Lilypad Lacquer: Beautiful Things Collection 


Does this blogging thing ever end?  NO.  The train is still chugging, and I’m just about caught up.  I probably could’ve done it all yesterday, but I spent an extraordinary amount of time wearing pajamas and laying on couches.  Var var busy, clearly.  So now we’re back at it today with more pretties to hoard.  And I must warn you, they’re multichrome.  They’re dreamboats.  They’re 13 reasons why it’s bye bye checkbook.  Brace yourselves, people.  A nail polish EXTRAVAGANZA! is 2.5 seconds away.


I received a very generous swatch pack from the lovely Nicole from Lilypad Lacquer, an awesome Australian indie brand.  I have the entire Beautiful Things collection to show you today, and lemme tell you how suuuuuper unattractive you’re about to get in here.  It’s 18,000 tickets to the Drool Convention, at minimum.

There are 13 shades to show you, and unless you wanna be in here for the next 18 years reading a dang blog, I’ll just do a rundown of colors and meet you at the bottom.  Lessss go!

Mermaid’s Kiss, a teal/pink/green/gold shifter:

OKAY.  I’m trying not to be chatty, but COME ON.  Already with the mouth gaping?  Gah!

Late Night Kiss, a deep violet/blue/green/gold shifter:

I did see a bit of brown in this one too, but that could just be the purple and gold mixing.  Or maybe I was doing nails with one eye sleeping.  I dunno.

Satin Sheets, a pink/blue/green shifter:

Power Storm, a dusty lavender/blue shifter:

The shift in this one is STRONG.  I am struggling to stay upright.  The noodles legs are coming, I just know it.

Impossible Dream, a purple/green/gold/pink shifter:

And then …. THUD.  Someone bring the smelling salts, stat.  I mean, DUDE.  You can’t just toss in a purple with glowy green shifty business and expect normal things to happen.

Sahara Sunset, an orange/gold/green shifter:

Moonlight, a pearl white with a green/pink shift:

Clearly, this one was hard to capture.  And unless I felt like spending 27 years trying to take proper pictures of it, I had to move on.  Best blogger ever, let’s just say.

Wild Fire, a lime green with red/gold/green shift:

Okay, it’s getting serious now.  NICOLE!  What are you doing to me?  Excuse me while I lock myself in this bedroom lest hubby walk in and divorce me.  Cuz there’s only so much sexy to go around while your tongue is lolling about outside your body.

Over the Horizon, a blue/lavender/green shifter:

Ladylike composure, OUT THE WINDOW.

Bonfire, a peach/pink/gold/green shifter:

Looks mostly orange.  UGH.  Multichromes are hard, people!  An effort was made, though, so half a toot on the ole horn at least.

Ren-dez-vous, a pink/lavender/blue shifter:

Unicorn Lagoon, a bright light blue with a pink/green/gold shift:

Another favorite!  I’d lick this one if society wasn’t so dang judgy.  The lurking eyes are everywhere.

And finally, Autumn Affair, a red/copper/lime green shifter:

The Beautiful Things collection is available now, so feel free to toss the entire thing in your cart like a dadgum nail champ.  I mean, you weren’t doing anything besides wearing sweatpants today anyway. Here’s the deets:

Each polish is available in a 7ml mini or a 15ml full size.  Prices are listed in Australian dollars, but because I am the best blogger that ever blogged, I have done some work for you.  Effort on a Sunday?  If there’s a reward coming, I like Starbucks.  And Leonardo, if y’all not busy.

7ml – $11 AUD >> $8.19 USD

15ml – $20 AUD >> $14.89 USD

Now I’m not very worldly, but I’m pretty sure conversion rates fluctuate daily.  These are today’s rates only.  Tomorrow it might be a billion dollars or free.  It’s a crapshoot.

Shipping is worldwide, and there is a distribution center in the US.  I placed an order for a few of their Juicy Jellies (i.e., more nail polish you need), and it took maybe three weeks to receive my order.  That’s pretty good considering how far they travel.  Shipping time varies though, so be sure to check the site.

So what’s next?  You’re clicking here to shop, that’s what.  Then congratulate yourself on your good decisioning.  Have a great Sunday y’all!

Later, loves!


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    • Hi Ashley! I did three coats for each swatch. The lighter colors needed it – like the white and pale pink – and on the darker colors I did it just to make sure everything was smooth and perfect. I recommend them – they’re lovely!


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