Blush Lacquers: October COTM


Ugh. I went to get my pants hemmed today and caught a full on view of my butt and omg I’m gonna go home and cry now. You can never see your own butt like how the public sees it, but the tailor was nice enough to have mirrors all over the place.  So with joyfulness overflowing, I’m putting the memory in a box and shipping it straight to hell, and writing this blog post for my nailie friends because my butt may be bigger than I thought it was, but I am a DANG PROFESSIONAL who soldiers on.

Was that a run-on sentence?  Probably.

I’ve got a quick little review for you today.  Blush Lacquers sent me their October Color of the Month, and she is a beauty!  Take a look:

Okay, that was dorky.  Obviously, I was having Fun With Fonts!  And if you imagined I said that with a rousing display of jazz hands, you would be correct.

Now your turn for jazz hands:

Did you do it?  It’d be hard not to.  This polish is called Campfire Crush, and it makes me giddy with excitement.  Look at that ridiculous shift in color.  Can you even?  No. You. Cannot.

Base is a smoky grey with an amazing copper to pink shimmer and gold micro flakies.  Victoria, Blush’s creator, said this color reminded her of glitter thrown on a pile of ashes.  I’d say she nailed, wouldn’t you?    She’s so good.

Here is a shot taken in the light box:

Towards the bottom of the bottle you can really see that grey base, but on the nail it pulls more copper and gold.  It truly is an interesting shade.  I’m not much of an outdoorsy type, but a campfire like this one would have me reconsidering.  Granted, I’d still be in pajamas drinking a Starbucks laying on a couch, but I’d be outside and that’s what matters.

Under the lamps:

Good gracious.  Is this not a perfect fall color?  It’s absolutely dreamy.

That’s it:  you’re getting this.  I’ve decided for you.

Mmmmm, flakies!  Are they not the very best nail polish invention in the entire world?  Flakie all the things, please and thank you.  I would not hate that one bit.

Coverage on this polish was as excellent as all the others. Two coats for full coverage, or three if you’re a crazy person.  Obviously, I did three.  

The round up:

The October Color of the Month debuts today – right now, in fact – in the Blush Lacquer store.  Go! Go now!  Also, while you are there, pick up the new 4-piece Penny Dreadful collection that also released today.  I don’t have swatches of those to share, but sometimes y’all just have to do your own research.  I may be a professional, but I also like to sit at home and do nothing.  Sometimes with the tv on.  But always, always, without pants.

TMI?  Not in this blog!  Later, loves!

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