Blush Lacquers: Polish Pickup June 2017


GUYS.  We’ve made it.  Officially four blog posts in a little more than 24 hours, and if there was ever a reason to have a wine cooler on a Thursday night, this here’d be it.  Plus, in a rare moment of confusion, my cat has spontaneously just sat down next to me, so before he realizes I’m not my husband and – although my fingers smell like cheeseburgers – there are no actual cheeseburgers, we’re gonna go ahead and love alllll of this in a smother-y, stalker-y kind of way.  Cuz one cannot be rational when there’s kitty cat, everywhere.

BEST DAY EVER is about to get even best-i-er.  I’ve got one last polish for the Polish Pickup to show you, and it’s such a beauty.  Victoria from Blush Lacquers has made us this:


This is Snail Shells and Mermaid Tales, and OMG.  You’re about 2.5 seconds away from super pass-out-y, I just know it.  Grab the smelling salts and prepare for a noodle leg epidemic, cuz it’s some serious shifty business up ahead.

Y’all might’ve heard (cuz you’ve read this blog before), but the Polish Pickup theme for June is Under the Sea.  Victoria’s inspiration this time around was abalone shells.  So, get a good look at this:

Now look at this:

SERIOUSLY.  Victoria is a dadgum magician, and now we have proof.  NAILED IT doen’t even begin to describe this scenario.

Another angle.  Cuz NERD.

So this polish has a light blue base with a green/blue/purple shifting shimmer.  I tried to get a shot of the shift for you, an attempt to be a real blogger for once.  I’m not entirely sure what I accomplished, but toots on the ole horn anyway.  Cuz effort was made, which causes Starbucks if I’m not mistaken. 

An insane display of holo:

And then a macro to seal the deal:

If this somehow doesn’t end up on all your surfaces, we need to have a chat about your brain.  27 bottles, in the cart they go!

Here’s deets :

Polish Pickup FAQs – click here

Polish Pickup shop – click here

Price – $12.75

Now here’s where it gets serious.  The Polish Pickup sale opens tomorrow, June 2 at 11am EST and will run through all day Monday, June 5.  So if you can’t manage to get your priorities straight in a mere three days, well it’s a sad state of affairs for you then.  In other words, setting 17 alarms makes the most sense.  Cuz no one does Crazy Nail Lady quite like you.

Lastly, if you’d like to get involved with future theme nominations, voting and sneak peeks, be sure to join the group on Facebook.  Click here!  DO IT. I mean it. 

That’s it gang.  Everything you need to know about your DAMN GOOD FRIDAY.  Hoarding all the polish in 3 … 2 … 1 … 

Later, loves!


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  1. You, my friend (presumptuous), are a FANTASDAMNTABULOUS writer. I could read you all day. And trust me when I say that I do NOT say that about just anyone. Ok, I’m fairly sure that starting off with cat gleanings took it immediately over the top, but still.

    Carry on, girly! 🙂


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