Glam Polish: Mermaid at Heart Collection 


What I learned during vacation #247:

You can go to a museum and take pictures of your nails in front of all the art for at least 2 hours and that is COMPLETELY NORMAL BEHAVIOR. Cuz in the background, ART. And in the foreground, ALSO ART. Clearly. 

What I learned after vacation #123:

Apparently, I have to not be home for over a week if I want my cat to love on me.  Seriously, it was like a movie-style reunion when I walked in the door.  I mean, Leonardo was nowhere to be seen, but other than that, it was a straight up tear jerking movie scene EXTRAVAGANZA.

Then hubby walks through the door, and suddenly MOVIE OVER.  Ugh.  Why that cat loves him most is beyond me.  Cuz who doesn’t want to be force-held like a baby and loved in a smother-y, stalker-y kind of way?  Damn near nobody, that’s who.

But it always comes back to nail polish, my true BFF.  I have another awesome set from Glam Polish to show you today.  I’ve got 5 out of 10 polishes from the Mermaid at Heart collection, and if you love you some flakies, well then you’re about to have a var var good day.


See?  Heart eyes times a billion.  Lolling tongues are coming, I just know it.
First up is Life is the Bubbles:

This one is a bright azure blue jelly with green/purple/indigo iridescent flakies, green/purple iridescent flakies and fine holo microglitter. I did two coats on this one, but as you can see, my nail line still shows through a bit.  I’m thinking a third coat would’ve been better here, but naturally I have no proof.  BEST BLOGGER EVER, is what you’re thinking.  Despite that though, it’s a glorious blue shade.  On yer nails, stat!

Macro time:

OMG.  Dying!  Dead! Seriously, the rest of this blog may never get done.  

This color just begs for a mermaid mani:

So of course I did whatever this is instead.  Sorry guys.  Sometimes I stamp with my eyes closed.

In case recreations are in order (they’re not), I used the new Uber Chic Beauty 18 -01 plate for this one.

Next up is It’s a Shore Thing:

This one is a bright pink jelly with green/purple iridescent flakies, pink/purple/green iridescent flakies and fine holo microglitter.  How amazingly in-your-face flashy!  This time around, I did do three coats and things turned out much better.  Colors like these make my fingers look so much less sausage-y, and for that fact alone, I lub it lots.  

More macros with a side of noodle legs:

My eyes, my eyes!  Y’all are getting this one, I’ve already decided.

Don’t look down:

GAH!  You looked.  I dunno guys.  My mojo’s done took a vacay or something.  Blah.  However, an attempt was made so that gets me half a horn toot, at least.

I used the Uber Chic Beauty 18-01 plate on this one too – and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with the plate (let’s be clear), there is definitely a problem with my brain.  One should not STAMP ALL THE THINGS, let’s just say.

Now here’s The Seaweed is Always Greener:

This one is a sea green crelly with green/purple/indigo iridescent flakies, blue/purple iridescent flakies, iridescent microglitter, hint of turquoise microflakies and fine holo microglitter, and man oh man, THIS COLOR!  I mean, where there is green there is also me trying desperately to keep my mouth from gaping.  Cuz there’s only so much sexy to go around while holding a drool bucket.  Seriously.  I checked.

Macros, out of order cuz my brain’s done gone somewhere:

If I wasn’t blinded by love, the OCD would be kicking in so hardcore right now.  And if y’all have no idea what I’m talking about, well enjoy your anxiety free life, then.  Cuz it’s a big ball of crazy over here.

Some super simple nail art:

I don’t hate this, although it wasn’t my first attempt.  I had something ghastly stamped in black on top first that I tried to remove (somewhat unsuccessfully) with Scotch tape.  Then I stamped on some blue lines using the Uber Chic Beauty Texture-licious 2 plate cuz I thought it would hide the black remnants, although clearly that is not the case.  In other words, I MEANT TO DO ALL OF THIS, and you love everything about it, the end.

Next is Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming:

This one is a sapphire blue jelly with pink/purple/green flakies and fine holo microglitter, and all you blue lovers just died a little bit.  Are you sweaty?  Drool-y?  Generally unattractive?  Yep.  Me too.  Glam Polish gets me pass-out-y every single time.

Will the macros ever end?  NO.

Angels are singing, I’m almost certain.  

Okay, I like this one:

FINALLY!  And I don’t even know why, cuz it’s pretty simple and no frills.  However, when the mojo comes, we just roll with it.  It’s got one foot out the door anyway.

I used the Uber Chic Beauty 18-01 plate once again if you’re curious. (You might be this time!)

Lastly, here’s Secrets in the Sand:

This one has a clear base with a mix of pink/purple/green, green/purple, blue/purple/green, and green/purple/indigo iridescent flakies and fine holo microglitter. You can use it as a topper over any color like I’ve done here, or over naked nails which you’ll see in my nail art shot below.  Either way, it’s flakie action at it’s finest, and we’re all just big puddles of goo by now.

Last of the macros, right before your checkbook goes bye bye:

Three coats over nakies:

And some final nail art:

I used this cool lace pattern from the new Lina License to be Sexy 01 plate on this one, and I think it looks pretty nice.  Might not win an award or anything like that, but if a Starbucks is coming, that sounds about right.  Cuz effort is hard on a Saturday.

The round up:

The Mermaid at Heart collection is available now, so how lucky are you? (Very.)  Plus, if you purchase within the next 24 hours, you will get the whole set for $108 versus $120.  Whaaaaaaat?!  Almost free!  Also, single bottles are $12 if you choose to go that route – although WHYYYYYY? is the actual question.

In case you’re curious, here’s descriptions of the other 5 polishes.  All fabulous, no worries:

The Tide is High – an indigo jelly with blue/purple and green/purple iridescent flakies and fine holo microglitter

Let the Sea Set You Free – a teal crelly with pink/purple/green iridescent flakies and fine holo microglitter

Dream Big Little Mermaid – a dark purple jelly with pink/purple/green and blue/purple iridescent flakies and fine holo microglitter

Mermaid Kisses & Starfish Wishes – a fuchsia jelly with pink/gold/green and pink/purple/green iridescent flakies, shifting iridescent microglitter and fine holo microglitter

Wish Upon a Clownfish – a watermelon jelly with red/gold iridescent flakies, shifting iridescent glitter and fine holo microglitter

And in case y’all don’t just toss nail polish in your cart all willy nilly like me, click here for swatches of everything from my pal Alicia.  And then click here for shopping, cuz it’s the right thing to do. Cuz FLAKIES, guys.  Flakies.

Later, loves!


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