LynBDesigns: Polish Pickup December 2017



Bonus Blog!  I know we were just in here, but I’ve got ten Polish Pickups to do this month, which is the most I’ve ever had to do at one time.  And considering how well I’ve handled things in the past (as in, not very, AT ALL) I’m making a real, legit attempt this time.  Cuz who wants to read about the Polish Pickup before all the polish goes away forever?  It’s the most ideal scenario, I’m sure of it.  PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER EXTRAORDINAIRE?  I say YES.

So before we spend the next 18 years in here chatting about stupid stuff, let’s get the hell on with it, shall we?  Here’s the contribution from Jennalyn with LynBDesigns:

And all the blue lovers just up and died a little.  Cuz hers a pretty lady, that’s why.

As previously mentioned, the theme for December is Holidays Around the World.  Jennalyn chose Towel Day, and I swear it better not be a celebration of laundry cuz how disappointing is THAT?  (Says the girl who did two loads back to back yesterday for no dadgum good reason.)  Seriously, why can’t a random burst of energy result in getting these 62 back issues of US Weekly off my to-do list?  Or perhaps reading the last 150 pages of the book I started back in 2015?  But laundry?  Boooooo.  Someone is no fun at parties.

So I checked.  Towel Day is an annual tribute to the late author, Douglas Adams, where fans around the world carry around towels in his honor.  Well, that’s not weird AT ALL.  Suddenly, the fact I write letters on my teeth with my own tongue seems about a trillion percent more normal.

OMG, what?  Shut up, Brain.

Take a look at this:

Now look at this:


Basically TWINS!  Jennalyn nailed this one FOR SURE.

DESCRIPTION:  A medium blue base packed with holo shimmer, slight blue to purple shift and tons of chameleon chrome flakies that shift from blue to aqua to purple

OPACITY:  Two coats of lovely!

Formula was easy to manage, about a medium consistency.  Plus, no gloop, which is pretty much all I ever want in a polish anyway.  I’d do 17 coats before I’d mess with a bunch of gloop.  Gloop is a punishment for bad people, the people who, like, eat bananas with their mouth open.  So thankfully, we are gloop-free with this one.  Jennalyn, you get a horn toot!

Macros, for extra convincing:

Okay, now FOCUS, there’s some serious business up ahead.

The price on this one is $12 and there’s a 90 bottle cap.  Aaaack!  That means FIRST IN LINE or else it’s a sad state of affairs for you.  Are you properly panicked?  Well, you should be.

Further info on the Polish Pickup, which I’ve copied from my last post cuz I’ve ran out of efforts.  As happens from time to time.

Or ALL the time.  Ugh.  You and your judgy eyes.

WHAT: 50-plus indie polish brands all coming together for a one-stop shop event; you buy one or all, it’s up to you! Flat $3 shipping no matter what. Combined shipping is offered as well so go ahead and make 42 separate orders; it’s all good (crazy, but good).

WHEN: Friday, December 1 at 11am EST thru all day Monday, December 4


If you’d rather read the more eloquent version, click here for the FAQs from the PPU website.

To join in the fun of future Polish Pickup theme nominations, voting and sneak peeks, click here for the Facebook fan group. DO IT. I’m serious.

Later, loves!


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