Blush Lacquers: Ballroom Bling Collection


How to tell when you are officially old:

I have successfully replaced the majority of my heels with flats.  Ugh.  I have so many beautiful pairs of heels.  When I wear them, they make me feel tall and skinny.  I could wear my most dowdy of clothes, but pair them with some pretty heels and suddenly I am the Fashion Queen of the Universe. However, recently, my feet and knees just aren’t feeling it.  I sit down a lot during the day (or during life, in general), and when it hurt just to walk to the copy room 20 feet away, I knew it was time.

Cue sad music and tears.  And a pair of black Dr. Scholl’s.  In my defense though, I told my husband that in order for me to maintain my beauty and youthfulness, I needed a pair of Tory Burch flats.  I don’t know how that worked, but it did.  So maybe this new shoe regime isn’t so bad after all.  If I can somehow get my man to buy me designer, I’ll be short and squatty (but with amazing shoes!) all day long.  Does Christian Louboutin make flats?  If so, I’m coming for you!

Let’s talk about polish!  I had the pleasure of swatching another collection from Blush Lacquers, this time it’s Ballroom Bling:

The creator of these beauties, Victoria, used to be a professional ballroom dancer, so obviously this collection needed to be done.  The sparkling dresses, the festive Latin dances, the expressive and sometimes seductive traditional ballroom dances.  This all translates to some of the loveliest polishes you’ll ever see!  Trust me on this one.

And since I’ve been watching Dancing With the Stars for the past 11 years, I’m basically an expert.  Unlike Victoria’s expertise, but pretty close I’m sure.

First one up is this elegant soft blue called Don’t Forget Your Ballgown:

Aaaaaah, well this is soothing.  Such a beautiful, calming, satiny shade.  It’s Cinderella’s dress in a bottle!   There’s a bit of violet shimmer in it which I found a bit hard to capture in photos, but I gave it my best.  Just look real hard – you’ll see it.

I did three coats for opacity, but man was it worth the wait.  Dream. Boat.  There will probably be a Disney Princess nail art project in my future with this one.

And just for funsies, a macro.  Yes, it’s blurry.  But tell me you don’t see that violet now.  Ugh.  Have your eyes ever been happier?

Now let’s go from dainty to daring.  It’s Dance Floor Lovers:

Ummmmmm, yes please.  When’s the last time your nails looked this sexy?  Holy moly.  I love berry wine shades like this.  Soothes my need for dark polishes in a major climactic way.  There’s red shimmer in it, black holo glitter and some scattered holo, and if someone could just paint all my household surfaces with it, I’d be totally fine about that.

Inspired by the Rumba, Victoria’s favorite dance.  Here’s a shot under the lamps so you can see the sparkle better:

And of course, a macro cuz I’m on a roll now!

I physically can’t stop posting pictures.  We may never get to the end of this blog.

Okay, I’m forcing myself to move on.  There are four other stunners to share.  Below is Skintone Rhinestones:

Okay, did you just die?  Cuz I sure did.  This lovely little nude has bits of a copper rose hue, but could translate to another shade altogether on the nail depending on your skintone.  I’ve mentioned a billion times before that I don’t prefer nude polishes, but every one that I’ve used recently have been turning my head. Change is hard, people.  But I’m okay this time.

Under the lamps:

Do you see?!  I hope you got your credit cards ready.  This one is coming home to you.  Plus, as nude/neutral polishes tend to be, it would be an excellent contrast to some black stamping nail art.

Are you officially convinced?  Do I need to come over there and wave my nails in your face (i.e., completely acceptable behavior)?  Two more close-ups, just to be safe:

My job here is done.

But here is Mirrorball anyway:

It just gets better and better doesn’t it?  This looks like an actual, real-life mirrorball.  Such a gorgeous silvery-white.  I liked it even more than I thought I would.  Such a smooth application, too.  I’m very excited to use this one again.  I’m picturing all sorts of nail art masterpieces!

Under the lamps:

That shimmer is legit crazy.  I can’t even be clever right now because only half my brain is working.  The other half is hypnotized.

You can really see the silver flakies in the macro. Literally looks like diamonds.  Proof:

The next two polishes are major glitterbombs.  Let’s start with We Like to Move It, Move It:

Full of red, orange, pink, gold and blue holo glitters, this polish can be used as a topper or as a stand-alone full coverage shade when sponged on (which is what I did here).  It looks really blingy in person – it catches ALLLLL the light.  It’s a scene stealer, is what it is.  A Brazilian Carnival, as Victoria mentions.  Definitely.

Next is Jump, Jive and Wail!, a glitter full of sky blue, baby pink, sapphire and silver holographic hexes:

This one is a little more subdued than the previous, although it’s ridiculous sparkly.  Again, it can be used as a topper or a full-coverage polish if you sponge it on.  Toppers make me nervous because I’m too OCD to appreciate them.  Glitters just go wherever on the nail and sometimes they clump together in groups and you have to go pushing them around with the brush to spread them about.  And once you feel like you finally got it, you spend the next few lightyears analyzing your placement.  It’s exhausting.

And long story short, I chose the full-coverage glitter route, clearly.

The round up:

If you love pretty things, you’ll find lots of drool over in Victoria’s shop.  Every polish she makes is amazing.  I own them all, so expert level:  ACHIEVED.

The Ballroom Bling is available RIGHT NOW, so go go go!  There’s a coupon code too for this weekend only – as if you needed more persuasion.  Use MISSINGPC15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase of $27 (three polishes) or more.  Only valid September 16-18.  And then with the money you save, you can buy me a gift card of appreciation because now that you know about Blush Lacquers, your polish game will never be the same.

And then follow me on Instagram, because you are feeling very give-y and kind.

Later, loves!

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