The Digit-al Dozen: Vampy (day five)


I’ve written a blog post every single day for five days straight and I have no idea how I’ve done it. Cuz seriously, my life is not that interesting. Unless you like to read about couch-laying, pajama wearing, Starbucks drinking or nail polish, there isn’t that much in here for you.

Unless you like the fact I make your life feel more normal and/or glamorous, that is. Because my idea of lingerie is whatever t-shirt my office gave out for the employee picnic that year. And a social life? What’s that? Nail polish is a one-woman show, ya know.

That being said, I like my life. I like being lazy. I like deciding my hair doesn’t need washed more than twice a week although it probably does.  And I like staying at home. Nothing too haunted or spidery has happened there, so I’m good with it for a while. Plus, you can’t have a no-pants situation out in public.  Nope, it’s a  full-on pants scenario once you step outside your front door, and sometimes that’s just not worth it.

Last day for the Digit-al Dozen this week!  Hope you’ve liked all the vampy manis I’ve done so far. They were fun to create, even though it hurt my brain being so creative that many days in a row.

Here’s the latest:

This one is cute. There, I tooted my own horn. But I love everything about it. Not too over-the-top, not too plain. Here’s what I used:

BLACK AND WHITE – I Scream Nails Licorice Twist and Soft Serve, respectively 

RED GLITTER – Sassy Pants Polish Ghost Stories ‘Round the Campfire

IMAGES – It Girl Nail Art IG 112 plate (red heels) and Moyra White Wedding 17 plate (lips) that I got from Cosette Nail Shop

Next month I’ll be back with more Digit-al Dozen manis. The theme will be Color Contrasts, so the wheels are already turning. In the meantime, don’t forget to click the link below to see everyone else’s manis. There’s some good ones in there!

Later, loves!

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