The Digit-al Dozen: Vampy (day four)


I just received my Erin Condren planner in the mail. 

Please don’t let me get obsessed. Please don’t let me get obsessed. Please don’t let me get obsessed. 

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a love affair with paper. I would clean my room for a dollar just so I could buy a While You Were Out message pad. Instead of playing with dolls, I played with office supplies. And of course I had over 60 pen pals that received colored envelopes with matching stamps from me on a regular basis. 

In other words: NERD. I couldn’t help it; there was something about paper that soothed me. I’ve always been a writer (of various means, mostly ridiculous, i.e., this blog), and found great joy in writing a maximum of 11 pages in countless unfinished novels.

Basically what I’m saying is, I shopped for this planner with my eyes closed. Cuz I know they sell coordinated stickers and Post-Its and highlighters and giant paper clips with colorful little end-pieces. And I don’t need to get wrapped up in that. Otherwise I know I’ll go ham all over it, and then where would all the nail polish and Starbucks go?

I just gave myself the hives. Erlack!

Here’s the Digit-al Dozen: Vampy, Day Four:

First time ever doing a black and red gradient. It turned out okay although it was a big o B to clean up. Don’t look too close! My reputation for pristine cuticles is on the line.

RED – Superchic Lacquer Realm of Erotica (Seeeee?! Vampy.)

BLACK – R.E.M., also by SuperChic Lacquer

IMAGE – Black roses from the Moyra: White Wedding 17 stamping plate, purchased from the Cosette Nail Shop.

That’s it for today. Only one more vampy mani to go then it’s business as usual. Back to your regularly scheduled nonsense. You know, the reason you read this blog. 

Don’t forget to click the link below for more Digit-al Dozen madness!

Later, loves!

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    • Thx Kristi! I used liquid latex but it doesn’t stop polish from getting up *in there* .. so just pretend it’s perfect, k?! šŸ˜‰


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