Pretty & Polished: All Holos Eve Trio


Hubby goes on a business trip, and suddenly I forget how to do life.  I’m not even going to lie and pretend I’m some 21st century woman, independent and single and proud of it.  I mean, sure, I can be a feminist when it comes to certain things, but honestly, I like having someone to share my burdens with and do things for me when I’m too lazy to do them myself.

For real, cuz who’s gonna give me a sponge bath in bed when I forget to rinse the soap off my back from the night before?  And how does the granola bar get from the cabinet to my purse in the mornings if my husband isn’t home?  These are real life issues, people.  You think voting for a new president is hard – just try being me for four days while my husband is out of town.

I’m virtually directionless.

So I’ve tried to be productive while he’s been gone.  Granted, I’m getting zero coffee made for me every morning, but I’m functioning (somehow) nonetheless.  Proud to say I did a sink full of dishes without being asked 14 times.  I did two loads of my own laundry instead of just going out and buying new underwear like a normal person.  AND, I had the foresight to ask hubby to make me a casserole I could eat for four days straight, so I’ve successfully combatted starvation.  I’m feeling very 21st century right about now.

Gimme a couple days; I’ll be back to normal soon.  Let’s talk polish!

I received the Pretty & Polished All Holos Eve trio to show off.  Three awesome holographics just in time for Halloween:

Told ya.

First one up is this most amazing purple called Hail to the Queen, Baby!

I love the way it looks inside the lightbox without any holographic sparkling.  You can see the truest version of the color, which is a very lovely shade.  But I know how much y’all love your holos, so I took a shot under the lamps just for you:

Bling bling!  And then one outside just for funsies:

This polish was an awesome two coater.  Very smooth application.  I mean, pretty much perfect in every way.  Would make an awesome base for some really cool Halloween nail art.  Of which I have none to show you.  I did not plan that out very well.

Have I mentioned I can’t function properly when hubby is out of town?  Enjoy this macro anyway …

And of course, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without an ultra black holo.  Here is She’ll Tear Your Soul Apart:

Someone’s sexy!  Don’t you just love that gloss?  So shiny.  Always looks so nice on my pale, pale hands.  And my chubby fingers.  Black is slimming, and no doubt I’m about 2.7 seconds away from HAND MODEL! with this manicure.

Under the lamps, it’s even better:

And then an outside shot for good measure:

You must be thoroughly convinced by now.  But just in case, here’s the macro:

Two coats on this one as well.  Almost a one coat.  Maybe even could have been for some people.  But I always do two coats out of habit and pure therapeutic enjoyment.  Polishing relaxes me.  When I get a one coater, it’s almost a sad thing.  However, I’m also the weirdo who won’t eat the deformed M&M because it’s probably poison.  So don’t mind me – I’m just strange.  Do one coat; revel in your normalcy.

Finally, my favorite:  The Night She Came Home

She’s ORANGE!  I loooooove orange.  Especially orange in the fall.  It makes me so happy just to look at it.  I swoon!  Do you have colors that do that to you?  All fall colors get me weak in the knees.  Green is my all time, year round favorite, but when fall gets a hold of it, someone needs to push me around in a little buggy or something because I can no longer handle myself.  Aside from all that, though, fall is too close to winter so I no likee.

But back to this orange – it’s kind of a jelly consistency and has these amazing black flecks in it.  Look at her under the lamps:

You see?!  I live for polishes like this.  I’d paint this all over my body if there wasn’t an HR Department really close to my office.  Pretty sure the handbook mentions a dress code that does not include full body glitter.


Here’s an outside shot:

I’m literally losing concentration here.  I’ve been voodooed.  If you need one reason to purchase this trio, this orange polish is IT.  It’s mesmerizing.


Also, there may be a fair amount of drool happening.  I look like a mess.  Good thing hubby’s not here.  Even he might have to disagree when I yell STILL SEXY, THOUGH! with slobber hanging out of my mouth.  And he’s seen me let the fat out of my pants after pasta countless of times, and still managed to stay married to me.

The round up:

That took 17 hours to put together.  Don’t look too close.  Just step back from your computer and admire from afar.

Head on over to the Pretty & Polished site and place your order for this trio.  DO EEEEEET.  Except not until October 1 cuz they’re not available yet.  These will be on sale all the way until October 31, so you have a month to get your priorities straight, but no sense in procrastinating is my motto.

Just kidding.  Procrastinating + Me = BEST FRANS.

Also, I have a discount code you can use on your order!  What more evidence of a wise decision do you need?!  Works for anything in the store.  Put in code dianna15 and get 15% off.  Then follow me on Instagram because this friendship is reciprocal whether you like it or not.

Later, loves!

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