The Digit-al Dozen: Vampy (day three)


Things I Have Neglected Since I Started Painting My Nails #267:

Reading books.  Namely, just one book.  I started it back in March 2015 and I’ve had 150 pages left to go for about 19 months.  I want to get back to it so bad, though!  I love to read.  I have been an avid reader my entire life.  In fact, I was so crazy about reading, I kept a spreadsheet of every book completed including number of pages and a rating system.

Nerd alert!

But now my little spreadsheet has cobwebs all over it and that crushes me.  I struggle with balance in my life, you might say.  I get so one-track focused on a hobby that I have zero room for anything else.  For real, I stopped sweeping the floors and grocery shopping and leaving the house unless I was being paid to do it.  The last issue of US Weekly I read, Angelina and Brad were still together.  Imagine how sad I’ll be later!

So this might be a pre-cursor to a New Years Resolution or something.  To set time limits on things, and to maybe venture outside every once in a while – for more than just checking the mail box for nail polish. We’ll see though. I kinda like wearing pajamas for 72 hours straight.

Here’s Digit-al Dozen Vampy day three:

This one was a pretty simple design, although I’ve never done it and wanted to for a really long time.  It could be called a Ruffian mani, but it might just be an upside down French Tip for all I know.  Either way, it’s super easy and looks so cool.  Here’s what I used:

PURPLE – Glam Polish Magica de Spell, a color I just recently swatched and reviewed on this blog.  It’s an awesome vampy shade, I think!

BLACK – I Scream Nails Licorice Twist, a one coat perfect creme.

VINYLS – What’s Up Nails Circle Tape, which can be used to create this design as well as half moons or french tips or whatever else you can think of – no limit!

BLACK STUDS – These could’ve came from so many places.  I have a closet full of nail wheels of gems of every color.  Just search for black nail art gems on Amazon – you’ll be amazed at how many choices there are.  You’ll want them all.  Or at least I did because self-control.  As in, LACK THEREOF.

As always, be sure to click the button below to see the rest of the Digit-al Dozen’s day three vampy manis.  Get inspired!  And then follow me on Instagram, cuz it’s the right thing to do.

Later, loves!

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  1. Oh goodness! I love your posts!😂 I totally get what you mean too! For me I’m just super picky about what I will read but when I find something good I get carried away! While waiting out the hurricane I read a really good book and the next two are comin tomorrow!🙈🙈 Hehe! It is so hard to balance it all! Painting nails always comes first in my hobby world tho, then working on my own book, then reading a book.. 😂 Then maybe canvas painting! Hahaha!!! Oh so many hobbies! Also… 😋 these nails are gorgeous!! LOVE the purple!


    • Aww so glad! You’re an amazing artist – both on nails and on paper. You definitely found your niche there! I tend to go from hobby to hobby. Reading is the only thing that I’ve done consistently. Except recently, that is. I gotta finish that book before I’m forced to have to reread what I’ve already read. I kinda remember it right now at least.


      • Aw well thank ya! Good luck with your book! Maybe you should use Saturday to chill and read to celebrate week one of the Digital Dozen! Enticing right?! Haha!!!


  2. Love this polish – those flakies are everything! I also used to read a ton….read over 50 books a few years ago in just 1 year. I was so proud of myself…then I started painting my nails, then a blog came…then YouTube…oops.


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