Dainty Digits Polish: Fiddy Shades of Gray-Scale Collex


If you’re happy the Patriots won the Super Bowl, y’all can thank my husband cuz he straight up willed it into being.

Let me preface this by saying neither one of us really cared who won.  His team wasn’t in the Super Bowl, and I don’t even like most sports (what is this thing they call football?), so either Patriots or Falcons –  made no difference.  However, because we root for the underdog, and because the Patriots had already won approximately 18 Super Bowls, we decided we were going to be Falcon fans for the day.  Clearly, we thought very carefully about this.  There were graphs, charts and a full-on science experiment included.

So because the Falcons were ahead by 25 points in the 3rd quarter, hubby got bored.  I mean, it get it.  When I’m bored, I do stupid things too (helllllurrrrr officially 1000 bottles of nail polish!), but would I purposefully start rooting for the other team to score a touchdown just for the sake of some excitement?  NO. I. WOULD. NOT.

And then look what happened.  While I was taking a bath, my husband sent me a text saying the Patriots won.  Of course they did.  When you go against Science, bad things happen.  And when you cross your wife, it’s even worse.  I sent back an eggplant and pair of scissors emoji cuz I mean business.  His response was about 27 cute koala bears, which had about as much effect on me as the Super Bowl did in the first place.

So while I’m pouting for honestly no reason I truly care about, let’s look at pretty stuff!  I received the new Fiddy Shades of Gray-Scale collex from Dainty Digits Polish to share with you today.  Y’all like gray?  If so, well then lookie here:

Here they are, all displayed for you in gradient order because OF COURSE.  Why have the OCD if you can’t use it properly?  I mean, that’s the only benefit as far as I can see.  If you can’t live in a house where the fringe on your rug is combed stick straight every morning, then what is the point of your life?  I ask you, WHAT IS THE POINT?

First up is What Overcast?!:

Ooooooh!  I’ll admit, gray polish isn’t normally something that gets me going.  I like color – the more color, the better; the more green, the best.  But these grays all have something special, more than just basic.  There’s shimmer, flakies, texture.  A sprinkle of fairy dust.  Some elbow grease.  Well, you get it.

This one is a soft gray crème with golden flakies and micro shimmer pigment.  Yes, please!  Went on easy peasy in two perfect coats. Perfect for those who have important things to do.  Or, more time for naps, if you’re me.

Next up is Rainy Days & Mondays:

Where my matte lovers at?  Cuz this one is for you.  I’ve only recently started digging the matte look, and now I can’t stop doing it.  This one, however, is already matte straight out of the bottle.  Another good one for the lazy people!  I did two coats here, but some may only need one depending on application.  And see those white flakies?  I die, I die!  Anytime you add white flakies to the bottle, I can guarantee at least a mild heart murmur, minimum.

Here’s Fiddy Shades of Gray:

 Okay, for real.  It’s officially getting ridiculous.  How pretty is this?  (Very.)  And I’m not even joking when I tell you the formula is seriously one of the best I’ve tried.  Ultra smooth and luxurious and 100% magical.  Glided on like silk.  I wanted to apply like a thousand layers of this one, but then I gave up after two.  I’m not very good at goals, let’s just say.  I’ve crocheted about 87 scarves the size of pot holders as proof.

Last one is Fiddy Shades Darker:

In. Love.  This one is my favorite.  Same micro shimmer pigment, same excellent formula, but the darkness in this one just calls my name.  Probably with a French accent, handing me a Starbucks.  Plus, dark polish makes me look less pale and more skinny, which is all you ever really want in life.  Well, and Leonardo with a basket of kittens.  But then we’re good.

The round up:

The Fiddy Shades of Gray-Scale collex retails at $33.  If you buy the whole set, you’ll receive a FREE Speedy Glam Gloss quick dry top coat, so basically that’s what you’re gonna do now cuz why would you not?  Free stuff = YES, each and every time.

However – and this point is MOOT – single bottles are $8.50, except Rainy Days & Mondays sells for $8.95 cuz she’s a princess and you will treat her as such.

Click here to order!  (Cuz I’m the boss of you.)

Later, loves!

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