Glam Polish: Candyfornia Collection


I had over 3600 steps on my fitness app yesterday because I walked against my will.  I mean, I have a desk job for a reason, people!  I believe my job description actually states no physical activity required.  Good at Excel and sending emails and sitting in a chair for long periods of time.  SOLD!  I can’t think of anything more suited for me.  But for whatever reason, someone deemed it necessary to have a mandatory meeting in a room roughly 2000 miles away from my desk.  Ugh.  I had to practically drag my noodle legs behind me just to get there.

Some of you may be thinking 3600 steps isn’t that much.  Which may be technically true if you spend your free time doing stuff as opposed to wearing pajamas like me.  But remember that time I had 41 steps for the day?  I don’t even know how that happened – two bathroom trips and hubby bringing me snacks from the kitchen, maybe.  Whatever the case, 3600 steps in comparison is virtually a marathon.  SO I WALKED A MARATHON, is what I’m saying.  Try telling me that isn’t true.

On an un-related note, I hurt myself putting my hair up in a ponytail.  Sooooo, there’s that.

Time for nail polish!  I have the Glam Polish Candyfornia Collection to share with you today.  I received 5 out of the 10 polishes to show off, and if these don’t get you in the mood for spring, well then I am var var concerned about your brain.  Lessss go!

This collection is inspired by Katy Perry’s 2010 song California Gurls and the Candyfornia themed music video.  I simply adore this whole thing.  The colors absolutely remind you of candy, but also of spring and cheerful whimsy.  They’re happiness in a bottle.  They’re going in your shopping cart!  (Just so you know.)

First up is Sippin’ Gin & Juice:

I don’t exactly know what Gin & Juice is, but if it’s anything like this nail polish, I want it alllll over me.  Just because I can’t drink one wine cooler in under three hours, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the wine cooler.  Just cuz I’m no fun at parties doesn’t mean I don’t want to party.

Well, wait.  Does that mean putting pants on?  Never mind.  

This one is a pastel blush coral crelly with holo, micro glitter and holo flakies.  I’m totally loving the fact this isn’t pink.  The coral is a nice warm surprise, something I definitely need today cuz the sun done took a vacay.  Why can’t you stay out longer than 15 minutes?!  Whyyyyyyyyyeeee?  I’m not in the mood for a meltdown today, so if we could just go ahead and fast forward to April, that’d be great.  Who’s in charge?  CALL THEM.

Nail art I did:

This makes me feel better.  A design I actually like.  I used the Uber Chic Beauty Love & Marriage 03 plate and went with a pastel blue stamping polish to add a bit of color contrast.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  Now if only all my nail art could get on this level.  Baby Jesus, you listening?

Next up is Summer Time is Everything:

So. True.  Summertime IS everything.  I can’t think of anything more loved than sunshine, warm breezes and frappucinos.  Sunlight that lasts past 9pm.  And there’s me, lounging on the couch with the air conditioning, blankets pulled up to my chin, in complete and utter ectasy.  Most likely with eyes closed, smiling.  Clearly, summertime makes me an idiot.

This one is described as a pastel lemon crelly with holo, micro glitter and holo flakies, but it appears more green than yellow.  Which is perfectly fine by me.  Green is the color of angels singing (pretty sure) and new life breathing into Earth.  Green is fresh, hopeful.  Green is a firecracker, bursting.  Gimme all the green things.

Well, except for asparagus.  You can keep the asparagus.

Ugh.  Then there’s this:

Dang it.  That was short lived.

I had a vision of these in my head, and they looked freaking fabulous.  It’s such a disappointment when the reality doesn’t quite match up.  Like that time I ordered new panties and they looked like joke panties boys in frat houses use for pranks and I went on and on to my husband about the inconvenience of having to mail them back for a refund and blah blah blah.  But then I tried them on and they fit perfectly.  And so I cried for the next 37 years.  Kinda like that.

Again, used the Uber Chic Beauty Love & Marriage 03 plate.  Cute image, but not cute execution.  Moving on!

Here’s I Love L.A.:

My favorite of the bunch!  Isn’t this color to die for?  It is, it is!  When I pulled this bottle out of the package, I immediately melted into a big puddle of goo.  Nail polish needs to come with warning labels sometimes, lest you have a reputation to uphold.  Cuz I don’t know about you, but drooling in the fetal position is not an attractive look on me.  Pretty sure my husband is wondering what happened to that normal girl he married, cuz it’s certainly not this one who’s laying down on the kitchen floor with her tongue hanging out.

Okay, so we have a turquoise green crelly with holo, micro glitter and holo flakies and it’s every bit as fabulous as you expect it to be.  Reminds me of a Caribbean beach, like the ocean I snorkeled in in Mexico.  I picture it like yesterday. Water you could see through clear to the bottom.  There’s me in the middle, doing something out of my comfort zone, trying to be a trooper.  With snorkel in my mouth, crying, I stick my face in the water and try not to have anxiety.  NOPE.  It’s not natural. You’re not supposed to breath under water.  It goes against science.  More crying.  People staring at me with their judgy eyes.

Well, I didn’t say it was a happy memory.  But the water was glorious.

Also, this is why I like to stay home now.

Favorite nail art of all time:

This is what I like to call Happiness on Four Fingers.  Isn’t it dreamy?  The colors, they getcha right in the heartstrings.  Mojo is back, people.  However fleeting, but let’s soak it in anyway.

Used the Lina Feeling Shapely 08 plate in case you’re curious.

Next up is Daisy Dukes Bikinis On Top:

Well, we had to have a little sweet one in the bunch didn’t we?  I love the gentleness of this shade.  So delicate and pretty.  You could wear this one during your lunch with the Queen – as happens to most of us from time to time.

So here we have a pastel lilac crelly with holo, micro glitter and holo flakies.  It’s so lovely.  Perfect for Easter manis, spring florals, or something work appropriate in case you are forced to be a proper lady for 8 hours a day.

More nail art:

Well this one won’t win me any awards or anything, but at least it’s not hideous.  Right?  Right.  I used the new Lina All About Love 01 plate, and it’s full of pretty images.  I recommend it, but go now to get it.  Since it just released, it may sell out quickly.  Emergency!  You know the drill.

Last but not least, here’s California:

Something calming and soothing to end this blog post.  Looking at this one definitely settles your mood, especially if you’ve been dealing with cranky children or a husband that made a mistake and didn’t make you coffee this morning even though it’s the only thing you ever look forward to and without it you would just shrivel up and die on the inside.  And making your own coffee just doesn’t taste the same, you can’t explain it, it’s just the law of the universe.

You know, if you’re having a day like that.  This polish will soothe you.

It’s a pastel periwinkle crelly with holo, micro glitter and holo flakies, and anytime I hear the word ‘periwinkle’ I immediately want whatever it is.  It could be a jar of slug trail for all I know, but dye it periwinkle and that’s the end of that.  Gimme.

Some art:

I’m kinda diggin this image. I think it looks like vintage wallpaper a little bit.  What do you think?   Got it off the Lina All About Love 01 plate (again) and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  Seriously, if I didn’t do nail stamping, I have no idea what kind of nail art I’d be showing you right now.  Some wonky freehand, prolly.  And then a picture of all the hives it gave me.

The round up:

This collection released yesterday so you can go ahead and click here to shop!  This collection retails for $120 but is discounted by 10% for the next 48 hours. Single bottles are $12.00.  Remember, there are 5 other colors in the collection as well.  Here’s the rundown:

Something in the Water – pastel sky blue

Underneath the Palm Trees – pastel spring green

You’ll be Falling in Love – pastel violet

So Hot We’ll Melt Your Popsicle – pastel bubblegum

Wild, Wild West Coast – candy glitter bomb with color shifting iridescent glitter and holo micro glitter

To see swatches of those, check out my friend Alicia at Delishious Nails.  It’s important to be informed and not just throw things in the cart all willy nilly.  That’s how you end up with 800+ bottles of nail polish.  Or like one of those fabric shavers so you can spend 3 hours in your closet shaving your clothes.  Or a bottle of Poo-Pourri so the TSA agent at the airport can pull it out of your purse to examine it in front of everyone.  Not that I own a bottle of Poo-Pourri or anything.  This is just hypothetical.

Later, loves!

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