thermal called Lavendarling and about .000027% of my attempts at photographing:

If you guessed I was sitting on my floor next to the air conditioning vent with my hand in a cup of ice water, having anxiety, you would be correct.  I just wanted to show you the best pictures I could get of this gorgeous color-changer.  The fact I about had a panic attack just shows you the depth of my love.

The below lilac is the warm state, which is how I found it looked on my nail most often.  Once cold, it turns to a deeper purple.  The transition happens quickly and changes quickly back – or at least on me it did.  At one point it was like a race between me and this polish.  I’m pretty sure I won.

And of course, the requisite macro. Look at those precious pink and blue flakes.  And a bit of holo.  It’s a very girly, sweet polish.

The round up:

If you think I went out and bought a mum just to shoot this lovely collage, well how transparent do you think I am?  (Very.)  Enjoy it, cuz this plant has about 5 days until I kill it with my impressive gardening skills.

This entire 10-piece collection is available first at Polish Con in Chicago on September 17 in case you’re going or happen to be wandering past a bunch of crazies hauling shopping bags of nail polish out of a building – go in there!  For all the rest of us who aren’t as lucky, you can snag these beauties on the Pretty & Polished website on September 23.  Thermals are $9, glitters and flakies are $8.50 and dusty crèmes are $7.50.  Full collection will go for $78 and qualify for free shipping.

Thanks for reading this massive post all the way to very end.  You make my spending 18 billion hours on my iPad writing this thing totally and completely worth it.  Internet hugs and kisses for everyone.  Well, just the cute ones.

Later, loves!