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The Digit-al Dozen: Color Contrasts (day five)


Well, we’ve made it to the end of another Digit-al Dozen week and once again, I’m amazed I’ve thought of something to talk about in this blog for five days straight.  Because watching Netflix and wearing pajamas doesn’t contribute much to a riveting story.  In fact, if I leave the house at all, you might as well assume I’ve been kidnapped cuz I don’t go anywhere unless someone is paying me.  In money or Starbucks, it makes no difference to me.

I really should be more social, I know this.  It’s just hard, you guys.  After sitting at a desk all day, getting up like once or twice to go to the copy machine, walking down the hall to get popcorn and a soda – I’m just dang tired.  I mean, I just checked my fitness app on my phone and there are 823 steps on there.  823 STEPS, PEOPLE!  Ugh, now do you see?  Someone just needs to come put the pajamas on me at this point.  Body = broken.

My last color contrast mani takes a page from the modern color wheel where they say red and cyan are the new red and green.  And I’m not sure if this polish could actually be considered cyan cuz I’m almost certain cyan is a just a color Xerox made up so we’d buy more toner.  But here it is anyway:

It’s cute, right?  I kinda like it!  When my hubby and I were in Louisville, we ate breakfast at this really neat restaurant that was done up in this exact color scheme.  I want wallpaper just like this all over my house.  It’s super chic, and y’all know that’s just me in a nutshell.

CYAN (or, close enough):  Glisten & Glow Bunjee Jumping in the Bahamas 

RED:  All Mixed Up Lacquers A Good Book

STAMPING:  Bundle Monster BM-XL07 plate

Next month, the prompt is December and I’m already thinking of things to do.  I’m not a fan of winter AT ALL, but I can appreciate a pretty snowflake manicure.  But that’s as far as my love goes.  I’m pretty much a shell of a person until April rolls around.

As always, click the button below to see the rest of the manis.  And thank you thank you thank you for hanging around.  Y’all make my ridiculous life infinitely better.

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Color Contrasts (day four)


Get To Know Your Blogger:  Episode 32

If you’ve been reading this blog for any given amount of time, you may have already deduced I have an extremely obsessive personality, and I’m very (VERY) easily persuaded. But because I have all the best and excellent Virgo qualities and tend to over-explain every story I ever want to tell, let me tell you (once again!) all the ways this is horrible, terrible, very bad news.

In a word: infomercials. And a lack of willpower. Ok, that’s two words. This story sucks already.

But that’s exactly how I ended up with two Olde Brooklyn Lanterns, a ShamWow, and one of those little vacuum hoses that suck lint out of your dryer. Did I need any of that? NO. But the tv made a pretty dang good case of it.

And it can happen anywhere. Back when I was getting acrylic nails done, I ordered a couple of those As Seen on TV motorized brooms because my nail technician was running behind and there was a tv on. But did you see how quickly those brooms sucked up a whole bag of cereal off the floor?!  That’s pure voodoo right there – and how OCD will getcha each and every time.

Now if I’d ever use any of these products, that’d be great. I mean, the motorized broom got a bit of use. But I never even took the vacuum hose out of its box. As for the Olde Brooklyn Lanterns? They’re under the house in the crawl space just in case a toilet pipe needs a good whack with a wrench (i.e. how you fix things).

I’m getting better though – or trying. Not with nail polish, mind you, but this blog doesn’t happen by itself now does it? In other words: JUSTIFIED. 

Digit-al Dozen day four is upon us! Here is my black and white mani – the most color contrasting combo of them all:


I like it! So much better (and less Christmas-y) than yesterday’s. A little take on galaxy nails, although would you be surprised it took me like eight tries to come up with this pretty basic design?  Being a perfectionist is a pain in the ass sometimes. Another one of those obnoxious Virgo traits that people have loved about me since roughly never.

BLACK: Pretty & Polished Galax-E

SMALL STARS: Bundle Monster + Kelli Marissa collab plate

LARGE STARS: Lina Nail Art Supplies Make Your Mark 02 plate

That’s it for today friends. I’ve got one mani left and I haven’t even done it yet. So it’ll be a surprise for everyone. Hooray!

Don’t forget to click the button below to see all the rest of the girls’ pretty nails.  And then follow me on Instagram cuz I’m the boss of you that’s why.

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Color Contrasts (day three)


What is sleep?

Sleep is that thing I used to do when I used to do nothing. I’d come home from work, put on pajamas, get caught up on my tv shows. Maybe sit out on the back patio and enjoy the last bit of the afternoon sun. But that was basically it. Come 10:30 or 11, I’d head to bed like a normal person. 

Fast forward to now: come home from work, put on pajamas, polish my nails for six hours. And that’s not even a typo. 

Don’t get me wrong: I looooooove doing my nails. I wouldn’t write in this blog if I didn’t. But I will admit to it being a skosh time consuming.  And I do hobbies like there’s a million dollar prize at the end of it:  full speed ahead, with all the parts and pieces, probably a pie chart thrown in for good measure. I am the best (and worst) at doing what I love. If I’d exert that much energy into other facets of my life, I would be having tea with the Queen of England right now, passing laws in Parliament or something. And I’m not even British. Or a politician, but that point is moot nowadays anyway.

So welcome to month number 18 of my life with no sleep. Someone’s got to do the nails and write a blog and govern Europe, so might as well be me. But because I am so tired, my posts are utter nonsense. The sleepy sillies are alive and well on this end, my friends.

It’s day 3 of the Digit-al Dozen color contrast manis, and I have no idea what the hell this is:


Red and green are opposites on the color wheel and therefore true contrasting colors, but try using red and green and not somehow accidentally make it look like Christmas. Nothing against Christmas, mind you, but I just want summer back. 

GREEN: Contrary Polish A Walk in the Park – an older polish in the stash – a green with red shimmer (clever!)

RED: KB Shimmer Ruby

ROSES: Moyra Vintage 05 stamping plate from Cosette Nail Shop

LEAVES: Uber Chic Beauty Lovely Leaves plate

Since I don’t love this mani, I’m just gonna go away until tomorrow. But don’t forget to click the button below so you can see other manis from other people who did such a better job than me. Waaaaah! Who stole my mojo?!

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Color Contrasts (day two)


My husband has gone off on yet another business trip just in time for the house to be haunted.  Cuz I’m 97.65867% certain my cats didn’t rearrange my meticulously placed pile of nail polish by themselves.  Granted, the polishes were laying in a little foam tray on my bed, and Chloe gets her claws stuck in everything (blankets, my hair, possibly foam trays) so I suppose there’s a minute chance she might’ve had something to do with it.

I stress minute.  Because this scenario is wayyyy less guilt-inducing for my husband who has left me alone to fend for food by myself.  Someone needs to come take this family size bag of Doritos AWAY.  It’s not a proper dinner.  And neither is this brownie.

OMG, do I have no self control?! (No I do not.)

In my defense, this house is haunted and therefore JUSTIFIED.  Right?  Right.

It’s the second day of the Digit-al Dozen’s Color Contrast manis.  Here’s a little purple and yellow number I dreamed up:


I’m totally diggin how simple but awesome this looks.  Color theory is an amazing thing.  It’s the best little accessory, if you ask me.  

Here’s what I used:

PURPLE:  Nvr Enuff Polish Cupids Crossbow – pretty sure this was a Valentine’s limited edition and probably not available anymore, but if you’re anything like me, you have 147 other purple polishes in your stash you could use instead

YELLOW:  KB Shimmer Citrine – Part of their Birthstone Collection; some of my favorite all purpose, accent nail polishes

VINYLS:  What’s Up Nails Stiletto vinyls, my new fave – such a fun shape!  Originally purchased so I wouldn’t have to learn how to freehand ladybug nails, but I’m kinda liking them now in their natural state.  I mean, I’m still not gonna learn how to freehand ladybugs though.

Well that’s it, gang.  Hope you’re loving these simple designs I’m making for you.  These are no experience necessary manis, and sometimes those are my favorite kinds.

Also, LAZY.

Don’t forget to click the button below to see all the rest of the the Digit-al Dozen ladies!  Do it now – there’s some good ones in there.

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Color Contrasts (day one)


I accomplish a lot of things in the bathtub. Get caught up on YouTube videos, say hello to all my Instagram friends. Occasionally I read a magazine in there. Often though, I use my bathtub time to get a head start on my next manicure. There I am, peeling off my nail polish in that magical, addicting way that only a peel off base coat can provide. And then I lay my peels on the edge of the tub to take care of at some point before the housekeeper arrives to discover my slovenly ways. 

But sometimes I just don’t get to them in a timely fashion. I don’t know why scooping up the peels and walking five steps to the trash can is so hard, but it is you guys! I am well aware they are laying there, watching me with their flashing, glittery eyes. However, when I get out of the tub, most of the time my legs are noodles and even getting out of the tub – by hauling myself up dangerously by the spigot – is a feat unto itself. And then all the drying and the lotioning and the dressing and the towel hanging. Ugh. That is all exercise if you ask me, and I don’t take kindly to that sort of behavior. 

Why am I telling you all this? Cuz the other day while I was bathing, I knocked all my peels into the tub with my elbow. I didn’t realize it until later (possibly much later) when I looked down and noticed them, all sparkly and festive, surrounding me like I’d purposely poured myself a bath full of rose petals, but way way less romantic and sane. 

And because my laziness knows no boundaries, I just left them there. I’m sitting in a sea of nail polish peelies, finishing my YouTube and Instagram – and probably shaving my legs at some point, but who really knows? – and then getting out, letting the water drain, trapping the peelies on the bottom of the tub where it’s quite possible they might stay for all eternity. 

That’s how you know you are crazy. 

(Also, I wrote this entire blog while in the bathroom. Another sign.)

It’s time for another Digit-al Dozen week!  This month’s prompt was color contrasts, and I enjoyed creating these manis so much! I looooove using contrasting colors and how striking they look. Someone knew what they were doing when they paired these colors together, I think.

First one I did was a blue and orange mani. I kept it simple because the contrast makes such an impact, and I absolutely adore this design:

See?! It’s magical!  Here’s what I used:

BLUE: Pretty & Polished Brisky Business – part of their new Winter 2016 Collection I just reviewed yesterday 

ORANGE: L’Oréal I Like it Chunky, which is a horrible name for a polish but the glitter is so spectacular 

STRIPING TAPE: I got mine from Amazon, like rolls and rolls of it for a dollar or something stupid cheap like that

I hope you like it. I think it looks so chic and fancy!  I could wear this design a billion times over and not get tired. And I get tired easily (detailed example written above). 

Don’t forget to click the button below to see all the other manis from the Digit-al Dozen girls!  Back tomorrow with more pretties. 

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Vampy (day five)


I’ve written a blog post every single day for five days straight and I have no idea how I’ve done it. Cuz seriously, my life is not that interesting. Unless you like to read about couch-laying, pajama wearing, Starbucks drinking or nail polish, there isn’t that much in here for you.

Unless you like the fact I make your life feel more normal and/or glamorous, that is. Because my idea of lingerie is whatever t-shirt my office gave out for the employee picnic that year. And a social life? What’s that? Nail polish is a one-woman show, ya know.

That being said, I like my life. I like being lazy. I like deciding my hair doesn’t need washed more than twice a week although it probably does.  And I like staying at home. Nothing too haunted or spidery has happened there, so I’m good with it for a while. Plus, you can’t have a no-pants situation out in public.  Nope, it’s a  full-on pants scenario once you step outside your front door, and sometimes that’s just not worth it.

Last day for the Digit-al Dozen this week!  Hope you’ve liked all the vampy manis I’ve done so far. They were fun to create, even though it hurt my brain being so creative that many days in a row.

Here’s the latest:

This one is cute. There, I tooted my own horn. But I love everything about it. Not too over-the-top, not too plain. Here’s what I used:

BLACK AND WHITE – I Scream Nails Licorice Twist and Soft Serve, respectively 

RED GLITTER – Sassy Pants Polish Ghost Stories ‘Round the Campfire

IMAGES – It Girl Nail Art IG 112 plate (red heels) and Moyra White Wedding 17 plate (lips) that I got from Cosette Nail Shop

Next month I’ll be back with more Digit-al Dozen manis. The theme will be Color Contrasts, so the wheels are already turning. In the meantime, don’t forget to click the link below to see everyone else’s manis. There’s some good ones in there!

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Vampy (day four)


I just received my Erin Condren planner in the mail. 

Please don’t let me get obsessed. Please don’t let me get obsessed. Please don’t let me get obsessed. 

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a love affair with paper. I would clean my room for a dollar just so I could buy a While You Were Out message pad. Instead of playing with dolls, I played with office supplies. And of course I had over 60 pen pals that received colored envelopes with matching stamps from me on a regular basis. 

In other words: NERD. I couldn’t help it; there was something about paper that soothed me. I’ve always been a writer (of various means, mostly ridiculous, i.e., this blog), and found great joy in writing a maximum of 11 pages in countless unfinished novels.

Basically what I’m saying is, I shopped for this planner with my eyes closed. Cuz I know they sell coordinated stickers and Post-Its and highlighters and giant paper clips with colorful little end-pieces. And I don’t need to get wrapped up in that. Otherwise I know I’ll go ham all over it, and then where would all the nail polish and Starbucks go?

I just gave myself the hives. Erlack!

Here’s the Digit-al Dozen: Vampy, Day Four:

First time ever doing a black and red gradient. It turned out okay although it was a big o B to clean up. Don’t look too close! My reputation for pristine cuticles is on the line.

RED – Superchic Lacquer Realm of Erotica (Seeeee?! Vampy.)

BLACK – R.E.M., also by SuperChic Lacquer

IMAGE – Black roses from the Moyra: White Wedding 17 stamping plate, purchased from the Cosette Nail Shop.

That’s it for today. Only one more vampy mani to go then it’s business as usual. Back to your regularly scheduled nonsense. You know, the reason you read this blog. 

Don’t forget to click the link below for more Digit-al Dozen madness!

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Vampy (day three)


Things I Have Neglected Since I Started Painting My Nails #267:

Reading books.  Namely, just one book.  I started it back in March 2015 and I’ve had 150 pages left to go for about 19 months.  I want to get back to it so bad, though!  I love to read.  I have been an avid reader my entire life.  In fact, I was so crazy about reading, I kept a spreadsheet of every book completed including number of pages and a rating system.

Nerd alert!

But now my little spreadsheet has cobwebs all over it and that crushes me.  I struggle with balance in my life, you might say.  I get so one-track focused on a hobby that I have zero room for anything else.  For real, I stopped sweeping the floors and grocery shopping and leaving the house unless I was being paid to do it.  The last issue of US Weekly I read, Angelina and Brad were still together.  Imagine how sad I’ll be later!

So this might be a pre-cursor to a New Years Resolution or something.  To set time limits on things, and to maybe venture outside every once in a while – for more than just checking the mail box for nail polish. We’ll see though. I kinda like wearing pajamas for 72 hours straight.

Here’s Digit-al Dozen Vampy day three:

This one was a pretty simple design, although I’ve never done it and wanted to for a really long time.  It could be called a Ruffian mani, but it might just be an upside down French Tip for all I know.  Either way, it’s super easy and looks so cool.  Here’s what I used:

PURPLE – Glam Polish Magica de Spell, a color I just recently swatched and reviewed on this blog.  It’s an awesome vampy shade, I think!

BLACK – I Scream Nails Licorice Twist, a one coat perfect creme.

VINYLS – What’s Up Nails Circle Tape, which can be used to create this design as well as half moons or french tips or whatever else you can think of – no limit!

BLACK STUDS – These could’ve came from so many places.  I have a closet full of nail wheels of gems of every color.  Just search for black nail art gems on Amazon – you’ll be amazed at how many choices there are.  You’ll want them all.  Or at least I did because self-control.  As in, LACK THEREOF.

As always, be sure to click the button below to see the rest of the Digit-al Dozen’s day three vampy manis.  Get inspired!  And then follow me on Instagram, cuz it’s the right thing to do.

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Vampy (day two)


I stuck my pinky in a car seat and broke my nail. I don’t even know how it happened, as I can’t explain it at all. I was helping my granddaughter get out of the car and then there ya go. I’m really heartbroken about it, cuz if you’ve ever paid attention to my mani pics, you’d notice my pinky nail is pretty tiny to begin with. In fact, my entire pinky finger looks like it’s holding on for dear life. I do not have a model’s hands, that’s for sure.

So now my pinky nail is the size of a kernel of corn, and I’ve made the horrific mistake of trying to cut down the rest of my nails to match. Uggggghhhhhhhh. Basically, you won’t be seeing me for the next 17 years while my nails grow out. Blah.

Moral of the story: don’t stick your pinky in a car seat. Whatever that means.

It’s the Digit-al Dozen Vampy day two, guys! And luckily I had all these manis done pre-break, but I bet you’re paying real close attention to my midget pinky now, huh?

Decided on a little peekaboo lace stamping.  I kinda like em:

I’m pretty sure I had a shirt like this in 1998.

Here’s what I used:

RED – Blush Lacquers Red Luster Lips, a gorgeous stunning red with gold shimmer. Unfortunately this color is no longer available, but there’s only like a billion other pretties in their shop to love. For real, go see.

IMAGE – Moyra Lacelove 15 stamping plate. I get all my Moyras at Cosette Nail Shop – they have an awesome selection, plus more plates coming out tomorrow. Yay!  I’m addicted to my Moyras; I want them all. I don’t even care what the image is. Bass fishing? Pool table? Slug trail? Don’t care. WANT IT.

Back tomorrow for day three! And don’t forget to click the link below throughout all day today to view the rest of the Digit-al Dozen vampy manis.

Later, loves!

The Digit-al Dozen: Vampy (day one)


Mama, I’ve made it. In case you want a really really good reason to be proud of your daughter (in addition to my degree in “secretary” that is), I am now a member of The Digit-al Dozen, an awesome group of super talented nail artists. And no, I didn’t have to pay to get in:  I was chosen.

Ahhhhhhhh! So it’s not like a Harvard or Yale situation or anything like that, but it’s PRETTY DANG CLOSE. And that’s in all caps so you know I’m serious. I’m the happiest of all things happy.

So what does this mean?  Well, in addition to my swatches and reviews of nail polish, I’ll actually get to show you some of my nail art, which I admit is few and far between on here. Every month there is a theme, and all of us post our themed manis once a day for five days. Which also means I will be blogging five days in a row, and that makes you excited. (It does; I checked.)

Not sure what layout or formula I’ll end up with eventually on how I’ll do these posts, so bear with me as I figure it out. This first week will be pretty basic, but hopefully the nail art you will love.

Let’s start! Here’s Day One:

I hope the first thing you thought of when you saw that was VAMPY. Or actually, maybe you thought GENIUS! first, then vampy, which is also correct.

Here’s what I used:

Red duo chrome – Dainty Digits Polish Equinox, a polish that I swatched for you last week. I thought it was the perfect vampy shade!

Blue gray – Native War Paints Cable Knit Sweater, a gorgeous dark gray with golden shimmer. This looks ridiculous in real life. So pretty, it hurts.

Stamping – Bundle Monster + Yagala collab plate BM-XL208. I used the one image in two ways because every once in a while I can be resourceful. Buying 78 shades of purple nail polish is a moot point. Obviously.

Hope you enjoyed my first Digit-al Dozen post! I’ve got four more to share this week which I hope look just as vampy (or genius) as this one. In the meantime, click the button below to see the rest of The Digit-al Dozen vampy manis!

Later, loves!