Night Owl Lacquer: Polish Pickup December 2017



Black Friday = DONE.  All the swatching!  All the blogging!  All the DADGUM EFFORTING!  Seriously, the sweat bead mustache’s been at an all-time high.  Last night I did two loads of laundry and then folded all of it STRAIGHT OUT OF THE DRYER, sooo… now we’re all basically confused about whose blog this is, cuz it’s certainly not mine. A facsimile of mine, maybe.  I mean, my 18-month-old laundry pile begat other laundry piles and pretty much my closet and bedroom floor have became interchangeable.  So again, we’re in the wrong blog, SURELY.

But now we’re on to the next thing cuz this blog train NEVER stops.  The Polish Pickup is here once again and I have a huge slew of pretties to get through this week.  If I want to attempt to be a proper blogger, then now is not the time for lounging. Cuz FOR SOME REASON, the Polish Pickup only lasts 4 days and so it’s hives cream and a whooooole lotta FOCUS for you. A Polish Emergency to the trillionthdegree.  A panic, a frenzy, possibly some elbow jabs.  Here’s the contribution from Night Owl Lacquer:

Oooooh, a flakie EXTRAVAGANZA!  Even better.

The theme for December is Holidays Around the World, and Lindsay chose Women’s Day.  I figured I’d look some stuff up for you,  be useful for once, and found out that Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

Soooo … I mean, I know I take lazy to like the 18,000th level and all, but I can dang sure appreciate a good Women’s Day celebration.  This polish is most definitely one of the best ways.  Here’s the inspiration pic:

And then something pretty happened:


DESCRIPTION:  A purple to pink thermal with bright purple shimmer, scattered holo and metallic fuchsia and holographic flakies

OPACITY:  Three coats plus glossy top coat

As with any polish Lindsay makes, the application is a pure, nerdy pleasure.  Easy, smooth, ultra glide-y.  And just the prettiest thing you’ve ever saw.  Seen.  You’ve ever seen.  UGH.  Grammar is not the point.

Full view of the warm side:

Now just the cool:

Lastly, back to the gradient.  See that jackpot flakie on my ring finger?  I kinda wanna eat that one.

If you love a good thermal, or pretty things in general, toss this one in the basket.  It’s only $11, which might as well be free considering how much we’d pay for a bottle full of magic.

NOW, about this Polish Pickup thing, I’ll give you a brief rundown of talking points – cut and pasted from previous posts because I am feeling suuuuuuper professional right about now:

WHAT: 50-plus indie polish brands all coming together for a one-stop shop event; you buy one or all, it’s up to you! Flat $3 shipping no matter what.  Combined shipping is offered as well so go ahead and make 42 separate orders; it’s all good (crazy, but good).

WHEN: Friday, December 1 at 11am EST thru all day Monday, December 4


If you’d rather read the more eloquent version, click here for the FAQs from the PPU website.

To join in the fun of future Polish Pickup theme nominations, voting and sneak peeks, click here for the Facebook fan group. DO IT. I’m serious.

To be continued, loves! This party only got started!


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