The Digit-al Dozen: Color Contrasts (day four)


Get To Know Your Blogger:  Episode 32

If you’ve been reading this blog for any given amount of time, you may have already deduced I have an extremely obsessive personality, and I’m very (VERY) easily persuaded. But because I have all the best and excellent Virgo qualities and tend to over-explain every story I ever want to tell, let me tell you (once again!) all the ways this is horrible, terrible, very bad news.

In a word: infomercials. And a lack of willpower. Ok, that’s two words. This story sucks already.

But that’s exactly how I ended up with two Olde Brooklyn Lanterns, a ShamWow, and one of those little vacuum hoses that suck lint out of your dryer. Did I need any of that? NO. But the tv made a pretty dang good case of it.

And it can happen anywhere. Back when I was getting acrylic nails done, I ordered a couple of those As Seen on TV motorized brooms because my nail technician was running behind and there was a tv on. But did you see how quickly those brooms sucked up a whole bag of cereal off the floor?!  That’s pure voodoo right there – and how OCD will getcha each and every time.

Now if I’d ever use any of these products, that’d be great. I mean, the motorized broom got a bit of use. But I never even took the vacuum hose out of its box. As for the Olde Brooklyn Lanterns? They’re under the house in the crawl space just in case a toilet pipe needs a good whack with a wrench (i.e. how you fix things).

I’m getting better though – or trying. Not with nail polish, mind you, but this blog doesn’t happen by itself now does it? In other words: JUSTIFIED. 

Digit-al Dozen day four is upon us! Here is my black and white mani – the most color contrasting combo of them all:


I like it! So much better (and less Christmas-y) than yesterday’s. A little take on galaxy nails, although would you be surprised it took me like eight tries to come up with this pretty basic design?  Being a perfectionist is a pain in the ass sometimes. Another one of those obnoxious Virgo traits that people have loved about me since roughly never.

BLACK: Pretty & Polished Galax-E

SMALL STARS: Bundle Monster + Kelli Marissa collab plate

LARGE STARS: Lina Nail Art Supplies Make Your Mark 02 plate

That’s it for today friends. I’ve got one mani left and I haven’t even done it yet. So it’ll be a surprise for everyone. Hooray!

Don’t forget to click the button below to see all the rest of the girls’ pretty nails.  And then follow me on Instagram cuz I’m the boss of you that’s why.

Later, loves!

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